“Where is it again?” asked Harry.

“It’s in the London Clock Tower, you’ll see it’s fantastic. And since you never been to one it’s going to be even more wonderful for you.” Said Molly, while they all left the front door.

When they got there, Harry didn’t see anything different, it looks like any other day around Caledonian Park. However as they got closer he did notice that there were more people walking around and unusually many more people selling ice cream from push carts around.

“There we are. The ice cream carts. They are both the ticket in and depending on which area of the bazaar you want to see first; you buy the ice cream that is connected to it.” Said Arthur.

“So the ice cream is a port key of some sorts, ingenious. “ said Ron

“Yeah, this year they have outdone themselves, and of course chocolate is the most popular area of the bazaar followed by vanilla.” Said Molly.

As the whole family moved closer they noticed that when a muggle bought one they simple ate it like normal. But when a wizard bought it and opened it they vanished, but the muggles didn’t seem to even realize that a person just disappeared. Once they reached the carts, there seems to be sign floating above the door that said what flavor goes with which area. So George went and bought a blueberry lime flavored ice cream bar and some silver words on the wrapper that reads, “Trickery all sorts.” He took a lick and vanished like the people before him. Molly and Arthur both bought strawberry flavored ones which read,” Magical tools for the house.” Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione were looking to see where they want to go first, they noticed an area that said, “Everything else.”

“I guess that might be an a good area to start from.” Said Hermione.

And so they bought their Apple flavored ice cream and vanished. Immediately they appeared inside the clock tower’s 3rd floor. It was huge in the inside, with tables, carpets, floating baskets of all sorts. It reminded Harry of an open market in the muggle world, just much, much bigger. Harry had a hard time focusing on just one area; it was the largest market he has ever seen. The windows were also larger from the inside and let in so much light, there was the feeling that it was more of an outdoor market than an indoor one. Once Harry took a minute to get over the shock of it all, they slowly walked around. They looked at all the fascinating trinkets, tools, books, and potions that different wizards had to offer.

“Take a look at this mirror. It has a charm placed where you can see yourself with any clothe, hair, hat, jewelry that you desire. All you have to do is think of it and it will show you.” Said the wizard.

They watched as a woman stepped in front of it. They saw her wearing a long blue night gown with her hair done up. Then they her hair turning color to red and the gown was red, then black.

“It will come in handy when you want to get ready for an event.” Said Ginny to Hermione, as they looked on.

Next they saw someone selling ropes that can tie themselves.

“Great for any day use, they are self tying ropes and will tie themselves to whatever you throw it at.”

As everyone watched, the witch tossed it at a table and the ends of the rope just wrapped around and tied itself to it. She tugged at the other end and tossed it a chair and the other end tied itself to that.

“Not only that but they are designed not burn easily. Today only I’m selling two for the price of one. Don’t miss the chance to own yours today.”

Many more can be heard, from old charm books, to color changing lamps, pens that can make the letters appear as ice sculptures, and many more.

“All this is fascinating and wonderful, but how are we going to find anything of use to us about time magic!” Said Harry frustratingly.

Keep an open mind you’ll never know, let’s go down this lane.” Said Ginny as she grabbed Harry’s hands and lead him down another lane.

Somehow Harry felt a little calmer holding onto Ginny hands. Her touch seemed to calm him and her leading the way seems to just feel right. Like whatever path she is leading him is the right path.

As they were walking an old man accidentally bumped into Harry, as he fell down on to the ground he said “My apologies young man. I think I might have tripped on something” Said the older man as he started to get up.

Harry helped him up and asked “Are you all right sir?”

“Yes, yes, thank you very much.” He said.

“I got separated from my family and now can’t seem to find them.” He said.

“Can we help you in any way?” Asked Harry.

“Well, aren’t you the sweatiest young man I have ever meet in a while. If it’s not much trouble that would be wonderful. My name is Deanol Hafty.

And you are?” asked Deanol

“I’m Harry Potter and this..”

“Harry Potter!?” Exclaimed Deanol before Harry could finish his introduction.

“My family will never believe me, that I’ve seen the great Harry Potter. The wizard who destroyed He Who Must Not Be Named, is helping little old me. They would ecstatic to meet you.” Said Deanol as he walked with the four.

Ginny, Ron and Hermione introduced themselves finally after Deanol stopped talking. As they walked around they noticed that he walked pretty fast for a man who looked like he was in his 70s.

Deanol noticed and said “Why I walk 3 miles every day, got to keep my health up, that is all I have left nowadays.”

As they walked and talked they saw someone who they would never thought would encounter, Lucius Malfoy. Lucius saw them from the corner of his eye and started to walk the other way.

It was Ron who yelled, “Hey Lucius, your looking pale as usual.”
Lucius looked at Ron with his usual distaste and met his gaze upon Harry. His gaze looked more timid as if a kid who did something wrong is confronting his parents about it. He rushed away in the crowd without saying anything.

They walked a little further and Deanol said” I think I see them my family.”

They saw 2 younger looking men walking towards them.

“Father.” Said one of them.

“This is Harry Potter and his friends who helped out.” Said Deanol

“The great Harry potter.” Said the other man as he looked Harry from head to toe.

Deanol took 4 ice cream bars from his clothes.

“Here you go, please accept this as a token for helping an old man out.” Said Deanol.

“No, No we can’t accept..” started Harry.

“Please I insist, these will get you around the bazaar more quickly once you are ready to move to the center location. They gave these to me because of my age, but I think it’s time for us to go home.” Insisted Deanol.

So Harry looked at Deanol and accepted his ice cream bars.

“Thanks again,” said Deanol as he walked off with his 2 family members.

“There whole family moves fast.” Said Ron as they watched them rush off.

The four continued to walk around, finding all kinds of trinkets, spells, pans, but nothing that would help them. After eating lunch at the eatery, they started walking again. 3 hours into it, they were pretty much going to give up.

When they over head someone say, “Did you see that old fool, who tried to sell me a time turner. I think he’s trying to put one over on me.”

Harry walked up to them and asked, “Where was this person?”

The man said, “who wants to know?”

“I’m….” before Harry can finish his words., the man said “Harry Potter?! Oh my word, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you before. He’s down the 5th row to the left and almost last booth on the right.”

“Thank you!” yelled Harry as he rushed over that way.

Once they got there they saw a shady looking wizard with a beard and a hood over his head. He’s a fairly large person and had a few trinkets on his table. Harry noticed the page turner immediately and grabbed it.

“Where did you get this?” Harry asked sharply.

The wizard was not shaken by Harry’s tone.

Calmly he said, “well my young man, if your interested in it, I’ll give it to you for a fair price. 1000 galleons.”

The wizard waited and looked at Harry’s face for an expression.

Harry impatiently asked again, “Where did you get this? It’s a time turner and I thought they were all destroyed.”

The wizard replied, “If you must know, I acquired this from a seller a few months ago, now I’m not going to tell you my sources. But since you know what it is, you know how rare it is. So 1000 galleons for this timer turner. Take it or leave it.”

Ginny asked, “How do we know it works?”

“Well young lady, I wouldn’t sell you something that doesn’t work now would I?” Answered the wizard.

“Let me take a look.” Said Hermione.

After Harry handed it to Hermione she examined for a few minutes, looking at every tiny detail of the time turner.

“It’s a very good replica, but it’s not a real time turner.

There is something else as well, but I can’t seem to put my hands on it.” Said Hermione plainly to the wizard.

“What?! How dare you accuse me of selling false products. Have you ever seen one, have you ever used one!?” yelled the old Wizard

“Well sir! I have used one, and although yours is a very good copy, it’s not a real time turner.” replied Hermione

Taken back by Hermione’s statement, he calmed down and asked, “Who are you?”

“My name is Hermione and this is Harry Potter.” Hermione said, waiting for a shocking response.

“Never heard of you people, nor do I care. Accusing me of selling false good. Get out of here. I don’t want to talk to you people. Accusing me, the great merchant, Masime, of selling faulty goods. Now get out!!” yelling at them as he gestured them to leave.

The four left and walked away to another corner of the bazaar.

“He’s up to something. “That’s a false time turner and there appears to be something else that I can’t put my hands on.” Said Hermione again.

“Yeah, he didn’t even flinch when he found who you were, he must be a death eater or something.” Said Ron thoughtfully.

“No way, all the death eaters have been rounded up to Azkaban and there would be no way a death eater would show his face in the bazaar, where everyone can see them.” Said Harry.

After talking for a little longer, Harry suggested that he would follow Masime after the bazaar. The others decided that it’s kind of dangerous for Harry to do this alone. Harry reminded them that it was he who killed Voldemort. So they reluctantly agreed for Harry to do this but Ron had to tag along. Ron didn’t like this idea but agreed after Hermione gave him a stern look. So the girls will wait for them at home. And since everyone evaporates after they get out of the clock tower, they figured it’s better to follow him when he is exiting. Harry will bring his invisibility cloak with them just in case, and if they have to follow him or grab his clothe so they can disapparated with him they could do it without him noticing. If something was to happen and Harry has to go about it himself, he’ll promised to play it safe and not do anything dangerous. To which Ginny made Harry promise by pinky swearing.

Harry and Ron went back just before the Bazaar closed. They found Masime slowly putting his goods away in a trunk. After he was done he started walking out. With no one around Harry and Ron decided to confront him about the time turner. They walked out of the corner and ran toward him. Once Masime saw them coming towards him, he bolted for the exit. He was surprising fast and agile, he ran past the rows of booths and knocked over some goods he was a few feet away from the exit. Harry managed to just barely grab a hold of the back of Masime’s jacket before he disapparated. Ron managed to keep up and just barley grabbed onto Harry’s pants leg. The next thing they know they were in some kind of room. They decided it must be Masime’s hotel room when they noticed the bed. Once Harry got his wits about him, he casted a protective charm preventing any disapparating in or out of the room. He pointed his wand at Masime.

Masime looked scared, “you again, you can have the time turner, just don’t harm me.”

“I just want some answers, I’m not going to harm you.” Said Harry.

“Yeah, we’re not going to hurt you.” Repeated Ron.

“Tell me the truth, how did you got this?” asked Harry sharply.

“o.k. I’ll tell you, I purchased this from a man who was down on his luck. When I was selling my goods in another town, he approached me trying to sell it. He told me it was a time turner that he got it from the ministry itself. I didn’t believe him at first. But he said something about that when the ministry make a bad one they’d usually destroy it, he also said he used to work there and he hid one and stole it. He said that it works fine enough and showed me. I used it once and so I bought it from him. After I heard that it was outlawed, I had a hard time selling it. So I don’t usually bring it out for sale.” Explained Masime.

Harry lowered his wand and thought about what Masime said. “o.k. then show me it’s real.”

Masime took out the time turner and handed it to Harry, “You both can try it, so that you’ll know I’m not lying. Just place the necklace around your necks and give it a small turn. 10 sec will do and you’ll see that it works.” said Masime.

Harry thought for a sec, and the only thing he could think of going wrong was that it doesn’t work. Hermione already said it was a copy. Harry placed it around both his and Ron’s neck. He turned it like Masime said. And once he did the room started to swirl around. They were transported away. It was a port key. They were tricked. They landed in the middle of a plain, surrounded by trees. They had no idea where they were.

Out of nowhere a flag of light whizzed next to Harry’s legs. His instincts took over, he shot a counter curse at the direction it came from. It missed. Then more curses flow at them. They were under attack. They scampered and headed for cover away from where all the curses are coming from. Then 4 cloaked persons slowly poked their heads out and moved slowly toward Harry and Ron.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Shouted Harry, and it connected with one of them and he fell to the ground.

The other three scampered around to hide.

“Impedimenta!” shouted Harry, and another one of the cloaked figures goes down.

He fell towards one of the last two people and hit one of them. That tripped him and knocked the last person. Ron was watching this with more humor then horror that they were being attacked.

So he finally got one in, “Expelliarmus! Shouted Ron.

And it knocked the wand out of one of their grasps.

Harry followed it with another, “Pertrificus Totalus.” And the last person was now down. The one Ron disarmed was now on the ground shaking.

“This is almost too easy, thought Harry.” Are they amateurs? Anyone from the Order could of taken them. So they approach the last one with some caution.

“Who are you? And why did you attack us?” demanded Harry.

“I don’t have to tell you anything to you Harry Potter, he who killed our master.” Yelled he clocked man.

With the sound of this, Harry could feel his temper boiling up. There are still more of Valdermort followers outside Azkaban? And this was a trap set up for him, which means Masime is one of them. How was he so foolish to have fallen into it, but how did they know he was looking for a… time turner. Was he being followed, how many of them are there, is Ginny safe?

At the thought of this, Harry was getting angry. No more death, no more pain, no more.

All that pinned up frustration about the time magic and the time turner leading him to a trap has finally got to Harry. And now he finds out followers of Valdermort are still around and putting everyone at risk again; this was his breaking point. Harry walked right up to the man who was on the ground and pointed his wand in his face, “Tell me who is behind this now, or, or I’m going to Cru..” Harry stopped his words.

“Cruicio," thought Harry.

He was going to say Curcio. Harry took a step back; he looked down at his clinched fist on his wand, and he turned slowly and saw Ron looking at him. Scared and fearful not of the unknown deatheaters, but of him.

“Impedimenta” and the last person was knocked unconscious. He walked around to the people on the ground to look at their faces, but he didn’t recognized anyone of them.

Finally Harry said “We’ll contact the minister of magic and they can come and get these guys.”

“You were scary. Harry, I thought you were going to seriously harm that guy. It’s not like you.” Said Ron.

“I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what came over me.” Said Harry.

After some discussion on how best to handle the situation, Harry was going to watch over them, while Ron disapparated to let his dad know and get the aurors to come and pick them up. It wasn't long before Ron, Arthur, and 2 aurors returned.

“Harry Potter, your already doing our job, soon we’ll be working for you.” Joked one of the aurors.

Once the 2 aurors took away the four hooded people, Harry and Ron told them what happened and about Masime as an accomplice. The aurors thanked Harry again and informed Harry that they will get to the bottom of this and to keep them informed of what they find. Satisfied; Ron, Harry, and Arthur went home.

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