The next day they went to the wizard’s library, it was nestled comfortably next to the muggle’s library but the entrance was on the side and you have to touch the owl statue on the beak. Once they did that a grand door opened from a brick until it was wide enough to fly three brooms through. Though the charms placed on it will prevent any muggles from seeing what is happening.
They let Hermione lead the way, since she is very familiar with where all the books are. In no time Hermione came back with multiple versions of Godric Gryffindor’s autobiography and history of how Hogwarts was started.

After hours of reading through his life as a man and what he accomplished, how Hogwarts was build, and how many charms was used to accomplish such a feat. They even found a whole book on how the sorting hat was created. There wasn’t much on his childhood or what inspired him in his childhood. They search most of the day and nearing the library closing time. Then they finally found something.

“Look here” said Ginny, “I think I found something on his childhood. It’s short but it says that the reason that Godric was so good with a sword is because he practiced since childhood. He was the first and only wizard that did that. Other wizards stayed away from him because they thought he was crazy when they ask why you’re practicing to muggle duel. He told everyone he got an inspiration during a trip to the owl walls. People thought he was crazy, but after all these years gone by and creating Hogwarts, not only for wizards but also muggle borns… no one is laughing at him then.”

“So this proves the rumors Dad said about Godric Gryffindor. Said Ginny.

Then he too might have seen visions from an owl. Then this proves that the owl of treasure is real”, said Ron.

"I also looked at a book on the Owl wall. It does mention that a special owl can be born from the walls, but that it is only a legend." Said Ginny.

“Well, I guess that legend just came true.” Said Ron, looking at Harry.

“What now?” asked Harry. “I don’t think we can find any more additional information in here. But there is one person who can help us, when it comes to the odd and unusual things in the wizarding world…”

Harry, Hermione, and Ron all said. “Luna Lovegood!!” They all laughed together.

Ginny smiled at them. And off they went to see the Lovegoods.

Luna’s dad did get some more attention during the war with Voldemort. The short time that he supported Harry did help him out with his paper business. You can’t blame a father for wanting his own daughter back, and everyone forgave him for that little part. Now that it’s all over, it’s back to business as usual. They publish articles on various plants to help heal the house spirits. Where to place your Dinpowhale in order to attract more love in your life. They also added section for how to treat unusual charm and curses, which started to gain popularity when they discovered a cure for one of George’s charms by accident. Wizards everywhere started writing in asking about counter charms, which keep Luna busy working, trying out different remedies her father know, with some unusual side effect of their own. Once she was trying to find a cure for worm nose and ending up turning her own face blue with for a week. They would even ask her grandfather for advice from time to time.

Harry knocked on the door. They heard footsteps, and Luna opened the door.

“Harry Potter!” Said Luna in her usual way, “It’s so good to see you, and you brought Hermione, Ron, and Ginny. My, you have grown Ginny. Please do come in and have a sit. I’ll go make some tintofaol tea.”

The four looked at each other all thinking the same thing, Is it safe to drink this tintofaol tea?

“Uhh… Luna? Do you have any butterbeer?” Asked Ginny.

“Why yes, yes I do. I have just one left from…”

“May I have it instead of tintoafoo, tintoao, tino…instead of tea. Tea doesn’t always agree with my tummy.” Added in Ginny.

Ron and Harry looked at Ginny with new found wonder and amazed at her quick thinking.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” murmured Ron.

Hermione just smiled and sat down.

After Luna came back with the drinks they started talking about Harry’s experience on the owl wall and what they found out about Godric Gryffindor. To their surprise, Luna didn’t seem shocked by any of this information. She just nodded and took it in. She didn’t ask any question or disbelieve them at all.

“Oh yes, Harry, you must have been blessed by the luck fairy that day. My grandpa always told me to eat my four legged zaber roots, before I go to the owl wall. Said that I might get the great luck owl, so it’s called the Owl of Treasures. So Harry, you must have eaten your zaber roots.”

Harry looked dumbfounded and just shook his head.

“Well my grandpa also told me rumors of old Gryffindor, and said it will be good for me to be in the Gryffindor house, but alas, I was sorted into the Ravenclaws.” Said Luna.

“Luna, who are you talking to?” asked an old man who came out of nowhere.

Harry and the gang were so startled by the sudden appearance of an old man that they almost went for their wands.

“Grandpa. Let me introduce you to Harry potter and his friends.” Started Luna.

“Harry Potter, you don’t say, why Luna told me about you, but to see you in person… what a pleasant surprise. I know it was going to be a good day when I saw the shadow this morning that looked like a dodalkin fairy. And I was right.” He said.

“Sorry, I talk too much, who are these lovely people with you Harry?” He asked.

Ginny, Ron, and Hermione introduced themselves.

“I’m Luna’s grandpa.”

“Grandpa B, Harry got the good luck owl.” Said Luna.

“Really? You ate your four legged zaber roots, before you went didn’t you?” Asked Grandpa.

Again Harry shook his head.

Ron murmured, “grandpa B? His real name must be very hard to pronounce, that even Luna can’t say it.”

With a smirk on his face, he sank back into his chair. Hermione smiled but nudged him to keep quite.

“Well I always told Luna here to eat her roots before she went, but alas it didn’t happen. You know rumors had it that Gryffindor ate those roots before he went to the wall when he was a kid. So he got the great luck owl. So I thought it might work for little Luna.” Said grandpa B.

“Maybe it was a different kind of roots?” Asked Luna.

“No, No, I remember clearly from my grandpa, he told me to eat my four legged Zaber roots before I went, but it also didn’t happen. But you know you can only try it once. But you Harry, you got the owl, that must be amazing.” Said Luna’s grandpa.

Harry explained what happened and that he doesn’t know how it works, and asked, “Mr. Lovegood, do you know how this owl works?”
Luna’s grandpa explained that he only knows of rumors and that the owl will lead the owner to a great treasure and that person will do great things. After a few more question that came back with nothing more than empty answers. Harry decided to ask if he knows of anything about time magic.

“Ohh…” said Luna’s grandpa thoughtfully and slowly staring at Harry very intensely for the first time; as if seeing straight into his soul.

Harry was stunned by this new Lovegood.

He said intensely. “Time magic is very dangerous, even from outside the ministry, and I have heard of rumors about the people completely vanishing from existence. The only time magic I know of is with the Time-Turner. And I don’t trust that at all.”

Then turning back to his old expression he said, “You know there was an old poem I was taught as a kid by my parents… now how did it go again. Oh yes… City city vanished in pity, frozen enclosure, trapped him in fire. That is all I can remember, meant as a warning for any young minds wondering about time magic. So we never asked again, out of fear of being turned to a frozen popsicle.” Said grandpa B.

With that they uncomfortably drank down their tea and said they should be leaving and thanked Luna for their hospitality.
At the door, Harry shook Luna’s grandpa hands and said. “Thank you Mr. Lovegood for all your help.”

“Call me Bob, and any time. Swing by next time and I’ll make sure I show you my Tingoalow wings, I’m very proud of them.” Said Bob.

But Harry and Ron looked at each other and said “Bob?”

Hermione and Ginny smiled and thanked Luna and Grandpa Bob again and gently pushed the boys onward.

“Bob?” Said Ron. “I thought it was going to be Bonbolungkomobobaaaaa” and laughed at his own joke.
Harry laughed while the girls smiled at them, but even they weren’t expecting Bob.

Back at Ron’s house the four discussed on what to do next. Since all the Time-Turners have been destroyed and the ministry has outlawed all time magic, there didn’t even exist any book on them. They didn’t know what else to do. At dinner while they were still talking about this, Molly talked about going to the wizards world bazaar next week. She has been talking about it for the last month now, bringing it up every time she can. George would talk about it as well, but how he wasn’t able to get a booth in it this year, but he would put his name in for next year. They haven’t figured out where it would be held. It’s not often that the bizarre comes to London, and it will be fantastic with all sorts of wizarding trinkets and tools from all over the world. Who knows you might find something there.

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