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“Come on Emmaline! Just go talk to people. It’s not that hard!” I huffed at myself in the mirror. I was currently hiding in the bathroom giving myself a pep-talk to go be social this this party I was dragged too. I hated parties - plus I felt like I was dressed all wrong. I wore simple jeans that flared out with a red crop top and wedged sandals. I wore my signature hairstyle - a messy bun - and of course my glasses. My brother, Ollie, always said had a weird style - a mix between grandma and a hipster. Though to be fair Ollie lives in athletic wear and his school uniform so he doesn’t necessarily have the best judgement. I took a deep breath and left the bathroom.

I was stuck at the back to school end of holiday bash. I came here with Mac, my best friend and my brother, Ollie. I hated parties, I was awkward and never knew exactly what to do. Usually Ziggy saves me during these sorts of events. Zig gets me. We met my first year when I ran into him in the hallway and fell over. He laughed at me and pulled my pigtails and I kicked his shin - best friends ever since. But the prick was on holiday in American visiting his sister and doesn’t get back until the day before we leave to head back to school.

Somehow I can’t find Mac or Ollie and I cursed both of them. I glanced at my watch it was nearing midnight so I could totally get away with leaving since it was pretty late. I’m sure Mac and Ollie already left together - insert eye roll here. I’m not entirely sure at what point during the summer they started seeing each other but they think I haven’t noticed and that they’re being sneaky. They’re not in case you where wondering. And to be completely honest I’m not sure if I’m upset about the fact they’re together or that they haven’t told me... possibly both.

I gave the house one more walk through and I couldn’t find either one of them so I decided to leave. The party was only a few blocks away from our house so I figured I could just walk back. I stepped out the front door and took a breath and smiled - free at last, free at last!

“Oof!” I groaned looking up at the sky with a heavy lump on me.

“I BLOODY TOLD YOU TEDDY YOU COULDN’T FLY WITHOUT A BROOM!” That was Dominique Weasley. And a very drunk Teddy Lupin is on top of me. I saw two people fall over with laughter. And one person standing there smirking shaking there head.

“You mind, buddy?” I asked trying to sit up.

“ Emmaline Connors!” He shouted in my face.

“You look lovely tonight! Doesn’t she Louis?!” He asked but didn’t really wait for an answer. He also didn’t move.

“You might want to move. You’re probably crushing her!” Rose shouted from somewhere. Teddy jumped up and held out his hand for me.

“Ready to lose to Gryffindor?” James asked with a stupid smirk.

“Not a chance Potter. You’re going down. Zig and I have been practicing our moves,” I smirked at him. Zig and I were beaters for the Ravenclaw team. Ziggy and I were pretty damn good and even James knew that.

“Oho, I’m so scared,” he deadpanned.

“You will be when my bludger finds you,” I challenged him. I glanced down at my watch.

“I’m late,” I grinned and glanced up at the sky. Tonight there was a meteor shower and I did not want to miss it.

“Late for what?!” Fred cried at the same time James said, “It’s half past twelve! Where are you going?!”

“I’ve got shit to do Potter. You should try it sometime.” And with that I walked away hurrying towards my house. I could hear them calling after me but I was going to be late. I kicked off my shoes and grabbed them.

“Wait! Connors!” That was James. I glanced behind me and Teddy, James and Fred where running after me.

“I don’t have time!” I shouted and took off running. At the end of my street is this little park with a hill and no lights at the top of the hill. It would be the perfect place to watch the shower. I didn’t glance behind me again to see if they were still following me. I figured they probably gave up and as I rounded the corner on to my street I glanced at my watched and groaned and pushed myself to run faster. I threw my shoes down as I got to the top of the hill and I collapsed. 

“This is what you’re late for?!” Potter cried as I glanced behind me and saw the boys standing there.

“Shut it would you. We’re going to miss it.” Teddy just came down and laid down and stared up at the sky. Soon everyone followed.

“What are we waiting for?” Fred whispered.

“Wait.” I muttered.

And then it happened. As if someone flicked a switch and the entire seemed to light up with shooting stars and everyone fell silent and we just watched. Sometimes you have to just stop and take in the beauty and magic that is nature. I was so glad I didn’t miss this.

“Worth it.” Louis muttered. I sat up and grinned.

“Alright boys. I gotta go home,” I muttered stretching.

“I’m going to head back and round up the girls anyways, I’ll walk with you,” Louis muttered.

“We’re heading home. We’ll see you there,” James muttered. I grabbed my shoes and Louis and I started heading down the hill.

“How’d you know about that?” He asked after a minute.

“My mum was always really into the stars. She always use to wake us up watch meteor showers and stuff. So I just got in the habit of knowing.” I muttered. He was quiet after that apparently not missing the past tense.

“This is me,” I muttered feeling a little awkward that we hadn’t spoken the rest of the walk.  We stopped in the middle of the street and just sort of stared at each other. I felt like I should say something but what was I suppose to say?

“I’ll see you at school, yeah?” I muttered but Louis didn’t answer he just leaned in and kissed me.

“Night Connors,” he muttered and kept walking. I stood there doing my best impression of a bloody fish. What the actual fuck? I finally went inside and went to bed not bothering to change.

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