Harry got up in the morning to the smell of Molly and Ginny’s cooking. That is one thing that Ginny got from her mother, she knows how to set a good meal, as well as perform a shield charm. Jenny, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Molly, Dad, and George all sat down that day and had a good breakfast.

“We’ll go to Diagon alley after breakfast, then?” Asked Harry

“Oh no,” said Ginny,

“No?” Asked Harry.

“No, I’ll take you some where special, we’ll go to the owl’s wall,” said Ginny

“The what?” Asked Harry and Hermione together.

“You know the owl wall. Where all owl post owls come from.”

“Harry and Herminie may not know about that.” Said Arthur. “They grew up in the muggle world.

Owls are not hatched in the wizarding world. They all come from the owl walls. It’s like….”

“Don’t spoil it for them. When we get there they can see it for themselves.” Ginny jumped in.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other

"They have never visited one. This will be a nice treat for them." said Aurther.

"I remembered when dad first brought us there, it was a really eye opener.” Said Ron as he finished off his last piece of toast.

It’s been a while since they went on a trip like this. Kind of like a class trip with Hagrid, only no dangerous animals that can kill them. As they walked out together Hermione held onto Ron’s hand and Harry onto Ginny’s as they walked together letting Ginny guide the way. Immediately they landed outside a large stone wall. There was a door of silver with an owl shaped knocker for a handle. Ron knocked and a “hoo” came out of the knocker. A small skinny man slowly opened the door. He looked at the four and then fixated his attention onto Harry. His eyes were in awe and excitement.

Ahem! Said Hermione.

“Ahh, you’re early. I was still prepping my place when I heard the great Harry potter wanted to tour my owl wall. But it’s ready, please come in, come in.

As they walked in, the man said “My name is Don Too, like hooo. Hahaaha,” he smiled, “the kids usually love that one. It’s my pleasure to show you around.”

“I’m Ron, this is Hermione, Ginny and….”

“Harry potter.” Interrupted Don as he shook his hands.

They walked onto a floating rug with owl pattern wings. “Come on, we can all fit onto this one. It will take us around much easier.”

The rug lifted up after they all stepped onto it, and glided forward. They passed a stream of water which seemed to around the inside of the wall, and onto an open field of grass.

“This is where we keep the live mice for the owls after they have grown to 1 years of age. I’ve seen some healthy ones eat 5 in one sitting. They are really hungry at that age. Growing and building their strength.” said Don.

Next came a forest with many dense in some area and others parts more open.” This is where the owls come to practice their flying skills. We can shift the trees any way we want.” Don clapped his hands and the trees moved from one area to another. “ The louder your clap the faster they move. Here you try it.” Harry tried and sure enough the trees moved.

“Now watch this,” said Ron. He clapped so loud and hard, that the trees bumped into each other and leaves fell all around them because they were moving so fast.

“Hahaha” laughed Ron and soon Don joined in as well. Soon they were surrounded by falling leaves.

“O.k. o.k. we should move on. “ Said Don. “The kids usually like that part as well. It’s even more gorgeous in the winter when the snow is on them.” Soon they reached the last stop. “This is the owl wall. We here at Too’s are proud to have the longest and oldest of owl walls. It was passed down from my great, great, great, grandfather."

What Harry saw was not a wall at all by any means of the word, but a floating, morphing, puffy shaped cloud as long as the eye can see, that seems to be solid at one minute and then misty the next. It’s shape changes from an egg shape to owl shape and everything in between.

“I know your looking to get another owl,” said Don.

“Well, you know about wands and how they work when they choose you. For owls it’s also similar. The owl at the Diagon alley are fine owls, don’t get me wrong, but to choose an owl that paired with its master, you truly have to come to the wall. Harry potter, since it’s for you, I’ll bring you to the older section of the wall and you tell me when to stop and we will get an owl for you.”

This reminded of Harry of selecting out pumpkins at the pumpkin patches, only this time he can select one, instead of Dudley. He wondered what Dudley and his aunt were doing. But the thought lasted for only a second before he let it go and focused on the morphing cloud in front of him. Then something caught his eyes. He thought he saw Hedwig again in the morphing wall.

“Stop here” said Harry.

“Ohh… good choose of location, this area has not been chosen by anyone in a long time. O.k. here,”

Don handed a silver wire with a bell attached to it.

“Now all you have to do is choose a location and ring the bell three times.”

Harry looked at the location where he thought he saw Hedwig and rang the bell 3 times. Ding, Ding, Ding. Slowly the morphing cloud stopped. The whole wall seemed to have stopped. The area where Harry was looking at first looked like an egg, then a dark line opened and a bright light shown from within and a silver spark…BANG! And all went black.

An image of a wand, no 3 wands, a sudden feeling of flying toward something, no someone… his parents smiling at him, but he’s older and not a baby. The wand of wonder, wand of dreams, wand of time……..

“Harry!! Harry!! Harry!!”

Harry opened his eyes slowly and saw Ginny, Ron, and Hermione with worried faces, similar to the expression they wore when he had visions of Voldemort.

“I’m o.k. I just saw some strange images.”

“What kind of strange images?! Are they of Vol…de…mort?” Stuttered Ron.

“No, no… nothing like that. Images of 3 wands, and my parents, smiling at me, only I wasn’t a baby. I was much older….”
“Right after the bang you passed out like you did when… you know…” said Hermione

“We all thought you knew…. somehow… he came back. So we got our wands out and fell from the rug onto the ground. Ginny and I used levitation charms to cushion the fall.”

“After a few minutes and nothing happened, we tried to wake you up.”

Harry noticed that Ginny was pointing her wand at Don. Don looked startled.

“Please it wasn’t me, but I think I know what happened. Let me explain.“ Said Don

“Ginny, let him go, I don’t think it was his doing.” Said Harry. Ginny lowered her wand.

“I’ve only heard of this from my father. He said every once in a while an owl of “treasure” will come out of the wall, and the person that rang the bell and this owl will have a great connection”

“What kind of connection?” asked Hermione

“There are 2 special things with this owl. Normal owls will deliver the post, however this owl has the ability to let the owner see whatever the owl sees, so there is no need to deliver the post but they can see it, similar to a vision. The second, the second is that the owl will lead the owner to a great treasure, but only once. “

“Only one treasure?” asked Ron. Hermione looked at Ron from the corner of her eyes. “What?” asked Ron.

“Yes only one treasure, however the treasure is always of great value to the owner. From what my dad told me, it will always comes true.” Said Don

“In all my years of doing this, I would never expect this to happen. And look.”

Don points to the owl perched not too far away. “Usually owls come out of the wall as babies, and will need at least a year to grow. But this owl is already grown and looks like he is at least 2 years of age.”

“Harry potter, you truly are a special person.” Don looked at Harry with admiration.

The four looked at each other, and then at the owl, who was looking back at Harry. And they all didn’t know what to say or think.

Harry looked at the owl and thought to himself. It looks like any other brown post owl, nothing special at all, yes the owl is not a baby, but that doesn’t mean anything. Is what Don said true? This just sounds strange, and if it’s true, why him? Out of all the people in the world, why does this always have to happen to him… Why can’t he be just normal old Harry, nothing special, just plain and normal. But the images of the 3 wands, and his parents were so real. And what is the image of himself feeling happy and grown up with his parents? That image makes no sense. And is this wand of time that echoes within his ears…..

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