Pillars of black smoke puffed from the engine of the train. Three brooms emerged from the pillar of smoke, as a Witch and two Wizards raced forward. They continued towards the train and they seemed as if they were getting ready to touch down.

Feeling that there was someone behind them, the Witch turned her head over her shoulder and a red light jetted into her. "No!" the Witch cried as she lost her wand from her hand. Another light flew towards her and she quickly maneuvered out of the way. "They're here!"

Harry and Riker sweeper behind them, sending various spells and charms there way. Riker pulled up as a charm flew by his legs. Harry aimed his wand at the Witch, but the Wizard behind him sent the Disarming charm and hit Harry's side.

The wand flipped from Harry's hand and flipped towards the earth. Harry quickly dove down, avoiding another curse from the Wizard. They both charged after Harry's wand, "Stupefy!" Harry barrel rolled right and continued to the wand. He reached his hand out and clutched the tip of the wand. Harry redirected the broom quickly and pulled up, chasing the other wizard.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry shouted, his wand hand half on the broom. The charm missed wide right.

Harry continued chasing the Wizard up the side of the mountain. He looked back at Harry and then pulled up...the train right in front of him. He struck the train and his body was flown from the broom and into a field of boulders.

"Shit," Harry pulled the broom back, but then he noticed Riker being chased by the Witch and Wizard. He looked back to the mangled body of the other Wizard and realized that with all of those injuries he was going to die.

Harry pulled the broom back and took off towards Riker. A charm that was cast from Riker struck the remaining Wizard who was incarcerated by rope that appeared from thin air. The Wizard was bound to his broom and he crashed into the train's open cargo compartment. Riker dove down and knocked him out quickly with a Stun charm.

The Witch eyed Harry and Riker. She looked to her left and saw the passenger compartment of students staring at her. "Leave me alone!" she shouted at Harry and Riker.

The Witch turned her broom upside down and flew fast to the next cart. She dismounted the broom and entered the passenger compartment.

"Potter! Go in on the front side, I'll take the rear entrance," Riker instructed, whipping the broom around. Harry flew to the front of the cart, aiming his wand ahead. He dismounted the broom and went inside the opened door. Harry saw students standing up near the middle compartment and they backed up.

"Get inside the side compartments," Harry whispered to the students. The students all moved down the train cart and ran into compartments. Some poked their heads out to watch Harry advance.

"Please help him," a girl pleaded quietly to Harry. Harry looked at the student and realized someone might be a hostage. He waved everyone back and the students went into the their compartments.

He kept waiting for Riker to come from the rear, but he was nowhere to be seen. He continued forward and crept slowly to the Middle Compartment. Harry stopped at the edge of the door. He waited for a moment and then he stepped in, aiming his wand high.

The Witch had a student in her grasp, a wand at his throat. The Witch's look was not of anger, but of fright and remorse. Harry noticed this and realized he could probably talk to her, "I need you to drop the wand."

"No," she coldly replied, "You bastards deny me access to my family and now I'm taking this boy because I know you--Harry Potter...you wouldn't risk harming this boy would you?" Harry swallowed a large lump in his throat. He kept his wand high.

"It doesn't have to be like this," Harry said, feeling himself shiver slightly.

"Drop it," the Witch said as she dug the tip of her wand into the boy's neck. Harry didn't move for a moment, trying to keep his composure, but despite the situation, Harry couldn't risk anything. He'd figured that Riker would be in soon.

Harry turned his wand horizontally in his hand and dropped it. Upon the drop, the Witch gasped. She moved forward, with the boy in front of her and she kicked Harry's wand under the seat in the compartment. Harry put his hands by his sides and stepped out of the compartment. "Please, let him go,". Harry bargained, "I'll let you leave here."

"Would you really?" the Witch countered, "For the moment perhaps...but once I give up leverage, you're right back on the chase!" She began to tear slightly. "I'm sorry." She whispered, "Growing up, I always admired you...but now you're one of them. An oppressor. You might've defeated the Dark Lord but it doesn't matter...because eventually all good men fall. Perhaps one day," the Witch continued, aiming her wand at Harry, "--perhaps one day you'll thank me." Harry knew what was coming.

A green light spun lightly from a wand aimed straight and true. The light slowly dissolved into the body of the target. Harry's eyes widened.

As the Witch fell, Riker was revealed, his wand aimed ahead at the fallen Witch. The boy who was clutched was freed, but the Witch fell to her death. "No." He looked at the boy again and grabbed him. "Hey, are you alright?" Harry asked delicately.

The boy could only nod for the moment. Harry took a deep breath and looked at the dead Witch and then to Riker who began to approach. "That wasn't necessary," Harry told him.

"She was about to kill you asshole," Riker went on defense, "Would you have rather died?"

Harry looked back at the Witch, "You know that they're going to reprimand you for this."

"No I don't think they will," Riker stated. "Go to the conductor, stop this train so we can contact Aurors and have the one in captivity taken away." Riker flipped the tail of his coat as he walked away.

Harry looked at the dead body of the Witch. Her eyes still opened, from her shock of having been hit by the Killing Curse. He knelt down beside her and closed her eyes, "I'm sorry."


Captain Cardia sat in a small room, with six other men. They sat in an illy lit room that was no larger than an average living room, around a round table.

"They were prepared for it," said one of the men, with a bandaged patched to his next. "These Wizards are smart," he explained, "They made Alan turn and fire on us."

"Morgan, how did that dwarf Wizard die? Ercypt will want to know," Cardia said, taking a cigarette out of his pack.

"That green light--" Morgan tried to remember, "the curse that kills. They used it on him."


"You know Ecrypt mentioning how to stop that shit could've been of some help," the man with one arm mentioned.

Cardia lit his cigarette and inhaled a large amount he needed. The smoke from his cigarette crawled up his body and disappeared. "We need a different target," Cardia said, "Going after them at the train station was useless. Ecrypt wants us to hit these members of their Ministry, but we need to do it when their guard is let down."

"Why would we even bother fighting them?"

Morgan looked at the other man with curiosity, "For starters, they're an abomination; God did not intend for these beings to live. But what they did in Italy and years ago cannot go unpunished."

"If we keep this contained with us and the Italians, then we can control what happens to their government," Cardia put out his cigarette, "We control an entire world with more capabilities than our own."

"I wonder who their contact is in our world," Morgan thought out loud. "How else would they know what our guns were?"

"I'm sure they've studied mankind before," Morgan rationally explained, before taking a drink of his pint.

Cardia looked off from the table. "But really--a whole world...Kept secret. How did it stay secret from so long?" Cardia looked at Morgan, "remember that secret society in 'Nam?"

Morgan seemed to agree with what Cardia was implying. He took his pint and finished the remainder. Returning a look to Cardia and said, "Maybe we should see the Prime Minister of England in a few days."

2 days after the Attack at King's Cross, the Wizarding World was spelled with rumors and talks about the attacks. Some believed a war was coming with Muggles, some balked the Ministry for how they handled the attack. With seven dead Muggles, a dead Witch and a dead Wizard, the Ministry of Magic was under fire and Minister Shackelbolt was at the front of all the consequences.

Hermione and Harry stood in the courtyard of the headquarters, drinking tea. Harry's demeanor was tense. He didn't know what was going to happen after this attack.

"Do you think he'll be sacked?" asked Hermione.


"Kingsley of course," Hermione answered with a worried look.

Harry looked at Hermione with the same worry on his face, "I hope not. If they did then Riker wouldn't be his successor."

"I can't believe what he did on the train," Hermione implied, "They may try him."

"I dunno," Harry looked around, "I think--I think those Muggles were helped by another Wizard." Hermione looked at Harry for a moment and tried to understand Harry's reasoning for saying that, but nothing came to mind.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean---Muggles just happen to show up on the day that we transport students," Harry added, "They knew what platform. When King's Cross was closed they didn't go to any other platform--they came right for us. Not to mention the dwarf Wizard who was with them."
Harry was becoming restless, "I know the Witch who flew to the train wasn't with them. She was trying to see her family again." Harry paused "And we killed her."

Hermione sympathized with what Harry was saying, but she reminded him, "Riker did that, Harry. You did what you could." Hermione rubbed Harry's forearm and grabbed it for a moment. When she became more self aware she let go and looked away from Harry and changed the subject, "Have you tried talking to Ginny lately?"

Harry looked at Hermione, who finally returned a look and he shook his head. "Why not?"

"It's still just too complicated," Harry answered, "Something just didn't feel right to me. I dunno. Maybe we'd get back together but for now, I just need this. Stability." Harry dropped his head and rubbed his neck, "I don't want to go off the rails like I did after--Voldemort. I didn't feel right for awhile."

"I wish I could've been with you," Hermione said. Realizing her words, she added, "After all of that. I-Ron and I felt selfish about leaving you for that trip."

Harry looked away and said, "All that matters is right now. Thank you for being here."

Hermione smiled subtly.

Ministry workers began to congregate at the headquarters. A blue, bright and wondrous light began to develop over them. Harry and Hermione stood up. The light began to take the shape of a face.

"Per Minister of Magic Shackelbolt, the Wizarding World is now in a state of emergency. Our existence has been exposed to the Muggle World," the face spoke, his mouth moving in an exaggerated way. "Muggle cameras revealed our existence to the world not one hour ago. All Ministry of Magic workers will report to their homes immediately to gather families. Per Minister of Magic Shackelbolt, the Transportation Cease is lifted. We will urge all Wizarding families to leave the Muggle World until futher notice. The Transportation Cease will be reinstated on the 12th day of September. Per Minister of Magic Shackelbolt, once the Transportation cease is returned no members of the Ministry will be able to cross the boundaries or Apparate."

The blue light began to diminish and then turned into nothing.

It was official....the Wizarding World was no longer a secret.

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