“Harry..Harry Potter!!! “ Cried Ginny as she ran from the front door.


“Harry, you’ve got a owl post from the ministry of magic. This must be about your application to be an Auror.”


Harry smiled gently at Ginny’s glowing smile, seeing her smile this way never gets old.


“I don’t know why they even make him place an application, the Auors should be begging Harry to join them.” Said Ron.


“After the war with Voldemort, the ministry wants to place some order back into everything. So this simple application is just a formality so that things would appear normal again.” Replied Hermione.

“I’m sure Harry will be accepted without any issue, he did save the world you know.” Said Ginny.


They all looked at each other and thinking of the past events, smiled at each other. Those smiles are not all pleasant as there was also many losses. Most noticeably Fred was not with them.


Slap. The owl that delivered the mail landed on the window seal broke the silence. “Hedwig?” Harry looked in shock as he stared at the owl. On second glance he noticed that it was not Hedwig, but so alike. This owl had 2 extra spots on his back and left wing, they could otherwise be twins.

Harry has been living with the Weasley’s for over a year now, Hermione and Ron has been seeing more of each other as well. Slowly the wizarding world is getting back to normal. The death eaters as has most have been rounded up, the other supporters of Voldemort have gone into hiding. The school is back to normal with professor.


McGonagall as the head master. Harry has been resting and trying to recover from all the friends and family that he had lost. Though being able to see Ginny more has helped with that recovery. Everyone needed some rest and recovery after what happened. It’s not something that will be forgotten any time soon. But seeing the owl that looked like Hedwig just brought back more painful memories of that day when he lost him. Ginny saw that in Harry’s face.


“Harry, you should read the letter. Even though we know what it will say.” Said Ginny.
Harry opened it and read out loud.

Harry Potter,


It is with our most sincerest gratitude and joy to inform you that your application to be an Auror has been accepted. We are sorry to have made you place an application, considering everything that you have done for the wizarding word. But as you know it’s a formality. Our starting day of training is in Sept 6. We hope to see you soon.


Head of the Aurors,
Blain Mints


“Ha!” Cried Ron, “I was right, even the head of Aurors know that they shouldn’t have done it.”


“I guess I’ve got another few months to prepare, and then I’ll start my training.” Said Harry.


“You know, we should get you another owl, since you will be heading out to be an Auror you will need to send me letters.” Said Ginny.


“Your right, we’ll go this weekend.” Said Harry.


“No, no. Let’s go tomorrow. Why wait?” Said Ginny.


Ginny wanted to get Harry out of the house since he has been moping around every once in a while. He, of all people needed to recover the most. The lost of his family, Sirius, and his friends haunts him at night. Every once in a while, Ginny could hear Harry awake at night. She knows the images of the fight with Voldemort keeps him up.

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