Everyone awoke early the next morning ready to make the long-awaited trip to diagon alley. Most shops were now open however the floo network wasn’t still fully operational so they would need to floo to Weasley’s wizarding wheezes. This would be hard hitting for George as he had never been there on his own. Once everyone was in the back room of the shop Harry suddenly started to look on edge and panic. Ginny took him to one side and asked what was wrong he replied there are people out there who are going to want revenge and are going to look for any opportunity to attack, we must stay vigilant.



Once Harry and Ginny finished their essential shopping they stopped at quidditch supplies and Harry bought two of the latest firebolts and without telling Ginny sent them to the burrow. The firebolts would come in handy at school harry thought to himself. The last stop would be Gringotts.



As Harry and Ginny entered Gringotts, he could feel eyes from all over burning into him whilst whispering to Ginny that this was maybe a bad idea. Ginny grasped his hand tighter as a mark of support as he approached the counter. He took a second to compose himself and said I’d like to make a withdrawal from my vault. The goblin replied well well well Mr Potter, at least it is your own vault you want to visit this time however yes, we can arrange that for you but first there are a few things we need to sort out first. Follow Helix into that room over there.



Harry and Ginny followed Helix into a side chamber just off the main hall where a table with three chambers was set up. Harry and Ginny sat on one side and Helix sat facing them. Helix then said before we can begin we need to address the issue that we need to take payment for the damage caused to Gringotts in May when you broke in under a disguise. Harry said I understand take it out of my vault and I would also like to pay for Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley too.



Once the damages were taken care of helix said Harry last time you were here you was just a minor so you was not granted full access to your vault. As you will be aware you inherited everything from Mr James Potter and Mrs Lily potter. However, you won’t be aware but you inherited everything from Mr Sirius Black. Whilst Harry was shocked he knew it was coming as Sirius had said before he died everything one day would be Harrys. Helix continued you also inherit a portion of Bellatrix Lestrange’s fortune as it would have gone to Sirius, Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy. Bellatrix never changed her will, and the fortune will be split between yourself and Andromeda Tonks as the Malfoys are still under investigation for being death eaters so unable to receive any payment now. Andromeda Tonks wants none of the inheritance.



Harry rather sharply said I do not want anything for her! Every penny goes to the Hogwarts rebuilding fund. Helix seemed taken back by Harrys bluntness and anger when Bellatrix’s name was mentioned. Helix agreed to transfer the funds and had the contract drawn up which Harry duly signed. Helix then said Mr Potter time is running against us here we really must head to your vault now. Harry and Ginny then followed Helix to vault 687.



Harry put his key into the vault and noticed it was substantially more empty than previous visits due to the damage costs. Helix then said Mr Potter you see that gold Potter emblem tap it twice with your wand. Harry obliged and watched as the wall melted away to triple the contents and the size of the vault.



Helix then said this is your true inheritance there is an estimated 50 million gallons in here and in that corner is all personal artefacts left by your mother and father that was not destroyed in Godrics Hollow. I leave you here Mr Potter take as much time as you need, is there anything else I can help with before I leave?



Harry replied please give Ginny access to my vault and transfer 5 million gallons to Mr and Mrs Weasley from an unknown sender. Helix then replied that is done Mr Potter I bid you farewell and my regards for your heroism in saving the wizarding world.



Harry sat down overwhelmed with what was in front of him, not ready to look at his parent’s belongings. Ginny realised this and said that was a generous thing you have just done for my parents. Before Harry could reply she carried on and said you want to share all this with me? Harry then replied what’s mine is yours, that’s all I want for us to share everything. 

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