(Disclaimer: All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J K Rowling this is just my interpretation of them, also the original HP plotline of Horcrux, also owned by J K Rowling)


Darkness was falling over the world as they popped into existence and imedaitely took cover there was plenty of orested area outside the neighborhood and recon had shown that the neighborhood's wards didn't reach this far out, so for now they were safe enough. 

“Recon team moving into position”, They heard Pavarti or was it Padma’s voice over her CD. “Should be able to see our badges so please don’t get wand happy.” The voice said sarcastically. Their plan was to each take a device and create a huge dome around the area. It would stop them for calling for help or help getting in. It would make everything seem peachy inside the dome so no muggles or the outside world wouldn’t be able to recognize. As well as dampening the noise. 

Fifteen minutes later that felt like hours as they all hunkered down behind the trees, Ginny could see the house from here. It was beautiful of course and monstrous. 

“Parkinson Manor”, Draco whispered next to her. “She will target you if she sees you.” He warned. She saw the worry on his face. Draco Malfoy did not always have a cool demeanor, not when it came to her at least. 

“Good, that’s a score I wouldn’t mind settling”. Ginny narrowed her eyes. 

“Cat fight”, Jesse whispered behind them and a snicker went up from Serge and Lee snickered behind them. 

“Focus children” Blaise shot in. He really was oh so serious when it came to things like this. Didn’t he get that the rest of them covered the intensity of the moment with witty banter and snark. 

“Yes daddy”, Lav rolled her eyes. 

“You can call me Daddy anytime love”, Blaise shot her a wink which earned him a glare from Seamus. 

They felt it before they saw it as a shimmering wall flew up in a dome. 

“Barrier in place, its go time ladies.” One of the Patil twins. 

“Pheonix move on target, Alpha move on target, B Team move on Target, C Team move on target, Hub team get to your locations remember Deathies do not get in or out of these damn houses without our wands on them, Patils hold your teams position stealthily”. Remus directed. 

Somewhere a nearly invisible Padma rolled her eyes. Their Chameleon spell was nearly as effective as the invisibility cloak itself. 

“Go time”, Blackthorne said as he and the rest of his team moved in. The barrier created an anti aparate charm as well, they didn’t want any Deathies getting the word out. “Split”, he said simply.

“Splitting off”, Sylvia replied Alicia, and Terry moved with her. As they headed for a separate entrance. 

“Alohamora”, she flicked her wand at the lock. The plan was for Blackthorn and his crew to hunker down at the massive front door that probably could have or once was a castle gate and push through while Sylvia took the best offensive magic users they had through a separate route and pinched in. She heard the bang as the front door basically exploded that was their cue and she pushed the side door open. It led into a brightly lit kitchen area. There was more marble in here than, well anything she had ever seen and it was all spotless. 

“Be advised house elves presence”, Sylvia spoke into her CD as she got an acknowledgment from the second team. House elves could be trouble. They operated outside of wizarding rules, she had to hope they weren’t as loyal. Most pureblood families as old as these didn’t’ exactly coddle their servants. 

“Remember petrify all the paintings we don’t need any of them running to another frame in warning”, she spoke as they pushed through the expansive kitchen. It was connected with a swing door that entered into a hallway. No sign of anyone yet, a few paintings that had been dozing were noticing their presence, jets of white lights flew from their wands and the paintings froze over. It wouldn’t last forever, but long enough hopefully. Besides with all the noise Blackthorne was currently making in the front she doubted very much they were looking for intruders in the kitchens. 

“Al”, she nodded towards Alicia, “You’re up, remember if it gets dicey backtrack to us”, she nodded as she headed towards where they were told the stairs would be. With a flick of her wand over herself as she ran her skin started changing the colors of her surroundings it was hard to maintain while moving, but it settled pretty well once you slowed. It would hopefully be enough to get her in. All intel said the prisoners were being kept in the basement. 

“Lets go”, Sylvia nodded towards the end of the hall. Most of the noise was coming from there and if Blaise was right about this house there would be a door just behind that one leading to just behind where they hoped the Deathies would have been holed up against Blackthornes attack. 

“Coming through Cap”, Sylvia whispered into her CD. “Watch your spells.” As her and Terry pushed through the door wands drawn a silver streak went between them. 

“Said watch it”, she hissed. Light danced from her wand hitting two Deathies square in the back. They went down stupefied. Another froze on the spot from Terry’s spell They were on a balcony facing the main door some of their team had gotten in and were behind statues and overturned furniture some were still throwing spells from behind the doorframe. 

The other Deathies present finally noticed them turning. A particularly nasty man brandished his wand at Sylvia and bolt of green light shot out. Terry was quicker as it absorbed into his shield. It shattered soon after there aren’t many who can shield the killing curse let alone hold it after. He was breathing heavy from the effort. Two more had turned, noticing them. 

“Hold on T”, she pointed her wand down at the floor, a cascade went through it knocking the Deathies from their feet and the Balcony toppled over, the pillars holding it cracking into nothing. Deathies going down with it.

She pointed her wand at her own  feet levitating herself, as Terry quickly did the same almost too late. 

“Bit of warning next time Syl”, Their code names weren’t as creative as most teams, but they worked. 

They slow falled down to the floor where they touched base. “I counted ten”, she said to Blackthorne who was surveyed the area. 

“Hub caught five trying to leave”, he added. 

“Ali?” It wasn’t unusual for the girl not to respond after all stealth was her goal. 

“We have eight more holed down in the basement”, she whispered. “They’re planning on using the prisoners for hostages to make it out, they’ve realized they can’t aparate, I counted maybe five prisoners, don’t recognize any, but there’s three adults two younger children, maybe age seven ish”. 

They heard a crash from Ali’s side of the coms. 

“Ali?” Sylvia tried. No response. 

“P and P sweep the top floor”, he pointed to Percy and Penelope who started crawling over the mess to get up to the mostly demolished staircase. 

“Terry take anything down that tries to come out of this house”, Sylvia said as the rest of them moved for the basement. The stairs were circular and you could almost see down, it was unnerving because that means any approaching Deathie could see up. 

“Ali?” Sylvia tried again in a hushed voice. Blackthorne took up the lead, followed by Sylvia and Amos Diggory. They were a bit stretched thin, with the rest of the team in the other areas of the house, but it would do no good to clear the basement and then have Deathies swarm down on them. They finally reached the stone floor of what was the basement. It looked more like a medieval dungeon. Torches lit the walls casting everything in an eerie glow. 

Light from Ali’s band tracker was up ahead, but before the three could get down the hall lit up with green light, hooded figures father down in between them and Ali’s pinpoint from her band. Sylvia threw herself off the stairs in one direction and Blackthorne fell in another she saw Amos move as well, but he hit the ground hard right next to her. His eyes were glassed over. The killing curse had hit home. 

“Shield me”, she bit out to Blackthorne. Some witches and wizards had innate talent; some had borrowed traits from mixing of species, like Veela. Sylvia had something like that. Her family line could tap into raw magic, unfocused. She saw nothing but the cloaked bastards down the hall. A Spell came her way as she stood, but died on Blackthorne’s shield. Another flew and she rolled dodging the jet of green light as she moved back to her feet. Her wand was forgotten where she had fallen. 

Blackthorne watched as she moved painfully, slowly forward his shield taking the brunt of the hits as he stumbled behind her. Every spell draining on him. He just had to buy her time. She had to push herself to that limit. Without warning the damn broke and magic flooded into enclosed space. It pulled into Sylvia like a vacuum, it drained his own magic, he felt it slowly like grains of sand flowing into her. A breathe later it rushed back out of her directed this time at the enemy. A black wave of raw magic tore through the group they never stood a chance. It pushed most of them into the walls with sickening snaps and crunches. Any left alive and conscious Blackthorne was already cleaning up with his own wand. The torches puffed out and the only light was the neon beacons from their armbands. 

A wand lit up as it illuminated the area. “Syl”, Blackthorne spoke. She stood motionless her hands open at her sides vibrating still with magic. She turned at the sound of her name, her eyes were white. “Come back down” he spoke slowly advancing as he scooped up her fallen wand, he spared a look for Amos, but it wasn’t the time to mourn. 

She blinked a few times, taking a deep breath her eyes closed and when she opened them, they were hers again. “What did I do?” she breathed. 

“Threat neutralized”, was all he said as he moved next to her. She took her wand from him and steadied herself on his arm. It lit up as she held it in front of her. She tried not to look at the damage she had done, bodies slouched against the hallway, some of the doors had blown inward revealing small cells. 

“They’re empty”, she noted. They moved towards Alicia’s light. The girl was crumpled on the floor at the end of the hall. Thankfully the magic didn’t reach this far. Sylvia bent down fearing the worst, but the girl stirred. 

“Thank god.” She grabbed the girl by the shoulders helping her into a sitting position. 

“Looks like Crucio to me”, Blackthorne helped her steady her.

“C Team report”, he said into his coms as Ali started to come through. 

“Two Deathies down on the top floor, Pen took a curse, but she’s coming around.” Percy Weasley spoke.

“Ground floor still clear”, Terry added.

“Okay, Perc, Get Pen out of here, then backup Hub Team, Terry get your arse down here, I think we found the prisoners.” 

Alicia had crumpled in front of a very heavy looking door and there were whispers coming from behind it. 

“Crucio”, Alicia managed to get out. 

“We know”, Sylvia helped her to her feet as she leaned heavily on her. Well now they were both likely to topple over. She held steady, she was the second in command of this unit and she damned sure wasn’t going to pass out like some damsel. At least not this time. 

“I’m okay.” She moved to lean against the wall. “Just need a second.” 

Terry booked it down there in record time. His wand light adding more glow to the dingy area. 

“Well you made a mess”, he motioned to the eight Deathies strewn about the floor he had to step over some of them on his way down. 

“Yea yea”, Sylvia pushed him forward at the door. 

“Do your thing kid.” Blackthorne gave him an easy smile. 

Terry pulled his wand using it like a scanner her moved it up and down the door. “No curses”, he said mostly to himself. If he was a muggle no bank would have been safe from him. “Ah”, he flicked his wand and a small blue light shot out, and then a click was heard. “Booby trap”, he said dramatically. It was all very much a scientific process for him. A few more flicks of his wand and an incantation later, the door unlocked. 

Blackthorne grabbed the heavy latch turned and pulled. The room was barely lit, and Alicia was right two women and one man were shielding two smaller beings behind them. 

“Please…” one whispered out, “leave the kids alone...”

“M’am” Blackthorne held up his hands, “We’re with the Order, its okay”, he took a step into the room and the group took a collective step back. His wand flooded the room with a little more light. There were two cots all together if you could call them that they were basically wood slabs. They blinked at the light. 

“You’re safe with us we’re getting you out of here”, Sylvia tried, her small voice and young appearance usually put people more at ease than Blackthorne’s gruff one. 

They seemed to register that. One of the women broke down as she crumpled to the floor gasping tears. 

“Come on, we have to move”, She motioned them forwards. 

“It’s okay” the man of the group spoke in soft tones as the children moved forward they looked like siblings, maybe a year apart one boy, one girl. Sylvia felt sick these were probably someone’s kids and the fact they were here meant that Deathies had kidnapped children. 

Sylvia held out her hand the little girl took it, her brother not so trusting. 

“Come on mate”, Terry urged them forward. The other two helped the sobbing woman up. They were all dirty and bruised, but otherwise looked unharmed. A bit skinny perhaps from lack of nutrition, but Molly Weasley had a cure for that. 

“It is very important when we get you to somewhere safe”, Blackthorne told the group, “You tell us why they were keeping you and who they were trying to control.” They nodded. 

It was slow going up the stairs, both Sylvia and Alicia felt like passing out. The little girl didn’t let go of her hand. They didn’t seem particularly bothered by the bodies of Deathies scattered around, one of the women, the one who wasn’t crying hysterically gave one a swift kick. Sylvia decided she liked her. They had to levitate Amos’s body with them. None of them could seem to shed a tear at the moment. They had won, this small victory at least, and it had cost them dearly, and it wasn’t over because the Teams weren’t connected so they had no idea what was going on in the other houses. 

“Hub, C Team is enroute out with five extras.”

“You’re clear C Team.” They went out the side kitchen door that Sylvia’s group had come in. Fred and George Weasley were waiting for them; they both wore a smile until Amos’s body moved out the door. Their faces dropped. Percy was just behind them a solemn look on his face as well. That meant Penelope was safe. 

“Alright lovely”, Fred kneeled beside the small girl.

“House is clear”, Blackthorne said to them. 

“Follow us we’ve got your portkey, anyone still fit is needed”. 

“Alicia take the portkey”, Blackthorne gave her a look as if it wasn’t an order. “Sylvia…” he started, but stopped when he saw the look she was giving him. 

“Sorry old man, I’m staying.” 

“Come on love”, Alicia took the girl’s hand instead “We’re going to get you all cleaned up and fed”. Her brother grabbed Alicia’s other hand at the mention of food. “Now hold on really right to another”. They formed a human chain and the portkey activated. The group disappeared. 

“Five lives saved”, George gave them a smile before he and his brother turned their wands on the house. Fire burst forth growing at an unnatural pace. In about a minute most of the house was in flames. Whatever Deathies that were left alive in the house weren’t anymore. 

“They need as many as they can get to back up B Team, We’ll keep Percy with us this area is clear, but a few Deathies got out and are scurrying around the neighborhood careful on the way”.

“Switch your CDs to B team’s channel, won’t do any good to go in and get hexed by your friends.”Fred gave them a wink before the three Weasley men went off wands raised to secure the next portkey location. 

Blackthorne nodded. “Sylvia, Terry let’s go”. They followed him to the next target, none of the other houses were on fire yet, guess they won the race. 


With the extra backup from C Team the second B Team was finished almost immediately. There were another five prisoners saved another house went up in flames. Most of B Team was pretty banged up even their fearless leader took a pretty nasty stray curse. Terry was taken down and a curse was spreading from his arm to his chest. If it had been a direct chest hit he probably wouldn’t be breathing right now. 

Sylvia felt like her bones were too heavy for the rest of her body. She took a cutting curse, most of the cuts she healed up, and it was stopped pretty quickly before it could do any serious damage. Two big duels against the Deathies, her energy and magic felt drained.

“A Team is pushing the last of them back Pheonix’s went dark a minute ago”, Sirius was with them this time. We can hear a battle going on, but nothing is coming through on the CDS. 

“Some sort of barrier?” Blackthorne grunted out he was on the ground his legs were torn up, he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

“I can keep going”, Sylvia spoke. Skirmishes were breaking out on the streets now. Somehow word had gotten out, and Deathies were apparating just outside the shield to attack the order. The group of them were hunkered down behind a shed, but the street skirmishes weren’t far away. 

“We don’t have time to chat”, Sirius growled, “Sylvia with me, the rest of you will go back we’re not interested in suicide.” He roughly grabbed the girl by her arm. They sped off towards the largest of the houses the Parkinson Manor it had multiple floors and according to Draco and Blake the basement dungeon expanded the entire house. What sort of world was this where every damned house in this neighborhood had a freaking dungeon, purebloods were a weird lot. She fell in step shortly she looked back just in time to see the others portkey out. 

“How bad is it?” she asked the man next to her. Most had a healthy fear of Sirius. He projected darkness, but they had been surrounded by darkness worse than this for the entire war. 

“They’re down one from a killing curse and a few are injured we’re not sure really we lost communication and then were swarming from Deathies from the outside, We’re only going to be able to hold the shield for so long, so If I order you to apparate, you get yourself out of there.” They barreled through the yard. “I have to get back to the trio they were pinned down.” With that he sped off into the dark. 

Sylvia switched her CD channel to Pheonix’s and pulled her wand and moving through what looked to be a back door. She came into the house in what looked like a back foyer. It was practically untouched by battle. 

“Anyone?” she whispered into her CD. No response. Something here was definitely blocking them. Footsteps echoed through the house and she heard noises and yells above her. They must be on the next floor. She took a deep breath and went through the door into the hall. It was dark except for the moonlight coming through the windows. Wherever everyone was she was apparently far from the fighting. 

A crash sounded down the corridor on the same floor as her, someone screamed it was a woman. Sylvia rushed forward without thought as she blew the door of the hinges with her wand she hit the floor rolling into the room. 


Lavender couldn’t stop the scream ripping through her. The pain was unbearable. This entire thing had been botched from the start they had gotten separated and whatever was messing with their CDs was also messing with their arm bands she could barely tell who was next to her at this point. She tried to focus on the mission on anything as the pain started through her with another wave. Images flashed through her mind as the Deathie standing over her was trying to break into it. He wanted her thoughts and fuck him to hell if he thought a little pain would make her break. 

“Give it up slag”, he spit at her. She knew this one. Goyle Senior, he was fair better with a wand than his idiot sun, but lacked finesse. If she could just raise her own wand enough, she’d show him the meaning of pain. 

“Bite me”, she clenched her teeth and spoke through the pain. He flicked his wand again and it felt like her veins were exploding.  Her body spasmed on the ground and she screamed again. Then, suddenly, the pain stopped. Lavender’s sight was fuzzy, and black spots were dotting the outside edges. The Deathie was gone. Her vision returned to slowly, she looked sideways across the floor the Deathie was underneath what looked to be a door. Where had that come from? 

“Lavender, are you okay?” A girl knelt next to her. She managed to prop her neck up and realized the door was missing from the frame. 

“Sylvia?” Maybe she was crazy, but the blonde girl looked like a damn angel. 

“Can you get up?” she offered her arm and Lavender grasped it, it took a moment, but she stood. 

“Where is everyone? What happened? Who..?” She was bombarding her with questions. 

“Split up”, Lavender managed out as she leaned on the girl. Her eyes fell on the Deathie, he was still breathing. She shook off the dizziness, her body felt like it had been hit by the whomping willow. She stomped across the room, mostly because her footsteps were heavy from fatigue. She walked up the door that was on him causing him to groan out. 

“Give it up slag”, she hissed at him her wand directly in his face. “Avada Kadava” she whispered and the green light slipped into him, he was gone instantly.  “We need to find the others” she stumbled towards a door. 

“Easy now”, Sylvia caught up to her holding her steady. 

“I’m going to kill every single one of them.” She had a manic look on her face, “Every single god damn Deathie”, she leaned on Sylvia. 

“Careful you took a hit”, Sylvia warned her, “Don’t overdo it”. They moved through the door together Lavender leaning on Sylvia. 

“We’re The Pheonix’s love overdoing it is why they send us after the big bads.” Light flew at them from down the hall. Before either of them could raise a wand it died on a shield. 

“Got you princess.” Jesse was closing up behind him he stopped when his eyes hit Sylvia. “You’re here…” he said stupidly. “You shouldn’t..” 

Lavender rolled her eyes. “Don’t have time for this. Where is everyone” 

“Red and Dragon were pushing into the dungeon, but they hit the Parkinson family, you have to see this duel, his crazy ass aunt is here”. Jesse looked almost in awe for a moment as if they weren’t risking their lives. That definitely settled it for Sylvia, the entire Pheonix team was mad as a hatter. 

“Lion and Snake went to back them up, we need you up on the third floor though, some Deathie hold outs have Grizzly and Little bear (They decided on Vena’s name for her) Pinned down”.

“Ladies man is down, but he’s alive… Lee…” he stopped his head shaking, he couldn’t say it. “I killed the one who took him down.” Pain was in his eyes, pain that they didn’t have time to address. “Point the way”.

“We’ll get them.” Lavender put a hand on his shoulder, it was all the comfort she could offer at the moment. 

“How many are there?” Sylvia asked as they started to move. 

“Six or seven can’t get a good read” Jesse responded. 

“If you can keep me shielded for a moment I think I have on more in me.” She took a deep breath. 

“One what?” Lavender looked at her like she was crazy now. 

“You’ll see.” She said grimly. 


-In the Basement-


“Left” Ginny said Draco shifted with her their wands out front her shield cut out any spells coming from their back and curses shot from Draco’s side. 

“Down” he said and they both crouched for a moment until the jets of green lights flew over their heads. 

“Split”, Ginny said and they moved apart curses shot in between them, one ricocheted off Draco’s shield. A blast of fire came at them. 

Ginny flipped her wand and a wall of ice fell in between it. It turned to steam. 

“What’s a matter crazy getting tired?” she called down the hallway as the steam settled and they had a good look at their attackers. Pansy Parkinson had her wand brandished. Her eyes were hallowed like the mad woman’s standing next to her, Bellatrix Lestrange. Pansy’s father was back there somewhere too along with a few others that Ginny couldn’t make out

“Here little Drakey”, the woman called to him, “Come stop playing with the blood traitors, it’ll only hurt for a moment”, she giggled like a child signaling that it would hurt for as long as she wanted it to hurt, which could be decades. 

They pushed from their room into another breaking the line of the sight with the Deathies. Her and Draco were both breathing hard. “I can’t believe you dated that witch.” Ginny snapped at him. “I can’t believe you’re related to the other one.” She added. He only offered her a shrug as if to say “What’s to be done about it?” 

She narrowed her eyes at him. 

“Here?” he stopped, “You want to have an argument right here?” Blood was matted in his hair turning the almost white blonde to a red. 

“I want to take them the fuck out”, she growled. 

Bellatrix was throwing more sing song taunts from afar. 

“You ready then?” he grabbed her hand kissing it, not minding one bit the dirt that was on it. She nodded. 

“Trust me?” 

“Always”, she shot him a smile. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the other room. Apparently the Deathies weren’t expecting them.

A force of magic flew from the two, came out of their wand as a white blinding light. Even Bellatrix had to avert her eyes. It gave them a moment to cover some ground to get a better idea of what they were facing. Pansy was behind a bench Bellatrix was standing tall in the middle of the room, Parkinson Senior was standing a little farther back, using a wall for cover. There were two other hooded figures. 

They rolled at the same time as Bellatrix recovered and sent a curse aimed for them streaming down the hall it hit the wall behind them and it exploded. 

They were closer still to the group Pansy jumped from her hiding spot. 

“You bitch”, she pointed her wand at Ginny her face deranged. “Avada Kedava”, she yelled green light shot out. Ginny dodged. Another burst of green light Ginny dodged again the third died on Draco’s shield. A curse flew from Ginny’s wand Pansy dodged, but it hit the man behind her and the Deathie shattered like ice into pieces. 

“They came to play”, Bellatrix shrieked. She shot a curse at the ceiling and debri fell over them. Ginny was struck with something in the stomach felt like a punch and she fell back Draco moved in front of her blocking another stream of lights. 

Ginny rolled to her feet. The debri that had just fallen on them started to move on its own rocks battered Parkinson Senior and after the onslaught punched through his shield there was nothing between him and being bludgeoned. He hit the ground, blood seeped. 

“Daddy!” Pansy shot behind her.  

Draco took down the second hooded man with a burst of green light. It was just two on two now. Pansy was seething spinning all sorts of colorful insults whilst Bellatrix laughed with sickening glee. 

“Enough games”, she pouted as she threw up her wand the floor shot up between them. A solid wall formed. On one side was Ginny and Pansy and the other Bellatrix and Draco. 

“Come to die?” Pansy squared off with Ginny. Ginny didn’t respond she was watching the girl for any sign of movement, because she was going to shoot first and that was going to be the last mistake she ever made. 

“Fine!” she thrust her wand forward a cutting curse flew towards Ginny like tiny knives she cried out as it hit, but pushed through it as her wand came up, fresh wounds formed on her arms her face, her legs, but a jet of green light shot out from her wand. It hit Pansy square in the chest, Ginny fell to the floor, blood still seeping from multiple wounds. It was spreading faster than she could heal with her wand. She tried a finite incantatem but it did nothing. She gasped. “Draco”. 

He felt it before he heard it. “Gin…” the force of her life draining from her pushed him into overdrive. The wall between them exploded without him touching his wand and with a flick of wand the entire thing flew towards his mad aunt. She was pushed back underneath with a cry, buried under the rubble. Ginny was on the ground her eyes wide. She was afraid. 

“No…” he breathed as she hit the floor next to her. He was moving his wand all over her body, healing the gashes that were now open. Blood pooled around her and he was afraid it was too much and he was too late. “Stay awake”, he pleaded with her as he eyes fluttered back. 

“I am too stubborn to die”, she whispered out. 

“Damn right you are.” There was a commotion as Seamus and Blaise moved into the room. 

“Red”, Blaise crouched next to them as Seamus kept his wand drawn and pointed at the rubble pile, it was a wonder how the entire house hadn’t come down around them at this point. 

“Is she okay?” Seamus asked noticing the blood. 

“She’s lost a lot of blood, I have to get her back”, he scooped her up as if she weighed nothing. 

“Go mate, that was the last of them Deathies we think we found two women upstairs who were being held captive they said the rest are down here, we’ll get them, you get her out.” 

Draco burst outside the mansion with Ginny in his arms, where in the bloody hell was hub? Where in the bloody hell were the portkeys. There was chaos all around things exploding, elements flying back and forth. “Hub”, he practically screamed into his CD. “Target A neutralized, we’re getting the prisoners out, Red is critical.” 

As if on cue two red headed identical wizards burst from the nearby brush. 

“Gin”, Fred made it to them first. 

“She’s lost a lot of blood”, Draco said quickly, her eyes were fluttering as he tried to convince her to stay awake. 

George pulled a pack of playing cards from his pocket and handed it to Draco. “Direct portkey, get her out of here.” Cloaked figures were closing on them quickly. 

“We need to drop the shield, we need to get out now.” 

Draco didn’t wait to hear the rest he activated the portkey and the yells and chaos dissolved into nothing. He landed on his feet with a thud, Ginny still in his arms gave a grunt. She was still breathing. It was going to be okay. 

“Oh no”, It was Luna who reached them first. The chaos of the hospital scene was just as terrible as the warzone they had just left. 

“Cutting curse”, Draco managed to bite out setting her down on the cot Luna indicated to. 

“Green bottles”, she pushed him towards the open cabinet that was being raided by whomever was well enough to ferry the healers what they needed at this point. 

There was a woman from B team sitting on the cot screaming bloody murder. She looked animalistic as she threatened her healers. “Calming potion”, Fleur called out as Lance held her down with a binding spell. Someone deposited the potion into her hands and she managed to force it down the woman’s throat. She immediately went slack, her cries dying into whimpers. 

Draco grabbed five of the green bottles from the cabinet hurrying back to Luna. 

“Is she…?” he couldn’t finish that thought. 

“I need you to talk to her, to keep her awake, for a little while longer, If she slips we could lose her.” She pushed Draco again towards the cot as she began to apply the potions. 

“Gin, Ginerva Weasley”, he tried. 

“I …. Hate… that … name” she managed to get out groggily. “Dark”, she muttered again. “Cold.” 

“Yea, it is”, he agreed, “I’m taking you to the damn beach after this, warm sunshine, whatever you want, just stay with me okay?” 

“To stubborn”, she hissed out. Her eyes rolled back into her head. 

“Ginny no!”, Draco lightly smacked her cheeks as she came back through. 

“Draco”, she looked like maybe she realized he was next to her for the first time. 

“I’m here, stay with me.” He had her hand in his and was squeezing it. 

“I’m here till the end”, it was barely more than a whisper. “I kicked that bitch’s ass”. Draco smiled at this, tears threatening to shed through his eyes. Ginny looked like she was about to speak again, but her eyes fluttered closed. The world went dark for her. 

“Gin!” Draco moved to shake her but Luna held up a hand. 

“She’s in the clear”, she put a hand on his shoulder, “I have others if anything changes with her, alert us, now she needs rest.” Draco nodded. He pulled up a stool and leaned over Ginny watching her face for any signs of a change. 

He watched over her and watched the healers work on others for a long time. He saw the bodies come in with sheets over them. The people whom the deatheaters kept prisoners were being given hot meals and pep-up potions. Molly Weasley was overseeing them. Remus and Sirius were back and going from person to person finding out exactly why each had been taken and who they were trying to hold with them. The Patils came through as well, their team was unharmed, but they were forced to drop the shield early which caused a rough time for everyone to get out. Some were still trying to shake Deatheater tails. They were immediately sent out again to scout for the potential rescue of any of the people the deatheaters were blackmailing. 

Ginny was still out, but her steady breathing calmed Draco as he refused to let go of her hand. He refused later when Molly came over to check on her daughter and offer to take over so he could get some rest. He refused again when her brothers gave him the same offer. Voldemort himself was not going to move Draco from that seat until he saw Ginny awake and alive. 

He watched as a dark haired girl he recognized from Hogwarts burst into the hospital, another brunette behind her. They rushed for one of the prisoners a blonde girl who looked too thin to be healthy looked at them as if she was seeing ghosts and they embraced. It clicked for Draco where he had seen them now, they were all Gryffindor Chasers when he was just starting Hogwarts they were almost unbeatable. Angelina Johnson played professional for Germany, he couldn’t recall the other two’s names. 

His eyes then fell on Jesse, there was a smaller blonde girl next to him. He broke down as they pulled the sheet back from Lee’s face, she held him to her. Draco looked away uncomfortably. He never knew what to do in those situations. Lee and Jesse were almost as inseparable as Ginny’s twin brothers. It didn’t feel right that one was gone now. 

“How’s our girl”, Lavender was being escorted to the next cot over by Luna. She was limping and she looked like hell, but she was alive. 

“No changes”, he shrugged. “Out of the worst of it.” 

“Good”, she winced as she sat on the cot. There was bruising and a nasty curse burn from her face and it continued down. 

“Seamus and Blaise went back out to secure the people they were blackmailing, no one else was stable enough to go”, her eyes fell on Jesse. 

A twinge of guilt crossed Draco, he should be out there. If something happened to one of them. 

“Don’t even think about it.” Lavender bit out as Luna was prodding the curse burn now trying to get it to react to her wand or a potion. “You’re where you need to be.” 

Finally the burn diminished on her face. The bruising remained and she had a few new white scars running down her neck. This war was definitely not going to produce any models. 

Only two order members were unaccounted for. They were deemed MIA as no one had seen them go down and hopefully would turn up later. Sometimes it happened when you had deatheaters tracking your every move. They were getting increasingly good at tracking aparates, portkeys were safer, but they took a long time to set up. The mission was counted successful, even with the loss of life. All targets were neutralized and as far as they knew all prisoners were rescued. One man took a curse to the chest on his way out and didn’t survive it, but at least his family would have closure. Harry was unscathed, a bit angry at being kept so far from the actual fighting. Most everyone else had a few curse marks here and there, cuts, scrapes, and a few were still reeling from a Crucio. 

Cho Chang from Neville's team was still out cold on a cot. They still weren't sure what she was hit withl she was alive and yet completely unresponsive. Dean Thomas sat dutifully with her. Draco knew the feeling. They won this amll blow the Deathies, but with the final horcrux and destroying the current onme they were damned well out of luck still


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