‘So did you find him? Is Fred trying out for Beater again?’ demanded Red as we entered in the Charms classroom.


‘Yes Red okay, he said he is’ I have no idea if Fred really is but I really didn’t feel like being yelled at for forgetting to ask.


‘Okay settle down class’ said tiny Professor Flitwick.’As you may or may not know, the ministry and the board of Hogwarts have created some new criteria for the degrees taken at Wizarding University. This is to help us and students learn and grow together with the knowledge of the real world apparently.


He didn’t sound too keen on this teacher aid thing either.


‘So for this year we have Miss Victoire Delacour as my Charms assistant’ he said as he gestured to the door.


Many, majority being male, gasped as she walked in. Victoire looked beautiful as always, but I’m so used to it that gasping would be over dramatic.


‘Good thing Dom dropped Charms’ muttered Red. She, like myself, wore a blank bored expression.


This was going to be a long long year.


‘Thank you Professor Flitwick, seems like only yesterday I was here right in this classroom as your student’ she said sweetly. Professor Flitwick blushed.


She sat in the Professor’s desk while he went about with his teachings. I was staring at her the whole time. She waved to Red and semi smiled at me. Well I’d like to think it was a smile.


When the class was dismissed, Red went straight up to her. I followed behind.


‘Hey Vicky, since when did you want to become a Charms teacher?’ 


‘Hey Girls’ she said. ‘Charms teacher no, hell no. But the course I’m taking at WU, requires me to do a year of work experience at Hogwarts for Charms. It’s obviously directed for international students because those of us who originally studied at Hogwarts if given the choice wouldn’t come back for another year of Charms. I’m studying to be a Wandkeeper, so this is a major requirement unfortunately. But at least I can see you guys again. Where’s Jimmy, Fred and Dom?’


‘They all dropped out of Charms’ I said.


‘Oh okay’ she said looking at Red. I frowned. I was never close with Victoire before but I’ve never been disliked by her either. What a cow.


‘Well see you around I guess’ I said pulling Red out the door with me.

‘Dominique is going to flip it’ said Red laughing once we were out of earshot.


‘Yeah probably. Anyways I’m going up to the dorms to get some study in before tryouts’ I said darkly.


Red beamed. ‘That’s the spirit Ro!’


I ignored her. We waved goodbye and went our separate ways.



The dormitory was warm. A little too warm. The type of warm that would put me easily to sleep if I sat on those couches. Dammit. I needed to catch up on History.


I was about to try study upstairs on my bed when my cousin Albus came storming through the portrait hole.


‘Whoa there buddy, spill it or I’ll get the others help’ I said putting out my hand to stop him from moving.


Albus, Rose, Dominique, Fred and Molly and I are all the same age. James was held back a year. So we are all seventh years. Lily and Hugo are in sixth year, Luis is in fourth. So Hogwarts pretty much have the whole Weasley crew attending this year as Lucy just started her first year. Albus knows I could/would bring our whole family up to the dormitory to talk about his obvious problem.


‘Nothing Ro, please just stay out of it. I don’t want anyone to know anything’ he said pushing my arm out the way.


‘Al look at me, what’s wrong’ I said pulling his head back to my face. He didn’t look me in the eyes. He spoke to my feet like a little kid.


‘Nothing, I’m just tired. Tired of everything. Please Ro let me just go upstairs in peace’ he said looking up at me. His green eyes looked sad, like puppy dog sad. I let him go.


Tomorrow morning, I will ask him again. I’m not sure what’s bothering my cousin but it’s something that’s hurting him and I need to find out.


Just then Dominique storms in.




So I assume she’s past Vicky in the hallway.




I didn’t know what to say to Dom, so I just sat with her and patted her back, letting her rant on.


 This literally continued for 15 minutes.


‘Dom what’s the time?’ I asked, stopping her mid rant.




Shit I was totally late to tryouts. Red is going to kill me!


I went upstairs to quickly change into my gear, grabbed my broom and then ran out of the castle door, and straight to the Quidditch pitch. By the time I got there I was totally puffed out.


‘You’re late!’ snapped Red


‘Sorry!! I-was-listening-to-Dom-sook-about-Vicky’ I huffed ‘I completely forgot about the time. Is it my Chaser tryouts yet?’ I was clutching my sides. I’m so unfit.


‘Nearly. We ran beater tryouts abit late because the teacher aide was late’ she said.


‘Aw anyone we know?’ I asked.


Red looked uncomfortable. She is not the type to contribute to drama. It makes her squirm when its something big.


‘Uh... yeah’ she said squirming.


I looked around searching for the teacher aide, when I saw him. It made my stomach flip. I’ve never felt so awkward at Quidditch before. There he was playing catch with the snitch with Lily and her friend whose name I don’t know. Teddy Lupin is back at Hogwarts.


I groaned.


Teddy stopped playing with the snitch and hi-fived lily and her friend. That’s when he saw me. He stopped, smiled and grinned.


‘Hey Ro!’ he said whilst giving me a friendly hug.


‘Hey Ted, didn’t know you wanted to be a Quidditch coach? I said smiling before I could stop myself. Dammit.


‘Uh not really’ he chuckled ‘But Quidditch training camp sends us to schools all over the world for the first year so that we learn to manage as well as play Quidditch. Then next year I can play for the Puddlemere United Reserves Team’


‘Yuck really Puddlemere United? PU?’ laughed Red. She was a hardcore Chudley Cannons fan.


‘Ok Chutley Can. Don’t be sour just because we beat you last week’ said Teddy laughing while patting Red’s head.


Red growled.


Just then the Beater tryouts ended and the group of Beaters all landed. Amongst them were my brother Fred, James, Michelle Johnson, and Reece Finnigan.


‘Ok good tryouts team. Well done. I will post the positions on our bulletin board. You guys can leave now or watch the Chaser tryouts. I really don’t care’ yelled Red.


James went to stand beside Teddy.


Fred gave me a quick goodluck hi-five and then stood besides Red.


Chandra Patil, Hugo Weasley Harry Ulysic, Harry Greggory, Deon Chang, Oscar Brown and some other fifth years and fourth years who I didn’t know and myself all mounted our brooms and flew into position. When Red blew the whistle Teddy threw out the quaffle then positioned himself infront of the goal hoops.


So he was goalkeeping was he? Perfect. Ted’s position is Chaser. He was a lousy Goalkeeper. Trust me I know. We’ve played together heaps.


Chandra passed the ball to me, who I passed to Hugo who passed to Harry Ulysic who dropped it. Harry Ulysic passed to Deon who passed to Chandra who passed to me who went in for the goal. The ball flew past Teddy’s hand. Red blew the whistle. I cheered. Teddy looked at me a laughed giving me a thumbs up and a wink.


That’s when I screwed up. Chandra passed to Harry Greggory who passed to me who fumbled and dropped the quaffle. In my defense. Harry Greggory threw a shit throw. Deon passed to some fifth year kid, who passed to Oscar who went in for the goal. Teddy blocked it. Red blew her whistle.


Chandra passed to Oscar who passed to me who again dropped the Quaffle. Both Chandra and Oscar looked at me angrily. I never drop the ball.


‘What are you playing at Ro concentrate!’ snapped Chandra. She was equally annoying as Red when it came to Quidditch.


I passed the Quaffle to a sixth year girl who completely missed. Red blew the whistle.

Deon passed the ball to Chandra who went in for the goal. Blocked again by Teddy. Chandra catches the Quaffle rebound passed it to some fifth year boy, who passed it to Hugo who passed it to me. Caught it. Went in for the goal. Blocked by Teddy. Teddy stuck his tongue out playfully. Red blew her whistle.


Harry Ulysic passed to Oscar who passed back to Chandra who passed to me. But I wasn’t looking. I was watching Teddy laughing. The Quaffle hit me in the head.


‘Ow’ I said whilst I rubbed my head. That fricken hurt. Bet she did it on purpose I was two feet away from her.


Red blew the whistle three times. Tryouts are over. Thank God.


‘Wow are you okay Ro?’ Teddy asked whilst feeling my head.


‘What the hell was that Ro?? What kind of chasing were you doing out there’ snapped Red


‘Oh come on Red, don’t be so hard on her’ chuckled Ted


Red ignored him.


Fred and James were howling with laughter. Chandra didn’t even apologize. She walked off the field. I knew she did it on purpose the bitch.


‘I don’t know it’s been an off day man’ I said.


‘Well for that you can pack up the equipment. I’ve never seen you play so lousy’ said Red.


The team all packed up their gear and left leaving Teddy and I to pack up the equipment. She did this deliberately to torture me.


Beep Beep






I sent her back an emotive of the middle finger. Pure torture.


Teddy and I packed up the equipment in awkward silence. That one drunken kiss really made everything so uncomfortable between us.


‘So’ said Teddy clearing his throat. ‘Is that how you’re going to play when season starts’


‘HA HA You made a funny’ I said sarcastically. He laughed. ‘You know I’ve never played like that. I’m usually a really good Chaser actually as you might recall the many times you’ve seen me play’.


‘Oh really?’ he teased ‘So what made this time different then ay?


I stopped trying to latch the Quaffle in the box. He was teasing me. He knows I feel weird about this whole business between us that he is actually toying with me. Well I’m not going to give in.


‘I caught abit of the flu on the train ride to school. I’ve been feeling feverish all day’ I said


‘Oh’ said Teddy.


‘Yeah its probably super contagious you should probably stay away’ I said.


‘Oh really?’ Said Teddy. He looked smug. Dammit I suck at lying.


‘You know mud can do wonders for the flu I hear’. The pitch was muddy today. Well extra muddy.

‘Well who told you that crap’ I said hesitantly.


‘A little girl did. When I was 7 and sick with the flue, a little girl tried to make me feel better by putting mud on my face. She said she saw her mum do it so she would try it on me’ he chuckled.


I paused. My mum always puts mud masks on to rejuvenate her skin. She used to tell me that it makes you feel better. I tried to heal Teddy’s flu with mud. I’m a little touched that he remembered that about me.


‘Get your muddy hands away Ted Harry Lupin’ I screamed while he came at me with mud covered hands. I’m not sure if given the chance he was going to actually dirty me with mud, but I couldn’t take that risk. So I tripped him. He fell flat faced onto the muddy pitch. I burst out laughing. He stood up and laughed too. We were both laughing until I felt I a sludge of cold seep down my head. Ted slimed me with mud. And so the mud fight began. We were laughing so hard that my ribs hurt from laughing. I threw mud into his face and he threw it at my hair.


We could have playing in the mud for hours for all I knew. By the time we finished we were both panting lying on the muddy pitch, completely covered in mud. I think I won to be honest. I had a semi clean yet dirty face. You could only just make out Teddy’s eyeballs from the amount he had on his face.


‘Aw God, we haven’t done that in years’ I said laughing


‘Yeah I know’ he said wiping the mud off his face. We were both still laying on our backs looking at the grey sky. Just as he cleaned the majority off, I scooped up at pile of mud and flung it at his face. It completely missed. Ted laughed so hard that I got annoyed. I bent over him to rub the mud directly on his face when he pulled me closer to stop me from rubbing the mud. He was laughing. It was cute. He had a really cute smile.


And I couldn’t help myself I went in for the kiss.


I screwed up. This time it was all me.

Teddy stopped laughing. He looked at me puzzled. I am mortified.


I quickly stood up and went to go get my gear when Teddy’s grabbed my hand.


‘No we really shouldn’t Ted, I’m sorry I know I screwed it.’ I said shaking my head.


Teddy looked like he wanted to say more but he didn’t he just nodded his head and let go of my hand sadly. Aw man this sucks. I’ve never wanted something so bad. I think? Wow do I want Teddy this bad? What is going on Ro.


I started walking back to the castle with my gear when Teddy said,


‘I’ve missed you Ro. You were my only friend when I was young that really got me. You were like my soul mate’


So when we were young we had crushes on each other the whole time. Who knew?


I dropped my gear. Screw Victoire.


I ran back to Teddy. He lifted me up and saddled me on his chest.


We kissed. We snogged. Our lips barely went for air. It was amazing.


Kissing Teddy made my heart explode. It felt like a satisfaction that I couldn’t explain. Like a long term childhood memory piecing itself together. It felt complete.


The way Teddy kissed felt like he was longing for a long time for this to happen. Like a hungry wolf. We kissed so fiercely that Teddy tripped over my gear making both of us fall.


We laughed again. Ted was now ontop of me smiling. He reached out to move a piece of hair out of my face. God he was beautiful. For a moment we just stayed like that staring at each other.


‘What the hell are you doing!’ yelled a voice I knew all too familiar.

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