For once in my life, I was up early.  I was nervous to head back to Hogwarts. I’ve been avoiding reading the Daily Prophet or any sort of gossip columns since the accident. Who knew what kind of trash they could be writing. This morning, I decided to read the Prophet to brace myself for whatever rumors would be spread at school. I sat at the table with my toast and coffee, unfolding the paper.

James Potter and Girlfriend in Fatal Car Accident, Kills Unborn Child

James Potter and girlfriend, Isabelle Stein, were reported to be in a car accident on the twenty-third of December. Isabelle Stein was rushed by muggle medical personnel to the nearest muggle hospital. An inside source, who wishes to stay anonymous, reported that Stein was around four months pregnant with James Potter’s baby. Due to trauma from the accident, the unborn child did not survive. Stein was released from the hospital on the twenty-fourth of December. The accident follows a few months after the tragic car accident that killed Albus Potter.

I flipped the page. Who the hell was this anonymous source? How did anyone know Belle was pregnant? The only people to know were family and the muggles. How did the Prophet get their hands on this? I flipped the pages back to the gossip column. I was never one for gossip but I did like to know what they were saying about me.

James Potter and Wizengamot Chief Warlock’s daughter, Blair Chase, the new it couple?

The young James Potter was spotted in Diagon Alley spending time with the Chief Warlock’s daughter, Blair Chase. The two seemed to be very close with each other. It lead us to ask the question ‘What happened to Isabelle Stein?’ Keeping reading for more updates.

I tossed the paper down on the kitchen table. The picture of Blair and I stared back at me. How were these pictures even taken? I was in Diagon Alley yesterday, but I was by myself running an errand for my father. I didn’t even see Blair. Every time I saw her in school, I made a point to avoid her. The girl had a slight obsession with me. She even started a fan club over it. I could understand that people were fascinated with Harry Potter’s children but Blair Chase was just overly creepy about it.

I grabbed the paper off the table and shoved it in the rubbish bin. The last thing I need was Belle seeing those lies. We’ve been up and down so much lately that I wouldn’t even know how she would react to it. I sat back down at the table, sipping my coffee as Belle walked in.

“Good morning.” She said, clearly shocked to find me awake this early.

“Good morning beautiful.” I said with a smile.

I continued to sip my coffee as she poured herself a cup. She grabbed two slices of bread and popped them in the toaster.

“Ready for school?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m ready for Quidditch matches to begin.” She said, grabbing her toast when it popped up.

When training began, I was nervous to let Belle play due to her pregnancy. She insisted that she was fine and that I was to let her play until she couldn’t hide the fact that she was pregnant. She spent a lot of time training our back up seeker. With the loss of Nevaeh, she was able to play the whole season. As she ate her toast, I knew the truth. Quidditch was her distraction from dealing with the loss of Nevaeh.

“Right. I think we’ll have a great season.” I said.

“Have you seen the Daily Prophet anywhere?” Belle asked.

“Oh, umm…”

I thought of the shredded paper that was shoved in the bottom of the rubbish bin.

“I don’t think it arrived yet. Dad might’ve took it with him too.” I lied.

“Oh well.” Belle said, taking a bite of her toast. “I’m sure I can find a copy on the train.”

“Right.” I said, chugging the rest of my coffee. “Are you sure you even want to read the paper? It’s always just bullshit and lies.”

“Hiding something?” She asked, looking right into my eyes. “Or maybe someone?”

She already knew about the Blair article. She pulled a piece of parchment out of her back pocket and tossed it onto the table. I unfolded it. There was that same picture of Blair and I from the Prophet.

“How did you get this?” I asked.

“It was delivered to me last night.” Belle explained. “By your owl.”

“I didn’t send Cassie out though.” I said confused.

“Well maybe Blair did.” Belle spat. “Every time I think we’re in a good place we take two steps back.

“Belle, I wasn’t with Blair yesterday.” I said, trying to prove my case. “I went out to Diagon Alley to run an errand for Dad.”

“Well explain this picture then. Explain why it was anonymously sent to me with your owl.” She cried.

“It’s clearly a fake.” I argued. “You know I can’t stand Blair Chase. I wouldn’t go within a hundred meters of that girl.”

“I don’t know what to believe anymore.” She whispered.


“No James.” She got up to walk away.

“Belle.” I repeated, grabbing her wrist. “Listen to me. You were the one who told me to grow a pair and to be there for you. Please believe me when I say I didn’t take this picture with Blair.”

“I don’t know James.” She whispered.

“I’m going to figure this out Belle. I’m going to show you I didn’t do this.” I said, letting my arm fall to my side.

“I hope you do.” Belle said. “I’m going to head over to Dom’s. I’ll see you at school.”

I watched Belle as she left the kitchen. I listened to her floo off to my cousin’s house. I flung my fist at the wall, cursing the Daily Prophet and Blair Chase.

*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *         

Once on the train, I went to hunt Blair down. Apparently, my sister had the same idea. She had spent the last week of break at a friend’s house. I’m sure she’s been itching to yell at me for the Prophet articles.

“James Sirius Potter, what the hell!”

There it was.

“Lily, darling, nice to see you. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Oh, cut the bullshit.” Lily said, rolling her eyes. “Explain this.”

She held up the picture of Blair and I from the Prophet. It seemed that everyone had that picture of us.

“That is a misunderstanding.” I explained.

“A misunderstanding!” Lily screeched.

She is a very loud fourteen-year-old.

“This girl is a complete nutjob James!” She yelled. “So please tell me why the Daily Prophet is reporting you two to be the next it couple!”

“I don’t know Lils. I was out in Diagon Alley running an errand for Dad. I don’t know when they took this picture or how they made it look like I was with Blair.”

“What does Belle think?” Lily asked.

“Belle’s pretty pissed.” I answered.


Speak of the devil. Blair Chase ran up to me, attaching herself to my side like a leech. I tried to peel her off and she just latched on tighter. I looked at my sister desperately for help. Lily pulled out her wand.

“You have three seconds before I hex the shit out of you with my Bat-Bogey Hex.” Lily threatened. “One…Two…”

Blair quickly released me. Lily was as good at the Bat-Bogey Hex as our mother was. I would be afraid to be at the receiving end of her wand.

“We have so much to talk about Jamey.” Blair gushed, unfazed by Lily. “Hogsmeade dates, your Quidditch matches, and when I get to meet your parents. Harry and Ginny will just adore me.”

“That’s Mr. and Mrs. Potter to you.” Lily snapped.

“Blair.” I said slowly. “We are not dating. I’m dating Belle.”

“No, you aren’t. It says it right here in the Prophet.” Blair stated.

“I know you faked that picture.” I accused her. “I didn’t even see you in Diagon Alley.”

“Yes, you did.” Blair said, a sickly-sweet smile on her face. “You don’t want to cross me Jamey.”

“Blair, you need to get over it. We will never date.” I said.

“Take it back.” Blair hissed.

“What? He’s not going to take it back you crazy bint. He’s in love with Belle.” Lily said.

“This is only the beginning. Me sending that picture to your precious Belle, that was only the beginning.” Blair threatened.

“So, you do admit to faking the picture?” I asked.

“Yes, I forged the stupid picture and sent it to Belle.” Blair snapped. “And it’s only going to get worse from here.”

“Whatever.” I mumbled, pulling my want out of my pocket.

I conjured up a small vial and pulled the memory of Blair confessing out of my mind. Lily gave me a questioning look.

“I got to prove to Belle that I wasn’t lying.” I said, placing the vial in my pocket.

I turned back to look at Blair but she was already gone. That girl was a piece of work.

“Merlin, she’s a lunatic.” Lily said.

You got that right.


Author’s Note- Kind of a short chapter but it was also a bit of a filler. So what do you guys think about Blair? What do you think will happen during the school year? Leave a review and tell me what you think. You all know I thrive from your comments. XOXO

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