I sat, surrounded by a fog of suppressed rage. Auror Potter had left me with just six words that

would alter my life forever: You will be returning to Hogwarts. I couldn’t. I couldn’t be with

those naïve children, whom were still oblivious to what was happening. I couldn’t pretend like I

was happy and everything was fine, when they were still out there. I couldn’t just sit there,

studying and being happy while they were still out there.

I can’t live properly while they’re still out there.

If Auror Potter thought he could make me go to Hogwarts, let him try.

I was trembling with anger. He couldn’t force me, could he? He hadn’t been able to last time.

“Nice to see you’re holding up well—Oh! Are you feeling alright dear?” Said the nurse when

she saw me. I shook my head, just wanting her to leave.

“Well, I’ve brought you the Prophet to entertain yourself with…” She said uncertainly, handing

me the newspaper. I thanked her quietly; she left with a few cheerful words and a wave. I read

the first page carefully.

The Augury is dead!

After a fierce battle between the two most famous wizards of this generation, The Augury has

been killed, more details on page 12.

The front page featured a picture of me, looking quite furious. I remembered that the photo

had been taken when the Ministry had tried to send me back to Hogwarts last year. I made an

obscene gesture to the camera with a smirk, before letting out a bark of laughter.

My hair was dirty. I had a smear of dirt on my cheek and a cut on my forehead that seemed to

still be bleeding. I hadn’t realized I had looked that bad. I flipped to page twelve.

Famous witch Hale has defeated yet another dark wizard—Beating Harry Potter’s record!

I scoffed, were they joking? Harry Potter had killed Voldemort. I had killed his puny daughter

and Ben Gregorovitch. I would hardly call that amazing. I continued reading.

After a battle in the alleys of East London this Sunday night, Hale fired a killing curse

that killed Riddle. Hale was found, unconscious and near death, with severe bleeding and a

punctured lung. With Hale’s rebellious past, we wonder, will this legend attend Hogwarts this

semester, or will she continue her vigilante pursuit for the extinction of Death Eaters?

I scoffed, of course I wouldn’t go back to Hogwarts. Dimwits!

We have been informed that Head-Auror, Harry Potter will be going to St. Mungo’s this

afternoon to inform Hale of her return to Hogwarts. Will she listen? Or will she defy the Ministry

like last year? We have yet to find out!

Come on, I’ve got better things to read than this load of crap!

I glanced at the author: Victoire Weasley. Oh how I despised that girl when I went to Hogwarts.

Her and her group of dimwit friends, of whom only cared about looks. It disgusted me. And for

some reason, they had all hated me, since my first year at Hogwarts. Victoria must hate having

to write about me, especially in a good light,because how could you talk badly about someone

who'd killed the Death Eater's Head? I sighed and began reading the other articles, most of

them including snippets about me.

This must be how Harry Potter feels all the time. Did I just compare Harry Potter with myself?

Merlin. I frowned. What was I becoming? After a few moments, I became bored and began

counting the floor tiles.

Hours later, the healer bustled in again. She always looked so… Busy.

“Dear, I’ve just remembered. I’ve forgotten to tell you my name! I’m Healer Lackey, and of

course, I know who you are! We’ve got a few test results back, and I’ve got to get you to do a

few things for me, so that we can release you tomorrow morning! Is that alright?”

It’s not like I had a choice in the matter. I shrugged.

“Sure. What do I need to do?” I asked, swinging my feet off the bed. I realized I hadn’t walked

since I’d woken up. Since I’d killed Delphi. I stood carefully, enjoying the coolness of the tiles on

my feet. Healer Lackey seemed shocked.

“Dear, I—I wasn’t going to ask you to walk! You were hit by a jinx! You need-" She said, but I

was already walking around the room. She seemed gobsmacked.

“I—This isn’t even possible!” She squeaked. I grinned at her mischievously. I never cease to


“Well, I guess it is.” I said with a shrug. Healer Lackey was breathing in gasps. I looked at her

worriedly. I was not giving my nurse a panic attack. Was I?

“Look—Uh. It’s okay! I’m fine now! Isn’t that good?” I said worriedly, scrambling over to her. I

reached over to support her and she flinched away. The air seemed to be sucked from my

lungs. Was she afraid of me? I stepped back, struggling to breathe.

I stumbled towards the door, feeling sick.

I stumbled into the hallway, leaving Healer Lackey alone in the room. Was everyone afraid of

me? The healers looked worried, and… afraid. I was breathing raggedly, my skin was crawling.

Why were they looking at me like that? I was stumbling through the halls, towards the door to

get outside. I didn’t realize I was crying until my cheeks began to feel cold. The healers were

too scared to stop me. I began stumbling towards the exit, and noticed Auror Potter sitting at

the entrance, with someone. I vaguely recognized him. Maybe I had gone to Hogwarts with

him. Auror Potter looked up in surprise. I needed to get outside. I looked crazed. My dirty

blonde hair was messily pulled up, and I was in a hospital gown. Potter stood, pulling the boy

behind his back. I laughed coldly.

“Are you afraid of me too, Potter? After what I did? After I killed Delphi? What about you,

Potter? Should everyone be afraid of you, after you killed her father?” I cried. Potter’s face

softened. I grimaced. No pity. I couldn’t take his pity. I aimed my finger at his chest,

approaching with surprising sharpness. Potter raised his hands above his head. He knew I

could do magic without a wand.

“Don’t come find me. I’m going to kill all of them, Potter. Then, I’ll do whatever you and the

Ministry like. I’ll go to Azkaban, and die happy. Now stay out of my way.” I said as tears

streamed down my face. A braver wizard stood up behind me.


Protego. I cast the spell non-verbally. The shield appeared behind me, bounding off the curse.

“Nice try, whoever that stupid wizard is.” I said with a cold laugh. I kept my wand trained on

Potter as I walked out the doors.

I went to leave, but I simply bounded off the exit. A shield for patients.

“Well fuck then!” I said in frustration. Auror Potter looked amused. I glared at him.

“Take off the shield.” I said with authority. Potter scoffed.

“No.” I once again aimed my index finger at him.

“Take the shield down.” I hissed. Potter looked unnervingly calm.

“No.” I moved quickly and aimed my finger at the boy. Potter looked scared now. I grinned


“Take down the shield.” I said mockingly.

“Okay.” He said. I looked at the boy, who was looking at Potter with exasperation.

“What’s your name?” I asked curiously as Potter began to take the shield down. The boy

looked surprised.

“James Potter. I’m in your year. We’re both in Gryffindor. You came to my family's Christmas.

Twice.” He said with a frown. Oh. I remembered now.

“Well, I apologize for this inconvenience. Have a good life, James.” I said cheerfully, turning to

Harry, who had his wand aimed at me. Shit.

I turned to James who had his wand aimed at me. Double shit.

“Am I actually being tag-teamed by two Potter boys? I’m honoured.” I said blandly. James

laughed. I glared at him.

I realized that I had stopped crying. After the display I had just made, no wonder they were all

scared of me.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going back to my room now. Have a good day!” I said, waving and leaving

quickly. I was surprised that no one stopped me, I went back to my room, still feeling oddly

calm. It was only when I sat down on my bed that I felt something split inside me. Why should I

be disliked, for saving lives? After all I'd gone through, people couldn't bare to look at me in the


Another check in the ‘psychopath’ box.

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