After a prolonged silence, Harry said so in order to finish Riddle off the remaining horcruxes needed destroying. Hermione and Ron both knew all along what had to be done. Once the trace broke on me and the ministry went down my plan was to leave alone. Ron carried on we could not let Harry leave alone so we made the decision to go, truth be told I think the decision was made when we became friends aged 11.



Harry continued so after the wedding we left which your all aware off, we couldn’t make contact because all of you were being watched. Arthur, it was me that day at the ministry that let you know you was being watched. Any sign would of given us away and we couldn’t risk us being caught or you being captured for being accomplices.



Most of you will heard things either through the ministry or the daily prophet and it is majorly true. Harry, Ron and Hermione proceeded to carry on and explain what happened when they were on their mission. Each of them adding their own perspective.



When they got to the part about breaking into Gringotts and escaping on a dragon, Charlie got excited and had so many questions something Harry was enthusiastic about. Somehow the topic of conversation got waylaid whilst Harry and Charlie discussed dragons. At this point, Bill was very concerned how three teenagers managed to break into Gringotts; typically, the safest place in the wizarding world.



Harry then started to breathe very quickly and without pausing for breath carried on about the battle of Hogwarts and how he had to act dead just to gain access back into the battle field. Harry got very excited when he described about being able to deceive Voldemort and finally finishing him off.



Everyone knew what was at stake during the battle and what would be sacrificed. The Weasley’s had lots of questions; some which could be answered; some which couldn’t be answered just because Harry, Ron and Hermione just didn’t know. Once everyone had settled down and taking in what had happened, harry literally couldn’t take anymore and broke down in tears at the enormity of what he had done. He had finished off Voldemort but realised people died who shouldn’t have died fighting him.



George then said we all knew what was at stake, we knew people would die and me and Fred we knew that we both probably wouldn’t make it alive, we accepted it but we couldn’t go in hiding, Voldemort or one of his minions would have killed us! We are Weasley’s, we are up there with you Harry for being most wanted. Your gonna feel like it’s your fault but it is not, you did everything in your power since you were 11 to save the wizarding world and you did it!



Percy then added his opinion which at first got groans but as he carried on everyone knew he was still a Weasley and that would never change. Percy said the war had been brewing for years we always knew it was coming, but Harry you cannot feel guilty this was not your war. You didn’t start it but you ended it and everyone in the wizarding world will be so proud of you. Grown adults couldn’t finish the war but you just a teenager managed it!

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