The Minister of Magic

    Draco Malfoy was disappointed to lose Hermione as his Executive Director, but accepted it with good grace and with congratulations on her new position. “It is inevitable,” he said, “That the best will rise to the top.”

    Hermione’s first executive order established Harry as Commander of Aurors and he would have to occupy an office in the Ministry.

    Harry established Major Weasley as the training officer for Aurors, but the training would no longer be held at Potter Hall. There was ample room on the grounds of Malfoy Manor, and with the kind permission of Draco, a training barracks would be built on an out of the way corner of the property, and this part of the facility would have wards protecting access. They would not have access to Harry’s library, but the library at the Draco Institute would have everything that would be needed.

    Harry ordered Gawain’s office sealed pending inspection by the Aurors. For it was a curious matter that he should have let Umbridge out of Azkaban when somewhere in this ministry were the prints to a time machine that someone in the Egyptian Ministry may (or may not) have sent to London. Harry was never really satisfied with how that case had drawn to a conclusion. It was one of Harry’s first projects as Head of the Office of Aurors. Next he would have to look into what his office had been doing in the past so many years.

    Harry had his Aurors look through the Ministry of Magic to find the plans that may have been sent to the ministry from Egypt. Kingsley assisted in this matter since they were, after all, sent to his office. They examined the office of Delores Umbridge, but since that had been cleaned out and reassigned to another, there was little to find, but the files were opened and some curious references were found that pointed to a different file. Eventually the paper work was found in a personal file that she had taken with her when she was assigned to Azkaban. It was in her brief case in her Azkaban Office.

    Meanwhile, Kingsley ordered that the department of Mysteries come to a first floor workshop to examine the still unopened case that had been recovered from the water when the ship made its call in London two hundred years ago. Hermione was finally called in and her researchers worked on the problem, and finally a spell was found to open the case. Inside the case there was an optical instrument of some sort. Yet when held up to the light, one could not look through it.

    Officers of the department of Mysteries took the object and the plans and under the eyes of the Aurors, (and much to their disgruntlement) disassembled the device. They examined the plans, the interface that this object had with the plans, and its inner components. Their conclusion was, yes this would work, but it would not transport anyone to the past at all. All that it would to would allow the user to view the past from a distance.

    Experiments were performed to attempt to reproduce the finished object, and finally George Weasley and Terry Boot were called in to see what they could do with this information. After another six months time they were able to present to the ministry a device that could turn back time so that the user could use to examine history, but not be able to travel there. They added a new digital back plate to the device so that it could make recordings of what it was seeing.

    Harry, Kingsley, Hermione, George, and Terry apparated to a high place above Hogwarts, and turned the instrument on the castle, and turned back the time to the year 1000. They could then flip through the years, making a frame for each month, 12,000 frames, which for a movie is not all that many, and what they had was a high speed record of the construction of Hogwarts.

    This would indeed be a valuable tool in the reconstruction of history. Kingsley gave his approbation to George and Terry to produce and sell this instrument to magical historians. Kingsley also sent several such devices to the Egyptian ministry of magic for their part in the recovery of the device. History, after all was a big deal in Egypt, and the Middle East.

    Time. Time and Place. Time and place, Harry reflected was, after all, what most magic was all about anyway. Harry turned his spare time to the study of Time and Place in magic. Time, Place and Form. That could be a lifetime of study. But then study is a lot of what Harry had become over the last several years.
    Toward the end of July, Ginny presented Harry with another son. Albus Severus Thackery Arthur Potter. Harry spent his days in the office, like any good working cog, and evenings at home with his family. Arabella Fig was caring for the children when Ginny and Harry were away. James was now two years old, and Teddy was eight and would be entering the 10th grade. And Harry at last had become a family man.


Kreacher’s Findings

    House elf Kreacher had been spending the past years researching the Potter Family tree. There were some surprises hidden in it. If not otherwise indicated, he was only following the firstborn male or female if no males follow. We are assuming 30 years per generation. Some may have been shorter others may have been longer. Earlier names did not use a surname but follow through with the father’s first name.

    C. 1000        Godric Gryffindor (Godric of Gryffindor)
    C. 1030        Geoffrey of Godric
    C. 1060        Gorman of Geoffrey
    C. 1090        Gregory of Gorman
    C. 1120        Grimbold of Gregory
    C. 1150        Snitchcombe of Grimbold   
    C. 1180        Linfred of Snitchcombe
    C. 1210        Hardwin of Linfred 
             o    An accomplished potioner who grew his own plants in pots.
             o    Was therefore called the “Potterer” which was shortened to “Potter”
             o    He made his fortune as a healer.
             o    From this point on, the surname Potter is used.
    C. 1240        Halsted Potter
             o    Married Iolanthe Peverell the only daughter of Ignotus Peverell
    Antiochus Peverell, first son of Fortamas Peverell descendant of Salazar Slytherin
    Owner of the Elder Wand
    Killed without issue
    Cadmus Peverell, second son of Fortamas
    owner of the Resurrection Stone
    His only daughter married into the Gaunt family
    Ignotus Peverell, third son of Fortamas
    Owner of the Invisibility Cloak
    Daughter Iolanthe married Halsted Potter.
             o    Founder of Potter Hall, builder of the Tower called “Potter’s Keep”
    C. 1270        Linfred Potter
    C. 1310        Grimbold Potter
    C. 1340        Maxwell Potter
    C. 1370        Antioch Potter
    C. 1400        Langdon Potter
    C. 1430        Magnus Potter
    C. 1460        Nicholas Potter
    C. 1490        Marcus Potter
    C. 1520        Marlow Potter
    C. 1550        Maximus Potter
    C. 1580        Ralston Potter
             o    Builder of Potter Hall
    C. 1610        Octavius Potter
    C. 1640        Philbert Potter
    C. 1670        Gaspard Potter
    C. 1700        Stamford Potter
    C. 1730        Linfred Potter
    C. 1760        Geoffrey Potter
    C. 1790        Godric Potter
    C. 1810        Vincent Potter
    C. 1840        Caradoc Potter
    C. 1870        Henry “Harry” Potter    married to Carly Fleamont (Ravenclaw)
    C. 1900        Fleamont Potter         married to Euphemia Huffelpuff
    b. 1960        James Potter, born        married to Lily Evens
    b. 1980        Harry James Potter        married to Ginny Weasley
            o    30th Grandson of Godric Gryffindor
            o    1991 – 1998 student at Hogwarts
            o    2000     married Ginny Weasley
            o    2004    birth of James Sirius Fleamont Henry Potter
            o    2006     birth of Albus Severus Thackery Arthur Potter
            o    2007    Harry becomes the head of the Auror Office
            o    2008    birth of Lily Luna Euphemia Molly Potter



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