People talked.

People talked a lot.

I knew once we were at school, trying to escape my past wasn’t going to be a possibility. I knew people would still be talking about Al’s death. I can’t say that I blame them. Al was…well, Al. He was very well known and liked among his peers. I just had to do my best to tune them out. I’ve heard what some people have said about me. They blamed me for what happened to Al. They didn’t know the whole story though. They didn’t know about how his family or I suffered through the event.

“I heard you and James made up.”

I looked up from the book I was reading to see Dom flopping down on the couch next to me.

“Yeah, did you know about this?” I asked, holding my left hand up.

“Is that an engagement ring?” Dom gasped.

“Promise ring.” I replied. “He gave it to me after apologizing for everything that happened on my birthday.”

“So you think he has finally moved on from the accident?” Dom asked.

“I think so.” I answered. “He’s acting like he used to before the accident. I’m hoping we are just moving forward for now on.”

It’s been a week since school started. So far, James was true to his word. He worked hard to try and fix what was broken. I worked hard on my end so that things would work. We were slowly making our way back to what we used to be.

“Happy Birthday Al!”

James and I jumped on Al’s bed, waking him up. Well.. and his roommates but we weren’t concerned about them. They’ll probably hate us because it’s seven am on a Saturday but they’ll be fine.

It was nice that Al’s sixteenth birthday fell on a Saturday. Al missed the cut off so he was one of the oldest kids in his year. It would’ve sucked if he had to attend classes too.

“Ugh, get off me.” Al moaned, attempting to roll over in his bed. “How did you even get in here?”

“We bullied a first year into giving us the password.” I said cheerfully. “Come on, get up. We got presents.”

“Presents?” Al mumbled, slowing moving himself up into a sitting position.

“Be quiet over there.” Scorpius Malfoy groaned from his bed.

“Oi, sod off Scorp or you can’t have any of my sweets.” Al said.

I could hear Scorpius rolling over in bed.

“Mine first!”

I shoved my two boxes into Al’s lap and watched as he tore them open. The first box was just a random assortment of sweets from Honeydukes. The second box was some Quidditch gear and a new book.

“Thanks Belle.” He said, leaning over to give me a hug.

“I didn’t find anything good to give you that Belle already didn’t so here you go.” James said, tossing a bag of gold to his brother.

“Thanks mate.” Al laughed, setting his presents on the bedside table. “Now get the hell out of my dorm.”

I laughed and jumped down off the bed, dragging James along with me.

I sat in my bed, my legs pulled up to my chest. Today was the day. The twenty ninth of September. It signaled the start of the fourth week of school. It was also Al’s seventeenth birthday. I mentally braced myself for the events of the day. James and I, we’ve been getting along splendidly ever since my birthday disaster. I knew Al’s birthday was going to send him back into a dark hole, if only temporarily. I knew that I just need to brace myself and remember not to take much to heart today.

I leapt out of my bed, abandoning my thoughts as a wave a nausea rolled over me. I ran into the bathroom, kneeling next to the toilet. Anything that was left from last night’s dinner escaped my stomach and into the toilet. I passed the recent incident off as nerves for the upcoming events of today.

I washed my hands and cleaned myself up. Setting the hand towel back on the counter, I made my way down to the common room. James and Lily stood down there with their Gryffindor cousins. The cousins who weren't Gryffindor, and Scorpius Malfoy, would be meeting us up in McGonagall’s office. I walked over to James, slipping my hand in his.

“Hey.” I whispered.

“Hey.” He replied.

I gave his hand a tight squeeze as we turned to follow Lily out of the common room.

*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *         

To get to Godric Hollow, we flooed to Hogsmeade and then apparated from there. Those who weren’t old enough, or in my case haven’t taken the test, went side along with an older member. I held onto James’s arm as the tugging sensation went through my body.

We landed at the bottom of the hillside. I gripped James’s arm tight, trying to keep my balance. My stomach, however, did not agree with the concept of apparition. I ran over to the nearest bush I could find, emptying the contents of my stomach…again.

“You all right?” James asked.

I nodded, wiping my mouth with the back on my hand. We made our way up the hill as the others slowly started to arrive. James walked over to Al’s grave, taking a seat on the ground in front of the headstone. I kept my distance, giving the two some space.

“Hey man.” James started. “Happy birthday. You’re officially an adult.”

I watched James’s body language. He paused, looking down at the ground before looking back at Al’s headstone.

“Belle and I are doing well. We went through a rough patch but I think we’re getting better. I know how much you loved her and I’m sure you were pissed I almost let her go. Anyways, I really miss you mate. I hope you’re having a great birthday up there with Grandad and Nana Potter. I bet they’re amazing. I’ll be back to see you soon. I love you.”

James leaned forward and kissed the top of the headstone. I watched as he brushed away his tears as he got up. He made his way over to me. I held my arms out, letting him come to me. He nuzzled his face in my hair. I could feel his tears. I held him tighter.

“What you said was beautiful.” I said. “I’m going to go over and say hi.”

James unwrapped himself from me. I walked over to the grave, taking a seat where James just was.

“Hey.” I whispered. “Here I am again. Happy birthday Al. I wish I had a way to give you an amazing present like you gave me.”

I paused for a moment in my monologue, trying to keep myself together.

“I hope you’re having a great time up there. We all miss you down here. James and I will be back to visit you soon. I’ll save my long speech for then since Lils and all of your cousins want to say hi too. I miss you Al.”

I pushed myself off the ground. Lily went over and took my empty spot. I walked back over to James. He was standing off to the side, watching his cousins and Al’s friends came to say their hellos and birthday wishes. I didn’t say anything. I just stood by his side until he was ready to go.

“Let’s go.” James whispered.

He took my hand and we walked down the hill. Once on the outskirts, I grabbed his arm firmly and he gave his wand a flick. The tugging sensation went through my body again and we landed in Hogsmeade. Landed was a loose term in this situation. My stomach, on the other hand, decided it did not like apparition again. I darted to the nearest set of bushes, throwing up behind them. What was going on. I’ve been going side along with apparition for eleven years and never has it made me this sick before.

“That’s the second time you’ve thrown up while apparating.” James stated. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied. “Let’s just get back to the castle. I’m sure everything will get cleared up once I have a nap.”

James nodded and we walked over to the Three Broomsticks. We both grabbed a handful of floo powder, sending ourselves back to McGonagall’s office. I tumbled out of the fire pit in a very ungraceful manner. James was waiting for me, helping me up off the ground.

“Thank you.” I said to McGonagall.

She nodded, giving us a small and sad smile. I took James’s hand and we walked out of the office. We made our way up to Gryffindor Tower and up the boys staircase. Once in James’s dorm, I discarded my uncomfortable clothing and grabbed a pair of James’s comfy sweatpants and tee shirt. I crawled into the bed, James snuggling up next to me. With his arms wrapped around me, I was able to slip off into a peaceful sleep.


I looked up from the Teen Witch magazine I was reading to see my best friend standing at the foot of my bed. She looked nervous as hell.

“Something wrong Dom?” I asked.

“Um… just a little.” She replied.

I raised my eyebrow, waiting for her to unleash her problems onto me. She just stared at me.

“Dom.” I said. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

“I, um…yeah.” She said nervously, wringing her hands. “Belle, I’m pregnant.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked, hoping that I heard her wrong.

“I’m pregnant.” Dom repeated.

Nope, I heard her right.

“Fuck. Shit Dom, what are you going to do?” I asked.

She quickly moved from the foot of my bed and sat down in the bottom corner.

“I don’t know, I don’t want a kid.” She cried. “I…I might have a way out though.”

“Which is?” I asked.

“Teddy and Vic have been trying to have a kid for like two years now.” Dom started. “If Vic agrees, I could hide my pregnancy and just let her raise the baby.”

“Wouldn’t people question why she didn’t have a baby bump?” I asked.

“That’s the great thing about magic.” She replied. “We could fake one.”

I awoke from my nap. I thought about Dom/Vic’s baby. She was a beautiful little girl who just turned one in July. Dom managed to keep the whole thing a secret, only letting her parents, siblings, and Teddy in. Luckily, the baby was born with the signature Declacour silver hair so nobody questioned Vic.

Then the events from today smacked me in the face.

A baby.


Author’s Note- So I’m sure you’ve all caught on to my next twist by now. What do you think? I hope you guys enjoyed this update.


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