‘Can you tell Dominique to not sit with us at the Great Hall today’ muttered Red loudly.


‘Ro, Can you explain to Rose that I’m in Gryffindor too – You know just incase a bludger hit her too hard in the head and she forgot. I can sit wherever the hell I want on that table’ snapped Dom


And they bickered all the way into the Great Hall. This term is going to completely suck if they carry on like this.


They continued bickering on the table. With food in their mouth.


That’s it! I had enough.


‘Will you to stop already. I hope you know how stupid it makes you both sound that you’re fighting over a guy. A guy that is getting married to your sister and cousin. A guy that no matter how mixed your feelings are towards him he is off limits. A guy that you wished he hadn’t kissed you just before announcing his damn engagement’ I ranted.


Oh woops- went way way to far.


Red and Dom stared at me with their mouths open.


‘You did what?’ I turned as saw Fred frowning at me. Looked like he just finished his frog excursion with James. He shook his head at me and walked off. Dammit now my brother is disappointed in me.


‘Please tell me you didn’t?’ Dom said.


‘Ro, why didn’t you tell us?’ Red said


‘Because you’re both fighting over him. Didn’t want to make it all three of us fighting over him. Which I won’t by the way’


Red shook her head ‘No we weren’t fighting over him- oh god no’




Dom smiled ‘We were fighting over who was the better kisser. Teddy never told us. So we’ve been competing at everything since then. We ask him all the time but he either gives us a different answer or just says both’


‘That’s not good enough for us. So we went around kissing other boys in the sixth year. So far the tally keeps tying. We’re super competitive if you haven’t realised Ro. As if we’d ever fight over a guy’ said Red. They were both laughing now.


Of course it was over a competition. Why didn’t I see it before! I seriously don’t know why Teddy is so desperate to become part of this family they’re all nutcases.


‘But let’s roll back here. You kissed Teddy? Like with emotion?’ ask Red


‘Yes Red that’s what kissing is for. Not for competitions’ I rolled my eyes


‘Don’t change the subject’


I retold them the whole story. I left out the part of the death eaters.


‘Oh my god. OMG. OMG’ said Dom covering her mouth.


‘Has he spoken to you since?’ Red asked ignoring Dom.


‘No’ I lied.


They didn’t press on. Thank Merlin.


The truth was Teddy has spoken to me since our kiss. He sent me an owl the day before I started school, which was yesterday. Vintage right? I thought it was so sweet. Like old school sweet. And then I snapped out of it remembering Fleur.


It just said

‘I’m sorry’


Pathetic right. Like what the hell was I suppose to respond to that?!


So I didn’t...


He neither has rung nor texted via phone either. Which is a great Muggle invention by the way. Props to the Muggles!


But in all seriousness, I have no idea why thinking of Teddy these last couple of weeks has given me goose bumps. I had zero feelings for him before Christmas and now all of a sudden my heart is playing up.


I remember when we were kids I had a massive crush on Teddy, but so did all my cousins. He was the joker of our group always playing jokes on people. We were the best of friends him and I, we shared secrets, pulled pranks on Vicky and Lucy, always chosign each other in partner games. You know- Those type of kid things.

And then he was about 8 years old, his grandmother Adromeda died and he was forced to live with Adromeda’s sister Narcissa Malfoy and her family due to being underage. I remember my uncle Harry was furious and fought tooth and nail in the courts for custody but as Narcissa is the only blood family he has left,Ted had to live with the Malfoy’s until he turned 13.


Not sure what happened, or if it was the fact that his only guardian Adromeda died, but when Teddy came back to stay with us Teddy was not the same. He was quiet and kept to himself. We never really spoke since. Maybe hi’s and bye’s and how are you’s during family events but not an actual 1 on 1 conversation.


Argh Ted what the hell man. Why did you have to drink Firewhisky that night?! I wouldn’t be feeling like this if you drank Butterbeer like the rest of us. Nobody talks shit on Butterbeer. Maybe Molly but that’s because she can’t handle it.


‘Hey Ro, what’s with you today, you’ve zoned out like practically all day’


I shook my head. Red was staring at me wide eyed and confused.


‘Sorry it’s just been a weird day, how long were you trying to get my attention for?


‘For ages’ she huffed. ‘Quidditch tryouts are this evening. Are you applying for chaser again this year?’


‘What the hell Captain Rose?! Why do I have to try out you’ve seen me play for 6 years, I’m your cousin!’


‘No shortcuts mate’ she said ‘Tryouts for Chaser are at 7:00 after Beater tryouts’


‘But I’m your cousin…’ I mumbled angrily.


‘Ro please, this is Quidditch’ she said holding up her hand. ‘Oh did you know we are getting work experience professors? Like teachers’ aide or some crap I don’t know. They want to become future professors so they come and watch and ect.’


‘Meh when did they start this?’


‘This year obviously. I think there’s 3 coming. One for Qudditch, one for Charms and one for Muggle Studies’


‘Great so now I have someone with authority to complain about the mistreatment of fellow family team members’ I smirked. Red didn’t smile.


‘Look whoever it is just better stay out of my way.  They’re just studying to be a FUTURE professor. That means nothing to me, just some twit fresh out of N.E.W.T.S looking for a job’


‘A bit harsh Red’ I giggled. She shrugged her shoulders.


‘Where’s your brother? Fred said he was going to tryout for beater again during break’ she said.


‘Oh crap’ I completely forgot about Fred. I completely forgot to take down notes for Fred. I spent the majority of class reminiscing. He is going to kill me.


I texted him.






Beep Beep. He texted back.




He sounded cut.


‘Hey Red I’ll go find Fred and ask him, see you in Charms’ I said as I raced out the Great Hall.


I found Fred hanging out by seats in the courtyard. He was with my cousin James, Samuel Thomas, and Cruz Zabini. They were on their phones, laughing looking cool I guess. Well cooler than me anyway. My bestfriends are my cousins. Sad isn’t it?


‘Hey baby Ro’ said Cruz Zabini smiling. He was a friendly guy that Cruz, considering he came from Blaise Zabini’s genes as Uncle Harry would constantly say to his face. Cruz’s dad was a huge fan of the dark arts and the death eater era. He is currently in Azkaban for fraud.


‘Hey baby Cruz’ I said. It was our inside joke. We once pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend back when we were 14 to make his ex girlfriend jealous or whatever. Young and dumb times. Embarrassing really. Anyway now we just keep calling each other that whenever we see each other out of habit.


‘AW Cruz’s babe is here, why don’t you two hurry up and snog already’ laughed James. Samuel and Cruz laughed aswell. Fred punched him in the arm. They all laughed harder.


‘Does it make you cut Freddyboy. We could be brothers in law man think of the possibilities’ Cruz said as he stood up to pull me from the waist onto his lap. I laughed. This guy was a crack up.


Fred flipped him the bird. They all laughed again. I swear these guys spend their lunchtimes just laughing.


I stood up and walked to Fred, dragging him away from his group.


‘Whats up man you sound angry in your text’ I snapped.


‘Ro I sent like 5 words. Which part did I sound angry in?’ he said looking confused.


‘Aw I just thought you were cut, you walked away from our table with like a crazy look in your eye’ I said


‘Oh yeah that’ he said sounding serious. ‘None of my business but when did you start having a thing with Teddy? You’re playing with fire Ro’.


‘Ok 1. I’m not. And 2. You’re right it’s none of your business’


‘Brat’ he said rolling his eyes


‘Idiot’ rolling my eyes.


‘Whatever I don’t really care. Just remember when and yes it will be a when, when this goes down south I will probably ending up fighting with Ted’


‘Wow macho Fred fighting for nothing’ I snapped


‘Just saying Ro, as my twin I have no choice but to look out for you. In my honest opinion I don’t think Ted and you should have a thing together in general with or without Victoire in the picture. He is messed up man, bad past life. And anyway I thought you liked Cruz?’


‘What Cruz? No he is just a mate. I don’t see you judging Cruz for his past. But thanks for the warning bro, don’t need it because there is nothing between Ted and I. Never has and never will be’ I snapped.


Fred patted my hair like a puppy then kissed my forehead. ‘Ok chill Ro’


From the distance we hear ‘Aw come on bro save some forehead for me’ and then some more loud laughter. Fred laughed too. I honestly don’t get their humour.


‘Ugh she is so annoying’ ‘I know like seriously go away already’


Okay whoever was whispering was clearly intending for me to hear. I turned. And there on the exact opposite of where the boys sat, were the group of first years that bumped into me in the hall.


‘What the?’


‘Yeah I know they’ve been following us around the whole day’ laughed Fred.


‘Why don’t you tell them to piss off’


‘Because it’s funny and a little cute. We have a young fan club’ grinned Fred.


The leader of the group the one with blonde hair was glaring at me. Imogen I think her name was right? Stupid name for a stupid girl.


‘Anyways sorry for not taking the notes’


‘All goods Dom did, i got them off her, see ya later sis’ he said as he walked about to his crew.


‘Bye baby’ yelled Cruz.


‘Bye baby’ I yelled back laughing.

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