I always wondered what would have happened if James somehow survived but Harry still became The Boy Who Lived due to Lily's sacrifice. I have 2 fanfictions in mind for this. This one involves James and Sirius being in prison until Harry's 3rd year and James' death having been faked by Dumbledore for 12 years.

The other one involves Harry being raised by the Marauders (sans Peter) instead of the Dursleys. This is the first one. Not sure if I'll write the other one after this. Depends on the reviews. I'm trying to to make the story as logical as possible. Dumbledore is manipulative and has slightly shrewd ways in this one but he's not exactly evil. This story also involves Harry/Hermione's pairing.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any part of Harry Potter. This is merely a fanfiction.

Outside of Azkaban

It was July 30th 1993. James and Sirius had just been released from prison. They had been in Azkaban for almost 12 years. Almost 12 years ago, Sirius had been cleared of all charges at James' testimony. But unfortunately, they admitted to being illegal animagi to Dumbledore in secret, in order to make it easier to catch Petter Pettigrew. They didn't expect Dumbledore to get them in trouble with the law, but Dumbledore told on them to the ministry, and they both got sentenced to Azkaban. There was still an unsuccessful look out for Peter as an animagus.

"Should we go confront that old coot for betraying us to the ministry first?," asked Sirius.

"No, I wanna see my son first," said James.

"Right. My Godson must be a fine young teenage boy by now," said Sirius fondly.

"He turns 13 tomorrow," said James fondly. "That Dumbledore must have left him with those dreadful Dursleys. We have to get him away from them as soon as possible," James resolved.

"First, we have to get shaved and cleaned up. We might scare Harry off if we visit him in this state," said Sirius.

"Right. I can't visit the Dursley's in this state. Harry and the Dursleys already think I'm dead thanks to that old coot's manipulation. I bet he only got me thrown in jail so he could send Harry to the Dursleys," said James hotly.

Privet Drive

Dursley Residence

At about 11am, Vernon and Petunia opened their door and got the shock of their lives.

James and Sirius, clean shaven and neatly dressed were at their doorstep.

"You? Aren't you dead?" Vernon shrieked in shock.

"Oh ya, this is my ghost and I'm here to haunt you," James said sarcastically.

Vernon and Petunia knew he wasn't a ghost due to his realistic appearance and the fact that he looked visibly older.

"But how are how are you still alive? That old man said Harry had to live with us as Lily and you were dead?" Petunia scoffed.

"And who's he?" Vernon barked, pointing at Sirius.

"This is Sirius, one of my bestfriends and Harry's Godfather. Do I have to explain everything on your porch? Or may we come in?" asked James, impatiently.

Vernon and Petunia let them in as they were afraid of neighbors witnessing the exchange on their porch.

"Now, tell me, how are you still alive and why did that crackpot old fool say that you were dead?" Vernon asked, or rather barked impatiently.

"I was attacked by Voldermort but I wasn't dead. Voldermort and I were dueling and one of his spells left me unconscious, but Volderomort thought I was dead and went upstairs for Lily and Harry," James explained.

"Then where were you all these years. Why were Vernon and I stuck raising your son?" asked Petunia.

"I was in prison," said James.

"Ah, so you're a criminal," said Vernon accusingly with menacing triumph, earning dirty glares from both James and Sirius.

Just then Harry and Dudley came down.

"What's going on?" asked Dudley.

James glowed as he finally felt alive in 12 years after he laid eyes on Harry.

Harry starred at James. James looked a lot like his dad from the pictures.

"But he can't be my dad. My dad is dead," Harry thought to himself.

"Harry! My boy" James hugged Harry.

"Well boy, your father is still alive. So we don't have to put up with you anymore," said Vernon.

"But…How?" asked Harry, stunned.

James explained everything to Harry including how he ended up in prison and became an animagus.

Harry just stood there in shock for a few moments, letting everything sink in. Then it finally sunk into him.

"So it's really you, dad?" he asked gleefully.

"It's really me, son," said James as Harry hugged him, a few happy tears falling down his face.

He had never felt safer in his entire life, being in his father's arms. Until 5 minutes ago, he was an orphan, and now he had his father.

After they let go, James introduced Sirius to Harry, and both Godfather and Godson had a happy hug too.

"It's a good thing you're taking the boy away now. My sister's about to visit," said Vernon.

"You mean that bulldog who drank a ton of brandy at your wedding?" asked James as Sirius, Harry and Dudley sniggered.

Despite being afraid and shocked of James' and Sirius' presence, Dudley couldn't help but snigger at the remark about his aunt as he wasn't very fond of her either.

"Don't you dare speak that way about my sister," Vernon threatened.

James just rolled his eyes."She doesn't know about our world does she?" he asked.

"Of course not. She thinks your son goes to St. Brutus' Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys just like the neighbors," Vernon said triumphantly.

At this, both James and Sirius angrily grabbed Vernon and pointed their wands at him.

Vernon, Petunia and Dudley gave out terrified shrieks.

"How dare you make my son out to be a criminal," James said threateningly.

"Look at the state of Harry. These clothes are definitely hand-me-downs, presumably from this kid," said Sirius, pointing at Dudley.

"He even looks really thin like he's unfed," said James angrily.

Both were still pointing their wands at Vernon.

"Dad, Uncle Sirius, it's alright. Let him go. I don't want you both to get thrown in prison again for hexing a muggle. Let's just get out of here," said Harry.

James and Sirius lowered their wands.

"Alright Harry, grab your stuff and we'll be away from these dreadful people," said James.

Harry grabbed his stuff as quickly as he could, but made sure that he didn't leave anything behind.

"Wait a minute," said Vernon as James, Sirius and Harry were about to leave. "I spent 12 years raising your son. I think that deserves a proper compensation. I understand that your family is rich and owns several assets," said Vernon.

James, Sirius and Harry threw him disgusted looks.

"Raised my son? Seems like you've been ill-treating my son," said James. "Harry, be honest, have these people been treating you well?" asked James.

"No. They've always hated having me and they've always treated me like I'm scum," said Harry as James and Sirus threw the Dursleys more threatening glares.

"I don't think you even spent that much on my son, seeing as his clothes are hand-me-downs. But nevertheless, I'll send you cash once I get to the bank," said James who didn't want to be in the Dursley's debt in the slightest.

"How much and when will I be receiving this cash?" asked Vernon.

"Don't worry Vernon. I'll send you more than you ever spent on my son. You'll receive it by tomorrow," said James coldly.

"And you, treating your own sister's child that way. You should be ashamed," James said disgustedly to Petunia before the 3 of them left.

Dumbledore's Office

Dumbledore was pacing around his office unhappily. His plan was being ruined. He had tactfully gotten James and Sirius thrown into jail for 17 years, so that he could send Harry to the Dursleys and so he could control Harry the way he wanted. The punishment for being an illegal animagus was only 7 years of imprisonment, but he had used his influence to increase the sentence to 17 years. He also got everyone including the Daily Prophet, except the few wizards at the trial to believe James was dead by using his influence. How could he not be informed beforehand that James and Sirius were being released 5 years earlier for good behavior? Surely they had gotten hold of Harry by now. He had to do something.

=to be continued=

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Author's note: The phrase "crackpot old fool" was taken from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 4.

P.S: Sorry about the title. I'm really bad at titles. This story does NOT involve Ron bashing. He's the same Ron we know and love.

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