‘Hey Roxy, do you have a minute’


I groaned. My brother rolled his eyes impatiently and smirked.


‘Sorry Ro, I forgot how much you hate Roxy’ he said


‘Roxy sounds like a name for a dog. Do I look like a dog fred?’ I snapped ‘Don’t answer it was rhetorical!’


He shrugged and laughed.


‘Anyways, can you take some notes in History today for me and I’ll catch up with you later’


‘What in Merlin’s name for? It’s literally the first day back from break! Are you cutting class already?!?’


‘Keep ya hairnet on, uhhh James reckons he found something interesting. Please Ro can you?


‘So I’m assuming these notes are also going to be passed onto Al, and probably Scorpius? Why can’t you ask someone else? I always take down notes for you guys’ I huffed.


‘Because Rose slams a book in my face every time I ask, Dom doesn’t write anything down for herself let alone us, Molly purposely writes the wrong things for us and all the other girls keep scribbling their numbers and love hearts on them’


I snorted.


‘Well what about the guys in our year level who are intending on graduating from seventh year and not skipping class because Jimmy found a frog?’


‘Ro please I would not skip class for a frog’ said Fred with an annoying smirk again.


He held up his hand and started counting down the reasons as to why he could not trust the rest of the boys in our history class to take notes. ‘…Sam tried to curse me for even asking, and Zabini has messy handwriting’.


‘Fine but you owe me. I mean it Fred II Arthur Weasley’


I didn’t get to hear his reply because he ran away happily shouting nonsense as he went.


I closed my eyes and tried to picture what Jimmy and Fred could have possibly found so interesting that it was worth skipping class for. Then I figured-


No No it’s better if I didn’t know.


I turned to walk down the corridor when a first year rudely pushed into me. I know it was a first year because I remember seeing her at the sorting hat ceremony.


She looked like a Veela. But like a baby Veela. What would you even call that? A Veel? A Slytherin Veela. God she reminded me of my cousin Victoire though. Eggh.


‘Excuse you’ I said.


‘Yeah ok’ she said as she rolled her eyes and flipped her hair backwards.


‘Was that guy your boyfriend?’ she asked flatly.


‘Who?’ I asked. I checked around me. There was nobody there except for few first year girls. Her posse I’m assuming. Oh no little Lucy was one of them. She’s our youngest cousin to enter Hogwarts.


‘The boy who asked you to take notes for him. He was hot. And if he is your boyfriend ..well let’s just say you don’t look like any competition’ she said smirking.


‘What boy? Fred? Fred!? What the? He is my twin brother’ I said laughing out loud. I heard Lucy giggle.


‘Funny…. let’s go girls’ she snapped as they walked off.


What the hell just happened there? I was so confused by the turn of events that I completely misjudged the time. I was totes sooo late to History.


I walked/ran/walked/jogged/walked to history of magic. It was on the other side of the castle. Professor Bins didn’t even notice when I slipped in.


I sat in between my cousins Rose and Dominque as they point blank refuse to sit near each other anymore.


But first let me introduce my cousins Red and Dom Weasley..


Rose had been called Red from the day she walked through Hogwarts in our first year. It kind of just stuck with her.


 She is the rebellious redhead in our big family. She’s a really good Quidditch beater, wears ripped jeans and drinks Butterbeers in the same league as Jimmy. She speaks her mind and is the definition of not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. She is the type of girl that loves to have fun and have a good laugh.


Dominique is the rebellious blonde in our family. She too does not care what anyone thinks and speaks her mind in her very Dominique way. She however is more um I’d say high maintenance than Red. Like if you ruined Red’s dress she would laugh, and like if you ruined Dom’s dress she would make you clean it while snapping at you and your fashion sense. Trust me I know, I’ve been there.  


So anyway, long story short, the reason as to why they currently loathe each other is because one weekend last term we (James and Fred) decided to have a common room party bash before the Christmas break.


Dom, Red and I were drinking down our firewhisky like nobody’s business. Actually everybody was pretty smashed that night. Even Hugo, Red’s little brother although he passed out really early I remember. So from what I gathered, because I actually don’t know the true story i just heard at least 6 different versions, was that Dom was talking to Teddy on the phone and invited him to the party.


Now Teddy is everybody’s crush. He was the man last year before he graduated, top of class, Headboy, captain of the Quidditch team, absolute heartthrob. We were best friends as kids, Teddy and I. And then when he was forced to move in with the Malfoys around 12 years, he changed. We’ve never spoken since. I’ve always thought of him as a snob now because he barely looks at me and either mumbles when I say hi or ignores me completely whenever we see each other at family events.


Anyway so from what I remember, Dom and Red were talking about who Teddy would think was a better kisser out of the both of them. So they were arguing between themselves if they should find out even though he is completely out of bounds for them.


You see he is currently going out with our cousin and Dom’s sister Victoire…


I seriously don’t know why he is though- yeah she has real Veela beauty, and yeah she is kind and funny I guess, but she is such a muggle hipster I can’t stand it. To be honest I think like he felt forced to be with her because it meant he could really be related to Jimmy, Al and Lils dad Harry, who is his godfather. Like if anyone idolised Harry it was Teddy. Victoire’s Mother Fleur always plans out their dates and outings etc. I doubt even Victoire really likes him either.


So Teddy rocked up to our party, word spread and we had to relocate to the room of requirement. The boys went off to get more alcohol. It turned out to big a bigger party then we expected. 


Teddy stayed behind and was greeted and swooned by literally everybody. He was humble though. I think that’s why everybody has a crush on him. Because he is sexy as hell but humble and good natured.


So Red was flirting up a storm with him which was actually very entertaining to watch because I rarely see Red flirt- she’s usually play punching boys. So the night went on and we all kept drinking even Teddy. He smiled at me a couple of times but I’m pretty sure that was just the alcohol. Red had wondered off somewhere and Dom had started flirting with Teddy. He was just as politely rejecting her as he was to Red, although neither of those two noticed the rejection. They were that drunk. So Red comes back and poor Teddy was sitting in between both of the girls who were practically drooling on him.


I heard Dom scream in a drunk slur ‘hEY tEDDYY Who DO yOu tHInKKK iS a BeTTER Kisser’ and reached up and pulled him for a kiss. Red was obviously infuriated but being a competitive sport she is pulled him back out of Dom’s grasp and kissed Teddy as well.


Not sure what happened next but I’m assuming Dom retaliated and both girls began fighting physically. Teddy and James tried to push them off each other but then the wands came out. Both guys got jinxed. Nearly everybody got jinxed so the party went from 100 to 0 real quick. Students began sprinting out the room like it was an attack. Woke up the teachers.


Well lets just say, I was on the floor with large buck teeth sprouting purple octopus arms. And can you believe it! I’m banned from Hogsmede for a month! I was punished for nothing literally! Not as much as Dom and Red. But still a lot.


The next day, Dominique and Rose apologized to everybody. Dom confessed that it was her idea and Red swore that it was not Teddy’s fault.


We all took a family oath though to not tell Vic anything.


 So things pretty much went back to normal over the Christmas break. It was awkward yes but it’s always a drama during holidays in the family. Dom and Red killed it though. They just made the whole break extremely painful to be around them.


My Brother and Jimmy would try and lighten up the mood by lighting sparks in my Uncle Percy’s hair so that his hair literally appeared flaming red. It was fireproof of course. My dad found it hilarious. Uncle Percy didn’t. That man never laughs.


And because there wasn’t enough drama within the family, James and my Uncle Harry had another row at each other.


...Sometimes the conversations that my family can have with each other can get too hectic. Even for me. Not sure who started it but it revved my Uncle Harry right up. Not going to lie though, if he had a time tuner why didn’t he just travel back in time to kill Voldemort…


Sounds like a typical James Sirius I Want to Shit Stir My Dad Potter question to me.


So whilst everybody was having a jolly ‘good’ time at the dinner table after dinner had finish, I got up and decided to get some fresh winter air outside.


I remember walking outside to touch the fresh layer of snow that had appeared while we ate dinner when I noticed Teddy oddly sitting on the fence across the field where the garden gnome burrows were.  He was alone.


Typical me, I was curious to go see what he was up too.


And that’s where my troubles began.


‘Hey Ro’ he said when I approached him, smiling though his smile didn’t reach up to his blue eyes as they usually did.


‘Are you okay out here? All alone? And so far from nana’s burrow? It’s freezing out here man’ I said shivering.


‘And you care about me being cold because?’ he chuckled ‘Roxanne, do us a favour and quit acting like you suddenly care about what I do. We haven’t spoken since we were 12 years old’


What a git.


‘Ok chill. It’s Ro actually. And I was just being friendly. I don’t know what’s got your knickers up in a twist but you’re right I don’t care enough to pretend. And you know what? Maybe if you made more of an effort to have conversation with me instead of snubbing me off all the time we would we still have at least been friends’


He suddenly burst out laughing. ‘Ro listen. I stopped talking to you because it made me nervous to talk to girls. I was scared I was going to say something stupid. I was a teenager. And as we grew up it just became too awkward and embarrassing to apologise’ he chuckled.


‘That’s a dumb excuse’ I frowned.


He smiled.                               


‘I know. Can you believe something. I’ve been nervous to talk to you ever since I turned into a teenager. And it wasn’t like I could just come up to you either, you were always surrounded by Red and Dom. Goddam Dom. Vics sister.

Do you know that Fleur and Ginny squeal like excited little girls every SINGLE time Victoire and I are in the same room together? They insist we were destined for each other and can I tell you a secret- I’ve never once felt that way about her. Funnily enough at the back of my mind I’d always think about you’


I was completely speechless. Gobsmacked. Not sure what I was expecting Teddy to say when I came outside 10 minutes ago but it definitely wasn’t this.


I just stayed quiet and had let him rant on. That’s when I saw the bottle of firewhisky. Man that stuff really messes people up.


‘So here I am, bending over backwards to make people happy’ he continued. ‘From the moment I became a teen to now, trying to make people happy so that I can feel like I belong into a family. And what was I supposed to say. Thanks Harry for letting me stay with your family sorry can you please tell Fleur and Ginny to back off, I don’t want to marry Vicky your neice. Oh by the way we need more toilet paper. 


You can’t be granted favours in this world without something in return. I will never be able to payback harry for all those years of generosity.


He sighed and looked up at me


‘But see I can’t keep doing this. I don’t want to lose the Potters and the Weasleys but I can’t pretend marrying Victoire isn’t going to kill me’


I cleared my throat ‘Who said you have to marry her?’


He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. It was a breathtaking ring. I don’t know anything about rings but let me tell you this was a nice finger cuff.


‘Wow’ was all that I managed to say.


‘Harry and Bill gave it to me this afternoon. It was my Grandmothers Adromeda’s before she past away. They said I was ready. I have no goddam clue about what it was in my face that looked like I was ready to propose marriage but its there apparently’ he said darkly.


‘Then don’t get married Ted, just explain to Harry –


‘You still don’t get it Ro’ he said angrily ‘I can’t just go and break up with his niece. Bill and Fleur would be furious. So would Ginny. And then what. Harry would have to choose between me and his family. And of course he’d choose his family. I know I would if I had any. But I don’t. This could be my very last Christmas with a warm loving family.


‘Well you can try talk to Uncle Harry I’m sure he’d-


‘Ro you still don’t get it’


He was pissing me off now.


‘Ok I was just trying to offer solutions relax. I’ll just shut up then’


‘Your solutions don’t help me’


‘Well that’s because you big mouth kept shutting them down before I even finished my sentences. You know what go screw yourself’


He frowned. I was annoyed now.


‘Yeah you heard me. You’ve whined the whole time about you you you. Does Vicky know you’re using her as a safeguard for this family you so desperately want to be apart of? My cousin is a lump of coal most times but she is still my cousin and it just makes you sound plain selfish and a bit of a prick to be honest that you would use her like that’


‘She knows. Did it ever occur to you that she is in the boat as me. She has her reasons and I have mine’ said Teddy still frowning. He looked angry now.


‘So let me get this straight. Neither of you want to be together yet you are staying together to make our family happy? Sounds like a stupid waste of time to me’ I spat.


‘Well let me dumb it down for you then. Fleur’s family are practically French royalty with a huge debt that their late father left them. Nobody but Vic, Harry, Bill and Fleur know about it. Bill has refused point blank to accept money from Harry and I. We’ve tried everything. Bill was contemplating on suicide at one point because he didn’t know what to do. I had no choice and neither did Vic. This was all an act so that once we were married he can have all my inheritance. I don’t care about money.


Well things changed. Once news reached that a Black Family Heir was betrothed to a Delacour the debt collectors lifted off the debt immideietly.


However we still had to pretend like we were in a loving relationship. The debt was issued by a bunch of wannabe deatheater followers. The crazy kind that still go around wearing masks and Dark Mark tattooes on their head. Well they threatened the Delacour family. To them it meant we were on the death eater side. So they left the Delacour family alone.’


I was speechless.


‘It’s safe now right though? I mean you can just pretend but not actually marry her?’


He sighed.


‘Vic and I are at the point of almost absolutely despising each other. She cheats on me with everybody every weekend. I really don’t care. But this good girl act that she has going on has to stop. It’s because of her that Bill actually thinks we’re inlove, you see he and Harry don’t know that the debt was lifted because I was a Black heir. They legitimately think we’re inlove and the debt was a paid for. I just don’t have the heart to tell them...’


‘Sound like you’re a real couple of heroes’ I said bitterly. I’m not sure where that came from.


‘What’s with the tone?’


‘I still think its stupid she’s not worth being in the good books with the inlaws for. I still think Harry will have your back’


‘Are you pretending to be naïve about the whole death eater situation?’ he chuckled.


I ignored him


‘You should at least be with someone you at least have feelings for’


Teddy rose up off the fence and walked towards me. He looked sad but happy sad. I’m not sure how to explain it. He then lifted my chin up to his face. I froze. It made my pulse race.

He stared into my eyes and stroked my cheek softly. It made butterflies explode in my stomach.


He kissed me hard and longing.


‘I know’ he said looking at me ‘But as much as I want to… and trust me I really want to it- It just seems impossible that I’ll ever be with her’


He walked back to the burrow cursing and shaking his head.


That moron left me with a million questions and a million butterflies outside in the cold.


So I followed him back to the burrow with every intention of demanding answers for my questions. When we arrived everybody was seated around the Christmas tree.


‘It’s presents time Roxanne. Hurry up!’ shouted Fred


‘I think I already got mine’ I said before I could stop myself.


Nobody noticed but Fred. He looked at me then Teddy and frowned.


I turned my head to Teddy. I hoped to Merlin he didn’t hear.


Teddy was smiling at his feet. How freaking mortifying.


Just then my uncle Bill stands up


‘Everyone I’d like to make a toast before we start opening our presents’ he said whilst magically conjuring champagne glasses for everybody.


We all held our glasses up.


‘I’d like to congratulate my soon to be son in law, and my daughter on their engagement! Welcome to the Family Teddy Harry Lupin!’


Everybody cheered. Ginny, Nana and Fleur and pretty much all the women burst into tears.


Teddy looked absolutely shocked and angry. So did Victoire. She whispered something into his ear and he shook his head. They both plastered on the biggest fake smiles I’ve ever seen.


Maybe it’s because I’ve never noticed before but they really do look like they were putting on a show. No one else seemed to notice.


‘Well now we’ll never know’ whispered Dom behind me. She too was wearing a fake smile. I noticed Red was gritting her teeth so hard she looked constipated. I wonder what my face looked like.


‘KISS-KISS-KISS-KISS’ the family chanted.


And they kissed.


I’ve never wanted to throw something at Victoire more than I did then.


 I didn’t even know why.


Teddy turned around to look at me. His eyes looked so apologetic. Or maybe that was just in my head. Can eyes look apologetic?


Victoire noticed him look at me. And well it doesn’t take much for someone to figure out what someone must be feeling when they stop kissing you mid kiss and stare at someone else with sorrow. She however glared at me and to my surprise as well at Teddy’s by the look of it she went in for another kiss.


‘Ugh stop it already’ muttered Dom under her breath. I forgot that she was standing behind me. Maybe Vicky found out about the party and was glaring at her and not me.


No that wasn’t a ‘Stupid sister here take this’ kind of kiss, it was more of a ‘No I have him and no matter what he will always be mine so back off Roxanne type of kiss’.



When I woke up that morning I did not think I’d have feelings for Teddy Lupin by the end of the night. Well not again anyway. Things change when you grow up.


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