The Case of Hamilton Goyle
In late June Kingsley sent word to Harry of mysterious happenings along the London river front that could only be attributed to magic, and dark magic at that.

    Harry and Ron went up to the tower and trained their telescope on the London waterfront and focused on a particular pier where the activity was thought to be centered. Harry had the idea to come up here at dusk and use the telescope in reverse, to try to use it as a projector rather than a gatherer. He projected through it the ‘Blue-Nose’ spell. It would turn wizard’s noses an invisible blue, while not affecting muggles. By eight o’clock they had found no wizards in the area, but at 9:15 the blue nose was attached to two figures walking around the pier. The went into the pier house at 9:25. At 9:30 two more wizards were tagged with the blue nose, and they too entered the pier house.

    Ron remained in the Rook with the scope watching the scene, while Harry apparated to the Pier House in the form of a seagull. He flew in through an open doorway and heard sounds above him. At the top of the pier building was a catwalk, perhaps used for opening the clearstory windows. Four men had apparently climbed up a ladder at the far end of the pier and were making their way across the catwalk to the office house at the shore end of the pier.

    Harry flew to a rafter far ahead of them and waited and watched. They went past him without paying him any attention. When they got to the end there was a door, which was apparently unlocked, or maybe one of the wizards used a charm to open it.  Why they did not use a charm on the front door Harry did not know. Perhaps it was alarmed.

    One of the wizards stopped. He looked at the wall. The wall to his left was wider than it could have been. Yet it was a flat wall on Harry’s side, what the other side looked like Harry did not know, but the wizard was examining the wall intently. “This had better be the place,” he told his mates, “This is the last pier old enough to have handled that ship, and she will not be pleased if we cannot find that trunk.”

    Who ‘she’ was, Harry had no idea, but she obviously held sway over these wizards. The one who spoke continued to examine the wall, and then, using his wand, he blasted away some of the wood. Inside of the wall was a hidden stairway that lead down. The four wizards entered and went down the stairway. It was right under the roof level, and when it got to the eve, it switched direction and continued to go down.

    Harry flew in as quietly as he could, the Wizards ahead of him were using their wands for light, the passageway was dark and switched back two more times before they reached the pier floor level. There was no access to the pier floor here, but now the walls were lined with bricks. Clearly this pier had been built with smuggling in mind. Harry wondered how they got stuff in and out. Why would they need a ladder to the roof?

    The wizards continued to walk down, now the walls were damp. Perhaps they were now below the surface of the river, but while the walls were damp, the chamber was still relatively dry. Harry changed himself into a snake, and slithered quickly past the wizards on the stairs. He went down into the fetid water that was at the bottom of the chamber. Clearly there had to be… yes, there it was. An under-water door. It was a wooden door but very heavy. Harry assumed that something dropped from the side of a ship could have been brought through this door. The door opened outward, so at present the water pressure of the river or perhaps a build-up of silt was holding it closed. It would take more than one or two men inside the caisson. Perhaps it needed to be opened from the outside, perhaps using a ship mounted winch. Harry slithered around the muck in the bottom of the chamber. Yes, here there was a trunk of some kind. It was made of metal, yet it was not rusted or corroded. Judging from its size it would be very heavy. He heard the wizards on the stairway above him. They did not seem to be pleased with the prospect of going into the water. “Accio Trunk,” was commanded from above, but the trunk did not move. Clearly weight would not have been a problem for the Accio charm, so the trunk must have been charmed to reject that charm.

“Accio Chest,” another voice commanded from above. Maybe the container did not think that it was either a chest or a trunk, or maybe it did not understand English. After all, if it arrived by ship it could have come from anywhere. Still Harry assumed that it was simply magicked not to respond to such a charm.

There was a splash, and one of the Wizards was in the water. He mucked around for a bit but never came close to the trunk when he had to go back up for air. “This hole is a lot deeper and larger than it looks. And I can’t see anything down here. Can’t open my eyes under water, this stuff is so foul it must have been in here since 1810!”

“Go down again, if you can find the bottom, then make a search using your hands to feel what is in there.” Clearly the leader of this expedition was not going to worry about his companion. As he entered the water again, Harry leaped at him and slithered over him and back into the water again out of sight of the others.

“Damn Snakes down here too!” he hollered to his companions above. The leader pointed his wand at the water and said “Accio Snake!” Well, that was not going to bother Harry, he apparated to the stairs above the wizards, yet remained invisible to them.

The man in the water was no coward, he went three more times into the water and then came up onto the steps. “That is one big, foul hole down there. But the chest is in there. It is metal, and it is smooth, without rust or stuff on it.”
The wet wizard looked at the stairway, “No way we are going to get a chest that size up this stairway anyway. How the hell did they get it in here in the first place?”
The leader spoke “This chamber was built by smugglers. Muggle Smugglers, or so I would presume. So they were not planning on using magic to get it out again.”
But Harry knew how the smugglers got things out of the chamber, for he had seen it while swimming around in there as a snake. Next to the caisson there was a second caisson that led into the chamber and this one was open at the top. Outside of that caisson, attached to the wall of the first was a winch and cargo net. The net had long since rotted and was hanging in tatters, but the winch, though rusted would probably still work just fine. Things were built heavy in those days.

However, the leader spoke again, “Go down there again and try to apparate with the chest. Take it directly to her house, right into the garage. I hope that fool woman has her garage door closed.”

Harry apparated back into the water, and held on to the chest. If this guy was able to apparate with the chest, he would go with him. He again took the form of a snake, and made sure that he was touching the wizard that went into the water.

They apparated, wizard, chest and snake into a dark garage. Apparently they planned to do this anyway. There was plenty of space in the garage, and the others apparated here as well. Harry, the snake, slithered off of the chest and into a corner where he became himself, but remained invisible.

He could have guessed! Delores Umbridge entered the garage from the house. She gloated over the find. She killed three of the wizards with the Avada Kedavra curse, and then vanished their remains. She turned to the remaining wizard, “Well Hamilton, we got it. I hope those other wizards did not mean anything to you, for we can have no leaks on this project.”

Hamilton said nothing, and showed no look of horror on his face, but the death of his brother and cousins before his eyes seared into his soul. She would pay in the end, but for now he had to see things through. Harry remained invisible in the back corner of the room. Ron was monitoring Harry’s visions and thoughts through the telescope. It could even look through the concrete walls of the caisson and of this garage. He got in touch with Kingsley, gave him the coordinates of Harry’s location and his current situation. Of course Ron could only see what Harry saw, he could not tell what form Harry was using or if he was invisible or not. Harry knew Ron was monitoring this and so he held his hand in front of him so that Ron would see it. He then folded his hand up so that Ron might guess that he was ok and invisible.

Kingsley, together with Harry’s other Aurors apparated to the location in various forms. Renford was able to read Harry’s thoughts even though he was not looking him in the eye. Perhaps this was because Harry and he had locked thoughts together so many times. Harry knew that he was there. He suggested to Renford to wait and to see what Umbridge was going to do next.

Umbridge had the chest, but opening it was going to be another matter entirely. They tried every spell they could think of, but none of them would open the chest.
Ron saw all of this and flashed a note to Hermione to investigate and see what she could discover about a metal chest lost around 1810 or thereafter. Maybe she could start with shipping logs from that era. It would be difficult, none of those were computerized, none were microfilmed, and they were not all located in the same place. But baring destruction during the war they should be available somewhere. Hermione set all of her employees onto the task, with a large prize for the one who got the information the Ministry needed while it was still important.

The Draco Institute was nothing if not efficient. Draco told Hermione to hire the best, and they had been gathering all sorts of records from the early 500s and onward. It did not take her long. Since it was magic information that was needed, it was in her institute. Shipping manifests for the ship Pharaoh were quickly found. She was based in Marseilles, but with a call in port at London was in the time frame requested. She carried a wooden crate that was heavily insured, and it was checked off as having been delivered in London, but no record could be found of it leaving the pier. On the ship’s manifest, it was signed off as delivered, but when the customer came calling for it, it could not be found. Since it was so heavily insured and a claim was made for it, it became a police and customs issue. Customs examined everything on the pier, and acknowledged the presence of the box on British soil, but it was never taken from the customs area. It somehow had vanished.

From the insurance papers Hermione discovered that it had contained “astronomical instruments.” That could mean anything. Anybody could call something an astronomical instrument and nobody who looked at it could tell otherwise. The same ruse was still used at customs posts today. Who would know. And it was clear that since the paper work was correct there was little need to open the box. She assumed that the metal box was inside of the wooden box which had long since rotted away. Still, all boxes were opened at random, and if opened the metal chest could not have been opened, and this would have upset customs officials no end. Ergo, they all assumed, someone had dropped it in the water, and someone else pushed it into the holding chamber under the pier. This chamber must have been used for many things. Obviously the person who was receiving the object would not have complained if he were the one smuggling it, for he would simply retrieve it after the customs house closed for the day. No, Hermione speculated, someone wanted to intercept the shipment.

They all looked at the bills of lading, the object was shipped from Genoa, Italy by a firm called Garbone Astrophysical. The paperwork called it a ‘Saturn-V optical telescope.” Further studies on the Garbone company revealed that it dealt on the dark side in magical instruments, and that the ‘Saturn-V’ was a device that could cast spells at a distance of ten miles (line of sight). Nice, but why would Umbridge be interested in this. Harry’s telescope could cast spells many hundreds of miles. Well, Umbridge would not know that. And maybe it did not really have a Saturn-V in it at all. All of this information was in Kingsley’s hands in a matter of moments.

Meanwhile, back at the garage, nothing was opening. Kingsley had enough, and asked Renford to signal Harry to take them down. Two stupefies later followed by full body binds, Harry opened the garage door and the Aurors moved in. Kingsley and the object apparated to the Ministry, Harry and Renford took the remaining wizards to the Ministry. The rest followed along.

Harry elected to examine Hamilton Goyle first. He sat down opposite him and asked his questions. Hamilton was completely open and honest with him…

“Yes, I, my brother and two cousins were hired by Delores Umbridge to recover a trunk that was lost in 1812. No, we did not know what was in the trunk.

“Yes, we looked at several piers looking for signs of the trunk.

We were told that it was likely dumped from the ship into the water, and that there may be an underwater chamber as part of the pier.

We examined four piers and found nothing under them and no hidden chambers associated with them. On this fifth and last extant pier that would have been old enough to receive this ship did have a chamber under the pier, it had a door that we could not open, but we saw that the chamber included a shaft way that went up through the pier.

“The next night we went back to the pier and wormed our way in and found that the shaftway went up to the roof level of the pier. We found a ladder that went up to the roof. Apparently it was a walk way used to open the roof windows. We discovered the top of the shaft, but found no opening. We broke it open and found a stairway that went down.

“We too went down, and eventually found a chamber that was filled with water. My cousin jumped in, and after a while found the trunk, but we could not raise it. What the heck we are wizards, I told Raoul to apparate with the chest to Delores’ garage.

“We got there and she was delighted, but then she killed my brother and cousins. Bitch even said that she hoped that they were not important to me. I wanted to kill her on the spot, but had not the chance.

We tried to open the case, but could not do so.

“Then we were stupefied and ended up here.

“No, I never knew what was in it, but it surely seemed important to her.”

“No, we had nothing to do with this project other than to recover the trunk. A two-hundred-year old chest is fair game for any underwater recovery effort.”

“Yes, thank you for your statement. I was there myself for most of tonight’s operation. I entered the Pier house just after you and took the form of a seagull and watched you go down the stairs. I followed you and then took the form of a snake to explore the pool before Raoul jumped in. I heard you command to apparate with the trunk, and so I slithered myself onto the trunk and onto Raoul so that I would be able to follow you. I watched Delores kill your brother and cousins, and so I felt your angst.

“However, just to do my job correctly, I will need to read your memories.” Harry held up his finger, it turned blue, Hamilton looked at it. Harry read his memories, and found them all in order Delores had contacted him a month ago, and that was that. There were Goyles known to the ministry as Death eaters, but this man did not seem to be one of those.

“One last question,” inquired Harry, “How did Umbridge come to know you. Why did she call you for this task?”

“I’m not really sure, my Uncle was a Death Eater, but he died at the Battle of Hogwarts. I do odd jobs, mostly as a contractor. I work on buildings. Someone must have suggested to her that I and my crew might be available. I don’t know.”

“Well,” Harry said, looking at Kingsley, “I see no need to hold you any further, but we will interrogate Delores before we let you go. I am truly sorry for your brother and cousins.” Harry shook his hand and left the room on a good note.

“Now for some fun,” Harry told Kingsley as he entered Umbridge’s cell.

Harry sat down opposite Delores, making sure that he would see his badge “Major—Auror.” Well, well, who have we here?” Harry said with a grin. “Why don’t you begin, and tell me what this is all about. What is in that trunk? What did you plan to do with it? Where did that trunk come from?”

“I don’t know. That man and the trunk apparated in my garage. I have no idea what this is about.”

Harry slapped the back of his left hand, you could see the words that Umbridge caused to be etched on the back of his hand as part of a detention with her during her time at Hogwarts. Harry looked into her eyes as he showed his hand to her “I shall not tell lies.”

“See this,” said Harry, “I have never lied to you, and you know it, but you are lying to me and we both know it. But I am far more civilized than you, I am not going to etch a detention on the back of your hand, I am going to send you to Azkaban for the rest of your life. Now is there any truth inside of you or not?”

    “You cannot talk to me like that, I am a pureblood and you are… you are a kid who should still be in school.”

    “You are the second child of Oxford Umbridge and his Muggle wife Ellen, your older brother is a squib. You are in no way related to Selwyn. You lied about your credentials. And that Locket that we took from you in the courtroom, that was an artifact of Salazar Slytherin. Voldemort made a Horcrux out of it. Ron Weasley destroyed it with the sword of Gryffindor.

    “So are you going to tell us the truth, or shall we just condemn you with the information that we already have.”

    “You have no proof of anything.”

    “You do not know that. Are you going to bet your life that I cannot condemn you to a life term in Azkaban with the information that I already have? But fear not, I will have my information from you one way or the other. The choice is still, for the moment yours.

    “Now, what is in that trunk?”

    “I do not know”

    “Where did the trunk come from?”

    “I do not know”

    “How did the trunk get where it was found?”

    “I do not know.”

    “What were you going to do with it?”

    “Um… er..”

    “You were doing well up to now, but now you stop talking. That trunk and its contents must be important to someone. Who wants it?”

    “I cannot say.”

    “Well let me tell you something about that trunk. It was loaded on the ship Pharaoh at the port of Genoa in Italy in the year 1812. It was delivered to this pier later that year, the case was received by customs, but then it disappeared from the pier and was not available for delivery to the consignee. It was insured, and thus it created a paper trail two hundred years long when a claim was made. It was billed as Astronomical Instruments. Does that sound right to you?”

    “I did not know; I was not told. I was asked to recover the trunk and to let him know when we had the trunk.”   

    “Suppose I were to believe it, why then were you trying to open the trunk?”

    “I was curious what might have been hidden for two hundred years and still be so valuable to someone.”

    “As you say, it was 200 years old, who would have known that the shipment was still missing, yet still intact somewhere. Someone must have been aware of the shipment, of its loss and also knew where it was lost, and why it was not recovered two hundred years ago. So, do tell me more, you obviously do know more.”

    “Well sorry to disappoint you, but I know nothing more.”

    Harry held up his finger, the blue light appeared, and before she could control her reflex, she looked at the light and became fixed so that Harry could examine her.

    Harry read, Halmod Himyac, an Egyptian ordered a time machine from an Egyptian magician who ordered the principal parts from Italy. They were traveling on the Pharaoh with papers for London, but were supposed to be hijacked when the ship called at Alexandria. The ship did make a call at Alexandria, but remained only an hour and then set sail again before the material could be retrieved. She did not tie up to a pier, but only sent the ship’s boat ashore.

    Halmod sent word on a faster ship to London, the arrival pier was changed to the ‘pirates’ pier’ and an agent dropped it into the holding chamber. No one knew if it was still there. Rashid Sarine discovered the original diagrams for the machine, but the heart of the works was not described, it only read “Astrophysical Instruments from Gerona via Pharaoh.” There were notes about the shipping details, but nothing else.

    The request came from the Egyptian Ministry of Magic while I was still under-minister to Fudge. I held it back to see if I could find it for myself. I had to find it before I could decide if I could do something with it. I asked the Egyptian ministry for a copy of the prints, but Voldemort fell before the reply was returned to us. I was still hopeful to obtain it from the Ministry by stealth or bribery.

    Harry removed the blue light, and she looked back to him again. “A time device, eh? Well you will have a lifetime of time at Azkaban.”

    “You cannot give me a life sentence for this, I demand a full trial with witnesses.”

    “Oh, you will get your trial alright, and we have our witnesses ready to testify to three counts of Murder. The trial will take fifteen minutes, the vote of the Wizengamot will be unanimous, I can assure you.”

    Umbridge glared at him, but then bit her lip, Hamilton was still alive and was undoubtedly protected by the ministry. And the ministry would not let her near him. Well, she could ask for a law wizard. It would do her no good, but she had to do it. “I want a Law Wizard to see me today.”

    “Granted,” replied Kingsley. He called up stairs to the law office and a law wizard appeared in her cell fifteen minutes later. Umbridge knew the workings of the Ministry, and she knew that any gesture on her part would be futile.

    Meanwhile, Kingsley had the records of the Ministry searched. Nothing from Egypt could be found, so he apparated to the Egyptian Ministry in Alexandria. He already knew Rashid Sarine quite well. He explained what had happened, and they agreed the Egypt would keep the plans in its secret vaults, that and that Kingsley would keep the device, whatever it was, and that way no time machine could be built. Kingsley Apparated back to London.

    It was now evening, the Wizengamot was convened, and Delores Umbridge was strapped to the accused’s chair. Kingsley was in his place, Harry was standing next to Umbridge on her right side, her law wizard on the other. Behind her, and out of her line of vision were witnesses. The Law Wizard could see them, but they meant nothing to him. She described to him her case for finding the lost shipment, but nothing more.

    Minister Shacklebolt addressed the Wizengamot, “Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamot, Last week we received a request from the London Police to help investigate unusual events on the Thames waterfront that they thought was of concern to us, I turned the case over to Major Potter for examination. He and Major Weasley using the magical equipment of Potter Hall did see four wizards engaged in activities on pier 51, and Harry did apparate in the form of a seagull to that pier, and did watch these wizards enter the water to recover a metal case. Taking the form of a snake, Harry did attach himself to the metal case, and to the wizard who was going to apparate with said case to a location which appeared to be a garage. While in that location Delores Umbridge did appear from the house attached to the garage.”

    The Law Wizard then said, “Minister Kingsley and witches and wizards of the Wizengamot, Major Potter is in the court room, if this is to be entered into evidence, then why does he not testify so that I may cross examine him.”

    “Fair Point, one of the Wizengamot judges replied”

    “Quite Fair,” replied Kingsley, “But we are not trying her for anything to do with this finding. Two-hundred-year old salvage is of no interest to the Wizengamot, and is free for all to salvage.

    “Delores Umbridge, are you an employee of the Ministry?”

    “Yes, I am”

    “Are you not assigned to Azkaban as its administrator?”

    “Yes, I am.”

    “Then how is it that you were in the city of London tonight?”

    “I have evenings and weekends to myself, I do not remain at Azkaban when I am not on duty. I can apparate there instantly if I am needed.”

    “Thank you, Miss Umbridge. And so you were in your home this evening when these four wizards apparated into your garage with this case, and clearly you did enter the garage at this time, as that is where you were arrested?”

    “There was only one wizard who entered my garage with this case, and you have already arrested him. I do not know why he entered my garage, I went in there to see what was happening.”

    Harry slapped the back of his hand and showed it again to Umbridge. “I have told you before not to lie. Now in addition to any other charges with which you may be charged, lying to the Wizengamot is a very serious offence.”

    The Law Wizard intervened, “Do you defame my client before the entire Wizengamot?”

    Harry Replied, “No sir I do not defame her, she has already done that for herself.”

    “Then please, Mister Minster, may we have some charges laid before the Wizengamot before we continue any further.

    Kingsley replied, “Major Harry Potter, please testify to the accused the charges for which we have convened.”

    “Minister Shacklebolt, Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamot, The Ministry today charges Delores Ellen Umbridge with three counts of murder and one count of lying to the Wizengamot. I shall now testify for the record. Having tracked four wizards on Pier 51 in London, did apparate side-along with the wizard who recovered the metal case, and then did stand invisible in the garage when Delores Ellen Umbridge entered the garage. She cast the Avada-Kedavra spell three times, killing three of the wizards, she then used a vanishing spell to eliminate their remains. She then said ‘Well Hamilton, we got it. I hope those other wizards did not mean anything to you, for we can have no leaks on this project.’ I do not know what project she had been working on.”

    The Law Wizard spoke, “And Major Potter, do you have any proof that what you have testified to is accurate.”

    “Yes, counselor, I do. I call Major Ronald Weasley to testify.”

    Ron stood next to Harry. “As Minister Kingsley said in his introduction, we were asked to help investigate activities on the Thames riverfront related to mysterious activities around several of the piers. Apparently the London Police thought that we might be able to assist them. We ascended the Rook, that is the observation tower at Potter Hall, and in the evening did use our instruments to scan the Thames Riverfront. We cast the “Blue-Nose” spell through the instrument every 15 minutes, but it was not until 9:15 in the evening that the Blue-Nose showed us any magical activity by wizards. Harry apparated to pier 51 in the form of a seagull, and did follow the wizards. I could see everything that Harry saw through my instruments. He went down the stairs that Minister Shacklebolt has described to you, and taking the form of a snake did enter the water. He found the case in question, and was holding on to it when it was apparated to a space that turned out to be a garage. I was still seeing the garage through Harry’s eyes when Delores Umbridge entered and did kill three of the wizards that we were following. Her words to Mr. Hamilton Goyle were exactly as Harry had testified to.”

    “Thank you Ron, Will Mr. Ollivander please step forward.”

    “Would you please examine this wand?”

    “Hickory with dragon heart string, 11 ½ inches, nicely pliant. Very nice, excellent condition. I sold this wand to Hamilton Goyle when he was 11 years old.”

    “Is Hamilton Goyle in this courtroom today?”

    “Yes, I believe he is”

    “Will you please return this wand to Mr. Goyle?

    “Thank you, now will you please examine this wand?”

    “Maple, unicorn hair, 10 inches, Unyielding… This is the Wand of Delores Umbridge. I sold it to her when she was 11 years old, and inspected it again for the Ministry after the Battle of Hogwarts.”

    “Please give this wand to Major Weasley, thank you, you may go now.”

    “Major Weasley will you please perform priori Incantatum on this wand?”

    Ron held the wand up and with his other hand pointed his own wand at it. – EVANESCO – AVADA KEDAVRA – AVADA KEDAVRA – AVADA KEDAVRA -- …

    “That is sufficient, Major Weasley, thank you.”

    Harry conjured a table in front of Delores, and a chair opposite her, he sat down in front of her. He held out his hand for a pensive-scope, and held up his finger. She again looked into the blue light. Harry looked into her memories using the pensive-scope which displayed her memories on a screen behind her in full view of the Wizengamot. Harry paged through the memories. He showed her joy at receiving the chest, she showed her displeasure at seeing the additional wizards. It showed her killing three wizards, and then it showed her trying to open the chest. Harry removed the pensive-scope.

    Kingsley said, “Witches and Wizards of…”

    The Law Wizard interrupted, “I see no evidence that Major Potter is registered as an Animagus. If he is not registered, then perhaps his testimony should be disallowed.”

    Kingsley answered “Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamot, and learned legal counsel, Major Potter is an Auror, and while not exempt from the law, the new curriculum for Aurors includes these transformations. All new graduates of our academy are fully qualified to make these transformations. This is African magic, and is not an Animagus. This magic is entirely different, and they can transform into any animal, and can change their markings at will, so there is no point in registering them. They are registered as powerfully magical Aurors and that will have to suffice. Needless to say, every few weeks Majors Potter and Weasley present us with more new magic that no one has ever seen before. Or perhaps I should say, they present with more and more old magic that no one has ever seen for hundreds of years.”

    “Thank you, Minister Shacklebolt” replied the Law Wizard.

    Kingsley started again, “Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamot, you have heard the evidence against Delores Ellen Umbridge. How do you vote on three charges of murder, and one charge of perjury?”

    The clatter of one hundred marbles racing through the pipes and out into the receiving tray. “One hundred votes cast for guilty, none for innocent. The ministry is asking for life imprisonment in Azkaban. Please cast a black marble for life imprisonment, and a red marble for the death penalty, or a white marble for a different sentence. How do you vote?”

    The marbles again ran down the pipes to the receiving racks. 78 were for life imprisonment, 21 were for death, there was apparently one abstention. Kingsley declared the results.

    “The convict will be transported to Azkaban, to the new lower level. Major Potter, please transport the prisoner to Azkaban. The court orderlies removed Delores from her bindings. Harry broke her wand and tossed it in the trash barrel where it burst into flames. With a copy of the orders, he took hold of Delores Umbridge, and with a grin on his face he apparated to Azkaban.

    The guards arrived and Harry handed the Captain of the guard the Wizengamot’s order and they conducted her down to the lower level which was on the floor of the North Sea.  There were six passageways, each one-kilometer-long, each with cells on both sides of the passageways. The passageway, was a concrete box, the cells were concrete on three sides and the bottom, but one side and the overhead was hardened glass. The ocean was just outside of her cell and she could see what there was to see, though at 40 fathoms that was only a murky view of little light.

    Harry locked her up. The guards at Azkaban do not have keys to these cells. There is a trap door system to pass through food and clothing. There was nothing pink in her cell, nor were there any pictures of kittens. Harry smiled at her and then apparated to Potter Hall.

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