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Astoria and Draco have always wanted more children.

Partners from the moment they met, and with a strong friendship that soon developed into something more, Draco and Astoria’s feelings have been intense since the very beginning of their relationship. Experiencing a connection they’d never found anywhere else until they met, they fell in love quick and hard, and in a way they always knew they were it for each other. That their story would be one for the ages.

They hadn’t been wrong.

Mostly turning their backs on their families, who desired nothing more than for Draco and Astoria’s arranged marriage to be nothing beyond a contract of convenience for both parts involved, Draco and Astoria had rebelled and partnered up, deciding that choosing whatever it was that they had - even if, at that point, it was only a flirtatious friendship - was more important than following all the centuries of oppression and repressed feelings that they knew their families had been subjected to.

Despite her deepest hopes, especially at the very beginning, Astoria hadn’t really believed that someone like Draco Malfoy could ever develop genuine feelings for her. It seemed unrealistically absurd that they could ever be more than friends, if even that. But Draco had proved her wrong from day one, when he’d figured that he’d rather spend his time getting to know Astoria better than having to sit and listen to their families discussing their impending marriage like if it was the most ordinary of things, as if it didn’t matter in the slightest.

Thankfully, from then on, it all had happened quickly.

Within a month, they were close friends. In another, they’d had their arranged marriage all set up. By the time the day came when they became husband and wife, feelings were already in the mix. After the honeymoon, one that turned out to be much more exploratory than they’d hoped and ended up lasting for far longer than their families had ever expected, Draco and Astoria stoop up for themselves and were clear in their intentions to cut ties with anyone who dared try to corrupt them with blood supremacy ideals and the like.

All because they were committed to make their marriage work, like her mother and Draco’s father had so distastefully pointed out one day, as if it was the most preposterous thing they’d ever heard. Truth is Draco and Astoria had learned to rely on each other when no one else would believe in them, and refused to listen to anyone who would stand against them.

The issue had always really lied with the parents. While at first Draco and Astoria didn’t exactly want an arranged marriage, they came up with a plan that they invested in, a course of action that not only would benefit them and get their parents off their backs, but that would also end up to inevitably bring them closer. And as for the parents, Persephone and Lucius always posed the biggest problem. Granted, Caelum and Narcissa wouldn’t openly oppose to their spouses’ will, but they never were all that supportive of Draco and Astoria’s union on their terms either.

Because truly, even after the war, a big part of the most ancient magical families were still hung up in the old ways. Old habits, as it appeared, died hard.

Resolute in wanting to make the most of their matrimony, Draco and Astoria chose to focus on it above all else. It was trying at first, with no jobs to support themselves and barely any money of their own, in a home that they weren’t so accustomed to just yet and with a new reality to live with.

But they made do. And they thrived. And soon enough, wanting a child thumped everything else.

On one hand, Astoria doesn’t like thinking about those times much. Having tried to conceive for years without success, and even having lost a baby before she found out she was finally pregnant with Scorpius, took its toll on both her and Draco. Things between them became somewhat strained, and at times a little more desperate, but Astoria likes to focus on all the good things that came from it. How they found out how deep their bond was, how supportive they always were of the other no matter what was to happen.

And of course she will never forget the first time Draco told her that he wanted her to have his child, or the grin on his face when she told him that she finally was.

The birth of little Scorpius had been a joyous occasion in the Malfoy household, and while it was hard to deal with parenthood firsthand without much help from their families, Astoria and Draco enjoyed every single moment of it. And while wanting another child eventually became a desire that they were never able to fulfill, Astoria likes to think that things are fated the way they are supposed to be.

Who is to know if, had they had more children then, they’d still be in London by the time Scorpius was to enroll in Hogwarts? Who is to say that they could even afford it? Would they have gained such an extended family as the Weasley-Potter clan the way they did after what happened in Scorpius’ Fourth Year?

Astoria doesn’t know, and she never dwells much on it.

What she does know is that in a fleeting moment kids were all around them, spending time with Scorpius during the holidays. That she gained good friends in Hermione and Ginny and Molly and even Angelina and Fleur, the same way that Draco made amends with Harry and Ron and even with George.

More than that, Astoria knows that she gained in Rose the daughter that she ended up never having.

It’s part of the reason why Astoria is so emotional at the moment. Watching her son grin, both from being back and from finally seeing his mom after so long, but also for holding in his arms someone who’s so dear to him. Watching the woman she came to respect over the years, someone so strong that Astoria most of the time can’t believe is still so young, sigh in relief as the responsibilities of the day sag away when she finds herself in her soulmate’s arms.


Astoria, despite being quite the romantic witch in her younger years, had never really believed that they existed. But how can she deny it when she found Draco, out of all the outcomes she’d ever dreamed of for her future? Regardless of all the vile things her mother had always threatened her with, Astoria thrived when she found the best partner in him, her other half, and she knows that she helped him become better too. She knows that, looking back, they were always meant for each other, even when they didn’t know it.

And now, looking at Scorpius and Rose, Astoria sees in the intimacy of their embrace the same complicity that she came to find with Draco, months into their marriage, and so she knows they’re meant to be as well.

At least, she firmly believes so, and she’ll do everything in her power to make them see that.

They stay in their embrace for the longest time and Astoria doesn’t have the heart to interrupt them. She knows that they need it. Not only is Scorpius back after the longest time away from home, surely having missed his family and friends terribly, but also Rose can always use a hug after her shifts nowadays. Astoria is painfully aware of the redhead’s frustration whenever she sees little Timmy or hasn’t had a breakthrough in her research. She knows that Rose is hurting, and sleep deprived, and running on caffeine as she drives herself exhausted because of that big heart she has.

When Scorpius and Rose seem to hold each other tighter, still no more words spoken, Astoria distracts herself by looking around the room with the biggest smile on her lips. She hates the room, sure, because she hates being there, but now her baby boy is back. For all of them and from now on, things can only get better.

It’s with optimism that she notices the discarded rectangular box on the floor, just behind Rose. At the realization of what it can only be, Astoria’s smile falters a little; no wonder that Rose seemed a little more upset this afternoon when she’d just entered the room. The possibilities have to be weighing on the young woman, Astoria believes.

Rose has been trying her hardest to come up with a cure, or a treatment, or just something to ensure that the curse Astoria has been fated with won’t take her away, as it’s fated, and now something as simple as a stick can determine whether Rose will have even more to worry about or not.

Discreetly, Astoria accios the box and hides it under the covers, just underneath her hand, not wanting Scorpius to find out about this particular development just yet. He’ll need to catch up with everyone first, and learn all about Astoria’s condition and prognosis, and only then, if Astoria and Rose deem it relevant and/or necessary, will they share with Scorpius what most likely awaits them.

Meaning that Astoria is almost 100% sure that she’s pregnant. After so many years of not even actively trying to conceive again, like a bittersweet miracle. And if she is, it’ll be a risk for her own health in her weakened state, Draco will probably not know how to react to the news at all for how worried he’s been for her, and Rose will drive herself insane trying to figure out how a pregnancy can influence all of her work so far and how she’ll have to change her plans for new paths to take in the future concerning Astoria’s cure.

Astoria wishes that the muggle stick would just tell her that no, you’re not pregnant. So sorry for the bad joke so that she wouldn’t have to worry anyone over it, but she is so thrilled with the idea that she can barely contain herself.

Another baby. After so long thinking that she’d only ever have Scorpius, the light of her life, for the past week Astoria hasn’t stopped thinking about the chance that she is indeed pregnant, and because the universe seems to enjoy making her suffer for wrongs that aren’t her doing, now that her life is so abruptly coming to an end Astoria can only believe it has to be true.

She’s pregnant with her loving husband’s child, and she refuses to be anything other than happy about it. So damned be the universe for trying to screw her up even further, Astoria will do the most of it.

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