As afternoon started to roll into evening Ginny and Harry made their way back into the burrow to see if Molly needed a hand with preparations for this evenings dinner, as expected Molly had everything under control. Not much later all the weasleys were seated round a table in the garden tucking into a lovely meal made by Molly. Once everyone had eaten, Harry addressed Bill and said for the next half an hour or so the Burrow needs to have the most protection you can offer as what I’m about to say is in the utmost confidence. Before Bill could set to work Harry added with a sideways glance at Percy there is some parchment here I need everybody to sign. George interrupted and said we know what this is, pointing to Ginny, Ron and Hermione.


Hermione then said we are sorry to do this but we need to be certain no one will say anything about the contents of this discussion but if you sign the parchment and say anything to anyone outside the burrow we will know about it. Percy stood up and said I’m a ministry official I can’t sign this because what if it happens to be of importance to the ministry. George replied if that is your stance go ahead and ask Madam Edgecombe what happened to her daughter last time she ignored Hermione’s threat. Percy replied I see I am still not trusted give me that parchment I will prove I am a Weasley, Weasley’s before ministry. He then duly signed his name.



Once everybody signed their name and Bill put up protective spells, harry started if at any point, you have questions ask away and we will try to answer them as best we can, there are still some things we don’t know ourselves. Hermione worked a lot of it out by logical thinking, Ron with his wizarding knowledge and me well I’m the one Riddle marked as his equal. Whilst everyone was looking at Harry confused as to who riddle or what riddle was, Ron interjected we will get to that point but for now we will start at the beginning most of which you already know.



Harry took a sip of water and carried on as you already know the story of the boy who lived, I won’t bore you with that but something made Voldemort go to godrics hollow to go after my parents. Something Sybil Trelawney prophesied, it’s the reason Dumbledore need to take her onto the Hogwarts staffing rota. Dumbledore, felt she was better under his watch than on the dark side under Voldemort. It’s the reason she is a Hogwarts professor.



The prophecy she made and I quote ‘the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches born to those who thrice defied him born as the 7th month dies…. The dark lord will mark him as his equal but he will have power the dark lord knows not… And either must die at the other for neither can live whilst the other survives’. This means it meant one of two people: Me and Neville Longbottom however Voldemort presumed it meant me. That explains why it had to be me who finished it and the secret power? A mother’s love, my mum died to save me and he would he of spared her if she stepped aside and let him kill me. [Credit to JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix; chapter 37- The lost prophecy.]



Harry had barely finished speaking when a scream of Oh Harry filled the burrow as Molly engulfed him in a typical Molly bone crushing hug. So once chatter calmed down and Molly was calmer, Harry carried on. So, I spent the next 10 years in the muggle world knowing nothing about my parents or the wizarding world. When I was 11 I returned to the wizarding world to attend Hogwarts. Everyone here knows the story of my time at Hogwarts, well until the end of my 5th year anyway. After the battle of the ministry where everyone saw him return, Dumbledore wanted me to take private lessons with him to help him defeat Voldemort once and for all.



During these meetings, I found more out about Lord Voldemort, he was an orphan; half-blood born to a witch mother and muggle father. He started Hogwarts where he was known as Tom Marvolo Riddle and started gaining followers and became more and more interested in the dark arts. It was now he created the name Lord Voldemort. Whilst he was at Hogwarts he started learning about Horcruxes. Bill then asked what horcruxes were as he had come across a lot of things associated with the dark arts but didn’t know what horcruxes was.



Harry replied it is when someone splits their soul to become immortal. Everyone gasped in shock whilst Harry said he made 7 horcruxes so his soul got split 7 times. I was 12 when I got rid of the first one: The diary down in the chamber of secrets. Ginny then said the diary the one that possessed me? It was part of him?! Harry replied and the others were: ravenclaws diadem, Hufflepuffs cup, Slytherins locket, Marvolo Gaunts ring and his snake Nagini. There were all objects that meant something to him. So Ravenclaws diadem, Slytherins locket and Hufflepuffs cup were all something that belonged to the founders of Hogwarts; the only place he felt he belonged. Marvolo Gaunt was his grandfather from his mother’s side so that explains the ring and the diary was where he wrote about Hogwarts. Ron injected and Nagini is that damn awful snake that was always his side.



Percy piped up I’m sorry to interrupt but you said there was 7 horcruxes you have only told us about 6, If only 6 were discovered does that mean he can return?

Don’t be so silly Percy, Hermione interjected and before Percy could respond she carried on there should only ever of been 6. However, on Halloween 1981 when the killing curse rebounded making Voldemort lose his body the last remaining part of his soul attached itself onto the only living thing remaining.



Mr Weasley who had been very quiet until this point then said Halloween 1981 that’s when this all started yes? So that means if I am not wrong…. Fleur interrupted and said So then Harry iz zee last horcrux. Everyone sat there in silence whilst Harry nodded and said yes. 

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