Harry woke early the next morning and starting to form a list of things he was going to need such as clothes, new robes, equipment for returning to school. However most importantly Harry wondered what was he going to get Molly and Arthur to say thank you for everything they had done for him over the past few years. He knew he had enough gold to buy them whatever they wanted but he was unsure what they would want, he would have to ask Ron and Ginny later.




When everyone was sat down for breakfast Harry asked Bill about getting money from Gringotts. Ron and Hermione looked on edge as Bill chuckled why so worried everywhere is back to normal now. Ron piped up even for us who broke into Gringotts under the influence of polyjuice potion of a marked death eater, stole from her vault and escaped on a dragon.



Everyone sat there in silence gobsmacked at what Ron has just said when Molly said that really was true?! Harry replied it was the only way to end the war and after tea tonight we will explain everything, you deserve to know the truth. Bill finished off the conversation by saying he would make some enquiries.



To pass the time during the day Harry and Ginny played a bit of quidditch one on one so it consisted of them trying to score past each other. With it being a hot day, they took shelter under the big oak tree that dwarfed the Weasley’s paddock. Ginny settled herself against Harry between his legs whilst he took out his wand and conjured two ice creams for them to enjoy. The way Ginny sat reminded him of his Sixth year in the Gryffindor common room where she started to wind Ron up by saying Romilda Vane thought Harry had a tattoo off a Hungarian horntail. [Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince]. 



Whilst Harry and Ginny enjoyed the sun, Ron and Hermione were in Ron’s room looking over both wizarding and muggle books to get as much information as possible so they could go and retrieve Hermione’s parents from Australia along with their memories. They hadn’t mentioned this to Harry, they thought he had too much going on and would prefer to be spending time with Ginny to want to go across the world. They both knew Molly wouldn’t let Ginny go so that could be a deal breaker. Truth be told they both wanted time to themselves, it had always been the three of them so they wanted time to themselves so they could experience things as a couple not friends and with Harry it would feel uncomfortable as he would be the third wheel and they wouldn’t know how to include him into things that they wanted to do together, alone.  



Hermione thought they had enough information to start off with but that they would need to speak to Kingsley to see if he could help with an international portkey as she didn’t feel appariting would be beneficial over longer distances. She shuddered as she remembered what happened with Ron when they escaped the ministry of magic.                               

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