All the Weasley’s plus Harry and Hermione were now back at the burrow where planning for Fred’s funeral was taking place. George was adamant Fred would want it to be fun whereas Molly wanted a more sombre affair. It was agreed that a full service would take place followed by George and Lee Jordan organising some fireworks and bottles of firewiskey to remember Fred.

The next day the local minister came and undertook a service for Fred that wasn’t very personalised and very generic that if you didn’t see Fred’s name in lights overlooking his coffin you wouldn’t know it was his funeral. Following the service all Fred’s friends and family sat around the field at the back of the burrow where the Weasley’s usually played quidditch with bottles of firewhiskey talking about Fred when suddenly George and Lee stood up and pointed to the sky with their wands aloft and said TO FRED, the sky was suddenly over took by different patterns in red and gold colours and after a few minutes the patterns settled down to a picture of Fred illuminating the sky.

The next morning following Fred’s funeral a friendly game of quidditch was organised in the Weasley’s paddock. On one team was Ron, George, Bill and Ginny; on the other team Harry, Charlie, Lee Jordan and Hermione. Percy was supposed to be taking charge of the scores however he got distracted when Penelope Clearwater turned up.

Mrs Weasley then called everyone in for tea which to Harrys delight was steak pie and mash with apple crumble for desert. Whilst everyone was eating talk soon turned to the future and Hogwarts. Ron said he didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts that he had enough of education. Hermione seemed aghast by this and said she was going back to Hogwarts to finish her education. Ginny said she was going back at it was her last chance to get noticed by a professional quidditch team. Everyone then turned to look at Harry to see what he decided he then said I’m going back! Hogwarts is the only place I felt at home, I’m going back one last time.

Whilst everyone was taking in what had just been discussed, an owl flew into the burrow. Charlie took the letter which was addressed to Ron. Harry, Hermione and Ginny regarding repair works of Hogwarts. They were to begin on June 1st, Harry quickly grabbed some parchment and scribbled his name down. Ginny and Hermione followed suit, soon all the Weasley’s and Fleur had written their names down. Arthur tied the parchment to Erroll and sent him to Professor McGonagall.

George sat there in silence for a few minutes then added it is going to be so weird going back to Hogwarts without Fred. Harry carried on it will be there are memories in every crack of Hogwarts and it will be sad but we can leave a reminder somewhere in Hogwarts so that he will never be forgotten. George and Ron sat their agreeing whilst Mrs Weasley said now boys we cannot deface Hogwarts. Ginny finished off with well it’s not like George hasn’t done it before, remember the swamp and everyone burst into laughter even Mrs Weasley rather reluctantly.

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