“Give it up Belle. You’ll never find the snitch before me.”

“I wouldn’t be sure Al.” I laughed. “Gryffindor has beaten Slytherin how many times?”

We both sat on our brooms, side by side above the pitch. Neither of us looked at each other but kept our focus on finding the snitch.

“This year is different.” Al replied. “Now that I’m Captain we’re going to be better.”

“Aww, is little baby Al all grown up now.” I cooed. “Are you a big boy now?”

“Hey, just because you’re dating my brother doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on you.” Al laughed.

Al quickly tipped his broom down and drove into a steep dive. That little bugger saw the snitch! I sent my broom into a dive, trying my best to catch up with Al. I could see the snitch. It was so close, yet so far away.

“Albus Potter has caught the snitch!” Alexandra Clemms yelled from the commenter’s box “That’s 70 to 190, giving Slytherin the win!”

I laid in my bed at the Potter’s home, staring up at the ceiling. I did my best to avoid leaving my room. I was terrified of running into James. He was in so much pain and it broke my heart. Al wasn’t only his brother but also his best friend. I took that away from him.

Al had so much potential in life. He was an excellent Quidditch player, excelled in his defense and potions classes, and always made sure he had time for his friends and family. Then, in a matter of seconds, I ended that.

“I got to hand it to you Al.” I said as we walked off the field. “You gave me a run for my money.”

“I told you, we’re better this year.” Al said with a smirk, turning to head to his changing room. “But hey, you and James can stop by our victory party later.”

I just smiled as I walked into the Gryffindor changing room. I knew James would be upset that we lost, but also proud that his brother won his first game as Captain.

“Hey,” I whispered, giving James a quick kiss. “We’ll get them next time.”

I grabbed my clothes out of my locker and headed over to the girls changing area.

The ponding on my bedroom door ripped me out of my thoughts. I rolled over in my bed, pulling the covers over my head.

“Go away.” I called out.

I heard the door open anyways. I rolled back over, pushing the covers down towards my thighs.

“I said go away.”

“That’s no way to treat your friend.” Dominique Weasley responded.

“I didn’t think you’d come.” I muttered.

“Let me guess, you assumed I would hate you too?” She asked.

I didn’t say anything. I just stared blankly at the wall behind her.

“Uncle Harry filled me in on everything.” Dom said, making herself at home on the foot of my bed. “You know it’s not your fault.”

“It feels like my fault.” I whimpered. “I feel shitty.”

“How could you not? It was a horrible thing that happened. Al would be so pissed though if he knew you were moping around like this.” Dom said.

James and I headed down to the Slytherin common room. James kept the Marauders Map in hand so we could avoid any professors or patrolling prefects. Finally, we made it to the Slytherin entrance way.

“I’m assuming Al gave you the password?” I asked.

“Dragon’s breath.” James answered.

The stone wall in front of us slid opened and we stepped inside. The room was lively, students everywhere. The music was loud, alcohol flowing, and couples making out in random corners.

“Belle! James! Hey!” Al yelled.

“Someone’s a little drunk.” I laughed as we walked up to him.

“Nah, I’m not drunk.” Al said. “I only had a few bottles of Firewhiskey.”

“A few?” I asked.

“Okay, so maybe like five or six.”

 “You’re going to be fucked up in a matter of minutes.” I giggled.

“I’m having fun Belle.” Al laughed. “Here, take a shot.”

Al grabbed to shot glasses off the table next to us and handed me one. We both counted to three and tipped our glasses back. The Firewhiskey burned as it went down my throat but left my body feeling warm and fuzzy afterwards.

“Another one!” I said, picking up two more glasses.

“I just can’t leave this room.” I whined. “I’m scared. I’m scared of what Ginny thinks or what Lily thinks. James hates me and I can’t read Harry.”

“Belle, they know the truth.” Dom said. “They’re grieving for the loss of their son, but they aren’t blaming you. It was an accident. You had no control over what happened.”

No control.

“James!” I squealed, attempting to make my way over to my boyfriend.

It didn’t work out very well. I stumbled into Al instead.

“Al! Hi.” I giggled. “We should take more shots!”

Al agreed with my drunken suggestion and grabbed two shots off the side table, handing one to me. James came up and snatched the shots out of our hands.

“Hey,” I cried out. “That’s mine.”

“Mmm, nope.” James replied. “I think you and Al had enough to drink. You two are cut off.”

“No.” I pouted. “We’re not drunk, right Al?”

“Yeah, we’re totally sober.” Al said, slurring his words together.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” James asked. “I don’t speak gibberish.”

“We’re totally sober.” Al tried again.

“Come on James, just one more.” I begged. “We’ll stay in Al’s dorm.”

I gave him my best puppy dog look drunk me could muster. How could he possibly say no to me? James looked down at me and sighed, giving us our shot glasses back.

“Last one.” He said sternly.

“Bottoms up.” I giggled, clinking glasses with Al.

“I just feel terrible.” I cried. “Al was so great and now it’s over.”

The tears ran down my face, the emotions coming out. The guilt I felt over Al’s death, the pain it left in my heart, the hurt I caused for his family, everything just came out. I rolled over in my bed, letting out my loud sobs into my pillow. Dom crawled up my bed and pulled the covers over her. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. I nuzzled my head in her chest and let the tears keep flowing.

“Let it out.” Dom whispered, gently brushing my hair with her fingers. “Let it all out.”

“Fuck.” I mumbled as I rolled over in my bed.

I felt restrained. I slowly peeled my eyes opened and looked around. I wasn’t in my bed in Gryffindor Tower. I was in a sleeping bag on the floor. James laid in one next to me. I looked up at the beds. I could see Scorpius’s blonde hair falling slightly over the edge of his bed.

We were in Al’s dorm.

“James.” I muttered, giving his shoulder a shove. “James, wake up.”


“Go shut the curtain. It’s too bright.”

“Seriously.” I heard Al mutter from his bed.

I listened as he rolled around in his bed, leaning over the side to look at James and me.

“Bloody hell, what happened?” I asked. “I feel like shit.”

“You partied like a Slytherin.” Al said with a laugh that quickly turned into a groan.

“You two got shit face drunk last night.” James laughed.

Al and I quickly, but not to quickly or else we would vomit, told James to tone it down a few levels. My pounding headache couldn’t take his loud voice at the moment.

“At least we had fun.” I said. “I think?”

“Oh yeah, you did.” James said with a smirk. “You kept telling Al how cute his brother was and if you should go flirt with him.”

“What did Al say to that?” I asked, looking over at Al.

He was snuggled back up under his covers, fast asleep again.

“He said that I was a prat and you shouldn’t try to flirt with me.”

“Well, that’s not bad advice.” I laughed. “Maybe I should listen to him.”

James tossed his pillow at my head.


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