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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot. And since I love yoga and Kung fu and believe in spiritual yoga, so I put some of yoga facts. I hope you don’t get bored.


Three weeks of the Summer holidays are gone. It’s the second week of July. Soon he is going to be seventeen. He’ll have to leave this house forever. He was now in the yard of his aunt’s house, cleaning the garden. No one asked him to clean it. Yet he is doing it to pass time. Or may be thinking about the fact that he won’t need to clean this garden or toilet or any other places and things of this house anymore.

After working for an hour Harry sat in front of the window of the living room where hour’s news was being telecast in the T.V. He was listening to the news now and trying to scrap the news which could be related to the wizarding world. Frequent destructions and unexplainable murders and accidents are happening these days. Among them the most hazardous were the damage of the huge bridge and sinking of an armed ship of the forces, that totally shook all kinds of reasoning in the muggle world.

Harry knew this was just the beginning.

He got up to go to his room. He started packing his things last night after getting Hermione and Ron’s letter. Hermione seemed to be too worried about him. She told her not to take too much pressure. Damn! How can he not feel pressure when he has the chosen one’s duty on his back! Hermione also sent him some chocolates. And Ron seemed to have filed a summoning order upon them.

He didn’t have many things in his possession. But speaking of a packing for a boarding school, he really had enough to pack. So he too had to use the enlarging charms on his trunk. He put everything of his wizarding world in his possession in his trunk, keeping some books and clothes for the last few days’ use. He is now ready to leave at any time with a moment’s notice.

Harry wasn’t feeling ok. The fact is he didn’t know why he was feeling so uneasy these days. At the beginning he thought it must be because of the tension between him and his aunt’s family. But soon he realized it’s not that.

He started to feel dizzy during the evening while trying to concentrate on a book of Defense Against Dark Arts that he got as a gift from Serius.

And then he experienced a nightmare in his sleep. He saw the night of the Halloween at Potter’s house in Godric’s Hollow sixteen years ago. He could see the evil aura emitting from Voldemort when he was gliding towards the enlightened house which was filled with happiness for the last time. The dream seemed to be so true and so lively that Harry felt desperate to bust into the house before Voldemort could come and warn his parents about it.

But he couldn’t. He felt so helpless. Seeing his parents killed right in front of his eyes. He didn’t want to see. But the space seemed to be frozen. He felt trapped in there. And then the killing curse came to the baby Harry. A jet of green. And then Harry sat upright with heavy breath to see himself on the bed. It took a lot of time to calm his heart down.

At last he understood what was the reason behind his uneasiness. He got up from the bed. He looked at the watch that Ron gifted him. It was 12.30 am. He was surprised to see for how long he had slept. It’s late. But he needed to go. He took out his wand and his firebolt. Then he opened the door of his room to see the dinner left for him in front of the door. Ignoring the food he marched downstairs silently.

Washing his face with fresh water he came back upstairs. He opened the map he bought from Hogsmede that showed the wizarding villages in England. And making a note of the location in his mind he took out his firebolt and his wand. Keeping the wand in his pocket he got out of the house silently.

He is still an underage wizard. So he can’t apparate. He has to fly if he wants to visit Godrics Hollow. That’s the place where the Potters’ house is. That’s where his history and his destiny was written. That’s where his parents are buried. He never visited the place. He now understood, this is the fact that was constantly hurting and knocking him in his subconscious mind.

Just solving the puzzle of his heart, he suddenly felt so light and excited.

It was not much dark in the street. So he decided to go a little farther from the house though there wasn’t any one awake to see someone flying. Especially he wanted to avoid the house of Mrs. Figg. She might be in his watch. Even if she is not, there might be some other in his watch too. Walking through the alleyways he came near the park.

Checking around if anyone was there Harry climbed on his firebolt. He was about to take off when he heard a sudden pop just behind him. That’s the sound of someone’s arrival through apparation. Harry was so shocked that he fell from the broomstick with a dive.

“Harry! If the situation wasn’t this serious, I would have laughed at the way you fell from just two feet height,” said a much known voice. Though Harry was confused if it was Fred or George.

“Same here. The scene was truly irretrievably hilarious.” Said the other twin.

“Will you explain Harry, where do you intend to go when everyone in the order are making sure of your safety by changing shifts in days and nights?” said Lupin.

“Professor Lupin? Fred? George?” said Harry in astonished voice. “What are you doing here? Does the order needs three people to make sure one underage wizard doesn’t sneak out of his place?”

“No, Harry. We are not here to make sure you don’t go out of your home but to make sure you remain safe from any death eater attack if you are away from your aunt’s house,” said Lupin.

“Seriously? You could just tell me not to go out of the house much. That would have saved a lot of your time and energy, Professor. Besides I thought Voldemort won’t come for me until I’m seventeen,” said Harry.

“Let’s get away from here quickly. It’s ok as long as you are not much far from your aunt’s place. But that would be really dangerous if you go somewhere enough distant that you would need a broomstick, Harry,” said Lupin with concerned voice and taking his arm to make him walk to home as if a father is taking his kid to a place safe.

“Sorry, it was so rash. I wasn’t thinking thoroughly,” said Harry. Seriously? What was I thinking? I’m not even seventeen yet. I can’t use wand in my defend too without causing problem. And the last time I was this rash and it cost the life of Serius.

“it’s fine, Harry. We understand how much it hurts in the stomach not being able to do something reckless for THREE long weeks! – ” said George.

“ – 29 days actually – ” said Fred.

“So where were you going by the way?” said George.

“ – To meet someone? –”

“ – Someone special? –”

“ – A girl? – ”

“ – A woman? –”

“ Girl and woman means the same thing, George.”

“No no no my brother, not the same thing.” And then they shared a funny mysterious look. And together said, “Oooooooo..”

“Guys hold on. Hold on, ok? I wasn’t going to meet someone,” said Harry in his defense.

“Where were you going,” asked Lupin.

“Godric’s Hollow,” said Harry quietly.

No one talked for the next few moments which even could be minutes; for which Harry felt really grateful. He really didn’t have any more energy to digest scolding or supportive and sympathetic talking.

Lupin spoke when they reached Dursleys’ house. “Harry, I understand your reason to visit Godric’s Hollow. But it really isn’t a good idea for now. You have to be patient. Or everything done by your parents and the ones who care for you will go in vein.”

“I understand,” said Harry.

“What about telling him when we are picking him up from here?” said Fred.

“Right. Harry, we will be coming to get you any day from the day after tomorrow to  29th July at night. Because we will come any day all on a sudden to keep our schedule unpredictable. Be ready, my boy,” saying all these Lupin motioned Harry to get inside.

“Where are you staying? In the street? I’m not going out. Not until you go home,” said Harry in concerned tone.

“We all were not staying here,” said Fred.

“Honestly? Streets? Nice joke, dude,” said George.

“Mrs. Figg saw you going out. She informed us. And we apparated,” explained Lupin.

“How did she inform you? She is not a witch. Owl’s not fast. And you don’t have phone,” said Harry.

“Yeah yeah, we don’t have a phone, but – ” said Fred.

“ – Hermione has one,” said Fred and George together.

“Mrs. Figg phoned Hermione and Hermione sent us a Patronus,” explained George in a matter of fact tone. “Today we were supposed to be doing the Chosen One’s guard duty. Hermione knew that.”

“Hermione is doing Order works, why is that? Why can’t I do some?” demanded Harry.

“Because she is seventeen, Harry. And she convinced us that giving phone calls is not a dangerous duty,” explained Lupin. “Now go back to your room and sleep tight. We should go now.”

“I bet mom is scared like hell, right now,” said Fred.

“Yeah, it’s been fifteen minutes already. We might see Ginny vomiting when we go home” Said George.

“O yeah yeah..” said Fred with a devil like smile.

Harry was happy it was dark enough to hide his blush. He doesn’t know why he blushed hearing Ginny’s name suddenly.

“Ok. We better go, Harry. Goodnight,” saying this Lupin left with a pop.

Fred and George bid him farewell and left too. Then harry went inside home back to his room. He felt tired. Seriously he couldn’t find any logic to what he was thinking. He is definitely getting Hermione’s letter next day giving him some good ‘mom’s lesson’. And he has to talk to the Dursleys to tell them to get their preparation over.




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