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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot. And since I love yoga and Kung fu and believe in spiritual yoga, so I put some of yoga facts. I hope you don’t get bored.


Ron started his letters for Harry and Hermione. It’s been just two weeks of the summer vacation. But he is already feeling anxious about everything. In addition to the fact of Horcruxes, they have to plan their next moves.

He knows; in fact everyone knows that a war is coming. And it will definitely affect Hogwarts. No matter how safe Hogwarts is; they still need a strategy to defend it. They are not children anymore. In fact, they will be the senior-most batch in Hogwarts. They need to do something. He already had some plans worked out.

After the death of Dumbledore, Ron came into realization; that there is no time to fool around. They just couldn’t afford to lose any other.

I was such a fool all these times; always complaining and being jealous of others’ achievements. I should have just concentrated on my works rather than watching how other people are doing! I guess Hermione always tried to tell me this. But I was too boastful of myself to pay attention to her. Whatever I am; I am definitely not modest. I guess it’s time to evolve. It’s time to find out what’s really in me. Staring at the far countryside through the window of his room Ron was thinking all these things.

He really has become quite grown up these days. Talking less with everyone, just getting downstairs during meal time, getting out with his broomstick to practice Quidditch with Ginny and reading silently in his room. Yes, reading. He and Harry together have decided to read more. He too now can’t just simply stay away from the books. He’s regularly studying Defense Against Dark Arts books.

He and Ginny are together studying thoroughly these days. For more accurate phrase, Ginny is helping him in many topics.

Taking his eyes away from the window, Ron got back to his table, took the letter he has started. He thought about what to write. He had many things to say. He thought many things and had many plans to share. But instead of writing them now, he thought of saving them for later when they meet.

But he can’t wait. So he wrote a short message.


I need both of you to come to The Burrow. We need to talk. We can’t waste time. Besides, we have Bill’s wedding this Summer. It’s better if you two finish your preparation and come within the next week.



He copied it in two small parchment and tied it Pigwidgeon’s leg and let it fly through the window. Now it’s time to wait while doing some proper use of time.


Far from the shaky Burrow, in the Malfoy mansion, Draco apparated to his mother’s room with Tinty. His mother, Narcissa Malfoy was looking even paler than before. He came to hold her mother with concern. Narcissa’s eyes became hopeful seeing her only son.

‘Draco, why now? Where is – ’

‘It’s fine, mother. He is not here. He has gone somewhere,’ said Draco assuring his mother to calm down. ‘You look pretty bad. He didn’t torture you again, did he?’

‘No, he didn’t.’ Lied Narcissa. The fact is the Dark Lord usually puts all his anger on anyone nearby. He doesn’t care who it is. These days he is utterly pissed over the fact that he still couldn’t get his hand on Harry.

‘You are lying,’ said Draco with cold stare.

Narcissa turned her eyes away from him. And then again she looked at his son. ‘Listen to me, Draco. I need to tell you something important before they come back.’

‘You’re trying to change the topic.’

‘I’m not. It doesn’t matter anymore if I’m getting tortured. Just listen – ’

‘It DOES matter! Just wait one more day, mother. I have a plan. We will leave this mansion.’

‘No, Draco. Listen, it’s urgent. You have to leave now. The Dark Lord is plotting something dangerous. He is looking for something. Probably infinite power. As much as I came to know is there is a girl who possesses some incredible power, probably from birth. And he is looking for her.’

‘What? How much more power does that snakeface wants? I am totally pissed.’

‘Shssh, Draco. No funny language. Now listen, I heard that he tracked her to be in States. I guess that girl is a friend of yours and Lind’s.’

‘Wait, mother, you can’t mean it’s Yarina?’ said Draco now being astonished. His mother knows about Yarina. She also knows that Yarina is a missing child.

‘Yes, all my calculation says it’s her. I can’t explain now. Are you going to warn them? If Lind is with her, he will be in danger too.’

‘Of course I’m going.’

‘I thought so. You won’t abandon them. You should go now; before they get there. If they are not here, then they must have gone for her already. It won’t take much time for him to reach States. Go now. Go. And hide with them.’

‘I’m going. But I’ll come back for you.’ Saying just this Draco hurried to get to his room. But Narcissa stopped him.

‘No, Draco. Don’t you dare come back here. If anyone finds you gone, they won’t be going easy on you if you just show yourself again. And don’t worry about me.’ I’ll show you a secret passageway in this Mansion which no one other than me and your father knows about. You’ll leave now and hide with your friends. And I’ll leave this place too.’

‘Where will you go? You’re bluffing, aren’t you?’ said Draco in demanding tone; not believing his mother.

‘No, I promise I’ll be escaping too. I’ll be staying with Andromeda.’

‘Is aunt going to let you stay? After all I did? Even if they let you stay how are you going to find their place? I’m sure there’ll be a bunch of security measures around their place.’

‘Draco, you’re wasting time. Please hurry. Come with me.’ Saying this Narcissa held her son’s hand and left the room while Tinty was making sure there was no one around to notice them. She was walking towards the furthest East of the house where they reached the passageway leading to the old store house.

Both of them got downstairs and entered the store. Seeing it’s safe to talk now, Draco started his previous conversation. ‘You didn’t tell me Where you will go.’

‘I have many secret and fast ways to make immediate contact with my sister, Draco. You don’t have to worry. The bond I and Andromeda share is not so weak to be torn by other matters. And she’ll understand once I explain what situation you were in.’ Saying all these in a hurry Narcissa brought her in a room  which had to be gone through yet some other rooms.

Draco couldn’t understand where they were going. He had been to this place of their Mansion so many times while playing with Blaise. But he never saw any secret passageways here. In fact he thought he knew about all the secret passageways of their Mansion that lead outside.

The room they are now, leads to yet another room. Narcissa held the door of the room and closed it. She then uttered a long incantation with her wand drawing a circle on the door. After some time a circle magic formula was formed on the door where she put some drops of her blood. And then the door opened.

Draco saw the door opening to give a dark passageway leading somewhere.

‘Go, Draco. It can’t be opened anyone other than a Malfoy. I’ll leave too. But I’ve to take something important with me from the library.’

‘You promise?’

‘Yes I promise. I just need to do some packing.’

‘Ok. Then try to bring as much books on Dark Arts Defense as possible for me. I’ll meet you at Diagon Alley. Goodbye.’

‘Be on your guard, Draco.’

‘You too.’


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