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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot. And since I love yoga and Kung fu and believe in spiritual yoga, so I put some of yoga facts. I hope you don’t get bored. J


‘Hi!’ chocked Yarina, ‘Dad’. Her knees started to feel jelly like seeing Wushan right in front of him. She took her eyes away from him and looked at the book Mr. Karnag has brought for him. It was definitely the one she was expecting.

Wushan did not say anything, he was still watching her. So, Yarina thought to break the odd situation. Damn! How stupid I am! I should have said something earlier! I am the host here, aren’t i? ‘Hi.’ said Yarina almost like a whisper, ‘Wushan!’ trying to hide her gulp and the trembling of her knees.

Wushan now was as if looking through her eyes. Her eyes were like a scared kid who was caught in an action after serious mistake, waiting to get her punishment. ‘Hi.’ He said in calm ringing voice. ‘How have you been? Yarina?’

‘I’m,’ pause, ‘ok.’ Mr. Karnag now left them alone to go to his room and get fresh. He has a lot to do for tomorrow’s research seminar. Wushan was helping him at the university. Mr. Karnag just couldn’t let him go without bringing him home after so many months. He knew Yarina was off these days and her daughter won’t be able to not be happy when she sees Wushan.

He has some charms, that Wushan, thought Mr. Karnag. Well, it’s fine as long as she is safe. Sometimes he wonders whether he should get Yarina go near a vampire like Wushan or not. It’s definitely not safe for her. Wushan himself told him to keep her away from him as much as possible. Not to mention about the incident when Wushan suddenly slipped to say, ‘you look tasty’to Yarina in front of him. But he smiled silently while going upstairs and thinking about how furiously Yarina was blushing then. He wondered if being compared to a tasty food sounded like a complement at all, since he doesn’t understand much why there has to be blushing incident.

‘You don’t look ok,’ said Wushan in a toneless demanding voice. As if it’s a crime to not look ok.

‘Nothing –’ pause, ‘- just nothing.’ And then Yarina looked away hiding another long breath turning to the kitchen. Her father has brought dinner tonight from a restaurant.

‘I wonder.’

Yarina said nothing. She only could do other things like preparing her father’s plate and warming it in the oven. He won’t be able to remember about his dinner and come downstairs. He is too busy these days.

Yarina knew Wushan was still waiting for an answer. She knew she was being rude. But she really couldn’t find any words to say. She couldn’t even find another topic to talk about. She always gets wordless-unsocial-being in front of him. So she decided to work on what she was doing. She prepared another jug of juice.

‘You don’t want to talk to me.’

Yarina looked at him, ‘who says?’

‘I say.’


Yarina then took her father’s dinner to his room upstairs. Wushan didn’t follow her upstairs. He stayed at the base of the stairs watching her silently without expression. Yarina could feel the stare at her back. She had to say something. ‘Don’t go,’ she said before vanishing from Wushan’s view.


When she came back she didn’t find him there. He left?! She was just taken aback. She felt like crying. And she could feel her eyes getting watered. She was standing alone putting her head down thinking hard, am I that bad to be left alone all the time? All she did was being true, not doing any kind of false social gesture. In fact, she actually couldn’t think properly to do anything in the first place. He always makes her go uneasy, doesn’t he?

‘So? Did you plan to say anything? Yet?’

Yarina was petrified to hear his voice so near her from behind. But she was able to stop her jump by a gulp and a sudden breath. Taking another breath she said like a whisper without turning to see him, ‘I thought,’ pause ‘ -  you left.’

‘So, you think that you did something which might drive me out of here.’

‘I don’t,’ pause ‘ – know.’ And then she turned to look at him. Suddenly becoming conscious of her manners and said, ‘I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to my courtesy. Please sit. I’ll bring you some jui -’ she suddenly stopped saying all these at a time. And she laughed at herself. ‘Sorry, maybe I’m supposed to offer you some blo – ’ and then she had to stop again for Wushan suddenly rushed towards her to put a finger on her lips. She definitely could get the gesture telling her to stop.

Wushan didn’t say anything but just standing still while fighting the sudden urge; the urge he found hearing her soft voice offering blood, the urge that came touching her lips. He could feel the blood flowing through her skin right in her lips. It was like a shock through his spine. He has to leave now or else –

Yarina wasn’t in any better condition. She couldn’t move her legs. She had no space to back either since she was standing in front of the fridge. More importantly she could see the pure thirst of blood in his eyes now. She has to say something. She doesn’t have time to think of the fact that how close he was standing to her.

‘You ok?’ said Yarina.

Wushan, who was watching her lips intently now said, ‘I guess, yes.’ He took a step back from her, feeling guilty of what he thought. ‘I have to go,’ he said and he went to open the door to go out within a blink.

‘Wait, Don’t – ’Yarina suddenly rushed towards him but couldn’t catch the distance, ‘ – don’t go,’ suddenly feeling like crying again, she fell to the floor on her knees. Her voice cracking, ‘ – please. Please – ’

Wushan stopped in an instant. He never heard her break this way. She is clod like. She was always cold, even on that night when he rescued her, she was with cold attitude. She is not likely to open her out this way.

‘Yarina, what happened? Tell me,’ said Wushan; now being worried; he went to hold her. ‘Tell me, look at me.’

Yarina couldn’t stop crying. ‘Please – ’ she started, ‘ – don’t leave me. Please. I’ll do anything for you. Please, just don’t leave me alone, please’

Wushan doesn’t know how it occurred to him, but he suddenly understood what was all these about; How she was feeling.

‘You don’t have to do anything for me for not having me leave, Yarina. What are you thinking?’ He pulled her face to make her look into his eyes.

‘It’s just I owe you so much.’

‘You mean I behaved like some arrogant which compelled you to offer me something?’ said Wushan being slightly hurt and disappointed.

‘I – no. Forget it. It’s nothing.’

‘For how much longer you are going to avoid it? Why do you avoid and suppress your thoughts so much?’

‘It’s complex,’ said Yarina being calm again. She doesn’t want to let out all her emotions to someone; not even to Wushan. She was thinking what she is actually thinking. She doesn’t know what she actually feels. She still haven’t decided.

Wushan could see through her sudden protectiveness to her feelings. Since when she started to feel this much anxiety around him! He thought. He could see through her emotions. He understood what she is feeling like. But he could do nothing about it. Since he himself was the reason for her fear, for her feeling of insecurity.

‘Well, seems like I’m not welcome around you anymore – as I used to be.’ Saying this he left the place.

Yarina didn’t realize he was leaving. She still couldn’t make a head or tail of what he said in the end. By the time she understood, Wushan was gone already. He left! Why would he leave! She was feeling horrible again. She didn’t know why she was feeling like this. She didn’t know the source of her restlessness. And that made the situation worse.

Because she is not the type of girl to be confused about her own emotions. She stayed on the floor for hours. It was almost midnight when she stood up deciding to go to Wushan’s place. She just can’t keep crying all night here. She needs to see him again. She needs to apologize. She left home and got into her father’s car hoping that her father won’t notice. It’s time to use her new driving license, now that she is seventeen.

But she didn’t know that she is leaving this home forever and she won’t be seeing her father again.


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