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“Classes are shit,” Fred muttered to me as we walked to Transfiguration together. He said that James and Troy were doing something for the Monster Bash tonight for Maxima and would meet us in class. I shrugged in response to his prior comment as he continued. “I’m just gonna run my Dad’s store anyway,” he grumbled, “it’s not like this actually matters.”

We took our seats across the aisle from each other. James and Troy entered a few moments later while Fred and I were discussing Stella’s choice of hairstyle today as we usually did. Stella’s short blonde hair was askew framing her face with waves of platinum blonde. Fred was obsessed with Stella. She was his fantasy woman: skinny as hell, blonde, a Ravenclaw, and she played Quidditch in her time at Hogwarts as a Beater.

“Godric, Stella’s so fucking sexy!” Fred groaned sitting back in his chair.

I giggled before turning to James. He was staring across the room at where I used to sit with the Slytherins. Aleksander was sitting with Vincent and the former was whispering conspiratorially to Benjamin and Dom who sat in front of them. The four of them kept looking over in our direction and I wondered why. So, I pulled out my phone and texted Dominique: Why do you guys keep looking over here and whispering?

I watched as she opened the text and began typing. The text notification appeared on my phone and I opened her text.

It read: Oh, so now you want to talk to me?

I was a bit startled at Dom’s anger. We talk all the time. We ruddy live together! I mean I guess ever since I started dating James I haven’t seen her as much, but it goes both ways! She’s always out with Benjamin by the time I get back to our room or when I wake up. She also spends the night with him almost every night. The typing notification appeared on my screen before I could even start to type.

Dom sent another text: I’m surprised seeing as James is right beside you. Watch out Mick he might be mad at you for texting me, because of my “snake boyfriend.”

I looked up to meet Dom’s eyes, but she was looking pointedly at Aleksander. I responded to her: We’re going to talk about this after lunch, Dom.

She instantly responded: Aw thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule with “the cool kids” to speak to your best friend. You’re such a saint.

I looked over at her and she met my eyes just to roll her own, before turning to the front of the classroom. I shook my head confused at Dom’s attitude. I mean I know I’d been spending a lot of time with James, but Dom has always ditched me for Ben and I’ve never said a word.

“Okay class,” Stella began, “I know that tonight is the night of the annual Monster Bash none of us teachers are supposed to know about.” Cheers broke out amid the group of seventh year Gryffies and Slytherins. “So, I’m just going to give you a worksheet to do. You can do it now with help from your book and neighbors or you can do it for homework. I really couldn’t care less.”

She stood and walked down the aisles passing out sheets of parchment. She put two on James and I’s desk and I pulled out my quill.

“I vote we go ahead and do it so then we don’t forget,” I told him.

James nodded, quill already scratching across the parchment. “Definitely, this is easy.”

I laughed. “Okay then super freaky genius boy.”

He scowled at me in return, but then smiled before turning back to his paper. He had it finished in a matter of minutes and so I discreetly copied his work before passing mine to Fred. Stella couldn’t give two shits if people cheat on classwork, but tests are a different story.

“So, are you excited for tonight?” I asked James, toying with his fingers absentmindedly. I noticed a bracelet on his right wrist. It was just a plain thick strap of brown leather. I moved it up and down his wrist and noticed fading tan lines where it had been. He must never take it off.

He smiled. “Yes, but only, because you’ll be with me.”

“You, dork.” I tapped his nose and he laughed. “What time are we meeting up?”

“It starts at seven, so fifteen till seven?” he replied.

“Sounds great.” I grinned.

Fred walked over to drop the parchment back on my desk. “I’m ready to get fucking plastered!” He grinned and we all laughed.

I ducked through the portrait hole from my jaunt to the kitchens and into the common room. The common room was full of younger students who weren’t allowed to go the Monster Bash and I waded my way between them to get to the girls’ dormitory.

A couple of second years surged past me and sent me toppling over towards the floor. “Little—!” I began angrily.

“Whoa!” A familiar voice laughed as I hit someone’s chest and he staggered. We fell onto the couch on top of each other, squishing a few first years in the process.

“Troy, oh shit!” My cheeks flushed pink as I realized that I was on top of him practically straddling him.

I swear, why does this always happen to me?

“Now Mick,” Troy began with a huge shit-eating grin on his face, “I know that you’re attracted to me. I mean who wouldn’t be? But you’ve really got to start hiding it better.” His eyes met mine and I laughed loudly.

“Oh, very funny, maestro, but I’ve actually got a boyfriend. You may know him, he’s tall with dark hair, and he’s kind of your best mate.”

Troy mused, “You date Freddie Weasley?”

“Oh, fuck off!” I laughed and shoved at him.

“Um excuse me…” A tiny voice squeaked. Troy and I looked over to see a first year squished underneath us and sinking in between the couch cushions. “Could you two maybe move over some?”

The kid was little Frank Longbottom which made me feel terrible, because he’s Abbott’s little brother and I’m practically squishing him to death.

“Frank-o-dank-o!” Troy grinned and ruffled his hair. “How you doing kid?”

“Great except for the fact that you guys are cutting off my circulation.” He grinned. He was so adorable with his wispy blonde hair stuck up in all directions and brown eyes set back in his face.

“I’m so sorry Frank!” I rolled off the couch and stood. “Well, I’d best go finish getting ready,” I told him. “See you in a bit, sorry for squishing you Frank.” I waved as I walked to the girls’ stairs.

“See you soon!” I heard Troy respond as I raced upstairs.

“Y’all look way hotter than me.” I complained to my roommates again as I attempted to push up my boobs more. This lacy, see through, black bra didn’t provide a lot of support. I unbuttoned my white button-up a little more. I was going as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction while James was going as Vincent Vega.

“Sorry,” Darcy replied from her position in front of the floor length mirror. “I’m just too attractive, can’t help it.” She was applying make-up to give herself a fake black eye. She and Abbot were going as boxers which meant Abbott wanted an excuse to wear athletic clothes to a party.

“If you say so.” I laughed and looked over at Abbott the only other person in the room. Dom was avoiding me and got ready with some Slytherin buddies of hers (I think Lennox Zabini maybe) while Zära was MIA for like the millionth weekend in a row. Where she kept sneaking off to was beyond me.

“Ready to go?” I asked her and they nodded.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She shrugged and we made our way carefully down the stairs. We joined the surge of costumed girls making their way down the stairs. “Why do we even have these ruddy parties?” Darcy complained. “They didn’t use to!”

“Because girls love an excuse to dress slutty.” Abbott shrugged in response.

“Well, this is fucking bullshit. This isn’t some college rom-com/chick-flick crap. Costume parties are shit,” Darcy muttered.

“I think they’re kind of fun!” I offered to soothe her. “So much intrigue and scandal and free alcohol—”

“They don’t even invite any strippers. What’s the point without strippers?”

We both looked over at her curiously. “Where’d strippers come from?” Abbott asked.

“I dunno I just watched Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL last night so I’m on a stripper kick.” She flicked her straight brown hair over her shoulder. “Strippers are people too, you prejudiced prissy pomegranates.”

Darcy likes to use alliteration when insulting people, but if she can’t think of a word then she just uses various fruits and vegetables as insults.

“Darcy!” I heard someone call. We both looked to see Chance waving from his position by one of the couches. James, Luke, and Cécile were standing with him. Cécile was wearing tight all-black clothes with elaborate candy skull make-up covering half of her face. “Over here!”

We walked over to them and I snuck up on James who was facing the other way. I placed my hands over his eyes carefully. “Guess who!”

“Hmmm is that you Barbara Walters?”

“Ha, ha, you’re hilarious, Charlie Chaplin.” I uncovered his eyes and he turned around. He wore a black suit with a white undershirt and a silver bolo tie.

“Wow Mick, you look bloody gorgeous.” He grinned at me.

“Well, thank you.” I smiled placing a kiss on his lips. “Let’s get a picture!” I smiled. James agreed and we posed for a picture. “Alright, ready?” I asked and he nodded.

He held out his arm to me. “Lead the way, Madame.” He beamed as we walked out the portrait hole. Our group made our way to the Room of the Requirement talking of whatever came to mind. The conversation flowed easily even Cécile chiming in a few times.

We entered the RoR and it was creepy as hell. Huge chandeliers hung from the ceiling with eerie white drapery connecting them to the walls. Fog covered the entire area. The tables were draped in black and gold candelabras were on them. A DJ was setting up shop on the stage.

“This is insane…” Cécile gasped as we walked toward the large crowd of students.

“They always are,” James replied. “AC!” He called and as she spun around to face him a smile cracked across her face. He raced over to where she stood with Aleksander and his Slytherin friends including Dom. I noticed Dom and Lennox Zabini were dressed as Cher and Dionne from Clueless. I’m not gonna lie it made me a little sad that Dom didn’t ask me to be a part of their costume.

AC looked stunning, but like she always did at the same time. She and Aleksander wore Bugs and Lola’s Tune Squad jerseys with bunny ears. AC also had on cute bunny make-up.

“Mick!” Someone grabbed my arm. I was spun around to see Troy standing before me. He looked very handsome in a red velvet robe that hung partially open and a sailor’s hat with a pipe dangling between his lips. “Damn you look fit tonight, best friend!” His eyes were wide and reddened from alcohol.

“Thanks, you don’t look too shabby yourself,” I told him. “Where’s Maxima?”

“Fuck if I know.” He rolled his eyes. “I hope she stays away! She keeps bitching at me. I hope she’s just on her period, but alas I fear that she is just a crazy bitch.” He took a huge swig of his drink. “Where’s James?”

I motioned with my hand. “He went to go speak to AC.”

Troy laughed loudly. “Oh, you’d better watch out Mick!”

“What why?” I furrowed my brows. “AC’s got a boyfriend.”

“Because—” Troy began, but then shock flitted across his face before he grinned like a tomcat. “Krum’s the one I’m worried about!” He chuckled. “He looks a bit fruity, you know?”

I shook my head at Troy and laughed. “You’re so mean.”

“You know you love it.” He bumped hips with me. “Mick! We need a picture!” He told me with wide eyes.

“Okay.” I laughed and got a random girl to take our picture.

“Hell yeah! Now who wants to turn the fuck up?” Troy grinned at me as the DJ began to talk.

“ME!” I grinned and we both yelled with the crowd as a Muggle rap song bumped over the speakers.

Everyone then proceeded to sing the rest of the lyrics and grind to the music. I danced beside Troy, but not on him (like a decent person). I kept scanning the crowd for James, but I couldn’t see him. Well maybe he’ll make his way over here sometime.

A few songs later and still no James, but a dark headed girl made her way in front of Troy and I. A girl, I assumed to be Maxima, stood with her hands on her hips and stared at Troy. Her costume was obviously a Playboy bunny considering she was wearing very scandalous lingerie, sky-high heels, and bunny ears.

“What is it, Max?” Troy asked, yelling over the music. “Where’ve you been?”

“I’ve been waiting on you! You fucking twat!” She yelled. “Remember you went to get me a drink?” She glared at him.

“Oh…” Troy then shrugged. “Well, you’ve got legs girl! Good ones too! Use ‘em and get your own drink!” He laughed.

“Godric! You, insufferable brat!” Maxima snapped. “Come find me when you feel like being a real boyfriend.” She poked his chest with her pointer finger before stalking off.

I turned to Troy. “Go after her!” I told him.

“What the hell?” He almost spat out the swig of Firewhisky he was taking. “Mick why? She’s bloody pissed!”

“I know, I know! But she wants you to go after her,” I told him.

He looked thoughtful. “But if she’s mad then we can have hate/make-up sex later.” He nodded. “It’s the best.”

I sighed and shoved Troy out of the crowd. “Go! Now,” I ordered.

He sighed finally. “Okay, okay! Fine! I’ll go be a nice guy!” He groaned. “Catch you on the flip side Mick!”

“Too doo loo mother fucker!” I laughed as he walked after his girlfriend.

If there’s a couple that I don’t understand it’s Troy and Maxima. They are two of the most ill-tempered people I know and not to mention they have nothing in common. Troy isn’t the kind of upper class bloke that Maxima usually tangos with or really the type to settle down. I’m surprised that he hasn’t moved on already. Not that it’s any of my business though.

I made my way to the food table and stopped a few feet away from some younger class-men.

“Godric!” One of the girls complained. She was dressed as Harley Quinn considering all fake tattoos, the colored hair, and tiny shorts plus the baseball bat and Daddy’s Little Monster t-shirt. “Fuck these costumes! I can’t tell who anyone fucking is!” She complained.

“Oh, dear Isadora don’t be so dramatic.” Her date (I assume from the matching Suicide Squad Joker costume) patted her arm. “Everything will be revealed in the morning.”

LP stood beside them as well. She was dressed as Laura Croft and looking killer. I didn’t know she had boobs that big.

“I’m just tired of James and McCartney being fucking animals in the corner over there.” She motioned with her hand. “I mean come on like I’m his sister and I can see them practically tearing each other’s clothes off. Scorpius, be glad that you have no siblings.”

I looked over to where she motioned and saw indeed James with some girl in a white sleeveless shirt.

“Come on,” Isadora replied. “Let’s go dance and pretend they don’t exist!” The others laughed and followed her into the crowd.

I walked over to where James and the girl were. I felt numb as I tapped James on the shoulder. He turned and looked up. “Hey buddy,” I began. “What are you doing?” I asked. Humor was always my default reaction.

James’ eyes widened. “McCartney?” He looked back at the girl. “But I thought you were—! What in Merlin’s name?” He ruffled his hair in nervousness and rubbed his eyes.

“Yeah no…” I shook my head.

The girl without saying a word turned and ran away back out the entrance. It was AC which I thought was considerably odd since I could see AC over at her table with Aleksander. They were in a large group that included Troy and Maxima, who looked incredibly smug for someone who was royally pissed not long ago. Godric knows what’s going on there.

“Who was that?” James asked as he walked forward unsteadily almost bumping into me.

“Are you drunk?” I asked him.

“No,” he grumbled. “But I had to take out my contacts, because I got fake cobwebs in my eyes.”

I sighed with a slight laugh and pulled James’ wand out of his robes. “Accio James’ glasses!” A pair of glasses zipped through the room and into my waiting hand.

“Thank you.” James threw out his remaining contact and put on his glasses. “Mick, I’m so sorry,” he apologized. “I had no idea that wasn’t you. She never said anything just grabbed my hand and started kissing me. I just assumed it was you, because her shirt was white and her bra was black!” I smiled, my chest tingling at the thought of James looking at my chest.

I shrugged. “It’s alright. I understand. I have an idea who it was as well.” The girl had to be Lennon. It had to be. Which reminds me that I’ve got a revenge plot to get on the way. Mental note: Meet with LP.

“Well, let me make it up to you.” James grinned at me.

I grinned back. “You better. I expect some serious groveling and kissing my arse.”

He winked at me. “You got it babe.”

Author's Note:
Yes, I'm still here! Thank you for sticking with me and I hope that you enjoyed McCartney's chapter!

In the next chapter... Teddy and Stella partake in gambling. Scorpius and Lily have a late night rendezvous that results in a serious talk. Lily and Isadora's friendship hits a rough patch.

Face Claims:
Cécile Valois is portrayed by Lily Cole
Chance Longbottom is portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin
Luke Harrington is portrayed by Tyler Posey

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