A Shopping Spree at Diagon Alley

Before they could apparate to Diagon Alley, they needed a name to call their group, and so it was agreed to call their group of four The Rooks. At least it paid tribute to the rook shaped tower at Potter Hall.

Once they arrived at the Alley, Harry made a bee line to Gringotts Bank. He was not sure whom he would meet there, but was overjoyed to find Fleur there, and so he buttonholed her with his requests. First he wanted to know how much was in his vaults, and to consolidate his holdings. He already had access to James and Lily’s vault, for that was the one that Hagrid had showed them low all these many years ago. To that had been added the contents of Sirius’ vault, which was very extensive since he held the last of the Black fortune. Now they were adding the contents of his grandparent’s vault.

Fleur told him that Thackery Prince’s vault would soon be available to him. Even though Thackery had not passed away yet, the real estate had been transferred to Harry, plus several million galleons, Thackery kept a few million aside for his own care and feeding until it was time for him to go on.

“Harry,” Fleur told harry, “you are now among the richest 100 wizards in Great Britain.”

So Harry asked her, “So, I now own Potter Hall plus the cottage in Godric’s Hollow, Sirius’ house at Grimmauld Place, plus 400 or so houses in Spinner’s End?”

“Yes, that should be correct.”

“Do you know the exact number of houses I am now responsible for in Spinner’s End? How many of them are occupied, how many are vacant? How many need overhauled?”
“Actually it is exactly 400 units, including the Snape House which was broken out from that number when the Snapes were married. We will join that house back to that number since you now own them all. We know the Snape House is vacant, you can use that as your home and real estate office in Spinner’s End. I will get the details from our Spinner’s End Branch. I will need to find out who the real estate agent is and who his maintenance man is.”

And Harry replied “I also need an architect, and a building contractor, and I want both to be wizards. See what you can find for me. And also, where the heck is Spinner’s End? I know that both Severus and Lily came from there. Get me a map of the area, and a plat of the property that I own.

“You have given me a tall order Harry.” Fleur replied.

“Well, you work for the bank, and I pay for the services that the bank provides for me. And speaking of services, I also want a muggle credit card for myself and for Ginny. And how does my credit work in the wizarding world?”

    “In the Wizard World, the merchant will hand you a charge ticket, imprint your right thumb on it, and the ticket will turn green when the funds are transferred. It would turn red if the transaction failed, but that will not happen with the funds in your account. Of course it would happen if someone else tried it, but then the charge would not point to your account anyway. Now give me your right thumb print on this ticket and it will be set up. As for the muggle cards, they should be ready now, I’ll go and get them.” Fleur left the desk and came back about four minutes later and handed Harry two cards.

They read Harry Potter and Ginny Potter. Harry handed Ginny her card and she hit him over the head with her bag. Fleur said, “That is the way it needs to be done for it to work against Harry’s account. Ginny I need your thumb print on this card as well.
Ron said, “So that is how the other half lives.”

Harry rejoined to Fleur, “Set up a vault for Ron and Hermione Weasley, set them up with credit cards and wizard credit, and then put two million galleons in their vault.”

Ron and Hermione immediately objected, but Harry said, “Too Bad, the transaction has already been transacted. Gringotts is nothing if it is not fast with these sorts of things.” Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and turned to leave the bank but in fact simply sat down into the lobby to wait for them. Ron and Hermione had to wait while Fleur set them up.

Ron and Hermione came out and Hermione said to Harry, “You should not have done that!”

Harry replied, “I have way too much money to spend in this lifetime, you may as well help me with it. Now let us go to Madam Malkin’s for some robes and other clothing.

The entered the robe shop, and Harry picked out three robes for himself and for Ginny, then he bought some work clothes, some workout clothes, plenty of underwear and socks, pajamas, dress shoes, sneakers and boots. Ginny and Ron still had clothes that would fit them at the Burrow. Harry suggested that Hermione should fill up her wardrobe, since she had not all that much with her either. Harry bought four nice trunks, and he put their purchases in them and teleported them to the Burrow.

After this they paid a visit to George at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. He had three helpers helping him in the shop, stocking shelves and running the till. George brought them into the backroom where Terry Boot was working on a project. George told them that Terry was almost as good as Fred at reading his thoughts, and that they worked really good at developing different projects. Terry was particularly good at magic codes and unlocking spells. And besides, George admitted, “He is really cute.” Terry blushed a bit, but then blew a kiss to George with a wink.

The Rook Four did not miss any of this but smiled and congratulated them. Harry told them about Potter Hall, and suggested that they could come out there to visit sometime. “Why don’t you come to the Burrow for dinner, and then we can floo to the Hall and give you the tour. Do you have a floo place here?” George pointed to a large fire place in the corner, “We are Weasleys Wheezes.”

Ron said, “Great! See you later tonight. Do Mom and Dad know yet?”

“Well no, not quite yet.”

Ron said, “Relax, we will spill no beans! Besides we have our own beans to take care of.”

Harry then asked George, “What I came in here for was some combat gear. The sort that muggle SWAT teams wear. A couple sets for each of us. The whole works.”

George’s eyes bugged out. Harry said, “We are starting some magical combat training. A level a little bit beyond what Aurors get. We may never need to enter combat with armed muggles and such, but we will need to be prepared for anything. Besides evil wizards may not recognize us if we look like muggles.”

“George said, “You guys really do have a lot of beans that do not need to be spilled. We will see you at supper.”

The walked down to the Leaky Caldron, ordered some thick, rare steaks with potatoes for lunch, and then Harry and Ron excused themselves, saying that they would be right back. They had just passed a jewelry shop, and Harry wanted to duck in there and make some purchases. Harry saw a ring in that shop, and he went in to get a second look at it. The ring winked at him, and so Harry bought it with a pair of matching wedding bands. Ron’s jaw dropped. Harry asked, “What are you getting?” Ron looked around while Harry took his purchase to the counter. The clerk said that it would cost harry 2000 galleons. Harry told him to make a chit. The clerk did so, Harry pressed his thumb to it and the chit turned green. The clerk put it in the register, and wrapped up his purchase. Ron did likewise with his purchase, and then they rushed back to the Leaky Cauldron just as their steaks arrived.

The girls looked at them, but said nothing. Their meal was enjoyed, and then they spent more time walking around Diagon Alley, poking in and out of the shops. Many were still closed, but Harry was interested to see that Ollivander was in his shop. The kids walked in, and found Mr. Ollivander beside himself trying to recover from the ruins of his shop. There were several hundred broken wands all over the place. Boxes were scattered about and crushed, and there was dust and debris everywhere. His son Garret was with him, trying to help, but there really little to do other than to get a big broom, but Mr. Ollivander would not hear of it. He carefully, lovingly it seemed to Harry, gathered up the sticks, and sorted them in to boxes. He still did not know what he would do with them, but he wanted to keep them, for he had put a bit of himself into each one of them.

Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione left Ollivander’s, did a little more shopping, and then floo to the Burrow. George and Terry were already there. Arthur was out in his shed. Harry waited until Ginny and Hermione were busy in their conversation and Harry stepped out to find Arthur.

Harry entered and said “Sir, I have a question to ask you.”

“Since when do you call me sir?”

Harry replied, “Since I want to ask you a question.”
“Well ok, Harry, ask away.”

“Sir, I would like your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

“Well, that is rather direct, not that I haven’t been expecting it, but I did think that you would wait until she finished at Hogwarts.”

“We have set no date for a marriage yet since I have not asked her yet, but it will be after she graduates, and then we will see. But if I put my ring on her finger, they all others will know that she has been spoken for.”

Arthur thought for a moment, but only a short moment before he said, “Good thinking son. You do know what wands are used for, don’t you?”

“Yes, but so far at least there are no worries there. Perhaps Ginny might force issues, but I do not plan to do so.”

“And when are you going to tell her?”

“Just after supper.”

Arthur Laughed, “I’m coming.” and he shut off the light in the shed.

By now all of the others were gathered in the family room off of the kitchen, supper was finished and butterbeers had been passed around. Harry sat down near Ginny. For a while conversation continued normally, but then Harry got up and kneeled before Ginny and said, “Miss Weasley, will you marry me?” And he opened the box in front of her.”

Ginny of course was speechless. Everyone else was too, except of course Mr. Weasley who stood up, hugged Harry and said, “Congratulations Son.”

Ginny, still speechless, stammered out, “Yes, of course Harry. I am so stunned!” and she started crying.

Ron said, “Way to go, Harry, making my sister cry like that!”

Ginny threw an empty butterbeer bottle at Ron, which fortunately did not hit anything important.

Molly was stunned and speechless. She hugged Ginny, and then came and hugged Harry.

Conversation was different somehow, at once both joyous and solemn. Ginny laid her head against Harry’s shoulder and continued to weep. Hermione kind of figured that this was coming what with the boys sudden departure from the Leaky Cauldron. What she did not take into account was Ron Weasley…

Ron fell down on his knee before Hermione and said, “Miss Granger, will you marry me?” and presented her with his open box.

Hermione shrieked. She had guessed about Harry and Ginny, but had no clue whatsoever that Ron was going to do exactly the same thing. She caught her breath, and stammered out her “Yes.”

Molly went to hug Hermione, Arthur went to congratulate Ron with a hearty hand shake and a hug.

Unseen by anyone George winked and nodded at Terry, who in turn nodded at George. Harry was the only one who caught that transaction. Harry held his breath…

George stood up and was standing behind Terry, “Well, I don’t know about all of this marriage stuff, but we may as well make it a clean sweep tonight. Terry and I are lovers, and are living together.” George swept Terry up and kissed him in front of his gathered family.

Harry was the first one over to George to offer his congratulations with a hug, and then he turned and hugged Terry. Ron followed this, as did Hermione and Ginny. Not to be out done, Arthur came up and hugged George, and then gave a heartfelt hug to Terry. Molly tenderly followed suit, although she was most stunned by this turn of events.

Harry saw a bag of beans in the pantry, and while no one was looking his way, he spilled them all over the floor. The six young people laughed until they were silly.

George explained that Harry had promised not to spill the beans.

Harry said, “Actually I have some more beans to spill… Ron, Ginny, Hermione and I are taking martial arts training this summer in lieu of Auror training classes which will not be held this year. There is a lot of magic stored in Potter Hall, and a whole library there to read. We have to see Kingsley on Monday, but I am certain that this will be an interesting and busy summer. We do not expect Hermione or Ginny to be on the sharp end of our project, whatever our project is, but we need them to be up to speed on this stuff so that they can back us up in this endeavor, Hermione on the research and training side, and Ginny on the logistics side of our little operation. I do not know what will happen, but we are going to study this stuff anyway. Time will show us what will happen.”

“And now it is time to floo to Potter Hall, Terry,” Harry handed him a small yellow card, “Press your thumb print on this card.” He did so, and the card turned green, “That is now your pass to enter Potter Hall. The protective wards to Potter Hall are very, very strong, and you will not get to the Hall without that card in your pocket. Instead you will simply end up in the Leaky Cauldron. Probably in the cauldron itself and not just in the bar.”
They all laughed at Harry, but what he said was perfectly true.

One by one the entered the floo with the words, “Potter Hall.”

And one by one they popped out of the floo at Potter Hall. Leal and Constance rushed out to meet them, for they were not expecting guests. Terry’s jaw dropped when he saw the place and stammered, “I had no idea!”

Harry said, “No problem, I had no idea of it either until professor McGonagall brought me out here a few days ago. There are some very strong magical wards protecting this place, even Professor McGonagall could not come in with me. But I was born here, and so was born into the magic as it were. In any event as soon as I passed the fence out by the road, Leal and Constance popped up before me and brought me the rest of the way in.

Right now we are in the formal part of the house, and is rather too formal for our liking, but come with me, and I’ll show you the family quarters. And so they passed into the family kitchen with its wooden table, and regular wooden chairs. Here the elves made bowls of ice cream appear.

After the ice cream, Harry led them up the stairs. “The elves quarters are back there to the left; the master bed room is in here.” He opened the door to give them a peek. and then walked down the narrow inside hallway, there are four rooms for the children, and then out here,” he passed another door, “is the balcony overlooking the Great Room. Now along here to the left is the Library,” and they walked in.

Terry’s jaw dropped again. “This is awesome! I betcha there is magic in here to be learned!”

“You got that right,” said Harry, “Kingsley and McGonagall want us to study this stuff this summer. Apparently they want us to be the most powerful Witches and Wizards in all of Great Britain. We thought education was finished, but now we discover that this is only the beginning.”

Terry asked, “Can I come out here to study some of this stuff. I have always known that there was more magic than what we did at Hogwarts.”

“You have your pass, and the floo is open, our elves will take care of you. Let us go back down stairs, we have much more to show you.”

The left the house by the kitchen door. Terry looked up and saw the giant rook staring him in the face. Harry continued, “This was the original house, before the hall was built. Now it is our laboratory of magic.” And Harry gave Terry the grand tour.

When they left, Harry said, “Just one more building.” And they entered the barn. “This needs some more work on it to put it back into shape, but we are going to make this our exercise and workout gymnasium. We will be practicing martial arts in here, Muggle style.”

Terry said, “Seamus Finnigan works with his muggle-pa who is a contractor. He wants to branch out on his own, doing wizard contracting. That barn should be a real snap for him.”

Harry added, “There is also the cottage in Godric’s Hollow proper. I want that fixed up too, because I want to establish a portal between the two houses. That will let us to bring contractors and stuff in here without using magic. Contact him and if wants to work on these projects, I’ll put him on the job”

“Cool, ok,” Said Terry.

They went back into the house and up to the bedroom level. The passed the first alcove, and Harry said that he and Ginny had rooms in here, and pointed to the last alcove saying that Ron and Hermione had their rooms down there. They entered the middle alcove. “These will be your rooms, there are connecting doors between the rooms that can be opened with the consent of the occupants. Everything you need to stay the night is in there.” Harry opened the doors for them.

Then Harry stepped back into the alcove, and with his wand conjured six chairs and a low coffee table. He pointed to the wall and a table appeared with flowers on it. He poked at the ceiling and a small chandelier appeared and was lit. He poked at another wall and a table with refreshments appeared. “Here! This is more comfortable than the great room and more private than the kitchen. I have made the elves a part of our family, but sometimes it is good to just get away by ourselves.”

And so the six of them spoke until the middle of the night, and then retired to their rooms.


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