Everyone who had remained at Hogwarts were now seated in the great hall. Professor McGonagall was stood at the front alongside Kingsley Shacklebolt.  Kingsley addressed everyone in the great hall with a speech he didn’t have time to prepare as he didn’t know how the battle of Hogwarts would turn out. He started by thanking everyone who fought from the order of the phoenix, the DA and everyone who fought for good against evil, he reserved special praise for the golden trio as they were now affectively known. He called them to the stage which Professor McGonagall erected whilst he was talking, he said without these three we wouldn’t be standing here victorious and there would have been obviously more casualties and deaths without their heroic actions. He continued by saying we do not and will never forget the ones who died alongside us fighting for what they believed in.



The great hall burst out into applause once it quietened down Kingsley carried on his speech by saying that Harry, Ron and Hermione are hereby awarded order of Merlin first class after their services to the wizarding world with a full service to follow. A timid voice at the back of the great hall spoke up and said does it not have to be the minister of magic who awards it. Kingsley then said with a chuckle oh yes it appears I have forgotten to mention something I am the new minister of magic, I will now hand you over to the new headmistress of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry: Professor Minerva McGonagall.



Professor McGonagall addressed everyone and said I am so proud to be named permanent headmistress of this great school however at this present moment we are not sure what state the school is in to even consider opening the school in September. I would like to ask for volunteers to help us get this great school back to the great school it was.  



On another note, due to the events of the past 12 months under the stewardship of Lord Voldemort and his cronies anyone who would like to return may do so also any 7th years who didn’t attend may retake their 7th year under my stewardship. We will also be assisting the ministry of magic to recruit more aurors anyone wishing to apply or would like further information please speak to your head of house.



 Harry, Ron and Hermione who had returned to their seats by this point entered conversation about what their future aspirations would be. Ron said to Harry so when do we sign up to become aurors? Harry replied you know what for now I’ve had enough of dark wizard catching I need to live a little seen as I never got a childhood really so I might come back to Hogwarts bit of quidditch and relax. Hermione and Ron both seemed taken back by Harrys comment but Ginny injected with I think it’s a great thing all four of us in the same year at Hogwarts for one last carefree year.


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