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          “Welcome! Find a seat.” Called their new teacher, Mr. Turman. The short plump teacher walked around excitedly as the wizards and witches took their seats behind Hogwart’s new computers. Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Neville walked to the back by a row of computers.

          “My dad would flip if he could take this class.” Ginny said as she swung her bag down to the ground and plopped behind a computer.

          “He’ll be asking about it all break.” Ron moaned as he slouched back in his seat. “Anyways, we’re wizards, why do we need computers?”

          “Good morning! I’ll give you all a minute to log in.” The teacher turned to the blackboard to write the directions.

          “Your log in is your first name dot last name at Hogwarts. Current passwords are your house names, once you are in, change your password to something you can remember.” Most of the class stared at Mr. Turman. A few students including Hermione, Harry and a few muggleborns started to follow the directions as a hand went up.

          “Where’s the log?” Ron whispered to Harry.

          “What? There isn’t any.” Harry whispered back.

          “He just said to use a log.” Ron whispered back. After a minute a hand went up.

          “Yes?” Mr. Turman asked.

          “What does ‘log in’ mean?”

          “Very funny, now log in.” The class didn’t move until Hermione slowly raised her hand.


          “Sir, most of the people here haven’t used a computer before unless you were born a muggleborn.” The professor looked confused as the majority of the class nodded their heads in agreement with Hermione.

          “Alright, turn your computer on until the gray box with ‘Log In’ comes up.” Mr. Turman looked around to see the room filled with blank faces.

“First turn the computer and monitor on...” Many students continued to give a blank face, still confused.

“That’s the button that looks like a circle with a line through it…” The room was filled with students moving around their computers. Some students found the button right away like Ginny, while others were looking behind their computers like Ron. Neville even tried to lift his screen.

“Where is it?” Ron said as he looked at the back of the monitor. Hermione waved him over and pointed to the computer button. Mr. Turman was quickly walking from student to student showing them how to turn on their computers. After a few minutes, every witch and wizard had their computers successfully turned on.

“Ok, on your screen will be a gray box with a blue bar that says ‘Log In’. There you will type your first name dot last name at Hogwarts. - What are you doing?” Mr. Turman said eyeing a Ravenclaw’s screen.

“I’m following your directions.” The Ravenclaw said, annoyed he had been singled out.

“Yes, but you don’t actually write the word ‘dot’.”

“You said first name dot last name. That’s what I did.” The Ravenclaw stated clearly confused. Mr. Turman closed his eyes and rubbed between his eyebrows.

“Alright. You are going to type your first name. All lower case. Ok?” Mr. Turman looked around the room for clarification the students understood so far. “Then you are going to hit the period button on the bottom right of your keyboard. You are not going to write out the word ‘dot’.” Mr. Turman sounded as if he was speaking to young children.

“What’s a keyboard?” Ron whispered quietly to Harry.

“The thing you’re using to type your name.”

“Once your log in name and password are typed hit the blue button at the bottom…of the screen!” Mr. Turman almost yelled at the end as a few students stood up to look for a blue button again.

“It’s still not working.” A fellow Gryffindor said after lowering her hand. Mr. Turman quickly walked over to her screen, leaned his head back in disbelief before turning to the rest of the class.

“You’re going to hit the button that says shift and that fancy ‘a’ on the top of the keyboard instead of writing the word ‘at’ out.”

          “Hello!” Neville’s computer suddenly said as he successfully logged in.

          “Hello. How are you?” Neville responded looking quite amazed with his computer.

          “You can’t have a conversation with a computer Neville.” Hermione said.

          “But it started it. I just said hello back.”

Soon the whole class was successfully logged into their computers and trying to get onto the internet, quite unsuccessfully.


          “Professor my computer is beeping at me.” A concerned Seamus said as the beeps accelerated. Mr. Turman quickly walked up behind Seamus.

          “What did you do I’ve never seen a red screen like this before?”


          “Harry, I think my computer is going to explode.” Ron said hesitantly as the tone for the internet connection moaned.

          “It’s just attaching to the internet.”

          “Why is it beeping then? And what is the internet?”



          “Stop hitting the side of your computer!” A flustered Mr. Turman called from the opposite side of the room before running to the Gryffindor who continued to hit the side of his monitor.


          “Ronald! What are you doing?” Hermione asked looking very confused at Ron’s screen.

          “I don’t know! The bloody thing isn’t working!”


          “There is no reason for you to be pulling out these wires. Leave them, I’ll fix it later.”

          “But I thought the internet would be coming through them so I unplugged them.”

          “Yes! Through them into your computer!”


          “Professor? The red screen is back.” Seamus called. “And my computer is really hot.”


          “How did you figure out Solitaire, but you haven’t been able to get onto the internet?” Mr. Turman nearly shouted at a Ravenclaw boy by the door.


          After an hour long class, only half of the students had successfully logged in, got on the internet and logged off. An exhausted looking Mr. Turman slouched in the chair behind the large wooden desk at the front the room. Beads of sweat dripped down his face.

          “Raise your hand if you have ever used a computer before?” Harry and a few muggleborns in the room raised their hands.

          “Who has ever seen a computer being used before?” Again, Harry and the muggleborns raised their hands.

          “We’ll start from the beginning next week. Class dismissed.” Mr. Turman lowered his head back until his head rested on the back of the chair.



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