Several hours later, Harry and Ginny took a slow walk around the Hogwarts ground taking in the scenes of devastation around them. Ginny says everything’s changed now, will Hogwarts ever be the same again? Harry replied I hope everything has changed for the better and Hogwarts will always be Hogwarts, if McGonagall needs help rebuilding I’ll be here to help. Harry and Ginny settled into silence and made themselves comfy under a tree taking shade from the sun. As they were taking in their own silence they heard a loud pop and Dobby appeared with a picnic and some music.



Even though the music was not to their taste, they thanked Dobby who quickly left unable to keep his emotions in check. His last words before leaving were Dobby is very happy that Harry Potter and miss Wheezy like his music. Harry sat there chuckling to himself firstly that Dobby still insisted that Ginny was Miss Wheezy and secondly how happy Dobby was that he received appreciation from Harry.      



Once they were both full from the lovely food Dobby had prepared, Harry said we need to talk  he carried on and said we kissed at the wedding and in that moment it was all I wanted but I had to leave to finish Dumbledore’s mission or we would both have ended up dead after a pause he carried on I completed the mission Voldemort is gone but I wish I didn’t have to leave you but I did for your safety. Ginny interrupted and said you think I was in less danger because you left? Your wrong I’m a blood traitor and was dating the chosen one but I understand why you left. Harry then continued and said Ginevra Molly Weasley I love you more than I thought was possible please forgive me for leaving.        



Ginny sat in silence taking in what Harry had just said. As she tried to regain composure from what Harry just said he interrupted and said I heard what you said last night. A usual never quiet Ginny was now stuck for words and as she kept trying to speak all she could do was stutter and go redder by the second. Her face was now brighter than her hair which was quite a feat considering she had inherited the famous Weasley hair.   She replied after what seemed like a lifetime, I love you Harry but I can never forgive you. What for? harry replied. Ginny said leaving me for the mission I understand, going into the forest to die for the greater good I don’t agree with your decision but I understand it. I can’t forgive you for letting me believe you was dead.



Harry sat there in silence thinking about where they would from here, Ginny interrupted his thoughts and said obviously you couldn’t show Voldemort you was alive in the forest you needed to get back to Hogwarts so you had the support of Dumbledore’s Army to finish off your mission. Harry started smiling and whilst laughing said that was exactly the plan.



For the next few hours they sat talking about old memories from the first time Harry went to the burrow and Ginny was too embarrassed to be in the same room as him to the kiss at the wedding and everything in between. 

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