It was early hours of the 2nd May 1998, Harry had returned to the Gryffindor common room and was sat in his favourite arm chair by the fire unable to believe that he a 17 year old boy managed to kill Voldemort. Harry has so much going on in his head, so many questions he wanted answers too. He knew the answers would come in time but for now harry settled with summoning Kreacher and asking for some soup and sandwiches. Now that Harry had eaten, he was starting to feel tired however as always, his thoughts wandered back to Ginny Weasley. Ginny was someone who never left his thoughts during the past months when he, Ron and Hermione was out looking for horcruxes. He tried to hide the fact all he thought about was Ginny and if he wasn't thinking about her he was staring at her tiny dot on his dads old map.


Harrys thoughts of Ginny and the fact she was now safe were interrupted by a tiny cough. He immediately thought it was Professor Umbridge, a tiny voice broke his panic ‘I am not Umbridge you know’. He found the source of the cough with a longing look towards his favourite red head, Ginny! Harry tried to run towards her however due to exhaustion, he’d barely ran a few steps before collapsing. Ginny sat down next to Harry on the floor and whispered it’s over, its finally over to which harry replied, he’s gone and your safe, it’s all done.


Harry and Ginny sat there in a peaceful silence for a few minutes until Harry finally passed out. After a few hours and Ginny finally dozed off, she was woken up by Harry shouting, crying and wriggling about. Harry started having bad dreams about the past few hours and all those who had died to help him finally defeat Voldemort.
As Ginny tried calming him down, Ron and Hermione came running down from the girl’s dormitories both having got used to Harrys dreams during the past few years. All three managed to combine to wake Harry up who kept exclaiming I need to find him, he will never hurt anyone I care about again, I will make sure he’s gone if I must die again to stop him then I will.


Ginny sat there in silence contemplating what Harry just said, she sent a questioning look to Hermione who returned a small nod and whispered he went to the forest tonight to die for you so you would never have to suffer. With this Ginny started crying uncontrollably whilst saying does he not know that Harry being dead is worse than being subjected to Voldemort’s regime. Ginny was overwhelmed with the fact Harry would sacrifice himself for her to live. As everyone apart from Ginny was now asleep she muttered I love you Harry, I’m glad the battle is over but you will never fight alone again to herself unaware Harry had woken up and heard every word.

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