The next thing I remembered, I was lying on a bed, with the sound of arguing voices above me.

“What are you doing here?!” I heard Adam shout.

“I wanted to come and see her! Is that a crime?” said a voice. It sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place it.

“Why on earth would you want to come to see her?”

“Because I care about her?”

“Care about her? Yeah right. She hates you.” Wait, what? Who do I hate?

“What are you doing here?”

“I happen to be her boyfriend, Malfoy.” Ohhhh, that made sense. Malfoy.

“Yeah well, she doesn't really care about you.”

“Shut the fuck up Malfoy.” I shouted, opening my eyes. Well, I say shouted, it came out as barely more than a whisper.



About ten different people shouted my name at the same time. Shocked, I looked around. Standing around my bed were not only Malfoy and Adam, but Louis, Lucy, Roxy, Hugo, Albus, Lily, Kayla, Abby, Nalini and Layla.

"What happened?” I asked groggily.

“Well, um… you took a bludger to the head and…” Kayla began.

“No, not that. The match!”

“Why the fuck would you care more about fucking quidditch than why you're lying in a fucking hospital bed having been fucking knocked out for the last two fucking hours?” Abby exclaimed. Okay, I think that deserves an award. She just managed to use the word fuck five times in a sentence. Who said I swore a lot again?

“Abby!” Kayla said reproachfully. She had this weird thing against swearing.

“Because she's a Weasley.” Al answered Abby, smirking at me. “James, Fred and Dom would be proud.”

“Great, that's my life ambition.” I said, rolling my eyes. “Anyway. The match?”

“Oh, I caught it just after Corner knocked you out.”

“What!” I shouted, trying to sit up, and wincing in pain. “Corner did this! Wait to I get my hands on him.”

“Oh, don't worry, we've already taken care of him.” Louis said quickly.

“Yeah, he'll think twice about messing with the Wotter family next time.” Roxy added.

“What did you do to him?" I asked.

“We may or may not have turned him and all his belongings Gryffindor red for 48 hours.” Hugo smirked. This is why I love my family.

“Thanks guys.” I smiled. “Was it a WWW product?” I asked Roxy.

“One of the new ones.” She answered smirking. George always gave his daughter free samples of the latest joke products.

“So, Corner hit me with a bludger, then what happened?”

This time it was Kayla that answered. “McGonagall slowed you're fall, but you still hit the ground hard. Roxy, Lily and Louis carried you up here, well, levitated you up here, and everyone arrived up heretic minutes later, but Madame Pomfrey wouldn't let us in. She only let us in five minutes ago.”

“I was so worried, Ro!” Layla exclaimed.

"Where have I hurt myself?” I asked them.

“Well, no one knows apart from Pomfrey who's not telling us.” Nalini answered. As if on cue, Madame Pomfrey walked out of her office. And promptly freaked out.

“ONLY FIVE VISITORS AT A TIME!” she yelled. Oops. I think we all forgot that rule. And there were twelve people around my bed. Uh oh. No one liked an angry Pomfrey.

“In fact, all of you, out!” She continued.

“But Madame Pomfrey…”



“EVERYONE OUT!” Pomfrey screeched. “I NEED TO CHECK THIS GIRL’S ALRIGHT NOW THAT SHE’S WOKEN UP.” Everyone left after that. For five minutes. As soon as the old witch had finished, she let five people back in: Abby, Nalini, Kayla, Layla and Adam. I still don't understand why she lets five people in. Why not six? Or four? Or everyone? Anyway…

We talked for fifteen minutes, but Abby then realised that she needed to finish the charms essay that was due in on Monday, and threatened to murder Nalini with a ‘fucking axe’ if she didn't come with her so that she could copy her essay. (I know, there's nothing like a good old muggle axe. When I threaten Nalini, it's normally just with avada kedavra. I mean, you get put in Azkaban either way, and I really don't like blood and guts and that kind of thing. Okay, back to the point). Anyway, Nalini went with her (I know, great friends).

Kayla and Layla stayed behind, until Kayla mumbled something about something (maybe transfiguration?) and left and Layla went soon after, saying something about wrackspurts.

“Um... Layla? What are wrackspurts?” I asked her before she could leave.

“Oh, they're invisible creatures that float around and make your brain go fuzzy.” She replied. Ohhhhh. What?

“Where did you hear that?”

“Oh, I was reading this book by Luna Lovegood.” Oh. Luna was a family friend of ours. She was a bit weird.

“Oh, okay. Bye then.” As soon as she had left, I turned to Adam, glad to finally be alone with him.

“Rose. I was so worried about you.” Adam breathed.

“Well, I'm fine now.”

“Thank g-d.” And then he leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips. I pulled him closer, deepening the snog, and his hands had gone up the back of my top, and mine were on his chest.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” I broke away abruptly, glaring at Albus, who was wearing a disgusted expression.

“Snogging my boyfriend. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Yes actually.”

“Well go and bore Malfoy with it, not me.” Did I say that I loved my family? I take that back.

“Not until I've spoken with Jenkins here.”

“Um… Al? You do do he's been my boyfriend for quite a few days now?”

“Yes.” He growled. “However, I only found out today. Why?”

“Cos I knew that you would react like this.”

“Should I tell Fred and James? I'm sure they would be interested to hear what's going on.”

“You will do no such thing.” I said coldly. Al, Fred and James were the reason that Adam was my first boyfriend. Every time someone had so much as looked at me, my sweet and kind cousins would start shouting at them. The only reason that I had a boyfriend now was because two of my personal boyfriend guards had left, and Al was pretty useless on his own.

“Watch me.” Al snarled, and Hugo, who had come into the Hospital Wing behind Al, nodded.

“Fucking hell guys, leave her alone.” Roxy snapped.

“Thanks Roxy.” I gave her a quick smile, before turning to Al. “If you so much as hint to James about this, then you'll have me to answer to.” Al paled a little under my glare. He knew just as well as I did that if I was cross with someone, they would pay. In my forth year, James, Al and Fred frightened off another boy, and all three of them woke up the next morning with no hair, and the skin was Slytherin green. It didn't go for 48 hours. They had to go to class like that and and everything. It was absolutely hilarious. Al also knew that I always carried out my word. All my family and friends had learnt by now that if I said that I would do something, I would do it. I don't get the point of saying you're going to do something, and then not doing it. Why would you do that? It makes no sense.

“Sorry Adam.” I whispered to him. “We can continue later.” He just smiled to me in reply. Turning to Al again, I narrowed my eyes. “You will stay out of this if you know what's good for you.”

“As long as you stop with the public affection.”

“It was private until you came in!” I glared, my voice rising. “And you'll stay out of this if you know what's good for you.”

“WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” Madame Pomfrey asked, bursting into the room. “ALL OF YOU. OUT. NOW. THIS GIRL NEEDS REST.”

“Madame Pomfrey, please can I stay with her.” Adam pleaded.

However, before she could reply, I said “It's okay Adam. I'll see you tomorrow at eleven.” Tomorrow was the Hogsmeade trip. I really couldn't wait. Adam had been dropping hints that he had something really exciting planned for ages now. Then everyone left the room, and I was left to deal with the pain of my mending bones with no distraction.


Two hours later, I was allowed to leave the hospital wing (finally!) feeling as good as new. Well, until I walked into something.

“Sorry.” I muttered. Then I looked up. There was no one there. I had walked into a wall. Of course I had. Well, me, being the very co-ordinated person that I am, then bumped into another wall five minutes later.

“Bloody hell!” I shouted. “Why do I keep walking into walls?!”

“Um… Rose?” Wait, a talking wall? Looking up, I saw a very confused looking Scorpius Malfoy. Of course. Of all the people, I had to walk into him. Great. He probably thought that I was fucking crazy now.

Blushing hard, I looked up at him. “Sorry.” I said embarrassed. “I thought you were a wall.”

“Evidently.” He replied, smirking.

“Yeah, um… I'm just going to go now. Yeah. Um… bye.” And I walked away. What the hell? Since when was I nervous around Malfoy? Whatever. I didn't really know or care about that.

Entering the common room, I looked around for my friends, but couldn't find any of them. Ignoring the cheers that I get when I entered, I brushed off everyone trying to talk to me and headed up to the common room. However, when I entered, I was taken by a surprising scene.

Abby was crying. On the bed. Like she was probably crying. Not just like eyes watering, but full on, wet pillow, red eyes crying, with her mascara running down her face. What. The. Hell. Abby never cried. Like, never.

“Abby?” I murmured softly. As she turned to face me, I murmured, “Oh Abs, what's wrong baby?”

“You're cousin.” She cried. And it didn't take Einstein to figure out which one. Albus fucking Potter.

“What did he do?” I asked her softly.

“He asked someone to Hogsmeade.” And from her disgusted expression, I knew what would be the next words out of her mouth. Not that they didn't surprise and shock me. “He asked Shelly bloody McLaggan

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