The Quidditch trials were held on Friday afternoon, but ended up being a lot more hassle than I anticipated. More people than usual wanted to try out this year, which meant that the trials were a lot more chaotic than the previous years that I had run them. Apparently a keeper was a popular position at the moment.


After doing some warm ups, throwing the ball to each other, etcetera, and everyone proving to be very good, I decided to see how everyone played as a team. I tried out each person, and after two hours of intense Quidditch playing, a lot of tears from the people who didn’t get through, and a couple of broken teeth, I found that I had two people left.


Unfortunately, they were both as good as each other, and after half an hour of the quaffle going back and forth between the two goal posts, I just made a decision based on who I would want to work with more. However, this decision meant that I was turning down Robert Jackson, a hefty Gryffindor, who would not take being turned down lightly, especially as he could accuse me of favouritism, as the other player was my cousin, Louis Weasley.


Sure enough, after I had told the two players my chose, Jackson landed beside me, growling.


“You don't deserve to be captain. It's obvious that you just chose your cousin out of favouritism.”


‘Ha,’ I thought to myself wearily. Hit the nail on the head.


“You should watch yourself Weasley, I will get you back for this.”


“No, you won't Jackson, not if I can help it.” Turning, I saw Malfoy strolling towards us.


“Thanks Malfoy, but I think I can fight my own battles.” I glared at him, before walking away, not knowing or caring why it took so much effort not to look back.


Furious, I changed and headed back to the common room, wanting to get my potions homework done before I headed to bed, so that I didn't have that much to do over the weekend. On top of the potions homework, I had a transfiguration essay to finish, a charms one to check over and a herbology one to write. I had been up until eleven o'clock every evening this week trying to get everything finished. I mean, come on, it was the first fucking week of school! And I though last year was bad!


However, as soon as I entered the dormitory to get my books, Abby looked at me weirdly.


“Um… Ro, aren't you meant to be doing head girl duties now?” Shit. I totally forgot that it was my night to patrol the corridors. The whole Quidditch thing had made me so angry that I hadn't even thought about my duties.


Breathing heavily, I arrived at the meeting point just on time, after sprinting the whole way.


“Bloody hell Rose, you look like you just run a marathon.” I was greeted by the head boy, Adam Jenkins.


“Thanks.” I glared at him.


“Oh, no! I didn't mean it like that!” He was blushing. Odd. “I just meant that you look really tired and bothered by something, not to mention the fact that your panting like you've just run half way through the school.”


“Well, I have.” I replied. To answer his questioning look, I carried on. “Just held Quidditch trials, turned down Jackson, and then got threatened by him, making me so bloody angry that I ran up to the Gryffindor common, only to be reminded by my friend that I had to patrol tonight, when all I want to do is my fucking homework before going to bed!” Wait, what! Why did I just tell Adam Jenkins, a boy I have barely ever spoken too, all of that?


“Jackson threatened you? Wait till I get hold of him.” Adam growled. For some strange reason, I appreciated his support, and it didn't make me angry like Malfoy’s had.


“Thanks.” I answered, not really knowing what to say.


“Come on, we better start.” Startled by the sudden change in subject, I wondered if he was embarrassed for saying that he would protect me. I went with it anyway, to tired to think about it anymore.


However, by the time I got back to the dormitory and was lying in bed, I felt fully awake.


It's probably nothing Rose. Stop getting your hopes up.


But what if he does like me?


Don't kid yourself. Someone like that popular would never look at someone like you.


Oh, did I mention that Adam Jenkins is one of the most popular boys in the school? There was no way that he would ever have a crush on me, and, after deciding that, I fell asleep.


Over the next few weeks, I watched Adam very carefully, incase he showed anymore signs of fancying me. A couple of times, I saw him looking at me, before meeting my eye, turning away and blushing, and sometimes when we were patrolling together I got the sense that he was trying to say something, but he never did.


After about six weeks of wondering, I decided to give up hope. I mean, if he did actually want to go out with me, he would have already asked me out, no?


I’m not even sure that I want to go out with him anyway.


Shut up Rose, you know that you do.



No, I don't. 


Rose, literally every girl in the school wants to go out with him. You'd be mad if you didn't.


Exactly. Every girl wants to go out with him. So I don't have a chance anyway.


Says who? What about all those times you've caught him looking at you?


They were just accidents. Everyone looks at other people subconsciously.


Not that much.


Why am I even thinking like this! He's never going to ask me out! Get over it Rose!


He could ask you out.


Sod off.


“Ro? Are you alright?” Kayla brought me out of my inner battle. We were doing some homework together in the library, and all four of my friends were looking at me oddly.


“Yeah, I'm fine. Why?”


“You just seem a little… distracted.”


“Do I? Sorry.”


“Is it a boy, Ro?” Layla teased. Omg, is she a fucking legilemens? The other girls looked at me curiously.


“What? No, of course not.” I exclaimed, blushing. I'm not quite sure why I suddenly didn't want to tell them, but I didn't.


“Ohhhhh there is a boy!”


“Sod off Nalini.”




“Hey, Abby, I heard that!”


"You were meant to."


“Who is it then?”


“Does he like you back?”


“If he asks you out, would you say yes?”


“Do you think he will ask you out?”


“Shut up guys, Ro hasn't even said that she has a crush on anyone!” Blinking gratefully at Kayla, I turned to glare at the others.


“She does though.” Nalini teased.


“Right, that's it.” I shouted, slamming my ancient runes book closed, picking up my bag, and walking off to sit at a table on the far side of the library, where hopefully I could finish writing my essay in peace.


“Hey Rose.” I looked up to see Adam walking towards me. “Do you mind if I um... sit down?”



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