“Should I wake her?” I woke up to the sound of whispering coming from above my bed.


“Yeah, do you think water would do the trick? Agu…”


“I'm up, I'm up.” I grumbled, before Nalini could finish the spell. My scowl only deepened when the other girls fell about laughing at me.


“What's so funny?”


“Rose Weasley, an all round early morning riser, just woke up and breakfast is already half finished.”


“What?!” I shouted, jumping out of bed immediately, making the other girls laugh harder.


“So, Ro, why did you wake up so late today?” Layla asked me, once I had got out the shower and dressed.


“I was tired.”


“Evidently.” Abby replied, rolling her eyes.


“Are we going to go down to breakfast or not?”


By the time we got down there, the Great Hall was nearly empty. I was just about to grab a piece of toast when we got disturbed by Professor McGonagall.


“Great, timetables.” Kayla muttered under her breath. Unfortunately McGonagall heard.


“Yes Miss Nott, timetables.” After we had told her what subjects we were doing, she waved her wand, and timetables appeared on the empty pieces of paper that she held, which she then handed to each of us. Once she had finally finished, we were finally able to have breakfast.


Luckily for me, I had a free double period now, but Abby and Layla had Care of Magical Creatures, and Kayla had History of Magic, so me and Nalini headed down to the lake to make the most of the hot weather while it lasted. We spent the time talking about family, school and boys. Nalini kept teasing me about liking Malfoy, so I decided to change the subject.


“What about you, Nali? Who do you have a crush on?” I wasn't really expecting her to give me an answer, and so was therefore surprised when she stuttered. But not as surprised as I was when she actually told me.


“Uh…. Albus Potter.” Oh dear. This could get complicated. Abby had told me this morning that she did like my Al, after I had questioned her at breakfast about how she kept blushing when she was in his company. What do my friends find so bloody attractive about my fucking cousin?


“C..cool.” I said, not really knowing how to reply.


“Sorry Ro, it must be a bit weird for you, knowing that I have a crush on your cousin.” You have no idea, I thought.


“Yeah.” I laughed weakly. “Just a bit.”


“You won't tell anyone, Rose will you?”


“I wouldn't dream of it.”


“Good.” Nalini said, and her whole body relaxed.


“Can I ask you something though?” I asked her.


“Yes, as you just have.”


“Ha, ha, ha.”


“What?” Nali asked, innocently.


“What do you see in Al?” I laughed as Nali blushed a shade of red that I didn't think possible, and then turned to glare at me, before her expression relaxed.


“I guess he’s kinda cute, and really fit, and very funny.” She looked at me, and burst out laughing. Oh dear g-d, I thought. Here we go again. Another laughing fit. Once I had calmed Nalini down, we realised that we were nearly late for Charms, so we had to run. We just got to the classroom on time. Which was just as well, as I really didn't want to lose any points for Gryffindor on the first day.


“Just in time, Miss Granger-Weasley and Miss Thomas.” Flitwick squeaked. Breathing heavily from relief and all the running, I turned to take my seat. However, I found that there were only two left: one next to Layla, and one next to Malfoy. Al was sitting with McLaggan of all people. I turned to face Nalini, but she had already taken the seat next to Layla, and all four of my friends, and Al and Malfoy were sitting there smirking at me. Obviously this had been planned.


Sitting down next to Malfoy, I moved my chair as far away from his as I could, and steadfastly ignored him for the whole lesson. When the end of the lesson came, I through my books into my bag and sprinted out of the classroom, only stopping when I had rounded the corner. There I waited for my friends to come after me, which they did thirty seconds later, laughing there heads off at me.


“Wow Rose, I didn't think it was humanly possible to move that fast.”


“Oh sod off.”


“Just go out with him Ro!” Nali exclaimed, but backtracked as she saw my face.


“Fine! It was just an idea.” Just as I was about to tell her where to shove that idea, Layla interrupted me.


“We don't won't to be late for transfig do we? I think McGonagall would murder us, and you've already nearly been late for one lesson today.” As there was more than a little truth in her words, I decided to let the subject drop, and followed the others to transfiguration, complaining with the others about how much charms homework we had been given.


“Just you wait, I bet McGonagall will give us tones as well.”


“I already have History of Magic homework!” Kayla groaned.


Luckily, although we had transfiguration with the Slytherins, I didn't have to sit with Malfoy. Instead, I was sitting with Abby. However, that didn't stop me from begging annoyed by Malfoy, and half way through the lesson, I felt something hit the back of my head. Turning, I saw Malfoy grinning at me.


“What?” I mouthed at him. He grinned and pointed to a bit of parchment that was on the floor. Opening it up, I saw six words written in neat writing.


Will you go out with me?


Rolling my eyes, I ripped up the parchment, thinking back to the first time that Malfoy had asked me out. It was back in forth year, and I had just finished a Care of Magical Creatures lesson. I had stayed behind as Hagrid had asked for help to put the nifflers away (I offered as nifflers are literally the cutest things ever). For some reason, Malfoy had stayed behind for me, and as we started walking back to the school together, he had asked me to the Hogsmeade trip with him. I had looked at him and said no, and he had run off to find Al.


Ever since then, Malfoy had been asking me out at every opportunity. No one else in my dorm could understand why I didn't want to go out with him. Yes, I'll admit that he is good looking, but that doesn't want to make me go out with him. Maybe, back in forth year, he did like me, but now, he just wanted me to say yes as he was too stubborn to give up. It was obvious that he didn't like me anymore, so I wish he would just leave me alone.


On top of that, he is arrogant, annoying and a Malfoy. My dad would die if I went out with a Malfoy. Either that, or he would disown me. Maybe mum would be more understanding.  If she was, the she and my dad would get into a massive argument, and Hugo would then get really upset, and as much as my brother could be irritating, I hated seeing him upset.


I really didn't want to rip up my family like that. I mean, it's not like I was going to say yes to him anyway, but if, in another world, I for some reason liked him (ugh, I just vomited), then it wouldn't work anyway.


Later that day, I was confronted in the common room by Chloe Williams, a sixth year Gryffindor, who was the seeker on the Quidditch team.


“Rose, I was just wondering when the Quidditch trials are, and if I have to try out again.”


Smiling to myself at Chloe's eagerness, I replied.


“The trials are on Friday afternoon, and don't worry Chloe, there's no way that you aren't getting back onto the team. The only place available this time is the keepers.”

“Oh, good.” She sighed looking relieved, and went back to her friends.

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