(Authors Note: I was actually having trouble keeping up with all my random characters, So I added a small guide to the end of this to kind of put in perspective whom/where everyone belongs. Its been awhile since i've updated, sorry if anyone is actually still reading this.)

“We’re in a castle” Ginny breathed as they moved up the stone steps the levitating bodies behind them and the wands trained on them should any break the stupefy was eery enough, but they were in a god damn bloody castle. Not like a nice cheery Hogwarts castle, but like a stone and grime brimstone probably haunted and a good place to get murdered castle.

“Yea this definitely beats the manor” Draco answered back as the torches in front of them sprang to life the Hallway above the stairs seemed to keep going a few doors were closed to them venturing off from the hall.

“You can take our friend in there” McNally muttered as they passed once door and it opened to them.

“Draco?” Seamus sighed. It wasn’t a question they both knew what they had to do.

“Yeah” was all he responded as he flicked his wand sailing the Deathie none to gently through the doorway.

“Won’t open for anyone but who I say it does”, McNally cast them a grim look. It was one thing to kill your enemy it was another to pry into their mind to submit them to torture basically to learn what they knew. Draco was exceptionally good at it. He did it with almost finesse while Seamus bruised into them asserting his sheer force of will on them. They made a damn good team when they wanted, but still it was grim business. Ginny gave his hand a squeeze before the man disappeared into the darkness.

“Let’s get the rest of these poor souls into the ballroom we’ve had it set up as a infirmary for weeks you’ll find everything you need in there”, he intoned to Gabrielle. A nod was her only answer as she looked around dumbstruck like the rest of the group.

“This… is where you grew up?” Jesse asked in disbelief.

“It explains so much” Lee finished for him.

They moved through the hallway and light sprang up ahead of them they entered a huge room light spilling out from a glass ceiling, it was nearly dawn. Ahead of them huge wooden doors were open to a grand room.

“Through there.” McNally barked the gruff order.
They all followed, the bodies floating behind them. Gabby sprang ahead Lance attempting to follow her as fast as he could manage. They weren’t the first to arrive it seemed. The room was crowded with Order Members. Some They had never even seen before.

“Victims on the beds, keep all the ones under the imperious over there on the far corner” Gabrielle began directing with her wand as if it was a symphony. “Do not release the stupefy, we’re not sure how they’re going to come out of this.” The group responded as commanded.

“Where is captain?” Remus practically bolted into the group. Ginny hadn’t seen him leave the hub in forever.

“He didn’t make it” Lavender managed because no one else seemed to be able to speak. “Ned as well,” she added.

Remus looked as if for a moment he might be consumed by grief before he pulled himself together. “Anyone injured find a bed”, he ordered, “Anyone not find someone to help, I heard a little of what happened, but Blaise if you could debrief the rest of the command we’ve set up a sort of war room through there I gathered Draco and Seamus were entertaining a guest they can join us shortly”, he pointed to through a door that was probably once a kitchen used to serve the guests of the ballroom.

Blaise stopped for a moment not sure of his place. With Kingsley gone the hierarchy of their group would then flow to him as the third in command, but it didn’t seem right, it didn’t seem like it would fit and then he saw her. The blonde haired little mouse circling the room dealing out potions and salves a stern look on her face. If she could survive this then so could he. “Yes sir” he managed as he followed Remus and the group departed.

“Ginny we need you” Luna rushed passed her pushing a cart of vials.

“Right behind you”, This was easy falling into a healer role, the only thing she had to think about was the patient in front of her.

The rest of the pheonix’s stood stock still an awkward group clustered together in the entrance of the big room.

Gabrielle brushed back to them “Well?” she intoned to them hands on hips, “Follow me we have work to do.” They shuffled forward with a little more purpose as they headed to the far corner of the room where the imperious victims were still stupefied.

“Everyone works in pairs” Molly Weasley instructed. “One person lifts the stupefy, and whomever is more skilled with charms needs to cast an anti-mind magic charm to lift any lingering Imperious. “If should any wake up volatile another stupefy should put them back down , although this long away from the influence of their attackers they should almost be shaking it off themselves, wands at the ready, you may begin”.

“Charms, that’s you mate”, Lee pushed Jesse in front of him as they neared the first cot, a read headed girl was staring up at the ornate ceiling, horrified expression on her face, as if she had started fighting the imperious before she was taken down.

“Ready?” Jesse pointed his wand.

“Go.” A jet of light shot from Lee’s wand as Jesse flicked his in a silent charm. The girl sat bolt upright with a breath as if she was come from underwater and nearly drowned. She looked wild, dirty, and malnourished.

“Peace, you’re safe”, Jesse tried to put as much calm in his voice as possible.

“Where….” She began, her eyes started to water, she looked around wildly at her surroundings her gaze flicked to Jesse’s face then to Lee’s as if they were the only things in focus for her.

“With the order, you’re safe”, Jesse repeated again as Lee took a step back. People weren’t really his strong suit nine times out of ten he said the wrong things and he made jokes when he felt anxious. No good for him to open his mouth just yet.

“Safe…” She breathed the word out like it was foreign she looked at her hands as if she didn’t recognize them there was dirt and blood caked around and under her nails. The boy in front of her was speaking again, but she didn’t hear him. It was like he was trying to speak with her through thick glass. “Order” she repeated the only other word she had heard him say.

“Are you hurt physically?” Jesse tried again. She peered up at him, Hazel eyes with tints of green.

“Was she hurt?” That was what he was asking, she wasn’t sure. She tried to think back tried to remember, but her head. Her head felt like it was swelling and would burst. She closed her eyes to calm her mind. She was hurt. They had hurt her. She had done things. She felt pressure on her hand and she saw his hand on hers and she jerked away. She didn’t want to be touched.

Jesse jerked his hand back as well. “Real smooth” ,he heard Lee whisper behind him. He wanted to hex his best friend every which way till Sunday right now. “Mrs. Weasley” Jesse lifted his head from her face, “Keep an eye on her Lee”, he walked around the cot to the older woman. He still wasn’t brave enough to call her Molly despite her insistence.

“Yes dear?” The others were waking up Jesse noticed there was only one other woman in the group the rest were men, some were crying some were screaming the others sat silent as the grave. Only one seemed to be in functioning order. Julius Blackthorn, C Teams Leader, was already being questioned by Sirius as they spoke in low hushed voices.

“I think they did something beyond what they did to the others… she’s young and…” he really hoped he didn’t have to say it.

Molly gave him a sad smile, “I understand go help the others”, she put a hand on his shoulder as she scooted passed him to the cot the girl still sat on. Lee looked helpless sitting there, thankful for the relief of the Weasley Matriach he rejoined Jesse.

“I am going to make them rip off their own skin if I ever find the people responsible for this”, Jesse ground out.

Molly was speaking to the girl now in a soothing voice. She seemed to be responding as she laid back and let Molly run her wand for vitals. She placed her hand on the girls for head which she flinched at, but relaxed a moment later. Jesse didn’t miss the frown on Molly’s face, or the rage behind her eyes he was familiar with that rage he felt exactly the same.

“That was dark mate”, Lee was giving him a wide birth. “We’ll find who did this, and we’ll end them.” Jesse nodded. “They need us still though so hold it together.” Lee guided his friend over to another section of lesser wounds the pitiful charms they had learned at Hogwarts could mend. The entire sunrise was spent pulling curses from people and waking the nearly dead. The C-Team was attacked tortured and put under the imperious after bad information led them to an ambush. The secret keeper whom was supposed to have the only way to McNally’s castle was dead, killed in the initial fighting. It was safer to only entrust it to one person, but most of the other teams knew where all the safe houses were.

Draco and Seamus had surfaced, both looking more grim than they had if that was at all possible, as they joined the others in the war room. Most of B team hadn’t made it out of their safe house their number was cut almost in half the other order members assigned to various places had seemed to mostly make it unscathed. Molly’s location was not attacked which led them to believe the Deathies didn’t know of it, since no one in C Team had ever been there, they were a fairly new group who had joined in the fighting later. The day was not completely lost as their central communications hub was also not hit. It remained on high alert as they weren’t too many wizards who manned it. It would have been difficult to move all the dark artifacts they had found and information they had gathered, even the tiniest scrap of intel was stored at the hub. It had a safety measure to self destruct if it should be compromised, but they would lose a year’s worth of research. The Weasley twins had made it nearly impossible to enter and find unless they wanted you to.

“So where does that leave us”, Arthur Weasley stood around the big island in the old kitchen. Molly would have loved to visit a place like this one holiday she probably would have been awed by the ballroom, but spend most of her time in the huge kitchens.

“The trio still hasn’t been found, The Pheonix’s are mostly in tact but I can’t honestly say how affective they can manage without Kingsley’s leadership”, Sirius wasn’t the biggest fan of the group, or maybe he just wanted to join them.

“Kingsley will never be forgotten, but Seamus is ready”, Draco said in a low growl as he entered the room, him and Seamus had perfect timing it seemed.

“B Team is decimated, C Team worst off because we don’t know what kind of long term effects will be on the ones that survived”, Sirius kept going as if no one had interrupted him. Draco expected Blackthorne to defend his group but he looked down at the floor. Maybe Sirius was correct.

“A Team made it out with just a few scrapes and bruises thanks to mostly Luna”, he looked amazed, “She killed six Deathies with those plants we all laughed at”. Arthur smiled to himself.

“Trio aside”, Seamus spoke for the first time, “We have the Package we were sent for still and we got more than that from the Deathie who hitched a ride with Ginny”.
They all turned to him.

“We were trying to figure out how they were regaining numbers when they clearly weren’t popular some of it was fear some of it was recruiting other creatures of darkness like the dementors and weres, but how they were getting skilled witches and wizards on their side when they didn’t seem to believe in the whole Voldemort the all mighty shindig, we know how.”

“What do you mean?” Remus looked up interested. Apparently he was more than used to Sirius’s we’re all doomed rants.

“They’re kidnapping their families”.

“We had heard something of that was going on already…” Sirius started, but Seamus cut him off.

“Not on this scale you haven’t,” Seamus flicked his wand an a map appeared in the middle of the table. “This is a prominent pure blood neighborhood, right?”
“Yea we were under the impression there were sympathizers, but not supporters”, Arthur joined him peering down at the spot.

“It’s gated, secure, there’s a huge lake on this side”, Blaise was pointing on features now. “These two houses are empty now, abandoned after the initial downfall”.
“How do you know all this?” Sirius arched a brow at them.

“That was my home”, he pointed to the first, “The other was an elderly couple, my parents were trying to help them evacuate when the fighting started.” No one questioned him. That was the day he lost his parents.

“This is the Parkinson Manor”, he ran his finger along to another house, “Lestrange” another “Goyle”.

“We get it, Deatheater families live there”. Sirius broke in. “What does this have to do with your intel”.

“They’ve turned the whole damn neighborhood into a prison, no one has been in or out of the other ten houses on the street. Our spies have confirmed most of the owners were relocated or killed”. Pavarti stepped up from the shadows. They were way too good at doing that.

“We’ve only seen activity at these three locations” she keyed to the manors that Blaise had mentioned.

“They’re keeping prominent pure blooded families members here as hostages anything from ministry to experts in their fields.” Padma was right behind her.

“We estimate he keeps some thirty followers under his thumb with these locations”.

“What are you suggesting?” Arthur looked to Seamus.

“A break out”, he smirked. Draco was pretty sure he was rubbing off on him. “And a little payback,” he narrowed his eyes, “we hit all three, at the same time a massive assault, Harry may be the key to this, we may be able to help them collecting their “packages”, but we have a real chance here, not just a intel mission, not just a snatch and grab a full scale attack rescue hostages take the deathies here out, we can deal a real blow to him, and to me right now that feels a lot like winning when we’ve been doing a lot of losing lately”.

An argument broke out then about the purpose of the order in general. Eventually the side to rescue the hostages won out, but they agreed they’d have a stronger fighting force in a week or so. The assembly dispersed, most just to sleep, others to check on the injured.




“Hey red”, She was setting a broken bone to be mended on a young man who was starring at her like she was an angel brought from heaven. Draco knew the feeling. “Sorry mate, he intoned to him”, good naturedly, “This one is mine.”

“Matthew meet Draco Malfoy”, she said without looking up to him, “and yes it is hard to fit the rest of us in here with his ego”, He put a hand on her shoulder and contact soothed her fried nerves.

“Malfoy…” He looked up in awe at the blonde man. “I heard you killed like 10 deathies with a single spell”.

Draco laughed, “It was eleven and it was two spells one from me and one from her”, and the boy’s direction shifted to Ginny with the same awe. She smiled.

“It was a lucky shot”, she finished with his arm, “No moving till it mends completely, you’ll know because it’ll stop tingling, I gave you a pretty heavy sedative so it may be better if you just rest for the rest of the day”, she stood finally facing Draco. Her eyes were tired, she had the same dark circles he did, but god if she wasn’t the most beautiful thing that walked this earth.

“Rest”, he intoned to her.

“There’s more to help”, she started in, but he cut her off by pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her.

“Rest”, he said again if that was the only word he currently knew.

“Me tarzan you rest”, she repeatedly stupidly. Draco gave her a look which she returned.

“You won’t do anyone any good if you fall over”, she sank back into him and that seemed to expel any arguments she had.

“There has to be someplace to sleep somewhere, it’s a bloody castle”, they walked out of the great room with Draco’s arm slung around her. If they had looked up they would have seen Merlin fighting dragons and Morgana who was always thought to be a dark witch at his side bathed in light.

(The Characters so far
Kingsley Shackelbolt
Seamus Finnigan
Draco Malfoy
Blaise Zambini
Ginny Weasley
Lavender Brown
Ned (just ned)
McNally or Grizzly (He'd tell you his first name, but he'd have to kill you
Lee Green - Young, Jokester, Witty
Serge Hanson Or ladies man- Ex Durmstrang adorable head of heals for gabby
Jesse Sigori or the Kid Youngest member just a year behind Lee expert in defensive magic
Lance Vesta- Lost his leg, honorary member

Neville Longbottom
Cho Chang
Dean Thomas
Jackson York -Mentioned like once hogwarts student

Julius Blackthorne- Not much known yet, just that hes the leader

OBV all the cannons like sirus and remus are involved. and the trio i know you all miss ron/luna =3 I do too... we'll just have to wait and see

JOANNA THOMPSON- Tiny little mousey girl who is surprisingly tough
That covers most of the main stories I've followed so far, some may become more or less important and I keep getting distracted writing weird spin offs with the different ships, trying to figure out how to work them all in somehow.)

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