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"When you walk by each other in a crowded room,
And nobody sees how I'm looking at you..."

Secret Love by Hunter Hayes

“You look like shit,” I told James as I plopped into the seat across from where McCartney sat, avoiding her gaze. I was kind of ignoring McCartney, because Wood made me feel bad about slipping her some Felix Felicis before the match.

I wasn’t worried about James. At least, it was only James this match. Usually, it was James, Troy, and I in the hospital wing after a match. We three were like Bludger magnets and so after every match we have a family reunion in the wing before the adults leave and those of us left proceed to sneak out to the after-party. (Well sometimes were we allowed to leave, but it wasn’t often.)

“Thank you so much, Lil.” James rolled his eyes. “You’re so sweet.”

“You don’t look that terrible.” Albus offered with a slight shrug. “Just like you’ve been, you know, brutally attacked or hit by a lorry or something.”

“Wow, you guys really know how to up a guy’s self-esteem.”

I looked behind me as a hand rested on the back of my chair, but it was just Wood who was glaring at James.

“You’re a dumb-arse and if you ever try to disrespect me like that on the Pitch again. I can and will bench you.” His voice was flat and menacing. “Now, how bad are you hurt? Do we have to replace a Chaser?”

“I’ll be fine, my wrist will be healed in a few days and everything else is just cosmetics.” James offered him a smile. “I’ll be out of here in a little bit.”

“Good.” Wood nodded. “I’ll see you at the after party then.”

“Aye, aye captain,” James replied as Wood walked down the row to speak to Benjamin Flint, the Slytherin captain, who had walked in a few minutes ago before Wood himself left. “I thought he was about to eat me.” James grinned and we all laughed.

“I knew you were fine.” Troy stood behind McCartney with his hands resting on the back of her chair. He’d already been checked over and had only bruised a few ribs fortunately for him. “You’d never miss the after-party.” He winked at James.

“Not in a million ruddy years!” James proclaimed and then looked over at the door as it opened. “AC!” He beamed as she walked in. AC, however, must not have heard him, because she plowed her way through the crowd to Aleksander Krum’s bedside.

“Whoa, whoa since when does AC know Krum?” Fred asked. I stayed silent, seeing how this would play out. No one answered and we watched as she leaned down to kiss him lightly on the lips. They spoke for a moment before Aleksander motioned his parents over and introduced them.

“Since when do they know each that well?” James’ eyes were wide.

I looked over again as I heard the door open and in walked Scorpius. He still wore his Quidditch robes like most of the other players and I jumped up before thinking about what I was doing. I walked over to him, ignoring my teammates asking me where I was going.

Scorpius looked surprised to find me in his path, but smiled. “Hello LP.” He only called me that around other people.

“Hey Scorpius, are you okay?” I asked him. My gaze lingered on his blackened eye and the bright red scratches on his face.

“I’m fine really. Troy packs a mean punch though.” He joked. “And look at what Abbott did.” He pointed out a few large scratches on his face. “Did you see that perfect Porskoff Ploy between Artemis and I though?” He grinned. “I did exactly what you told me to!”

I grinned back. “I know! It was brilliant!”

“Brilliant? Someone must be talking about me.” A female voice came from the left of us.

I looked over to see an older woman standing with three other people. The three blondes looked warily around, but soon focused on me. There were two elderly people probably grandparents and a man who must be their son, because he and the old man looked just alike. They all looked very familiar and very similar to Scorpius with pointed features, gray eyes, and platinum blonde hair. The woman, though, was different and incredibly gorgeous with long, thick brown hair that fell around her shoulders in waves. Her eyes were a foggy blue/green while her lips were full and red. She smiled at me broadly.

“Hello!” She chirped, “I’m Astoria Malfoy, Scorpius’ mum. Are you a friend of his? I’m hoping you are to be honest, because I bet Draco that Scorpius did have friends. He bet that Scorp is lying. Please be his friend.”

Scorpius groaned. “Mum, are you serious?”

She looked at us with wide eyes. “Completely dear. Dre and I never joke about our gambling. Now come on, help me prove your rotten father wrong and tell me this girl is your friend.”

“She is, but that’s beyond the point. I have loads of friends Dad!” Scorpius spat at his father who I assumed to be the younger man who stood behind Mrs. Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy smirked at his son and it was creepy just how alike they looked. I mean they were almost identical, like on the level that Al and my dad were on. “It’s an honest concern son,” he replied smoothly and Mrs. Malfoy laughed.

“We’re just teasing you honey. You played wonderfully you know.” She hugged her son. “You might be better than I was.” She smirked. “Might be.”

“Am I better than Dad?” Scorpius smirked at his father.

“Definitely,” his mum agreed.

“I wasn’t even a Chaser!” Mr. Malfoy protested.

“Exactly.” Mrs. Malfoy gave Scorpius and I a shared look. “Now love, what was your name again?” She asked me.

“Uh Lily,” I replied shyly, “Lily Potter.”

The adults’ mouths opened slightly and all of their eyebrows hit the ceiling.

Mrs. Malfoy regained her composure first. “Oh well, it’s lovely to meet you dear. I uh what happened to your leg?” She asked grasping at straws for conversation.

“A Quidditch accident in my last JV game. I play Chaser on JV and I took a Bludger to the leg. It shattered my femur,” I explained.

“Lily is the usual Gryffindor Seeker,” Scorpius added.

“You can play Chaser and Seeker?” Mr. Malfoy asked me suspiciously.

“Uh yeah, I just play where they need me.” I smiled at him. “But um I’ll talk to you later, Scorpius. I’d uh better get back and see James.”

“Of course, yeah see you around.” He smiled understandingly.

“It was nice to meet all of you.” I waved at his family as I turned to walk away.

“You too, love.” Mrs. Malfoy beamed and I could see how she and Scorpius looked alike.

I smiled and hopped on my crutches back to where James’ bed was. Now it was surrounded by my obnoxiously too-large family, plus Troy, and McCartney. Uncle George stopped me on the outskirts of the group and grinned at me.

He had one eyebrow raised and he was grinning. “So, you and Mini Malfoy, eh?”

I forced my face into a scowl. “Ew! What?” I shook my head, “We’re just friends Uncle George!” I protested. “Scorpius is training to be a Sports Healer and so he helped with my leg when I was on bedrest.”

“Okay kiddo, just curious.” He ruffled my hair.

“You know curiosity killed the Kneazle right?” I teased.

“Good thing I’m not a Kneazle.” He winked.

I laughed and asked him. “Have you seen my Dad?”

“He’s over there talking to Viktor Krum.” Uncle George motioned with his hand.

“Eh not worth it then.” I waved my hand. “He’ll be over there for a bit, he definitely has a crush on Mr. Krum’s wife.” I giggled.

Uncle George chuckled. “Everyone’s got a crush on that bird, I mean look at her. She’s ruddy gorgeous—”

“You’d best be talking about me or I’ll deck you.” Aunt Angelina walked up behind us.

“Of course, I am, Angie.” Uncle George grinned at her. “Who else would I talk about like that?” He put an arm around her waist.

“Ew, stop that you two.” Roxanne scowled as she walked up beside me. “You’re old and this is a public place.” She then turned to me. “Hey, Wes and I are going on a snack run to Hogsmeade for the after party, text me what you want.”

“Alright thanks,” I told her and waved to the guy who stood behind her, Weston McLaggen. “Hi Weston.” I waved.

“Hey LP, Uncle George, Aunt Angelina.” He smiled.

Weston and Roxanne were best friends and had been best friends since they were toddlers. They were both eating the same type of ice cream at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor which in Roxanne’s four-year old mind meant that she and Weston were destined to be best friends. I suspect I owe Roxy and West though, because Isadora and I met through their friendship.

“Tell the rest of the cousins as well,” Roxanne told me. “I’ll collect the cash later.” She nodded.

“Alright, you’d better hurry, the stores will be closing soon,” I warned.

“See you later.” She turned and walked away.

I then moved over to where Louis was standing with his parents. Dominique was over by Aleksander Krum with her boyfriend and Victoire was fussing over James. Vic does that a lot. She’s very protective over James, always has been.

“Hey.” I smiled at Louis and went in for a hug. He hugged me back in a one-armed hug and I leaned against him. “Hi Uncle Bill, Aunt Fleur.”

“Hello Lily,” Aunt Fleur replied in her musical accent. I don’t care how annoying Mum claims that Aunt Fleur is, because I personally love Aunt Fleur. She’s just so pretty and French and nice. She always smells like flowers and she rarely yells. I like to pretend that she adopted me when Mum isn’t around.

“Hey Lil, how’s your leg?” Uncle Bill asked me and I shrugged.

“I’m still hopping around like a bunny so it sucks.” I laughed. “But it’s mending, I should be off crutches soon.”

“Well, that’s good at least.” He smiled.

“It’s better than nothing.” I smiled back. “Hey, text Roxy and tell her what snacks you want
for tonight,” I told Louis, “and tell the other cousins as well.”

He nodded. “Okay.”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to do the same and noticed a text from Scorpius. His number was saved under my phone as Mason (as in Mason Aaron the Ravenclaw Keeper, because Mason has had a thing for me for years and it was kind of mutual until I met Scorpius) to keep people from knowing who I was texting.

The text read: All of my friends are spending the night in the RoR tonight for the party. Want to hang in my room? No, this is not my attempt to get in your pants. If that were the case, I would be way more suave about it. ;)

I tried to keep a straight face as I typed out my answer which was: Sure after we make an appearance at the party.

Looks like Lily Luna Potter actually has plans tonight.


“I hate parties,” Isadora complained as we walked through the corridors.

I raised my eyebrow. “I thought you loved parties.”

Isadora hacked out an acrid laugh. “I love getting drunk, absolutely loathe parties though.”

“Well, that sounds like a personal problem,” I told her and she rolled her eyes. “That’s right keep rolling your eyes, you might just find a brain back there.”

“Oh, can it! You’re such a rubbish friend!” She scowled.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black dearest.”

“Do you always have a come-back!” Isadora threw her hands in the air. “Is there ever a time when you don’t know what to say?”

I thought for a moment. “Nope, not that I can think of.”

“Godric, you’re so obnoxious.” She tugged at the edges of her black leather skirt. “Not to mention arrogant.” Isadora wore a black sweater with her skirt and six-inch, black, ankle-high boots. Her sweater was see-through so I could see the outline of her black bra quite clearly, but I knew Isadora intended it that way.

I, myself, was wearing tight, black, leather pants with a soft white t-shirt tucked in them. A blue distressed button-up hung open over it and I was about 5’11 with my sky-high, black, bootie heels.

“Well, then aren’t we just two peas in a pod?” I beamed at her and she snorted. “Hey don’t wait on me tonight, because I’m staying over in Scorpius’ room.”

Isadora turned to me with a shocked expression. “What?”

“All of his roommates are staying in the RoR or with girls so he’ll be alone—”

“Wait what! LP, this is not something to spring on me! You have to be prepared for these sorts of ventures. Do you have a bag? What kind of underwear are you wearing?”

“Whoa calm your tits. I’m not bloody sleeping with him! We just happened to be sharing a bed while fully-clothed!” I protested.

“Okay,” Isadora smirked at me, “sure…” She dragged out the syllables of the last word.

“You’re such a jack-arse.”

“Thank you, bitch.”

We continued to argue until we made it to the RoR. The boys had set up a family cooler for the Weasley/Potter clan (minus Fred, because he brought his own special cooler, the selfish git) so I made a beeline for it the moment we got inside. I grabbed a bottle of hard apple cider from inside it and a Falmouth Falcon’s koozie for my drink. I found Isadora again as she was arguing with her brother, Pierce, beside the McLaggen cooler.

“Damn you! I asked for orange screwdrivers specifically not the shitty peach ones!” Isadora protested.

“Well, I’m sorry Miss fucking Princess, but that’s what you’ve got! Drink it or not, I don’t care!” Pierce yelled back at her.

The McLaggen clan loves to yell at each other. They like to hear the sound of their own voices and argue about everything, well except for Weston. He rarely argues about anything.

“Here are your orange screwdrivers.” Weston appeared behind me. “Now chill the fuck out Izzy.” He grinned and she beamed at her.

“Thanks Wes!” She took them from him. She opened her screwdrivers as her brothers walked away and threw them in the cooler. “Okay, let’s go!” She smiled as she turned back to me, drink in hand.

Partying with Isadora is always trying. She loves to talk to each and every person who graces her path. She’s so friendly, it’s kind of weird and by being a fourth-veela, not just an eighth like my cousins, people are attracted to Isadora. They flock to her like sheep to their shepherd, moths to a flame, etc.

I spotted Scorpius across the room. The clothes he was wearing made him look like a model, but would have looked like an old man on anyone else. He wore chestnut-colored short boots with some sort of brown trousers and his belt even matched his shoes. He had on a purple sweater paired with a brown tweed blazer. His hair was brushed back away from his forehead, but curling. He met my eyes across the room and smiled.

I blushed, but smiled back before looking away. We played that game all night. He’d look at me and we’d exchange smiles before looking away. Then I’d look at him and we’d exchange smiles before looking away again. It was like a game of tag that we were both losing. He walked up beside me as I was plunging my hand into Albus’ cooler in search of some that goblin-made tequila. Those Mexican goblins sure know how to fiesta; I tell you what.

“Hey, I’m ready when you are,” he murmured as he pretended to scoop ice into his drink. “I’ve got some liquor stashed upstairs.”

“I’ll meet you at the top of the staircase after ten more minutes,” I replied. He nodded and moved away. I watched him as he said goodbye to his friends. I moved a little way away from Al’s cooler to sit in one of the cup-chairs that were scattered around the room among the couches and booths.

“Hey hot stuff,” Fred slurred as he plopped into a cup-chair beside me. He was carrying around his special cooler which was small and could probably fit a twelve pack with another few bottles. He carried that red cooler everywhere with him when he went to BYOB parties. Fred was very selfish with his liquor and only shared with certain people if any.

“Hey sexy,” I replied, “where’s Aspen?” I noticed that she’d been with Drystan Llewellyn the entire night and wondered why. Last time I checked, she and Fred were on good terms.

“She’s with Drystan, because he and Talia are on the outs and ‘he needs a friend’,” Fred growled. He was hardly understandable, but I’d been translating drunk for years. “Well, you know what! I need my bud-shaggy back! Who’s going to comfort me?” He asked me in anger.

“You mean shag-buddy?” I asked him.

“That’s what I said LP!” Fred groaned. “Do you ever listen?”

I just rolled my eyes and punched his arm. “Go find some skinny bint to seduce and leave me alone.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Fred leapt to his feet and raced off to where a cluster of Ravenclaw girls stood.

I still don’t understand why Fred insists on dating Ravenclaws. Or fucking around with them I guess would be the better way of phrasing it. I think it’s so they’ll do his homework. Hell, I’d date a Ravenclaw if he’d do my homework for me.

I checked my clock again. Ten minutes hadn’t passed, but I was bored. I got up and said goodbye to Isadora before leaving. I walked over to the staircase where I was supposed to meet Scorpius. I didn’t see his tall figure so I peered down the shifting staircase.

“Well, hey there.” Hands latched around my waist and I kicked out behind me. “Whoa, there little girl.”

“Let go!” I snapped and turned my head to see Rex Colombo, Hogwarts’ resident Sleaze King.

“Well, well, it’s little Lily Potter.” He stumbled back a bit, but I looked around to see his gang members had surrounded me.

I rolled my eyes. “Godric, you’re such a fuck-boy. You literally have to capture girls just to get them to talk to you.”

Rex was Hogwarts’ only drug-dealer. He was really just a fence for the bigger Dark wizards who operated outside of the school. He could get you anything you asked for in at most two days. He was a disgusting piece of human being when it came to girls. He’d spike their drinks and get them addicted to whatever so they’d always hang around him and ask for more. When they ran out of money to pay for their addiction, Rex will give them the drugs if they slept with him. If a girl had any sort of male relative or friend, then she’d been warned multiple times about being anywhere near Rex.

Rex laughed as he blew smoke in my face. The smoke was yellow and smelled really good like flowers or sunshine.

“Thanks, but I don’t want your second-hand shit.” I pushed past one of his boys, but he stopped me. “I’m a fucking cripple.” I motioned to my crutches. “How low can you go, Colombo?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Rex smirked, his blue eyes glazed and red-rimmed. He ran a hand over his slicked back blonde hair, moving closer to me, running his hands down my arms.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” I pushed him away. “I will hex the hell out of you!” My voice rose an octave.

“Ooh baby, don’t be like that,” Rex cooed as his hands went further down around my waist. “C’mon it’s not like you’ve got a boyfriend or anything. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“I can feel my skin crawling, now quit fucking touching me!” I snarled like a wounded dog with their back against the wall. I was bluffing. There was no way I’d be able to escape in my crippled state with all these big-arse bastards around, but if Colombo called them off I could leave.

“What is it, sweetheart? You don’t like it when I do this?” Rex chuckled as his hands slipped around my arse.

“Fuck you!” I screamed and head-butted him. I dropped my crutches and pulled out my wand, hopping on one foot. “Densaugeo!” Violet light shot from my wand and hit Rex in the face from where he was on the floor. “Anteoculatia!” Red light quickly followed and I was grabbed by my forearms.

“Lily!” I heard Scorpius from somewhere nearby.

“Scorpius!” I screamed, struggling to get out of the grasp of Rex’s cronies.

“What in Merlin’s name is going on here?” I looked over to see Scorpius standing there with Troy and Luke Harrington. I didn’t even have time to wonder why those three were together.

“Colombo! You fucking wanker!” Troy roared and kicked him away from me. “I told you to stay the fuck away from my relatives!”

Scorpius’ waved his wand. “Flipendo!” The guys surrounding me were swiftly knocked backwards, some knocked hard enough they fell on their arses. I toppled to the ground like a ruddy wounded deer. Thanks broken femur, you’re doing wonders for me right now. “Lily!” Scorpius was by my side instantly.

“I’m fine, really.” I reached for my crutches. Scorpius helped me stand and stood by me just in case.

“This is the second time that I’ve caught you harassing one of my girls.” Troy had Rex by his enormously large teeth now.

Rex’s teeth were well down past his chest thanks to my excellently cast hex and he was squirming from the pain Troy was causing. He had sprouted large antlers as well á la my brilliant jinxing skills.

“Three strikes and I’ll throw your sorry arse off of the fucking Astronomy Tower myself you fucking piece of goat-shit. If you so much as look at my little sister again—” Troy twisted the teeth and Rex squalled, but it was muffled. “You can count on a beating, because I’ll tell James and Fred and they’ll get their whole fucking family and the fucking Quidditch team to beat your bitch arse into the dirt. We don’t play fucking games when it comes to our own.” Troy then threw him on the ground. “Now get the fuck out of my sight!”

Scorpius waved his wand. “Melofors.” And orange light shot out. A large pumpkin encased Rex’s head growing around his antlers. “I’ll also write them all up for detention,” he told us firmly. I forgot that Scorpius was a prefect, huh, good to know.

“Are you alright, sis?” Troy asked me, walking over.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I sighed. “If he ever comes near me again though, I’ll hex him till he can’t tell his arse from his face.”

“Atta girl.” Troy grinned and hugged me. “If you’re alright then I must be off. I’m meeting Maxima in my room and we all know that it doesn’t do well to keep her waiting. Malfoy, Luke, can I trust you two to get LP where she wants to go?” He asked.

“Of course.” Scorpius nodded and Luke nodded as well.

“Well, then, sayonara, kiddies.” Troy waved over his shoulder and walked off.

“You can go back to the party Luke.” I smiled at him. “Scor—I mean Malfoy will walk me back.” I laughed nervously.

Luke merely smiled knowingly and made the ‘okay’ symbol with his fingers. Before I could say anything, he turned and walked back to the party.

“Now seriously.” Scorpius gently turned me towards him. “Are you okay?”

“Honestly Scorpius, I’m fine!” I told him, holding his face in between my hands. “Fit as a fiddle!”

“Alright, I’m just making sure,” he replied and we began the long walk to the dungeons.

“You think someone as disgusting as Rex Colombo could get to me?” I laughed. “I’m made of steel remember?” I joked, referencing the music festival where we met. Isadora and I had Scorpius convinced I was made of steel, because he stepped on my toe and it didn’t bother me. He was so drunk that he even believed us.

“Right.” Scorpius laughed as we walked.

It was a quiet walk down to dungeons and we stopped outside a large stone wall. The dungeons were creepy at night with only torches to light the area around us and water dripped down the stone walls.

“Occlumency,” Scorpius whispered and the stone wall slid away, revealing a rectangular doorway. We stepped through and it was very dark.

“How do you see where you’re going?” I asked Scorpius and he laughed.

“You get used to it.” He shrugged. His hair was pearly white in the dim-lit room, because of the greenish light that oozed from the underwater windows. Lots of black leather and dark green chairs and sofas loitered around the room. There were skulls, dark wood, and snake emblems all over the room. Medieval tapestries hung from the walls. It was fancier by far than the Gryffindor common room, but it didn’t feel cozy and warm. It felt almost like a museum, cold and distant.

“Somehow, I find that hard to believe.” I laughed as we went up the stairs. Scorpius opened the door to the sixth-year boys’ dorms and we walked in. It was quiet and dark when we entered so he cut on the lights.

It was completely neat which surprised me, because I’ve been in James’ and Albus’ dorms and they are both wrecks. Each of the beds had silver curtains and the walls were painted a dark green. There was a formal atmosphere about the place. Silver curtains also framed the windows and were held back away from them with black hooks screwed into the wall. The window seats were plush paisley patterned, green, silver, and black silk pillows.

Scorpius smiled. “Welcome to my humble abode.” He motioned to the bed closet to the door, “This is Silas’ bed, then Knox, Amory, me, and then Blaise back on the other side of the door.”

I just smiled at him. “I have no idea who those people are.”

Scorpius shook his head as he shrugged out of his blazer. “Oh I’m sorry. Okay there’s Silas Avery, his parents are old money, purebloods, yada, yada. He’s an only child. Uh Knox Warrington same kind of deal there. You may know his cousin, Ariadne Selwyn, their mothers are sisters.” I nodded in return. “Then Amory Nott, his sister Artemis is a Chaser on the varsity team. Our parents are really good friends. And Blaise Zabini is my friend through our parents as well and he’s got an older sister Lennox who’s a seventh year and a younger sister Willow who’s a third year,” Scorpius explained was he sprawled out across his duvet.

“You just have like so many friends Scorpius omg,” I told him in a fake-nasally voice.

Scorpius giggled like a little kid as I sat down on his bed. He hauled me up into his arms as we laid intertwined on his bed, our lips crashed into each other’s.

“I never thought I’d get to do this,” he told me quietly after a bit.

I chuckled softly. “We make-out all the time.” I inspected his bruised eye being careful not to touch the injured skin. He looked so rugged and handsome all battered and bruised like this.

“But it’s different this time.” His fingertips traced the curvature of my lips.

I thought for a moment. “Because this isn’t a stolen moment,” I spoke with precision, “this moment is ours and we took it. We’re not in a broom closet or on the Astronomy Tower. Anyone could walk in on us at any moment and I’d be okay with that.”

Scorpius looked at me with a shocked expression. “You want to go public?”

“Yeah sometime, maybe not now, but eventually.”

“Of course.” He rubbed my arm gently. “We’ll put it on The List.” The List was a long inventory of things Scorpius and I were going to do together you know when there was time and when we could be in public together as a couple.

I smiled as I traced circles on the back of Scorpius’ tanned hand. There’s some moments where you can feel everything hanging in the balance. Time feels suspended and almost frozen. There’s a calmness about it. I can almost taste it. Something is happening and I can’t control it, but that’s okay. There’s a boy that I like and he’s here with me. That’s okay. I can feel myself falling away and being replaced with care for him. That’s okay.
My heart is overwhelmed with him and appreciation for him, it’s bubbling to the surface and pouring over. That’s okay. I’m young and silly and stupid for hoping there won’t be any consequences for this. That’s okay. I feel like this is nothing, but the eye before the storm. That’s okay. There’s a boy that I like and his name is Scorpius Malfoy and all I want to do is tell everyone how wonderful and kind and sweet he is, but I can’t. That’s not okay.

He leaned down closer to my face and I looked up at him.

“Can I kiss you again?” He smiled and his fingers traced the edges of my jaw. He looked at me with melted silver eyes and his pale blonde hair shone gold in the candlelight. His hair curled up in waves and I tugged at a few of his blonde locks.

My eyelashes fluttered as I smiled. “That’d be more than okay.”

Author's Note:

Hello! I'm back with LP's new chapter! She met the Malfoys! How did you guys like Astoria? Was she like you imagined or not? I adore her character and I think it's funny how she and Scorpius act alike, but that he looks so much like Draco! Rex is a jerk, am I right? Scorpius is the absolute sweetest and I'm obsessed with him. I'm so glad you guys read and enjoyed the story! Review if you're feeling it! Thank you again! And I hope you come back for Maxima's chapter!

In the next chapter... Maxima goes shopping and ends up traumatizing Craig. Albus and Maxima get a little too drunk. Maxima wakes up a pleasant or unpleasant surprise... The Wizengamot is still out on that one. Ana-Catherine Wood shakes up the seating arrangements. A food fight takes place and the results cause Maxima to declare war.

Face Claims:
Ross Lynch portrays Weston McLaggen
Amanda Seyfried portrays Victoire Weasley
Zach Roerig portrays Pierce McLaggen
Jake Abel portrays Rex Columbo
Tyler Posey portrays Luke Harrington

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