A/N: Hey guys, this is my first fan fiction, and I would love it if you could leave a review! This chapter is just a prologue, after this I will be skipping to their seventh year at Hogwarts. Disclaimer: All the writing in bold is from the Cursed Child, written by J.K Rowling, and everything exempt the plot and some characters belongs to her.







“Where are they?” I asked my dad for about the one hundredth time in 10 minutes.

“Don't worry Rosie, I'm sure they'll be her soon.” I looked at the clock. It was 10:50, which meant we had ten minutes until the train left. We were standing on platform 9 ¾. There were so many people that it was hard to move, and that fact wasn't helped by the steam that swirled in my face. I was getting excited for my first year at Hogwarts, but was starting to worry that I might have to get on the train without my two cousins, (not that James would stay with us for very long).

“There they are, there they are!” squealed my brother Hugo excitedly. He was shouting so loud that it woke up my barn owl, Maylin, who started hooting indignantly. I didn't mind though. My excitement was starting to get the better of me again as Lily Potter came towards us, shouting,

“Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron!!!” She jumped straight into my dad’s arms.

“If it isn't my favourite Potter.” He replied, laughing.

“Have you got my trick?” She asked. My dad works at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, a joke shop that my Uncle George and Uncle Fred started. However, my Uncle Fred died before I was born, in a battle against a dark wizard named Voldemort, but that's a whole other story.

“Are you aware of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes certified nose-stealing breath?” He asked, as I rolled my eyes, turning to the only person of the family who seemed to sympathise with me.

“Mum! Dad’s doing that lame thing again.”

“You say lame, he says glorious, I say…somewhere in between.” Sighing, I turned to Albus Potter, but he seemed to be thinking about something else. James Potter had already disappeared somewhere, probably looking for his friends (he did seem to have a lot). I looked around itching to get on board. By the time my attention turned back to the conversation, it had turned to my dad’s lame driving.

"She thought I'd have to Confund the examiner.” My dad said. I rolled my eyes to myself. It was very likely that he actually did Confund the examiner. However, mum was obviously ignorant of that fact, and said,

“I thought nothing of the kind, I have complete faith in you.”

“And I have complete faith he did Confund the examiner.” I scoffed. As Albus pulled on Harry’s robes to talk to him in private, Dad started talking about the Malfoy that was in my year, something about not getting to close to him. Like I would. Everyone knows that the Malfoys are a horrid family. Like I would ever get close to one of them.

Finally, we boarded the train. I was so excited I could barely contain myself from running onto it and screaming, but I resisted the temptation, and forced myself to say goodbye to my parents, Uncle Harry, Aunty Ginny, and Hugo and Lily, who wouldn't be coming to Hogwarts for another two years, before walking calmly (well, as calmly as I could), onto the train.

Albus and I walked along the train, and passed the trolley witch, who offered us some sweets. Spotting Albus’s look at the chocolate frogs, I decided to speak to him.

“Al. We need to concentrate.”

“Concentrate on what?” I sighed to myself at his lack of understanding.

“On who we chose to be friends with. My mum and dad met your dad on their first Hogwarts Express you know…”

“So we need to chose now who to be friends with for life? That's quite scary.”

“On the contrary, it's exciting.” I replied. “I’m a Granger-Weasley, you’re a Potter – everyone will want to be friends with us, we’ve got the pick of anyone we want.”

"So how do we decide – which compartment to go into…”
“We rate them all and then we make a decision.” Albus opened the first compartment that we passed, and before I could see who was in it, asked

“Hi. Is this compartment…”

“It’s free. It's just me.” Said a voice from inside it.


“Great.” Replied Albus. “So we might just – come in – for a bit – if that's okay?”

“That's okay.” Said the person in the compartment, as we slid in. “Hi.” My eyes instantly narrowed. Sitting in the carriage was Scorpius Malfoy.

“Albus. Al. I’m – my name is Albus…”


“Hi Scorpius. I mean, I’m Scorpius. You're Albus. I'm Scorpius. And you must be…”

“Rose.” I said coldly. By now my eyes where so narrow they were practically slits.

“Hi Rose.” He said, like he hadn't noticed anything. “Would you like some of my Fizzing Whizzbees?”

“I've just had breakfast, thanks.” I said, glaring at him. I mean, can this boy not take a hint?  As Malfoy and Albus started talking about sweets, I hit Al (very discreetly), as if to say ‘let's go’. When he ignored me, I did it again. This time he asked why I was hitting him. I mean seriously, how obvious can I be? He must be more naïve than I thought.The conversation then turned to Malfoy’s family. I can't believe that Al didn't know about the rumours that went on about him! I mean, everyone knows that apparently Malfoy’s mum went back in time, and that Malfoy is Voldemort’s child. I admit, it's not very likely, but still, I didn't want to risk becoming to close with him. And besides, dad would probably murder me if I became friends with him (not that I ever would).

Eventually, once I had had enough, I suggested to Albus that we should probably leave. However, he didn't want to come, so I left him with Malfoy, and went to look for some other people to sit with.

After wondering along the train for a bit, I found a compartment of girls who looked like they were in first year as well.

"Can I come in?” I asked them.

“Sure.” Said a girl with wavy strawberry-blonde hair and green  eyes, just as another girl with straight black hair said,


“Well?” I asked, looking at the rest of the girls.

“Of course you can come in.” Said the first girl. “Ignore Shelly here.” Once I had sat down, she asked me what my name was.

“Rose Granger-Weasley.” I replied confidently. The other girls gaped at me in awe.

“Are you really?” One of them asked. “That's so cool! I mean, your parents saved, like, the whole Wizarding World!”


“Well…yes.” I said, a little uncomfortably. I never really liked talking about my family history, but it seemed that when I met other people, that was all that they wanted to do. Which was understandable I suppose, considering who my parents were, but I still didn't want to do it. “Anyway, what are your names?” I said, changing the subject.


“Oh sorry.” Said the girl who had invited me into the carriage. “I’m Abby Mann.” She said, wrinkling her nose. “I know, bad name. I don't mind them separately, but together…” She trailed off and I laughed as she wrinkled her nose.


“Don't worry, it's not as bad as Albus Severus.”

“I guess that's true,” she admitted. “Anyway, this is Shelly McLaggen, Sophie Lewis, and Kayla Nott.” She said, pointing to each of the respectively. Sophie had strawberry blond hair, which was tied back into Dutch plaits, and bright blue eyes, whereas Kayla had short black hair pulled into French plaits, and dark brown eyes.


"Hi,” I said, nodding to each of them.


“So, are you really the daughter of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger-Weasley, and the niece and G-d daughter of Harry Potter?” Abby asked. Before I could reply, Sophie Lewis interrupted.

“Sorry, but who are these people? I'm muggle-born see.”

“Oh, are you?” Shelly sneered.



“They saved the Wizarding World from a dark wizard called Voldemort 19 years ago.” Before Sophie could say anything, the compartment door opened.

“Anything of the trolley, dears?” The trolley witch asked. Once we had all got what we wanted (and explained what it all was to Sophie), we settled back down to eat. We had a great time with Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, and finished the pumpkin pastries, before we moved onto the chocolate frogs.

“What are these?” Sophie asked, fascinated, holding up a chocolate frog card.

“Oh, in every chocolate frog card there is a picture of a famous witch or wizard.”


“I got Ronald Weasley!” She exclaimed.

“Yes,” I said, rolling my eyes. “My dad said it was his proudest moment.” The rest of the carriage laughed. As the train ride went on, the talk turned to our families. Shelly and Kayla were both pure-bloods, and their parents had been at Hogwarts at the same time as mine, and Abby was a half-blood.

Finally, we pulled on our robes, and watched as the train pulled into Hogwarts. As we got off the train, we heard Hagrid’s booming voice.

“First-years, follow me!”

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