Chapter 26
"When You Hear the Bell it's Time for Change"

Ginny stood in the middle of her apartment sorting through some old papers. Books were magically floating around the room and packing themselves, Herman was on the bed rolling around in a pile of clean towels. There was a knock on the door, Ginny dropped the papers into the garbage and went to answer the door. 

"Hungry," smiled Blaise holding a pizza.

"Yes actually, come on in," she stepped aside to let him in.

"I've also brought beer," he said looking around the apartment.  "What's going on here?"

"I'm packing," she sighed. She had been wondering how to have this conversation with Blaise. Now she supposed was the time.

"I can see that," he placed the pizza box on top of a box.

"I've been waiting for the right time to tell you this but um... I'm moving," she bite her tongue, "in with Draco."


She couldn't tell what he was thinking from the look on his face. He didn't look upset, surprised, or confused. He just really didn't look anything. "Do you want to sit down," she asked apprehensively.

"Take the beer."

She took the six pack from his hand. "I know this is awkward..."

"To say the least."

He took a seat on her bed. Herman came over to him and began nuzzling at his side. He patted him on the head.

"Well maybe we should talk about this."

"We should because now your friend Dean knows about us. He obviously isn't okay with it. You are in a relationship with someone who is not me but you and I seem to be having a ... relationship." 

 “Well the Dean thing is not really a surprise,” she sighed once again. “He doesn’t like you.”

“He doesn’t know me.”

“Well we may have made some judgments without knowledge about you. And they stuck.”

“Oh,” he got offended. “So you still don’t like me?”

She laughed, “of course I don’t.”

“You Gryffindor’s and your high and mighty attitudes.”

“Well you hung with Malfoy and anyone in his circle was not alright with us.”
“Yeah but it’s not like I was one of his minions. Which was probably why we were never extremely close because I think for myself.”

“I noticed and I like that about you... I like you a whole bunch.”

"I like you a whole bunch too... I would love to take you out."

“I know,” somehow their shagging had turned into a relationship, in different circumstances she would have liked to pursue it. “So Draco...”

“Did he find out?”

“He’s not stupid, he knows I’m seeing someone... But our relationship isn’t real. Over a year ago Draco approached me with an idea. In fact he asked me to marry him in order to strengthen his public face.”

“You’re married,” his eyes bulged slightly.

She shook her head, “we decided to pretend to date first. We’ve been going through the motions of a real relationship but there’s nothing real about it… I’m telling you this because I… I um…” She didn’t know how to explain this so she said, “I would love for you to take me out too. I mean like really out, not to some hidden muggle cinema.”

“What’s in this for you?”
“I made first string. It sucks to know how I got it but at the same time, I get to play.”

“You won your first match.”

“And Comet retired… I wonder if they’ll start calling me a bully in the papers.”

“Don’t worry about that. If she couldn't cut it."

"She could cut it but..."

"But she didn't"

"She did for years until one day I got off the bench and they no longer wanted to let her." Ginny shook her head to clear it of thoughts, "but that's not the point. The point is I want you to know that I care about you and what's happening."

"So what does this move mean?"

"It means I will have a roommate and we'll have to rendezvous at your place."

"When is this marriage taking place?"

She shrugged, "I don't know... it may never happen. We've kind of just been going with the flow." 

He stood up and walked over to her. “Let’s go away.”


“Yeah, we can get a private house or something somewhere for a few days. When does your season lighten up? If I can’t take you out perhaps I can take you in to a nice local.” He wanted to hold onto her for as long as he could. Seeing as she has this ridiculous arrangement with Malfoy. There was no telling what was to come of them.

“Um…” She wasn’t sure. For a few reasons but mainly she thought he was avoiding. “Well I will have to look at the schedule. Probably after my brother’s wedding… probably not until the end of next month around Halloween.”

“I can probably make that work…” He took a deep breath, “I just have to know one thing… Are you sleeping with him?”

“No, never have and never will. I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about Draco, I spend so much time with him it was bound to happen.”

He took another deep breath, “ok... So let's eat.”

"Great I'm hungry," Ginny said as Herman hopped off the bed and ran to the door. He barked and was looking up expectantly with his tail wagging happily. She sighed, “Draco’s coming.”


“My living doorbell has informed me,” a moment later there was a knock on the door. She opened the door just enough for her to slide out. "Hi"

"Hi," he raised an eyebrow questioningly to her behavior. 


"Why did you just slip out of your flat?"

"Because I'm packing," she sort of lied, "There are so many boxes I can barely get the door open."

Draco didn't know if he believed her but her decided not to push it. He was too frustrated as it was, "so I have some bad news. I just spoke with the contractor and our move date has been pushed three weeks."


"Yeah I know this is such a pain in the ass. But it needs more work then we planned."

"But I am supposed to be moving out at the end of the week."

"I understand"

"Plus how much is the more work going to cost?"

"I got it."

"No you don't! I don't want Lucius Malfoy paying for the repairs of my flat!"

"You don't need to worry about that."

"Yes I do. Plus now I'm going to have to pay to stay somewhere!"

"You could just go back to your parents for a bit."

"Excuse me!" Ginny went pale, she looked as if she was going to have a panic attack.

"Calm down"

"Calm down? How could you possibly think that's going to happen being faced with the prospect of living with my mother again!"

"Alright just breathe. We'll work it out."

"This is such as mess," Ginny ran her hands through her hair.

"Yeah I know."

Ginny rolled her eyes, "look we can talk about this later." She went back into her apartment and locked the door.

Draco stared after her questioningly. She was very dismissive and although they've never really been chummy this was odd for her.

"So how is our dear Malfoy," asked Blaise.

She sighed popping open a beer she shouldn't have be drinking. "He stopped by to tell me our move date has been pushed." She watched as Herman pawed at the door. "He must still be out there... Herman stop that."

"Oh god that's a mess."

"You're telling me."

“I’m sure you’ll be able to figure this out. This is what happens when you buy a home.”

Ginny knew he was right but this was odd, this was the first home she bought a home. Or at least contributed to buying it and it was strange. She felt as if she should be feeling like an adult but she wasn’t. 

The Quidditch Season is really heating up and there have been a couple of surprises. Eddie Moorehouse the newbie of the Cuddley Canons has been on fire, he’s been snitch catching up a storm although the team has yet to win a game. On the Harpies end, fans were hurt by Comet Rae’s not so surprising retirement. She and Ginevra Weasley were suspended and the season opener for the team wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t their best. Weasley took the starting spot and the team is working hard to gain their spot in the British and Irish league tournament.
"Quidditch Daily"

Draco left the conference room with his arms full of scrolls. He carefully walked down the hall to the file room trying not to drop any. He had already made several trips and lined the rest of the things he had to put away in the hall outside of the file room. When he got to the room he readjusted the things in his arm to open the door.

Cho jumped at his presence, "you scared me."

"Sorry," he put his arm full of scrolls down on the nearest table. "Working late I see."

"Obviously," she went back to what she was doing.

"Ok... this is a lovely way to begin the weekend. Filing," he sighed and left the room.

Cho turned to look where Draco was just standing. A moment later he entered the room again with another arm full of scrolls.  "You could just use magic."

"I wish," he groaned dropping the scrolls on top of the other and disappearing into the hall again. This time he came in carrying a box and kicking another box in front of him with his foot. "The senior partners have decided that interns are not allowed to transport or file using magic... oh how nice it is to be back at Hogwarts." he disappeared into the hall again.

This time Cho followed him out, "oh my god." She exclaimed looking at the 15 boxes. "Where on earth did you get all this."

"I didn't. But since I didn't do the searching I get the extreme pleasure of putting it away."

"Well make sure you do it right or I will get the pleasure to make you come back and do it all over again," she smirked, turn on her heel and strutted down the hall. Draco watched her skirt swing.

Draco was tired as he made his way down the corridor to the lift. He had finally finished putting all those files back and it was a little after ten. His path was clear and he was going home and getting into his nice warm bed.


He heard someone exclaim. He opened the door to Courtney Bolt's office, Cho was hopping on one foot as she massaged the other.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she whined spilling herself into one of the arm chairs. "I just hit my foot on the corner of my desk."

"Would you like me to get you some ice or something?"

"Thank you but no thank you, the pains beginning to subside," she said still massaging her foot.

"What are you still doing here?"

She looked up at him, "I thought we already had this conversation."

"We did but that was a couple of hours ago. Doesn't your job only require answering owls, filing, and getting coffee."

She rolled her eyes, "I believe you just described your duties."

"Funny," he smirked backing out of the room.


Draco headed towards the lift to get out of there. He pushed the button and stood back and waited for it to arrive. Cho Chang was an amusing one, an annoying one, a cute one. The lift chimed and the door opened. Draco stood there a moment looking into the empty elevator and thinking. The doors closed with him still on the outside. He turned and went to the break room.

He turned on the light in the room that was home to a few tables, a tea kettle and coffee maker. He grabbed a couple of napkins, placed them on top of one another and filled them with ice.  He headed back down the hall towards Cho's office.

He opened the door without knocking, Cho was still in the chair she collapsed in. Her foot elevated as she looked over some papers.

"Here," he extended the napkin full of ice to her.

"I thought I told you I was alright?"

"No need to let your foot swell because you're stubborn."

She rolled her eyes and took the ice.

"Have a goodnight," is all he said before leaving the room.

The women of the Holyhead Harpies were spotted out for a run around Holyhead Island yesterday. Assistant Coach Krassman flying alongside them urging them to keep up the pace. The Harpies are known for the vigorous training, Head Coach Madame Dubuffet is legendary for the skill, precision, and physical capabilities of her team.
"The Daily Prophet"

"Small steps as you precede down the aisle," the wedding planner said as Neville escorted Emi Tanaka, Hermione's friend and one of her bridesmaid down the aisle. Or the tape lined area to mark where the aisle would be. They were in the small banquet room at a large hotel in muggle London. It was going to be the backdrop for Ron and Hermione's wedding. Right now the space was full of stacked chairs as it was in preparation for another event. It was two weeks until the wedding.

"Alright when they hit about midway down the aisle the next couple will follow," the wedding planner motioned for Seamus and Luna to follow.  "When you get to the front Gentlemen to your right, ladies to your left and go stand on the farthest piece of tape... Alright next couple come on." Dean and Ginny began down the aisle. "Followed by the Best man slash maid of honor. Who will take the place nearest on the brides side. Once he gets there, all the guest will stand." He gestured to the rest of the family and peoples plus one's who attended the rehearsal to stand, "And then the bride."

"I still can't believe it, the bride," Mr. Granger said as tenderly clutched his daughters hand. 

Hermione giggled, "me either."

Hermione and her father began down the aisle.

"The ceremony will begin, when asked who gives the bride away..."

"I say no and hold onto my little girl for dear life," everyone laughed at Mr. Granger.

"Exactly," continued the wedding planner, "then you take the seat next to your wife... George you'll have her ring."

"Actually I'll have them both," he said from his position next to Ron. He will enter with him.

"Great, then you will be pronounced husband and wife and you two will precede out first. So go ahead," Ron and Hermione linked arms began down the aisle. "Alternate sides, so Harry first, then George, and then couples reunite and out... Then we'll go for photos while the guest head across the hall for the reception." 

"That was a great run through," began Hermione, "Let's not go through it again. We have reservations, so will everyone please join Ron and I for dinner across the street at the Italian restaurant."

Ginny went over to Draco who was having a scotch and looking as if he wasn't having a good time. "Where did you get a drink?"

"At the hotel bar. Honestly it's tacky that they weren't provided."
Ginny rolled her eyes, "well we are getting ready to have dinner, you could have waited and got a drink there."

"Why do I have to be here," Draco drawled as he took a sip of his scotch.

"Because this is the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding," Ginny pointed out.

"But I am not in the wedding party."

"So, I am. I went to Sophie's rehearsal dinner and I wasn't in her wedding party."

"Yeah but you like her. I on the other hand have not so friendly feelings for your brother and his annoying bride. Also isn't this supposed to happen the night before the wedding."

"Yeah but there is an event in this room the night before. This was the closest date to the actual wedding they could get in to rehearse."

He sighed and downed the rest of his drink. He didn't like all this wedding nonsense, all this togetherness. All these reminders he was going to have to marry Ginny. The idea was terrifying it made him want to throw up yet at the same time drink heavily.

"Come on you two," Mrs. Weasley waved them over before she exited the room.

"Yes come on," snarled Harry. "We most certainly can't start dinner without the death eater."

"Harry not tonight," Ginny sighed. "Can we please just keep it civil for Ron and Hermione."

"I always consider truth to be civil."

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Come on babe," she took Draco's hand and led him pass Harry out of the ballroom.

Draco was rushing about putting his school things in his bag when there was a knock on the door. He went to open it.

"Movers," a man in an gray work suit said as he barged in with a box in his arms and several floating behind him.

Two other men followed him in with boxes, "where are we putting these?"

"Um," Draco had no idea he really didn't think this through. "Anywhere I guess... You can also put some stuff in the bedroom. I have to go lock the door on your way out." Draco picked up his bag and left the room. Ginny was moving in today or well her stuff was and she was off doing... something.

"I can't say anything about Comet's retirement that was her decision," Ginny was chosen to give a press conference before the teams upcoming match against the Wimbourne Wasps. A very official conference given in the main entrance hall of the Stadium. This was always a though question. "The only thing I can say is I've got some big shoes to fill and I wish to carry on the legacy of the Harpies."

"So do you think Comet was better quip to be seeker."

"Absolutely not, I think the Harpies have a long standing line of top notch seekers and I am just glad to join the line."

Draco opened the door to his suite. Well he tried to open the door to his suite but he couldn’t get it open. Perhaps he should have given the movers more detailed directions like don't block the door. The door hit something and only opened a little bit to reveal the room inside. He was a skinny man but not skinny enough to get through the small crack. He pushed with all his might and forced his way in.
He looked around the sitting room and sighed. Ginny's stuff was everywhere. She ended her lease to move into their new home. Draco sighed again at the thought. He had his own home and he was sharing it with a Weasley.
            Since Ginny refused to move back home and it would have seemed weird if she was living in a different room in the hotel. So he bit his tongue hard and then suggested she move in with him.

He dropped his bag on the couch and began to rearrange the boxes so the door could open.

“Hey,” Ginny said joining him in the sitting room. “How was school?”

“Fine,” He said as he finished moving things. “This is ridiculous. Decide what stuff you need and the rest of this is going to my storage unit.”

“You’re the one who insisted I move in.”

“I did not. I merely made the suggestion. I also suggested your parents home and you nearly had an anxiety attack. But now I am going to insist that we move your stuff to storage."

“I guess it all can go," Ginny said looking around, "I just need my clothes and Herman's things."

"Great I will have this sorted tonight." Draco took a moment to examine Ginny who was currently taking things from her handbag and putting them into a small evening bag. She was casual but she was a little done up. "What have you got going on tonight?"

"Oh," she began hesitantly. "I'm going out... girls night. With Ann and Sara. It's been awhile since the three of us have just gotten together since Ann departed from the Harpies," she lied.

"That sounds like fun." He knew she was lying. It was weird because she seemed a bit uneasy about it. He never thought she would ever care about lying to him.

"Yeah, well I should get going," she began towards the door not wanting to be asked anymore questions. She felt a bit bad about lying to him. "You have a good night."

"Yup you too." Draco plopped down on the couch and a moment later Herman jumped up on his lap. "Hi boy," Draco said playing with him. "Who is your mummy really going out with?"

"So when you asked me if I was up for another film I didn't think this is what you meant." Blaise joined her out on the balcony. He handed her a glass of wine.

They were in a private suite overlooking a square in Rome. They were broadcasting an opera from the 1960s and they had the perfect view.

"Great then I surprised you. Mission accomplished and wait until our dinner arrives. The Italian is to die for."

"I can't wait. To soak up this alcohol I shouldn't be drinking."

"I won't tell if you won't" 

"You're such a bad influence," she took another sip of her wine. "This is delicious."

"It's from my cousins vineyard." 

This was getting out of hand. This guy was charming the pants off of her and yet she was promised to someone else. Lately she had been thinking she should break her promise to Draco and try and make something work with the guy she was actually into. After all he did have her meet him at an undisclosed location and portkey her away to another country just for dinner and a movie.
            Then again she just bought an expensive apartment and couldn't have anything get in the way of her income. Then there was the time thing. Being with Blaise was great but being in a relationship was time consuming and since making first string that was something she didn't have much of. Things were going alright between them but she knew it was a matter of time before it became an issue. The thing about Draco was they weren't really together so their time wasn't precious.

Ginny and Draco were the picture of perfection as they stood on the red carpet at the opening night for the symphony. Draco kept his face neutral in his impeccably tailored tuxedo. Ginny  had a lovely smile as she dazzled in her beaded gown. They looked like the perfect couple as they stood there to the shouts of the photographers.

"Ginny, Draco look this way!"

"Over here!"

Ginevra Weasley and Draco Malfoy stepped out for a evening of sophistication. They sat front row for the Edwin Phyfe Resort Collection in London last night. The two cozied up for photos.
"Wizard's Style"

Hogwarts Annual Giving Dinner
The Hogwarts Board of governors held their annual fundraising dinner last night in Hogsmead. Some of the most prestigious witches and wizards attend the event each year to raise funds for the historic institution that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Draco Malfoy and Ginevra Weasley are reported to have given a sizeable donation. When asked the head of the board just said, "yes they gave a quite generous donation. We are so grateful to have received all the donations."
"The Daily Prophet"

The Wedding of Ronald Bilius Weasley and Hermione Jean Granger

Draco had to hold in his laughter when he saw Ginny walk down the aisle at Ron and Hermione’s wedding. The purple strapless tea length dress wasn’t terrible it was just a plain dress but the huge bun on the top of her head looked like a lily pad. Hermione was nice enough not to dress her bridesmaids terribly but she made up for it with the hair requirement.
            The reception had just begun and he was sitting at the singles table watching the bridal party take a spin around the dance floor with the newlyweds.

“So,” Harry said as he danced with Ginny. Ron and Hermione had purposely put them together.

“So,” she returned the sentiment not knowing what he was talking about.
“I always thought we’d make it down the aisle before those two ever did,” said Harry.

“Well clearly that wasn’t meant to be,” she shrugged.
“Because you’re with Malfoy.”

“Because you broke up with me, you needed time to think remember?” She retorted defensively.

“That didn’t mean for you to take up with Malfoy, after messing with all those other men!”

“My private life is my business.”
“When you begin canoodling with ex-death eaters perhaps someone needs to step in!”

“I don’t need you to save me Potter! I’m a grown woman who is more than capable of making my own decisions.”

“Yeah right he’s Malfoy”

“And ever since he came into the picture you seem to have taken interest in me but as I recall you decided you didn’t want me. This has been going on for too long and I’m sick of it,” she dropped his hand and walked away leaving him alone on the dance floor.

Draco stood from his seat at the singles tables and walked across the dance floor. “Leave it Potter, she’s my girl” he sneered passing him and following Ginny out of the room. He looked up and down the hall for her, he saw a bit of her dress sticking around the corner. She was standing in a niche next to a large vase of flowers. “What’s wrong Weasley?”

“Why would you think something’s wrong.”

“I don’t know, you just ran from the dance floor and are hiding by hydrangeas.”

“You certainly know your flowers… I didn’t run, I hastened.”

He sighed, “Weasley I know Potter and you have this endless drama.”

“This is not about Harry,” she came out of the corner. “It’s about us”

“What about us,” he said surprised.

“You and I are together and we’re causing more of a stir than necessary…”

“I like causing a stir.”

“Of course you do but…”

Draco noticed Harry come out of the ballroom behind Ginny. He didn’t say anything, he placed his hand behind Ginny’s head and pulled her in. He kissed her the way he had been dreaming of kissing her for so long now. To his great surprise she let him do it…

Ginny had no idea why Draco was kissing her. She also had no idea why she was letting him do it. It was a different kind of kiss, they always gave each other little pecks. Yet there was something oddly familiar about it. She shook herself from her thoughts when she realized Draco wasn't kissing her anymore. She looked up at him and he was looking at something behind her. He took a step back so she assumed whoever or whatever had gone.
            Then something suddenly crossed her mind... she crushed her lips against his, she straddled him in the back of the carriage, he undid the buttons of her coat and pushed it down her shoulders, he ran his hands over her almost bare back. She sighed into Draco’s mouth, he began to trail kisses down her neck to her shoulder, she let her head fall back and her eyes roll into her head.

Ginny immediately punched Draco in the chest, "OW, what was that for?"

"You kissed me before!"

"We kiss all the time."

"Not like that! On New Years!"

Draco smirked, "oh, so you needed a little action to remember."

Ginny tried to hit him again but he grabbed her wrist before her fist came in contact with him.

"Let go of me," she tried to get free.

"Absolutely not, you and I are going to go into the other room and dance."

"You dance?"

"Yes I do. Quite well actually and they just asked couples to join the bride and groom on the dance floor," he let go of her wrist and slid his hand down into hers. "Let's go cause a stir."

Ginny didn't say anything, she just held his hand and went with him. When they entered the ballroom couples had taken to the floor with Ron and Hermione. Draco led Ginny right out to the center of the floor, he spun her around and pulled her back to him.

Ginny thought about things as she and Draco moved to the music. She was on the dance floor at her brother's wedding surrounded by family and friends. They always taught and encouraged her to be a person of integrity and character. Despite whatever nonsense she got up to, they always came back to her. After all she brought Draco Malfoy home and despite their reservations they've been pretty welcoming.
            And Draco took everything they said about him and everything she said about him. He was always there for her, just there. She looked up at.

“Thank you”

He looked down at her a bit confused, “For what?”                  

“You always go above and beyond for me and you don’t have to. Our relationship isn’t one that requires so much attention but you’re always there for me. So thank you,” she moved the hand on his shoulder and wrapped her arm his neck and moved in closer to him. She kissed him on the cheek and lingered there.

So what do you tell the woman you're in love with, thought Draco. 

He knew she was only close to him because of what she just said. He wanted this for so long. Every fiber in his being told him to put some space between them... So he did. Draco stepped away from her but only enough to spin her around, he pulled her back in and dipped her.

She let out a surprised yet happy small squeal. 

"You're welcome," he kissed again. She returned the kiss and she truly kissed him. Her eyes closed breath gone.

Ginny couldn’t believe she was fighting a member of the Chudley Canon Qudditch team for the snitch. Even if he caught it they weren’t going to win but she couldn’t let him have it. It was a pride thing, a member of team that hasn't won a match it what seems like a century couldn’t beat her to the snitch. She didn’t want to pull any sort of trick on her broom. Dubuffet would probably bench her. But she just had to get the snitch.
            The snitch suddenly darted up and over their heads. As the other seeker began his turn, Ginny took herself and her broom into a back flip and quickly wrapped her hand around the snitch before it got too far.
            The crowd erupted in cheers. Ginny reasoned it wasn’t really a trick but a necessity to catch the snitch.

Draco was digging in his closet for his favorite tie. It was hard to find anything anymore ever since Ginny took over his suite. She was occupying the bedroom and he had been sleeping on the couch. She was mostly living out of her trunks but she had hung some stuff in his closet making it over flow and quite hard to find anything.

He settled for the first tie he found and placed it around his neck. He tied it appropriately as he wandered out of the bedroom, "are you almost ready," he called as he passed the bathroom door where Ginny has been for the last half hour.

She made a noise but didn't respond. He continued on his way. He had made the plans for tonight. He told Ginny he had a dinner he needed her to attend. He was a bit nervous. His jacket was hanging on the back of the desk chair and he pulled it on.

There were a couple of reasons to be nervous. Things were a bit awkward since the weekend at her brother's wedding. They never spoke about it, they just carried on the way they have been. He knew how he felt about Ginny and he was still sure she didn't feel the same. But he wanted her and he wanted a relationship.
            He couldn't believe he Draco Malfoy, wanted to be with someone. To be with them fully, to commit, love and support. He just didn't think things were ever going to be right with Ginny. It was his fault because this was his idea. But then again, if he had never proposed such a ridiculous scheme he would have never met Ginny Weasley.

"Since you have been vague about where we're going I hope this is appropriate," Ginny announced joining Draco in the sitting room.

Draco turned to look at her. She was wear a gold sequin strapless dress. It may have been a bit much, it may have been a bit too shiny but it was hugging her figure wonderfully. "What you have on is fine."

"Good, now if I borrow a certain someone's leather jacket I can feel like a rock stars girlfriend," she chuckled. "I think Jeff will approve. Although I am proud to say that I bought this dress all by myself."

Draco smirked, she was cute, "you can borrow my jacket."

"Great, I'll just get it and we can go."

Once outside of the hotel Draco put his arm around Ginny and apprated them.

"Whoa," Ginny grabbed onto Draco as she almost lost her footing when they appeared.

"You ok" 

"Yeah," she laughed. She looked around into the dark. The air was cold, "Where are we?"

"Come on," he took her hand and led her to the top of a stairway. She stone steps led down onto the beach.

"If I knew we were coming to the beach I would have worn something else. What is all this," at the bottom of the steps there was a candle lit pathway that led to a tent with a table for two underneath.

"This is a surprise"

"It certainly is surprising," she said as she struggled with her heels in the sand. She gave up and took her shoes off. "This is so lovely."

Draco pulled out the chair for her. "I'm glad you think so" There was an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne and he popped the cork. He began to fill her glass and then his.

"I don't want any champagne thank you."

"It's a special occasion."

"What's the occasion," she was confused as to what was happening. A candle lit beach surprise was way too much for them.

"Well we've been going about our charade for quite some time now. It seems like the story of us has taken many more years to write then the almost two years we've had this going on. It's all fake, every detail. Since we decided to make this ridiculous fake life for ourselves I think we should do at least one thing real." Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out a little red box. He got down on one knee.

Ginny's eyes widened in terror. This couldn't possibly be happening. It was too real.

"Ginevra Weasley will you marry me?"

"Oh my god," Ginny stood up so abruptly she knocked over her chair. "This is too much. What are you doing?"

"Like I said, let's have one thing that's real. So I'm proposing for real."

"I don't know what to say." She really didn't, yes would be the obvious answer because she already agreed to it but it didn't seem like the thing to say at this moment.

"This is too beautiful... the setting... that ring," she gestured to the princess cut emerald glistening in the box Draco was holding open. "You kneeling in the sand."

Draco sighed and stood up, "is this better. I was just trying to do something nice for the both of us and I was aiming for real and I guess I got it. You and your real hysterics."

She hit him, "is this a joke to you? You're proposing with a ring. That's not real is it?"

"Well I didn't get it out of a box of cereal."

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Look I just..."

"Just what? You knew this was going to happen."

"No I didn't. I figured we would just be like... we need a big moment so let's get hitched. And it would simple and... and strategically placed. Not something special for like someone you care about."

"Ginny I'm not going to lie I do have this odd fondness for you. I thought you would appreciate the gesture..."

"I do appreciate it. I just never would have expected it."

"So Weasel will you marry me?" He asked again.

Ginny laughed, "Yes I'll marry you."

Draco took the ring from the box and reached for Ginny's left hand. He slipped the ring onto her finger and then kissed the back of her hand.
"Thank you for this," Ginny kissed him on the cheek and then hugged him.

"You're very welcome."

Ginny was distracted. She knew she was complete rubbish as she went through the drills for the day.  The reserve seeker beat her to the snitch every time. She nearly fell off her broom as she was not paying attention to the bludgers.

"Come on Weasley! Get it together!"

She did need to get it together. She was wiped and she was engaged. She was getting ready to spend a four day weekend in southern Italy with her boyfriend.

"AH," Ginny yelped as a bludger slammed into her arm.
"Weasley get down here!"

Ginny got herself back on course and descended down towards Madame Dubuffet and rather clumsily got off her broom in front of her.

"Ms. Weasley, I don't know what's wrong with you but you look like hell and you're playing like hell. I need you to get it together for the sake of the team. If you don't shape up, I will be forced to bench you."

"I can do better."

"I know you can. Go home, you're done for today."

“I’ll tell you one thing Gin, I love bringing you fabulous things in this fabulous room,” Jeff said sitting on the couch in the Suite living room as Ginny slipped into an option for the Society of Distressed Witches Benefit behind the folding screen in the corner.

“I have to admit I like it better too but it would be much better if our place was done.”

The door to the suite opened, “hello” Draco said to the man on the couch.

“Hi,” he stood and shook Draco’s hand.

“Babe, that’s Jeffery my stylist,” Ginny said from behind the screen

“Please call me Jeff,” he said retaking his seat.

“So is this for the benefit,” Draco said looking around at the racks of dresses, lines of shoes, and the evening bags and jewelry lying across the table. So much for a peaceful break between class and my internship.

“Uh huh and I love this one,” Ginny said coming from behind the screen. She was wearing a dark brown strapless dress that was made entirely of Dragon skin, it was form fitting and had a high slit up the front.

“You look amazing in that,” Jeff stood and went over to Ginny, “turn, turn, turn.”

“What do you think babe?”

Draco nodded his head and looked down at the stack of mail in his hand, “it’s nice,” he thought it was magnificent, he knew she wasn’t all done up yet, she was barefoot, makeup less, and her hair was in a big sloppy bun at the top of her head, but he thought she was beautiful.
“I don’t know if it’s right for the benefit though,” said Jeff flipping through the rack of dresses for another option. “It might be a bit too trendy.”

“But this has to be worn somewhere.”

“Well you don’t have another black tie event for awhile, although I did pull some looks for the little red books signing thing, how do you feel about pant suit?”

“Oh god I love this,” she said looking in the mirror.

“I know but if you have no place to wear it, it’s going to have to go back to the show room,” explained Jeff.

“How about a quaint dinner at home,” suggested Draco.

Ginny laughed, “Yeah I’ll wear this down to the dining room in the lobby. I don’t even know who made this dress but I’m sure they won’t like me borrowing it to stay in.”

“It’s W. Winston,” Jeff informed.

“Not to sound haughty or anything but you’re about to be a Malfoy love and Malfoy’s, don’t borrow, we buy. So Jeff whatever she wants just send me the bill.”

Ginny’s mouth fell, “you don’t have to do that I’ll buy the dress it’s not a big deal.”

“I know that you’re pretty self sufficient in your earnings but I don’t think that dress is within reach, it’s couture which is different than high end plus it’s made completely out of Dragon skin, my guess is it’s about 100,000.”

“Actually 150, 000,” corrected Jeff. He waved his in a frantic dismissively manner, "you're about to be a Malfoy, what did I miss?"

Ginny blushed, "we recently got engaged."

"Ah," Jeff squealed in delight and hugged Ginny. "Congratulations you guys!"

"Thank you," Draco and Ginny said at the same time.

"Jeff, you're the only person who knows so if you wouldn't mind keeping it to yourself," explained Ginny. "We really want to keep this private until we're really to share."

"I completely understand your secret is safe with me. Ah," he squealed again.
“Thanks," Ginny turned back to the mirror to look at herself in the dress, "now back to business, 150,000 galleons get me out of this dress that’s ridiculous!”

“That’s art"

Ginny didn’t know if the fact that she had been wearing all of these luxury items and not knowing their worth was worse than the fact that Narcissa Malfoy had countless pieces in her closet. She never talked to Malfoy about money but she was getting a good idea about how much money he actually had. And that Narcissa Malfoy’s wardrobe could feed all the starving children of the world and then some. “Just out of curiosity how much were those shoes I made you pay for?”

“I don’t remember”

“550,” Jeff said turning to them from the rack of dress, “how about this one, it’s not couture and I want to get you into a red gown.”

“So you would drop 150,000 quid for this dress and your only justification is that it’s art.”

“Yeah and when you don’t want it anymore we’ll donate it.”

“Jeff so how much were some of those other things I wore, like that green vintage Collard thing?”

Jeff sighed, “do you really want to know,” she nodded her head, “Seeing as that dress took to the runway in 1947 and well the designer is dead and the house closed, the firm that bought it was selling the entire archive…” he went on hoping she would change her mind.

“How much?”

“It went for 63,000 at auction but original retail was only about 12,000”

“This would be the part where I sit down but I can’t chance wrinkling this dress”

Draco rolled his eyes and took a seat and began to sort through the post.

“Gin will you just go try this one on please,” said Jeff hanging the red dress behind the screen. He unzipped Ginny and pushed her behind there as well.

“Whenever our new home is finished we can use the dress to buy furniture,” Ginny said from the behind the screen

“Get over it already Gin," Draco rolled his eyes. 

“I can’t.”

“We’ll take the dress,” he whispered to Jeff.

She reappeared in the red gown, “zip me please.” She asked Jeff.

She turned to the mirror, “let’s go with this one.” It had a jeweled bodice that extended into a jeweled halter collar, the jewels were different shades of red and the skirt was layered red chiffon and flowing. “How much is this one?”

“Don’t tell her,” Draco instructed, “just add it to the bill.”

The newly engaged Draco Malfoy, headed into the office later that afternoon for his internship. He was headed down the corridor to the conference room when the door to Courtney Bolts office opened and someone proceeded out leaving the door open. As he walked pass he got a glimpse of Cho sitting behind her desk.
            He kept going to his destination and stopped in his tracks. He was going over something in his head. He quickly headed back to the office before he lost the nerve.

"Hey," he began entering.

Cho looked up at him, "hey."

"Um, I ah..."

He looked a bit pale and nervous, "are you alright," Cho looked at him concerned.

"Yeah ... Would you like to get a cup of tea sometime," Draco asked Cho nervously. He had no idea why he was nervous. It was Cho Chang timid Hogwarts girl.

She looked a little surprised, "but ah... aren't you seeing someone?"

"It's just tea," he thought for a moment. Ginny had her own life and he was pretty sure she was seeing someone. "It's not that serious." 

"Really? You two are everywhere."

"Well...being us comes with certain... annoyances."

"I'm flattered but Ginny and I have had issues when it comes to guys."

"I have no idea what you're talking about but despite your sass when it comes to me, although I find it quite endearing. I would like the opportunity to get to know you."

"When You Hear the Bell it's Time for Change"

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