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"If you wanna find love,
If you wanna find something more
I'll be the one to run for you!"
Take Shelter by Years & Years

“Hello, my name’s James Potter and I like to play Quidditch, fuck bitches, and get money!” I pranced around James’ dorm wearing his Quidditch sports-jacket.

“I don’t say that!” James cried from his bed.

“Liar!” I pointed his wand at him.

“Oi that’s my wand, Brainiac.” Troy plucked it from my fingers.

“Oops,” I giggled. “Sorry!” I looked at him sheepishly.

“It’s bedtime for you, little girl.” Fred tapped my nose as he came out of the loo and walked towards his bed.

“The patriarchy doesn’t tell me what to do.” I pointed at him. “I am a feminist and I fight for equality! Close the wage gap!”

Chance flipped a page in his book. “Whatever you say.”

Luke just smiled and looked back down at his phone.

“Chance!” I ran over to his bed. “Quit being such a wanker and put that book away! What is it even about?” I asked as I grabbed it from his hands.


I skimmed the pages. It was about proper Dueling technique when fighting opponents who were better hexers than defenders. “Is this even English?”

“No, it’s Swahili.” He glared at me. “Can I have it back now?”

“Nope! Just kidding, yeah.” I smiled and handed it back.

“I’m going to muzzle you Carty, watch yourself,” Fred warned.

“Oi! No threatening to do kinky things with my girlfriend!” James protested from his bed. “It’s just wrong and weird!”

I had stop myself from blushing and Fred chortled loudly. Does James remember that Fred and I used to date? I don’t think he does.


“So, guys, the big game is tomorrow.” Chance smirked. “You better win.”

All Gryffindors still harbored a grudge, because Slytherin won the Cup last year by the few points that they won against Gryffindor. Everyone in our whole house wanted us to win.

I gulped, but the other boys hooted loudly.

“You better bet we will, fucker!” Fred roared.

“Screwing Slytherin is the one thing I’ve been looking forward to. I’m not going down without a fight.” Troy grinned evilly.

“Fuck bitches, get money, beat Slytherin!” James cheered.

The boys then looked at me with raised eyebrows.

I just looked back at them with wide eyes. “Ra-ra, go team?”

“Wow so much enthusiasm,” Chance teased.

“What? I’m a man of few words,” I sneered.

“Except you’re a chick and you talk nonstop.” Fred gave me a pointed look.

“Who even calls girls “chicks” anymore? That’s like an eighties term! And I do not talk nonstop! I know how to stop talking! I don’t have to talk all the time! What am I talking about? I don’t talk all the time! I’m a shy, little fucking butterfly! Like who do you people think I am?”

“Whoa Mick, cease fire.” James held out his hand. “Come on, you want me to walk you back to your dorm?” He smiled at me.

“Only because you asked nicely.” I took his hand and we walked out the door.

We hopped down the stairs two at a time.

“Do I really talk nonstop?”

“I have a feeling no matter what I say, it won’t be the right answer.”

“Come on Jay, I mean do I really? Like really, really? Is Fred right? But Fred’s never right. I mean he’s Fred! You know?”

“Mick.” James stopped on the step below me. “What does it matter? If you want to talk then talk, if you don’t then don’t.” He grinned at me and kissed my lips lightly. “I personally like to hear you babble uncontrollably. It’s cute.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You’re such a liar.” I smiled, but tried to glare as well.

James just laughed and pulled my hand, leading me forward.

“Wake up, sleepyhead.”

I mumbled something unintelligible in response.

“Mickey,” Darcy said in my ear.

“Come on Cart, get up.” Dom was talking into my other ear.

“Nah,” I muttered and barely opened my eyes. I looked up at them and watched as the two crawled into bed with me. “What are you dummies doing?”

“We’re having a cuddle session in case you die today,” Dom chirped.

“Oh wow thanks for the vote of confidence, Dom.” I pulled the covers over my head. Dom and Darcy just giggled as they burrowed with me, further under the covers. “Get out me bed ya hoodlums,” I drawled.

“Let’s make this threesome, a foursome!” I heard Zära’s voice and watched as she squeezed in beside Darcy.

“These beds are so not big enough for four people!” I cried as Darcy and Dom forced me into a spooning position so we could all fit.

“Did I tell you that Bill and Fleur are coming to watch you?” Dom asked with a grin on her face.

“No, but lovely!” I groaned. “I’m going to fail!” I covered my face with my hands.

“Oh, calm down! No one is expecting you to be Viktor Krum.” Dom rolled her eyes. “You act like they’re asking you to preform brain surgery!”

“They are if they’re asking her to beat Aleksander Krum, as in Viktor Krum’s son.” Zära giggled.

“Well, I’m glad this situation is amusing to you!” I growled.

“Look Carty, just do your best and what will be, will be.” Zära motioned with her hands. “No one is going to hate you if we lose.”

“That’s a lie,” Darcy piped up. “I’ll hate you.”

I huffed loudly and climbed out of bed, leaving the trio of nincompoops on my bed. “I’m getting ready!” I yelled over my shoulder as I grabbed my robes and stalked to the bathroom leaving their giggles behind me.

I have to say I loved my robes. LUCK was on the back in gold lettering with a huge number two underneath it. Two was my favorite number. I couldn’t really enjoy it though.

I was flipping my shit about the game. I mean these kids take Quidditch very fucking seriously and I don’t take anything seriously. I treat my whole life like it’s a slapstick comedy from the nineteen-forties for Merlin’s sake! (His Girl Friday is my shit. Cary Grant is my husband. Screw those five other bitches he married. Godric, I’m, willing to fight bints over a dead man. I hate myself. I digress.)

The Beaters always try to knock out the Seeker before the game even really begins. They go for the Chasers too. Mainly James and Troy, because if you get them out of the game then Gryffindor loses its main scorers. But these Beaters are brutal and not afraid to knock you slam off of your broom. They’re told to do that! To say that I’m scared out of my mind is an understatement. I walked down to breakfast with Abbott, because the other girls were going to get ready later.

“Don’t be nervous,” Abbott told me. “It’s just one game.” She smiled and I smiled back at her.

“Thanks,” I said as we entered the Great Hall.

People were everywhere and very excited about today’s match. When Abbott and I entered the whole Gryffindor table cheered. I smiled like Abbott and started toward the table.

“Carty?” I heard an incredulous voice to my left.

I spun on my heel to see Aleksander standing there with Benjamin, both had their mouths hanging open.

“Hi.” I waved sheepishly.

“What in the name of Salazar’s basilisk are you doing?” He asked me with genuine concern etched across his face.

“I’m the fill-in Seeker for Gryffindor.” I blushed.

“But you don’t know how to athlete!” Ben reminded me. “At least, that’s what you told me over the summer!”

Aleksander blinked a few times. “Cart, I can’t play against you. You’re my friend.” He looked at me with his brow scrunched together in distress. “And Lidiya would beat me if I hurt you! Do you want my mother to beat me?”

I laughed and just gave him a hug. “Then don’t hurt me dearest.” I smiled innocently and gave him a wink. “I’ll see you after the game, okay? I don’t want my teammates to think I’m being friendly with our rivals,” I teased.

“Okay, but no hard feelings McCartney.” Aleksander stuck out his hand. “What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. Seriously.”

I tried to shake his hand firmly, but my tiny hands were engulfed in his. “Whatever you say buddy.” I grinned before walking over to my team.

“What did Krum want?” Fred asked brusquely as I sat down in between Troy and James.

“He was just shocked that I was Seeker and wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings for what happens,” I replied.

“Well, what’d you say?” Troy asked with a mouthful of eggs.

“Ew and I told him okay, what was I supposed to say?” I asked as I put some grapes and a piece of toast on my plate.

“You should’ve used your feminine wiles to keep him from knocking you around or anything,” Ana-Catherine told me. “It works wonders.” She grinned.

“So, that’s why you’ve only ever dated Beaters,” LP joked as she joined our group, hobbling on her crutches.

“Of course!” Ana-Catherine grinned. “Too bad both of the Slytherins Beaters are taken this year.” She shook her head.

“What a tragedy.” LP laughed as she sat down beside Fred across from me. LP reached across the table and almost knocked over my drink. “Oh, sorry Mick, watch out.” She laughed as she then grabbed an apple from the bowl in front of me and I grinned.

“It’s alright,” I chirped.

Wood was glaring at her when he suddenly grabbed LP’s forearm hauling her out of her seat. “I need to speak to you.” He towed her off.

“Wait my crutches!”

“It’ll just be a second!” He hissed and toted her out of the Great Hall.

The team was quiet for a bit.

“That was weird,” Fred spoke up after swallowing a mouthful of ham.

“Wood’s a weird bloke, what are you going to do?” Troy shrugged and the chatter resumed.

LP didn’t return for a few minutes, but when she did, she told us we had nothing to worry about and that Wood was just in the Captain’s Office.

“I’m going to go ahead and warm up.” I stood and James followed suit.

“I’ll join you.” He grinned.

We walked down to the pitch, holding hands.

“Nervous?” He asked me as we slung our hands back and forth.

“Of course.” I sighed.

“You didn’t eat a lot at breakfast.” James looked at me in scolding.

“I can’t eat before events. I’ll puke. Then die. All in one fell swoop. Like the domino effect.”

James laughed. “Whatever works I suppose.”

We stopped out by the locker rooms and James placed his lips against mine. Everything he did with me was delicate like I would shatter into pieces if he pressed too hard. Which I suspect might be true if you think about it. I am a delicate little angel sunbeam of a human.

He pulled back and met my eyes. “Just remember, Krum’s bigger than you, but you’re faster than him. Hell, Mick you’re one of the fastest flyers I’ve ever seen. You’ve out flown every single player on this team and, aside from Ravenclaw, we’re the fastest team in the league.” He had a hold of my forearms and his neck craned down to look deep into my eyes. “You’ve got this, okay?”

James towered over everyone. The boy was a whopping six foot three and he made me feel like a ruddy fairy even though I was five foot seven myself. I don’t understand how though! His parents weren’t even that tall. They were normal like everyone else!

“Yep I got this.” I bounced on the balls of my feet. “I’m like Rocky Balboa, I’m Sylvester freaking Stallone. I am a wild mustang, and no one can tame me. I’m like the Hulk!”

“Yep that’s right a wild bloody mustang!” James grinned, bouncing with me. “The Hulk! Hell yeah!”

“RAWR!” I growled at an ear-piercing decibel. “I AM MCCARTNEY-HULK AND HEAR ME ROAR!”

“Am I interrupting something?” Troy and Maxima appeared, coming around the corner.

“ROAAAAAAAR!” I yelled loudly in Troy’s face, but he merely blinked.

“What did you take this morning, Carty?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Twelve crack cocaines,” I told him flatly, “twice.” He grinned at our inside joke, but Maxima looked at me with an expression somewhere between distaste and fear.

“So twenty-four.” Maxima raised an eyebrow like Troy just had earlier. Wow, maybe they really were soulmates.

“Nope.” I shook my head and looked at her seriously. “Twelve twice.”

Maxima just smiled a bit and nodded slowly like someone talking to a dangerously insane person. “Okay.”

Troy laughed and slung an arm around her shoulders. “That’s just Mick for you, come on Max.”

I watched as she shot James a look over her shoulder before slinging her arm around Troy’s waist. “She’s always like that?”

Troy’s reply was muffled as they walked further. “Yeah, pretty much…”

I wanted to ask James about Maxima’s look, but he grabbed my hand. “Let’s go warm up, kiddo.”

“You’re only older than me, because your parents held you back!” I protested.

James was born in August and he told his parents to hold him back so he’d be the oldest and the best at Quidditch. He hasn’t changed much since he was a munchkin.

“Still older than you.” He smirked.

For my rebuttal, I promptly and most maturely stuck out my tongue at him.

I sat on the bench while the team each prepared for the game in their own way.

Troy and James participated in some sort of strange Chaser pregame bonding session that involved a reenactment of Act 1 Scene 5 from Shakespeare’s Hamlet (with Troy as the Ghost and James as Hamlet), a lot of provocative dancing, and screaming the lyrics of T.N.T. by AC/DC in Russian accents.

Fred and Wood were preparing by singing/yelling out their own pump-up song (the very original Eye of the Tiger) and roaring in each other’s faces while excessively bumping chests.

AC was doing an impression of Gollum in the corner. “We must stop the Quaffle!” She hissed. “We must!” Then her face changed. “Patience, patience, my love, first we must see the Quaffle.” She smirked evilly. “Yes, yes we must see the Quaffle first.”

Okay, now that’s just disturbing.

Abbott was the only normal one. She was sitting calmly amid the chaos, wrapping her hands carefully with tape. She occasionally would sing the lyrics to T.N.T. when Troy handed her the mike which was a practice Quaffle.

The match was here, staring me right in the face, but I was cool as a cucumber.

Maybe it came from an innate sense that whatever happened on this Pitch wouldn’t matter down the road.


The saddest part is, I don’t even know if there are sewers in Diagon Alley. I COULD BE COMPLETELY ALONE WITHOUT EVEN RATS TO KEEP ME COMPANY!



The entire team, except Wood who was now missing, turned to look at me. “Is Mick broken already?” Fred asked.

I blushed and grinned sheepishly. “Nope everything is peachy keen, all well and good, as merry as the day is long, fancy free, and all that!”

I know it sounds impossible, but their eyebrows went even higher.

I have that effect on people.

Thankfully, Wood reentered the locker room to give his pregame pep talk. He looked at us grimly. “Alright kids—” There were protests from James that he was older. “—we are going to have to pull this game out of our arses. Slytherin is here and ready to play, I watched some of their warm up. This game isn’t just about beating Slytherin, this is vengeance. Last year, they took what was ours and spat in our faces!”

Literally, that’s how Aleksander managed to catch the Snitch. He spat in LP’s face and she couldn’t see the Snitch. Aleksander is brutal on the Pitch. It’s like he’s a completely different person. He’s scares the shit out of everyone.

“So, I want to crush them! We are Gryffindor and we do not lose!” Wood roared and the team roared back with AC shouting in her Gollum voice, “PRECIOUS!” Wood ignored her, probably used to it, and continued, “Now, it’s time for us to take what is ours! This game belongs to us! This Pitch belongs to us! This day is ours for the taking! Now get your arses out there and play like your lives depend on it!”

The team yelled a terrifying war call that even I contributed to as we ran out of the locker room and onto the Pitch. Wood led the pack with Fred and Ana-Catherine behind him, me in the middle, and the Chasers in the rear.

“And there comes Gryffindor!” Chance cheered. The varsity commentator was Chance which gave me some relief. Chance wouldn’t say anything rude about me.

The teams met in the middle and I was on the end beside James. He played to the right while Abbott was in the middle and Troy was on the left. James took my hand and squeezed it. Aleksander stood across from me with an unreadable stony expression. Artemis Nott stood across from James with her jaw set and her hair in a long Dutch braid. I noticed that she was the only girl on the team which was strange.

Wood and Ben shook hands brusquely before marching back to their teams. Wood motioned for us to mount our brooms and we did. The two middle Chasers, Abbott and Scorpius Malfoy, got in position to go for the Quaffle. Coach Appleby held the Quaffle aloft.

“Alright you maggots, I know you’re not going to listen or do what I say so let’s get on with it.” He rolled his eyes. Then he threw Quaffle in the air and blew his whistle.

Scorpius and Abbott went scrabbling for the Quaffle, fighting with their elbows, broom-tails smacking together.

I did as I was told and flew off quickly to rest in the air. Fred flew after me; he was there to protect me. I watched as Scorpius elbowed Abbott hard in the ribs and snatched the Quaffle from in front of her. He then shot off like a rocket down to the goalposts and tossed the Quaffle behind his back to Artemis.

James was right beside her, bumping their legs together and grabbing at the Quaffle. Artemis just curled the ball into her abdomen and passed it back to Scorpius. He threw it like a rocket to Blaise Zabini II who caught it and feinted a throw in the far goalpost, but he threw it all the way across to Artemis and she kicked it into the goal.

“And the snakes are up 10-0 with an amazing play between the Chasers!”

From in the air, it was easy to see just how many people were here. The stands were filled to the brim with people. I spotted James’ abnormally large family, adults and all, in one part of the stands (they always showed up for the first game). I even saw my parents and half-brother over with Scorpius’ parents, Lidiya, and Viktor in a reserved section of the stands. There were some adults there as well who might be scouts.

“Watch out Mick!” Fred yelled and raised his bat.

I looked up to see a Bludger careening towards me and squealed as I ducked down. “Not my face!” Fred laughed as he swung his bat and shot it back in the direction of Aleksander.

Aleksander was flying around in circles, constantly in motion. Ben was bothering the Chasers, so that meant Vincent was the one who shot the Bludger at me. I rolled my eyes. Git. I turned my attention back to the rapidly progressing game.

I looked just in time to see James score a goal and grinned. “And now it’s 50-40 snake-y side up everyone!” This made me nervous. At this rate, I’d have to catch the Snitch or we’ll lose.

My eyes searched the entire Pitch for the Snitch, but the little gold bugger was nowhere to be seen.

“Duck Cart!” Fred yelled again.

I yelped and ducked as another Bludger almost decapitated me.

“And people do this for fun?” I looked at Fred incredulously.

He chuckled loudly. “Every day.” He winked at me and I sighed.

“What in Merlin’s beard did you lot sign me up for?”

I was fifty shades of done with Quidditch. I don’t normally athlete and this just proves to me that I shouldn’t. Never again is Troy going to convince me to do anything! The team was getting pounded by Bludgers, but Fred still stayed by me.

Ana-Catherine had snapped a few fingers from a Bludger that she tried to bat away. One Bludger even caught her in the ribs. Abbott had a black eye and a busted shoulder. Troy had taken many nasty Bludgers to his already hurt back, a few to his ribs, and had a large cut going down the side of his head. James had it bad too. Blood was pouring from his broken nose and it was so bad he left a blood trail in the air. He also had caught a Bludger to the chest and was still breathing funny.

I turned to Fred as Abbott took a Bludger to the leg. “Please for the love of all things Gryffindor, go save them!”

Fred looked at me and then back at the team. “But Wood said—”

“I don’t care what Wood said! I can handle myself up here in the air! Please just go hit someone!”

Fred ruffled my hair and grinned. “Aye, aye Mickey!”

He took off like a rocket towards a rogue Bludger. Fred slammed his bat to it and the force of the Bludger almost knocked Blaise completely off his broom.

It helped considerably having Fred hitting the Bludgers back and our Chasers began to get some leeway on scoring. The crowd screamed as Ana-Catherine blocked another goal.

“And that wonderful block by Ana-Catherine Wood keeps the score at 350-320 with the lions on top!”

I skirted around another Bludger that Vincent shot towards me. I have come to find that I am great at dodging Bludgers. I haven’t been hit this entire game. It’s a skill, what can I say?

I followed the Bludger as Wood hit it towards Scorpius. The Bludger slammed into him and sent him careening into Troy who flailed about accidentally punching Scorpius in the eye. Ben took control of it and hit it back towards James. The force behind Ben’s hit was terrifying. It was like a missile shooting through the sky. Artemis was flying beside James, reaching for the Quaffle in his arms.

James turned his head to look and futilely put out his hand. The Bludger slammed into his hand and then his face/neck area. The force of the Bludger sent James and Artemis to the ground in a tangle of limbs and broomsticks. I felt my breath catch in my throat. All I could see was the impact of him hitting the ground. All I could feel was my heart pounding in my throat.

“TIME-OUT!” Wood and Ben screamed at the same time. Since this was just a school league, they allowed time-outs in emergency situations.

Coach Jarvis blew his whistle and both teams flew down. I landed delicately beside Troy and walked with him over to James.

“Get off my Chaser!” Ben stormed over to where James and Artemis were still lying in a heap. He grabbed James’ broomstick and threw it at Abbott who stood nearby. “Potter, move your fat arse off of her!”

James rolled off of her with a groan and Artemis blinked rapidly.

“I’m fine really.” Artemis shook her head and stood unsteadily. “But um, could someone make the Pitch stop spinning?” She put a hand to her head.

“Shit,” Ben hissed. “Come on Artemis I’ll get you a healer.” He led her to the locker room. “Go get Madam Longbottom, Scorpius!” He barked at him. Scorpius, who had a rapidly blackening eye and bright red scratches on his face and arms from Abbott’s fingernails, ran off in the direction of the teachers’ stand with his arms waving.

I hurried over and crouched beside James. “Hey Jay? Can you hear me?” I asked him gently.

“Loud and clear.” James rubbed his eyes and wiped under his bloodied nose. “I’m okay.” He shook his head and held out his right hand to me.

“James, you really shouldn’t,” I told him, but helped him to his feet. He leaned against me a little.

“I’m fine, where’s Patton?” He asked reaching out for his broom. (Named after the infamous American general George S. Patton.)

“Here.” Abbott handed it to him.

Wood stepped in front of James. “You can’t be serious.” He looked furious.

“The team needs me; we can’t beat Slytherin with two chasers!” James argued.

“Yeah well, what good are you if you can’t even throw? I can see that your wrist is broken from here!” Wood rebuked.

“It’s my left wrist! I throw with my right, Wood!” James and Wood were now almost chest to chest in their argument. “I’m trying to save this damn team that you obviously don’t care about!” His face was terrifying; I’d never seen him so angry.

“Hey!” Ana-Catherine pushed them apart. “James, that was uncalled for so shut the fuck up. Andrew, calm the hell down. It’s James’ decision on whether he wants to play or not.” She glared at both of them. “Now, I went and got Atticus so he can wrap your wrist.” She pulled James forward with his good wrist. “So, sit down and shut your trap.” She pushed him onto the bench.

James obeyed, because that’s what you do when Ana-Catherine Wood tells you to do something.

Healer Devonshire (aka Atticus) knelt down beside James and wrapped the wrist up as best he could. “Straight to the hospital wing after this is over,” he told James seriously.

“Yes sir,” James agreed. He then stood up and walked over to stand between Troy and I. “Now what’s our game plan captain?” he asked turning to Wood.

Wood had his jaw set, he didn’t want James to play that much was obvious.

Before he could start though, Coach Appleby came over to us. “You ruddy pansies,” he muttered, “you weren’t allowed to call time-outs in my day.” He then looked at Wood. “Miss Nott is ready to continue. Potter, still playing?”

James nodded like some kind of high-speed bobble-head. “Yes sir.”

“It’s your funeral.” Coach shrugged before walking back over to the Slytherin team. We all meet again in the middle of Pitch for the Quaffle toss. Artemis looked a little unsteady, but determined.

Scorpius had his mouth set in a firm line, but when they leaped Abbott got the Quaffle. She raced for the goals and threw it; however, the shot was blocked by Knox Warrington.

I looked around the Pitch to find the Snitch which had been AWOL the entire game. I searched well into the game trying to simultaneously keep up with what was going on. I startled when Aleksander coasted to a stop beside me after a bit of back and forth with the Quaffle.

“Potter okay?” He asked with his mouth taunt like a bowstring.

“No, but he doesn’t care,” I replied.

Aleksander nodded and I looked over toward the Slytherin goals to see Vincent hit another Bludger at me.

“Duck!” I yelled my broom shooting downward to escape it.

Aleksander ducked his head, but at the same time Fred had hit the other Bludger in our direction. So, both Bludgers slammed into Aleksander and his broom, knocking him clear off.

“Alek!” I yelped. I flew after him, but I wasn’t fast enough to beat gravity. I saw Coach Appleby waving his wand and Aleksander hovered inches above the ground. “Holy shit!” I landed and threw down our brooms. “Please be alive!” He dropped gently onto the ground and his broom fell around us in pieces.

Aleksander groaned and put his hands on his temples. “Fucking hell.” He dragged his hands down his face. He sat up and breathed in sharply, his hands going to his ribs. “Tell Flint I’m sorry, but I can’t even see straight,” he told me.

“Okay, you want some help?” I asked and put my arm under his shoulders as he staggered drowsily. “Come on buddy,” I cooed and he rolled his eyes at me, but grinned.

“Thanks Mick.” He rested his head in the crook of my shoulder.

“What are best friends for Alek?” I smiled and motioned for Healer Devonshire who took over my spot before flying back into the air.

“And there you have it folks, there’s only one Seeker left in the game. Slytherin is down one player now. I hope that McCartney Luck puts this game out of its misery quickly. Both teams look like dead men flying”

I flew around looking for the Snitch almost futilely.

“And now it’s 470-430 with Gryffindor up!”

Then I saw it. The Snitch was hovering over by Chance and the commentator’s stand. I shot off, quickly picking up speed.

“And it seems that Luck has spotted the Snitch!”

I zipped over Chance’s head, chasing down the Snitch. It bobbled and careened back towards the goalposts. I caught up to it and snatched it out of the air.


As we flew down, Gryffindor House in its entirety stormed the pitch. People were hugging me left and right, but all I wanted to do was find James. I pushed through the crowd casting smiles at people and saying, “Thank you,” a lot.

I finally found him talking animatedly with Chance, Luke, and Abbott.

“Mick!” He grinned and hugged me tightly. He smelled like sweat and blood and grossness. His hair was flat and wet with perspiration while his eyes were completely bruised and purple. He spun me around and smiled brightly. “We won! You caught the Snitch!”

I smiled and pulled his face down to mine for a kiss.

He pulled back with a grin. “What was that for?”

“Being an amazing Quidditch player,” I replied and kissed him again. “And that was for being an amazing boyfriend. Now get to stepping, because it’s a long walk to the hospital wing.”

James groaned. “But Mickey!”

“Nope march,” I told him sternly.

He stuck out his tongue at me, but started back towards the castle.

“So, when exactly can I leave?” James asked for the thousandth time.

We’ve been here literally only ten minutes and he’s asked Healer Devonshire that very question at least twelve times.

“In a bit, I promise. I’ve just got to check a few things alright?” Healer Devonshire told him. “Trust me, I don’t want you here anymore than you want to be here.”

I giggled at that which caused both of them to turn and look at me. “Sorry.” I smiled. “Just ignore me.”

James grinned and rubbed his thumb over the top of my hand.

“Anyways now I’ve got to check on Mr. Krum, so excuse me.” Healer Devonshire walked back over to where Aleksander was.

“Mick—” James began, but broke off as the door swung open.

I watched as Amory Nott and his parents (I mean they were both tall, skinny, and blonde like him so I just assumed) walked in with Lidiya and Viktor.

“Lidiya!” I grinned and she waved at me.

She walked over to James’ bed. “Well hello stranger!” She hugged me. “You played wonderfully dear!” She smiled. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Oi! Shouldn’t you be telling me that?” Aleksander protested from his bed.

“Well, you didn’t win! You’re a disgrace to this family!” Lidiya teased and Aleksander rolled his eyes.

“You’re an abusive mother.” He pouted. “It’s a wonder I have any self-esteem, really.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have any, because you’re a terrible son.” Lidiya smiled at him. “But I love you unconditionally remember? Unless you decide to become a clown then I’ll disown you, because I hate clowns.”

“I better hide that red nose and wig I bought yesterday then!” Aleksander exclaimed. “Now, I’ll have to stay in the clown-closet.”

Lidiya turned to me with a smile. “Let me go visit my ungrateful brat for a bit, love.”

“Of course, by all means.” I laughed.

The door opened again and in walked my parents with Lennon and my half-brother, Fitzroy Luck.

“Fitz!” I grinned and hugged him tightly as he walked over. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know just came to watch a little bit of Quidditch. I don’t have anyone important playing or anything.” He smirked, his blue eyes flashing.

Fitz is my half-brother. His mother, Rochelle, and my father did the do just before he met my mom. Rochelle is a crazy bitch who we don’t speak of. She got locked up in Azkaban for practicing the Dark Arts when Fitz was like five or something so Dad got full custody. Fun fact: Fitz is also BFFs with Stella Adustio as in my Transfiguration professor from their own glory days at Hogwarts. They were both Ravenclaws and stuff.

“Oh yeah, Fitz, this is my boyfriend James Potter. James, this is my brother Fitz,” I introduced them.

James reached out with his good hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” He grinned at Fitz.

“You as well mate.” Fitz shook his hand carefully. “You’ve got to be a saint to put up with this moron.” He elbowed me and I almost fell over. “Wow you’re such a weakling,” Fitz told me. “Natural selection is coming for you.”

I rolled my eyes, because Fitz loves to tell that natural selection is coming for me, because I’m a weakling and small and puny and whatever other adjectives he comes up with.

“Fitz,” my dad chided as he walked up. “We are a civilized species; my dear daughter doesn’t have to worry about natural selection.” He kissed the top of my head.

“Thanks Daddy!” I smirked at Fitz who rolled his eyes.

He pretended to cough, “Kiss arse!” and then combed his chestnut brown hair as if he did nothing wrong.

I ignored Fitz. “Dad, this is my boyfriend James. James, this is my Dad.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” James started to rise up, but Dad laughed.

“Calm down kid, I’ll just shake your hand.” He grinned. “You’ll hear no overprotective father speech from me. I’m a cool dad. You can do whatever you want with Middle Spawn, I mean McCartney. If you put up with her, it means I don’t have to.”

Oh yeah, Dad does this thing where he calls all of his children spawn. Like Fitz is Eldest Spawn, I’m Middle Spawn, and Lennon is Youngest Spawn. I don’t fucking know, my dad is so weird.

“Wow, you’re ruder than Fitz, I mean Eldest Spawn.” I glowered at him.

“Just being honest.” He grinned as he sipped out of a flask. Tsk, what an alcoholic.

As if on cue, Lidiya pranced over and plucked the flask from his fingertips, “I knew I could count on you, Gray.” She grinned as she took a huge gulp of his drink.

“You know I always keep a spare.” He laughed.

“I drank all of mine! Spare and second spare!” Lidiya complained. They soon drifted off into their own conversation about alcohol.

“McCartney, you did great sweetie.” Mom smiled at me. “I’m so proud of you even though I still wished you’d just play tennis instead.” She hugged me. “It’s less dangerous.”

“Thanks Mom, but it was only for one game, so never fear.” I laughed and hugged her back, because Mom gave the best hugs except for Dad and James. “Oh right, Mom, this is my boyfriend James. James, this is my Mom.”

“It’s wonderful to finally meet you, James.” Mom smiled and gave him a hug.

“You as well, Mrs. Luck.” James hugged her back.

“You played a wonderful game, very heroic,” she cooed.

James blushed. “Well, thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” She beamed. “Now McCartney, I’m so sorry, but we really have to go. Your father has a very important meeting with some sponsors for PuddU in an hour and I’ve got to start organizing an engagement party for your cousin Amara, remember Amara?”

“Yes, I do.” I nodded. “She’s engaged?”

“Yes, and she’s getting married in the spring, so clear your calendar!” Mom grinned and hugged me again. “Grayson, tell the girls goodbye. Bye Cart, love you dear,” she told me before turning to Lennon. “Goodbye, love you Lenny!”

“Bye spawns.” Dad hugged each of us. “See you soon!”

“See you around losers.” Fitz winked as he hugged me then Lennon. “Toodooloo motherfuckers.” He grinned before following my parents out the door.

Lennon walked away without speaking to me to go see Artemis.

“I like your family,” James told me.

“Thanks, but you can have them,” I replied seriously.

Author's Note:

Yay McCartney!! She's amazing isn't she? I just adore her. So, here's my annual disclaimer: ANYTHING YOU RECOGNIZE I DON'T OWN. Did you guys like the Quidditch in this chapter? I tried to keep it from being the entire chapter and keep McCartney involved!

Thanks to everyone for reviewing and shoutout to luna1306, because she really loves McCartney's chapters, but reviews the other chapters too! (Even if it's just to tell me how excited she is for the next McCartney chapter ;-).)

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We get to go back to sweet LP for our next chapter, so get excited! In the next chapter... AC and Aleksander get revealing in the hospital wing. LP meets the Malfoys. The annual post-match party takes place. While Scorpius's roommates are away he and LP will play. LP's broken femur isn't helpful for dueling drug-addled crazy people. Things are okay and things are not okay.

That's it for this chapter! I hope to see you guys again on the next one!


Face-Claim Recap:
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Francisco Lachowski portrays James Potter (see chapter image on chapter 5)
Jacob Artist portrays Fred Weasley (see chapter 5)
Bob Morley portrays Troy Clearwater (see chapter 3)
Tyler Hoechlin portrays Chance Longbottom
Tyler Posey portrays Luke Harington
Natalie Dormer portrays Zära Winthrop
Emilia Clarke portrays Darcy Finnigan (see chapter 6)
Kellan Lutz portrays Andrew Wood (see above CI)
Caitlin Stasey portrays Ana-Catherine Wood (see chapter 7)
Lindsay Ellingson portrays Abbott Longbottom (see chapter 7)
Kit Harington portrays Aleksander Krum (see above CI)
Beau Mirchoff portrays Benjamin Flint (see chapter 2)
Diane Kruger portrays Mirabella Luck
Jon Hamm portrays Grayson Luck
January Jones portrays Lidiya Krum
Ryan Gosling portrays Healer Atticus Devonshire
Alex Pettyfer portrays Scorpius Malfoy (see chapter 3)
Sarina Nash portrays Artemis Nott
Joseph Morgan portrays Amory Nott

New Face-Claims:
Angelina Jolie portrays Astoria Greengrass
Zac Efron portrays Dorian Fitzroy Luck

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