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Several weeks later, the five of them were sitting around the round kitchen table discussing flowers and colours and dresses and music and food. If Harry was completely honest with himself, he didn’t find any of this reverting; he wanted to be playing Quidditch with Ron. He quickly glanced at Hermione hoping to see a similar expression etched on her face and to his delight, he saw something he had rarely seen in his life – an unfocused and bored Hermione. She hadn’t been thrilled with her mother’s idea of getting a wedding planner, but she had obliged all the same. She confessed to Harry the previous night that if they were going to get everything ready by the end of September, they would have to have help with the planning. “So, would that be incorporated in the dress?” Rose asked engagingly. At least someone was paying attention and not only that, someone was throwing ideas into the mix.

The kettle clicked off, the bubbling water making it harder to hear what Melissa was suggesting. “I’ll make the tea,” both Harry and Hermione said at once. They looked at each other, neither of them wanting to concede, so they both stood up and walked over to the kettle. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” Hermione whispered. “She’s planning absolutely everything; how can it be special when it sounds so regimented?”

“We don’t have to listen to her, we can plan it ourselves,” Harry suggested.

“How do you suppose we do that? We don’t know the first things about weddings.”

“What do you want then?” He asked delicately.

“I just want you,” she replied after a moment pause. “That’s all I really want.”

“Melissa?” Harry interrupted, turning around so that he faced her. “We really appreciate everything you’ve done, but what we really want is a simple day with our family and friends. We don’t need a colour scheme or a theme; we just want to be together.”

“I understand,” she smiled as she teared up the piece of paper she and Rose were poring over. “We had a feeling that would be what you wanted, so Mrs Granger and I planned this for you.”

“You were planning a wedding you knew we didn’t want?” Hermione asked.

“No, we were planning a wedding to see how much you wanted a simple one. See, I find that if you say you want a simple wedding, you may not actually mean it, but this way, you’ve heard what you would be missing and still have declined.”

Hermione nodded slowly, she didn’t agree with what Melissa was saying, but she didn’t want to make anyone aware of that. “So, you’ve already planned it then?”

“Indeed, we have, if you would sit down I can show you.” Harry and Hermione sat down abandoning the tea. They looked at the wedding that had already been planned, and it seemed to fall right into place.

“We know it’s tradition for the bride to marry in her hometown, but we thought that as your parents can’t be there, it would be nice if we used Godric’s Hollow, that way your parents will sort of be there.” Rose looked at Harry, hoping that her gesture would be received the way it was intended.

Harry couldn’t speak out of fear that he would cry, so he mouthed “thank you” to his future mother-in-law as sincerely as possible.

“Hermione, you have a dress fitting tomorrow with your mum and Harry, you and Ron are getting your suits. Everything going to plan, you’ll be married by the end of the week,” Melissa beamed at them.

“The end of the week?” Hermione asked in astonishment.

“Well, you did say you didn’t want to wait around,” her mum smiled, “is this going too fast for you?”

Harry gave Hermione a sideways glance, and although he couldn’t be sure, he saw what could only be described as a hesitant smile, “that’s perfect. Thank you all so much,” Harry answered for the pair of them.

“Hermione?” Her father asked.

She shook her head to get out of whatever trance she was in, “this sounds absolutely perfect,” she replied with the biggest smile on her face.


“I can’t believe that you are going to be Mrs Harry Potter by the end of the week!” Aoife gushed as they walked towards the dress shop. “Hermione Potter.”

“Don’t, you’ll make me cry,” Rose flapped from behind them. “My baby is all grown up,” she whispered to Mrs Weasley.

“They never really grow up, Rose. Just take my eldest, whenever he comes to visit he transforms into a grumpy teenager again, despite the fact he has a daughter now.” Mrs Weasley blushed.

“Bill has a daughter?” Hermione stopped and turned around. “When did this happen?”

“2nd of May,” Mrs Weasley beamed, “she’s beautiful. They named her Victoire.”

“I can’t believe we never knew,” Hermione replied in astonishment.

“You were on your holiday,” Mrs Weasley offered as an excuse, “besides, there’s plenty of time for you to meet her.”

“Sorry to break this up, but Hermione, you need to pick your perfect dress. The lady said that today would just about give her enough time to alter it. She has several shops in London and has had all the styles and colours brought here.” Rose explained once they had reached the shop door. “Don’t get too overwhelmed, we will find a dress that you love.”

Hermione nodded at her mum, despite the fact that she would have been able to find her perfect wedding dress at Madam Malkin’s without any effort, but she couldn’t let her mum down – she was looking forward to this ever so.


“Good afternoon,” Madam Malkin erupted as soon as Harry and Ron walked in. “What can I help you with today?”

“We need dress robes,” Harry explained, “I’m getting married on Saturday and need something to wear, Ron is my best man, and he needs something too.”

“Splendid! Do you have anything in mind?” Madam Malkin was smiling from ear to ear as she kept one eye on the door.

“Well, Hermione’s family are muggles so something that isn’t too…magical.”

“Splendid!” Madam Malkin repeated. “Pop yourself on the platform, and I will measure you up. You too, Ron.” Ron had seemingly forgotten that Aoife was related to Madam Malkin and thus was taken aback when she addressed him so informally. “I suppose we’ll be doing this for you soon, Ron. Have you set a day yet?”

“Not yet, no. We’re going to wait for Harry and Hermione. We’re in no rush.”

“I understand, just allows you to make it absolutely perfect for her!”

“Indeed,” Ron agreed.

“Right, you’re all measured, now just go into the dressing room, and that’s it.”

Harry and Ron had never been to Madam Malkin for anything other than Hogwarts robes. They didn’t know that work robes and dress robes appeared magically to best suit the person, but that is indeed what happened. As soon as Harry pulled back the curtain, he saw the most fabulous three piece suit. It wasn't ostentatious or weird like the other Magical suits he had seen in his time, it looked just like one a muggle would be proud to wear. Harry picked it up, and it instantly changed colour. It was a navy blue with black lapels and a black tie, but as soon as it touched Harry, it transformed into a black suit with a grey waistcoat and a silver silk cravat. "It's bloody fantastic," Ron called from the room next door. "It changed before my very eyes."

"Must have been when Harry picked up his," Madam Malkin called back, "can't have them looking too dissimilar. Put them on and let me see the pair of you," she ordered.

So Harry obeyed, he quickly and carefully changed into his suit which fit him perfectly and stepped out into the room, Ron doing the same. They turned to look at each other, and both smiled, "you look great," Ron said before feeling slightly awkward about the whole thing. Ron's suit was similar to Harry's, but his cravat was grey.

"You both look splendid. Harry, it looks as though you don't have a colour scheme?" She asked looking him up and down.

"No, is that a problem?" He asked nervously.

"Of course not, your cravat may change colour depending on the style of your bride's dress or the colour of her flowers, but it should do that subtly with no one seeing."

Harry nodded. "Thank you for these," he said.

"No problem, Mr Potter." She suddenly went formal, "take them off and leave them in your dressing rooms, they'll bag themselves up, and we can settle up." She said with a smile.


Hermione had tried on about a dozen dresses, but none of them screamed out at her. She decided early on that she wanted a white one, but that didn't eliminate any as Linda, the owner, had every dress in white. "You'll find one soon," Linda murmured as she helped tie up the one she was currently trying.

"There are so many to choose from," Aoife whispered to the others as she ran her finger along one of the rails of beautiful dresses.

"You didn't take long to find yours," Mrs Weasley said. No one could tell whether this was a dig at her future daughter-in-law as it sounded slightly stern.

"Sometimes you just see the perfect one straight away," Linda said from behind the curtain. "What do you think about this?" She asked as she pulled the curtain back.

"You look beautiful," Aoife offered, it seemed to have lost meaning as she had said it for every single dress Hermione had tried on.

"No," Hermione shook her head, "this isn't the one."

Aoife sighed and knocked back her champagne, "can I pick the next one?" She asked Linda.

"Of course," Linda smiled.

Aoife searched the racks for a couple of minutes, disappearing into the forest of dresses and finally find one that she deemed worthy. "Try this one," she handed it to Hermione who looked it up and down.

"Are you sure? It doesn't look like my style at all." Hermione said looking up at her friend.

"Trust me," Aoife smiled.

"I don't believe it!" Hermione exclaimed after ten minutes.

"What?" Her mum asked her nervously.

"She's done it."

"I have? I mean, of course, I have!" Aoife said as she was beaming from ear to ear.

"Come on then, let us see." Mrs Weasley said on behalf of everyone.

Hermione stepped out with a tear in her eye. The dress looked absolutely perfect. It came in just below her chest, and the rest flowed freely. The dress itself was sleeveless, but it had a lace overlay which came over her shoulders and finished just above her elbow. Where the dress came in, there was an intricate silver belt. Along with the lace overlay, the dress fell to the floor. "Oh, Hermione," her mother said as she rushed up to wipe away a tear. "You look…" she didn't have the words to finish her sentence, "I've never seen you look so…"

"Hermione, I don't usually cry at people I've just met, but you may change that. You look absolutely gorgeous." Linda smiled. "I don't know why I'm even asking you this, but is this the one?"

"This is most certainly the one. Thank you, Linda."

"No, you shouldn't be thanking me. Aoife, this was all you. Would you like a job here?" She joked. "I just need to make some alterations, they shouldn't take too long, and I should be able to get it done by Friday."


The days rolled by and before anyone knew it, it was the night before the wedding. Both Harry and Hermione had had Stag and Hen Parties prepared for them, neither really wanting to go, but with all the effort that was put in, it would have been rude not to go. The outfits had been finalised, right at the last minute, Harry remembered that Archie needed a suit and helpfully Madam Malkin was more than happy to help. What Harry had neglected to tell Hermione was that the shop was surrounded by the time he and Ron were ready to leave and it took over two hours to get through everyone, signing bits of paper that were thrust their way. Harry was staying with the Weasley's, and Hermione was at her parent's house. He had never been so excitedly nervous in his whole life, he couldn't wait for tomorrow. Their ministry training wasn't due to start until October, but Harry and Hermione were given a couple of weeks off to enjoy married life before they began.

"Have you got everything, Ron? The rings, your suit, your speech?" Harry asked after dinner.

"All is in hand," Ron smiled, "have you seen Aengus? He was going to help me with something."

"No, I haven't seen him since he left St.Mungo's," Harry replied with a sense of curiosity.

"Never you mind about that, I'll ask Aoife."

"Ron, wait!" Harry called as Ron began to leave. "I can't believe I'm saying this now," he sighed, "but, are you alright with all of this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you and Hermione had a thing, and I know you saw her as more than a friend, and now I'm marrying her. I guess it could seem like we were abandoning you."

"Harry, if I were you, would you be upset? I couldn't be happier for you two, if anyone deserves some happiness, it's you. Besides, I have Aoife to think about now." Harry nodded, relieved that that didn't turn into anything big. "Also, that thing was one kiss, nothing more."

Harry supposed he knew that, but sometimes that kiss was all he could think about. It wasn't as though he didn't have a past, Ginny quickly springs to mind, but he had never thought about how it affected Hermione, maybe because she always knew about it whereas he found out about Ron and Hermione after the event. "She accepted your proposal, and you're getting married tomorrow , she wouldn't go through with it if Ron was on her mind." Harry thought to himself as he lay in bed trying to fall asleep. "Ron is just her friend, you know that. They're more like siblings." The thought of marriage made everything feel so real, but also scary. Several years down the line will he discover that they've been having an affair all this time? "No, don't be an idiot. Neither of them would ever do that to you." He fell asleep after hours of internal conversation with himself which didn't resolve anything.


Saturday morning burned through Hermione's curtains, waking her up gradually. She rolled over, so her back was against the window, but as soon as she realised what day it was, she couldn’t keep her eyes shut. She ripped back the covers and literally jumped out of bed, below her she could hear her parents chatting and singing along with the radio. Her mind instantly went to Harry, neither of them were bothered about spending the night apart - they both thought it was a silly tradition, but everyone insisted, so that is what they did.

She had wanted to speak to Ginny before the wedding, but she feared that time was running out. She had hardly seen her since the party at Hogwarts, and she didn't look too pleased to see her then. Hermione had hoped she would come to wedding dress shopping with everyone else, but she fed her some excuse about training. Come to think of it, Hermione wasn't sure Ginny was even coming to the wedding. "Morning, Hermione! How are you feeling?" Aoife almost screamed as Hermione walked into the kitchen.

"Aoife, I wasn't expecting…"

"Your mum let me in. I thought we might as well get ready together, Mrs Weasley and Ginny are popping over in a bit. Ron has just given your dad his suit."


"Yeah, that's alright, isn't it?" Aoife asked through narrowed eyes.

"Of course, I was just thinking about her that’s all. I didn't think she would want to come because of her and Harry's history."

"She's over the moon for the pair of you. Have some toast," Aoife ordered, pushing Hermione into a chair and placing a plate with a single slice of toast on it in front of her. "So, the plan for today is:" Aoife said as she sat down opposite Hermione and took a piece of paper out from her jean pocket, "Melissa gave me this," she added quickly as Hermione stared at her with a bewildering look. "You, Luna, your cousin and I will all get our hair and makeup done at nine, giving them half an hour to get here, that should take no longer than two hours."

"Two hours?!" Hermione spluttered as she had taken a gulp of orange juice as Aoife was telling her the schedule.

"Don't panic, that's for all four of us."

"That means we only have an hour to get to the church, I don't want to be late."

"The bride has to be late to her own wedding."

"Aoife, do you know me at all? We're not going to be late."

"Relax, we're not going to be late. We'll be right on time."

"What about my mum, Mrs Weasley and Ginny? Who is going to do their hair and makeup?" Hermione asked frantically.

"I am."

"Emily? It's so good to see you!" Hermione stood up and rushed over to hug her cousin. "It's been too long."

"You too. Tell me about it, I've been busy at university, and you've obviously been busy yourself - Uncle Archie said you had been travelling around the world, and you've found Mr Right." Emily, Aoife observed, looked nothing like Hermione. She was tall and thin, almost too thin Aoife noted. Her hair was long and silky and a lovely strawberry blonde colour, her eyes as bright as a summer's sky. "I'm Emily Granger," she said turning to face Aoife with an outstretched hand, "nice to meet you."

"I'm Aoife Curran, a pleasure to meet you too. What are you studying at university?"

"Medicine of course," a woman swooned as she walked in.

"Aoife, this is my aunt, Nora," Hermione explained quickly. Aoife promptly and subtly looked Nora up and down and clocked that Emily didn't get her physic from her mother. Nora was about three inches shorter than her daughter and had a bit more of a figure.

"Hermione, your mother tells me that you aren't going to university. Instead, you're going straight into work. I found that terribly hard to believe." Nora said spitefully.

"No, she was fortunate to get a job at the government, paid training and all," Rose had walked in and had overheard her sister-in-law's remark. "We're very proud of her, naturally."

"Naturally," Nora nodded. "What's the department?"

Hermione had to think fast and swoop in, upon accepting the Ministry's offer, she was told to say she was working for the government to any muggles who asked, but they failed to give a department. As her brain whirled, she wished she had learnt more about British Politics, "Ministry of Justice," her father said as he too walked through the door with someone who looked awfully like him. That seemed to shut Nora up as she didn't have a response for that, she obviously was impressed. "Lara and Joanie are here," he informed them all.

"Who?" Hermione, Nora and Emily asked all at once.

"Hair and makeup," Aoife explained. "Hermione, can they set up in your room?"

"Of course, I'll show them up."

"No, you won't. You will eat, and I will show them up," Aoife ordered.

"Nora, do you want to come with me, and we can get ready? Leave the girls to catch up." Rose suggested.

"They wouldn't have to catch up if your daughter kept in contact with her." She scoffed as she was ushered out the door by her husband.

"Hasn't changed much, has she?" Emily semi-joked as she took a seat opposite Hermione. "I'm not doing medicine, by the way, I'm doing Child Nursing and Midwifery. Mum is adamant it's the same, but it's not. She never seems to listen to me," Emily said sadly.

"Oh, I'm sorry. That's still excellent." Hermione offered with a smile.

"It's not like I didn't try medicine, I just found it too stressful, and the university let me change. Anyway, thank you so much for asking me to be a bridesmaid, it meant an awful lot to me. I thought you would have asked your friends from boarding school."

"I've asked two friends from school, Aoife is one of them, and Luna should be here soon."

"Hermione? Emily?" It was Aoife from upstairs, "Lara and Joanie are ready for you."

"Isn't this all so very exciting?" Emily asked as they made their way upstairs.

"I don't know about that, I just want it all to be over and to be Mrs Potter. All this fuss isn't really me."

"Well make it you. This is your one and only wedding day morning, girl, get the most out of it."


Harry woke up later than he was expecting. He gazed at his watch and started to panic before he realised that it was ten thirty, not twelve thirty. Still, he only had half an hour to get ready. He slowly got up and stretched before looking for his suit. He wondered what Hermione was doing now, she had probably been up for hours getting her hair and makeup done, despite the fact she didn't need to. "Harry, sorry for disturbing you, but I'm off to fetch Teddy, would you like to come with me?" It was Mr Weasley, his head poked around the door. "Oh, you're not dressed. I suppose the answer is no." He laughed to himself.

"Thanks, Mr Weasley. Is Ron ready?"

"I think so. Ardal and Eli are here too."

"And Aengus?"

"Not that I've seen, perhaps he's meeting us at the church." Mr Weasley offered.

"Perhaps," Harry repeated.

"I know how you're feeling, Harry, but things will go to plan."

"I just want everything to go perfectly for her, our engagement party was hardly a success."

"True, but that wasn't down to you. You couldn't have predicted that would happen. Besides, everyone got out alive, and you're getting married." He smiled at Harry before disappearing to get Teddy.

"…you're getting married."

Harry decided that he couldn’t stand around worrying about the day ahead, he had to get dressed. He carefully put on his suit and was relieved, though not at all surprised, that it still fit him. He checked his hair in the mirror, remembered he hadn't been able to tame it ever and gave up. He checked his watch, five minutes until they were due to leave. "Ron?" He called.

"In the kitchen!" Ron shouted back from downstairs.

"Hwarry," Teddy giggled as soon as he saw Harry's face.

"Hey, how are you?" Harry asked, bending down so that he could look into his eyes, they were brown today.

"Good," he smiled.

"Good," Harry laughed. "You look great," he added.

"Ta-da," Teddy exclaimed as he twirled around for Harry to see.

"Fantastic!" Harry clapped and laughed.

"I've made sure that his hair and eye colour won't change today, I know a lot of Muggles are going to be there," Andromeda explained. He seemed to have settled for brown eyes and blond hair.

"Thank you, Andromeda," Harry said gratefully.

"Harry, we better be going. I've just spoken to Molly, and everything is running smoothly over there, so nothing to worry about." Arthur smiled upon entering the kitchen.

"I would hope everything is running smoothly, with Hermione in charge," Ron laughed to himself.

"Ron now is not the time to be making jokes," Mr Weasley snapped in a fashion that was oddly similar to Mrs Weasley.

"Actually, Mr Weasley, if it's all the same to you, I think it's the most perfect time to make jokes. Today is a fun day, a happy one, and we should intend to make it such." Eli said. Harry hadn't spoken to Eli at all come to think of it, but he certainly didn't expect something like that to emit from him.

"Shall we get going?" Ron interrupted. "I just need to check something, I'll meet you at the church." He quickly added just as everyone was about to leave, leaving them with very little time to argue with him.

"Ron? What are you doing here? Is Harry all right? Shouldn't you be at the church?" Aoife asked frantically as he walked through the front door of Hermione's parent's house.

"Calm done, Fe. Everything is going to plan, and Harry is doing just fine. He has just got to the church, he asked me to check in on your lot and Hermione." Ron smiled, trying his best to keep the daring mindset he was currently experiencing. "Are you all doing well?"

"Yes, I believe everything is in hand."

"Could I possibly speak to Hermione?"

"She's in her room. Up the stairs and the last door to your right." Rose's head popped through the kitchen door. "It's good to see you, Ron."

"Thank you, Mrs Granger, you too." Ron smiled, looked at Aoife as if to ask for her permission to go and see Hermione. "I'll be quick," he promised, knowing full well that he had left this to the last possible minute - but if he didn't do it now, he would have to live with it for the rest of his life.

"Come in," Hermione called cheerfully once she heard a small knock from the other side of her door. Ron opened the door slowly, and the breath was taken from his body. "Ron?" Hermione quickly turned around, her face noticeably changing from joy to terror just by the sight of him. "Is Harry okay?"

"Why is everyone asking me that? Of course, he's okay. Can't I see one of my best friends before she gets married?"

Hermione sighed, "of course you can. I'm sorry, I just think that something is going to go wrong."

"Why do you say that?" He asked, stepping further into the room and closing the door behind him.

"Something always goes wrong." She whispered.

"RON! Aengus is in the hospital!" Aoife cried as she burst into the room.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked.

"It's Emiliana."


"The girl from the café in Italy," Hermione and Aoife said with a unique sense of urgency about their voices.

"What's she doing in England?" Ron asked even more bemused than before.

"He didn't say, I don't think he quite knows that himself. He just wanted to let you know that he probably won't make the wedding, but wishes you the best of luck and sends his congratulations."

"But he's alright?" Ron asked, leaving Hermione without the need to do so.

"I think so, I don't know if Emiliana is, though, hopefully, she is. Ron, you shouldn't still be here. Get going," Aoife ordered. "Hermione, we're leaving in ten minutes."

"Perfect, thanks, Aoife." Hermione smiled sweetly.

"Hermione, I need to ask you something," he asked quietly and urgently.

"You know you can ask me anything," Hermione replied, not quite knowing where this conversation would end up.

"We need to talk about what happened between us, are you honestly saying it was spur of the moment?"

"What are you talking about, Ron? Nothing happened between us, it was just a stupid kiss when we thought all was done."

"We both know that that's not how we felt at the time," then he said the thing Hermione had been dreading since it happened, "I loved you then, Hermione, I did. It wasn't just spur of the moment for me, I can't say I loved you from the moment I met you, and I don't think I'm saying that I love you now, but there was a time that I assumed you were mine. There was a time I thought you picked me over him."

"Ron, I-" she began saying, but he stopped her.

"Don’t, I know what you're going to say."

"Why are you telling me this now, today of all days? Ron, what do you want me to do with this information?"

"You don't need to do anything. I just wanted to tell you before I lost you forever. You look beautiful by the way." He smiled before leaving her alone standing in her wedding dress.

"Thanks," she whispered as she glanced down, hazy eyed at her third finger on her left hand.

"Hermione?" It was Rose, "what's wrong?" She asked once she saw that Hermione was on the verge of tears.

"Is this the right thing to do?" She whispered to her mum. "I love him so much, but how can I marry him knowing what I do about Ron?"

"Just before I married your father I had a wobble, too. It's natural, you're scared about being so dependent on someone else, but Harry would do anything for you, and that's something to treasure. Forget whatever Ron said, today that doesn't matter. You have the rest of your life to start - the road might be bumpy at times, but when you're with someone you love, they make it easier. Now, you look utterly mesmerising, and I think it's only fair that Harry gets to see you. Shall we get going?"

Hermione took a deep breath, she knew she was doing the right thing, Harry was everything she ever wanted. "I'm ready," she nodded at her mum. She took one last look around her room and made her way to the front door.


"Help me! Why won't anyone help? Can't you see something isn't right? She's dying, please. I'm begging you." Aengus screamed at the seemingly redundant doctors and nurses that surrounded them, the rest of the ward stood still too - all staring at Aengus. "Emiliana, talk to me." He decided to turn his attention back to the girl. "I don't know what to do, nobody is helping me," he cried, clasping on to her curled up fist.

"Didn't anyone tell you, sir?" A baby-faced nurse had toddled over. "This girl has suffered serious trauma, she's on life support, and she won't wake up." She said with the ease of experience.

"What do you mean?" Aengus' eyes were prickly, his hand tightening. "The doctor said they were performing emergency surgery to save her."

"They did, she was seven months pregnant, she had a little girl. Are you Aengus Curran by any change?"

"Seven months preg- little girl-" he gasped, looking around for words to form. "Yes, I'm Aengus."

"She had this in her bag, it's addressed to you," the nurse smiled, handing him a handwritten letter, "I'm so sorry for your loss." She smiled again before walking away. "We've contacted her parent's, her mum will be here any minute now."

Aengus didn't hear the rest of what the nurse always said to someone in his situation, she tried to make it sound sincere, but he had completely tuned out. It had been seven months since they had been in Italy…could the baby be his? It was too big a coincidence for him to ignore it, but it would also be completely jumping to conclusions. He turned back to the beautiful girl that lay still on the bed, machines breathing for her if the baby was his - he would have to be two parents. His hands were shaking, he didn't know what to do, he didn't know who to tell. The one person his brain instantly went to was currently getting married, and everyone else was watching. The letter became heavier in his hands almost like it was begging to be read. He went outside, so his lungs got some fresh air, and found a bench that smokers usually occupied.

Aengus, I obviously didn't have the guts to tell you this face to face, but I am carrying your child. I've had scans, and everything is going well, I found out she's a girl, and although you've had no input, I'm pretty set on the name Gabriella Anna . If you don't respond to this letter, I suppose that will be her name. I don't want to do this on my own, but if you're not ready for that commitment, I understand.


"Friends and family of Hermione and Harry, welcome and thank you for coming to this extraordinary day." The plump, bald vicar spoke loud and clear. His smile was contagious, and throughout the ceremony, everyone couldn't help but join him in his happy mood.

The church seemed to be split between Muggles and Magic Folk, but nobody could tell the difference. Rose and Archie sat with Molly and Arthur, while Hermione's grandparents were sandwiched between Hogwarts professors and the rest of the Weasley clan. If this day had taught Harry anything, it was that love crosses over both worlds. Here he was, with his parent's outside, standing next to the woman he loved the most with the start of the rest of their lives beginning imminently. He said what he was told to say and she did the same, their eyes never leaving the others. They said their I dos and placed the rings on their fingers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, it is now my pleasure to present for the first time, Mr and Mrs Potter."

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