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As Sirius Black gently grabbed the small bundle that was Harry Potter, he felt betrayed, Pettigrew had leaked the information of where James and Lily had been hiding. He would have went after Pettigrew, but Harry was more important than that traitor. Harry was his godson. "It'll be alright, Prongslet, you'll have me by your side for a long time..." He whispered to the sleeping bundle. He walked out of the cottage with diffuculty, and sat in the rain. He had barely got out of there with the sleeping baby, and the entire cottage had collapsed. He began to think of places to go, places where he and Harry would be welcomed.

"The Weasleys, of course!" He said with excitement, he may barely know them but they were a caring family, a family that was sure to welcome them with open arms. They had, after all, talked to James and Lily, saying that if anything were to happen, they'd let whoever was to take care of young Harry into their home with open arms. He apparated close to the Burrow with Harry in his arms. He walked up to the Burrow and knocked on the door.


Molly Weasley opened the door, and, after seeing Harry, let Sirius and the baby in. "Sirius, i'm so glad that you have decided to come! Oh, and where are James and Lily?" Molly was suddenly very worried. Sirius stiffened, and mumbled, "Dead.." As if on cue, Harry awoke, crying. Molly hugged Sirius and quickly made a fresh bottle for Harry.


After putting Harry to sleep in an old crib, Molly and Sirius talked for a good 20 minutes. Sirius slept on the couch. Molly was, of course, asleep with her husband, Arthur.


Four years later, in the same home, with the same adults, just add Nymphadora Tonks(who wasn't an adult, she was just there for the summer because her mum wanted her to go have fun with the carefree children that Molly and Arthur produced), four year olds Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley played 'Tag', a muggle game that proved to be rather fun. As the two ran around in the yard, laughing and smiling, Tonks watched them, smiling. The 10 year old yelled, as soon as Sirius told her that he needed Harry for a moment, "HARRY! COUSIN SIRI NEEDS TO SEE YOU!"

 Harry stopped running, yelled, "ALRIGHT, NYMPHIE!" And ran into the Burrow. Tonks smiled as Harry used the nickname, her hair changing to a bubble gum pink.

Sirius smiled as Harry ran towards him. "What'dya need, Padfoot?" Harry looked up at his godfather with a smile. Sirius ruffled Harry's hair, and took out a photo album, with scarlet and gold letters on the front that spelled out, 'The Mauraders and Lily'.

"Woah. That is, woah..when was it made?!?" Harry asked excitedly. "Back in 1971, but it ends in 1981, and I took out a few pictures that feature Pettigrew(like, 14 of them, because The Mauraders didn't exactly take many pictures with Pettigrew), so you can put your own in here!" Sirius explained, smiling. "But, for now, you can just look at the pictures, and i'll add you and Ron's name onto the front." Sirius added.

Harry hugged Sirius. "Thank you, Padfoot!"

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