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"If this is what it's like falling in love
Then I don't ever wanna grow up
Maybe I'm just a kid in love."

Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes

I woke up on Sunday feeling quite refreshed. I was off bedrest today so turn the fuck up. I looked up as Aunt Hannah entered the hospital wing with a familiar man behind her. I could hear her explaining to him where everything was and what to do when students come in.

He was hotter than the average Joe by a long shot with a bright smile, tan skin, and slicked back blonde hair. His face was long and angular with a strong, freshly shaven jaw. He had wide blue/green eyes and when he smiled they looked like upside down smiles. No, not frowns. Upside down smiles, because it sounds happier.

He wore the lime-green robes of a Healer and they flattered him quite well.

“And here is our only patient as of right now,” Aunt Hannah came to the foot of my bed and smiled at me. “Hello Lily, dear how are you this morning?”

“I’m good.” I smiled. “Especially since I’m leaving. No offense, Aunt Hannah.”

“None taken, I’m glad you’re off bedrest. You’ve been driving me nuts. Especially when you and Scorpius decided it would be a wonderful idea to enchant my chair so I would fall through it when I sat down.” She gave a scolding look.

“It was Scorpius’ idea!” I protested.

“Lily, Mr. Malfoy does not have a malicious bone in his body, it was your doing, and you know it!” She laughed.

“I admit nothing!” I grinned.

Since Scorpius was a Sports Healer trainee and he had to tend to my injuries a lot, we pretended to become friends through this so he could visit and talk to me without Aunt Hannah becoming suspicious and telling Uncle Neville, or worse my parents.

“It’s nice to meet you Miss Lily, I’m Atticus Devonshire. I’m here to help out your Aunt Hannah.” The tall man put out his hand to me and I shook it.

“She’s not actually my aunt just a heads up. She’s my brother’s godmother,” I told him.

“Good to know.” Atticus gave me a warm smile.

“Alright Lily as soon as you’re ready you can leave, just remember to come by every day so I can check your leg.” Aunt Hannah gave me a smile. “I’ve got to show Healer Devonshire the ropes.”

“Please call me, Atticus,” he said and I saw Aunt Hannah blush as they walked towards her office.

I laughed as I gathered my things and went to get dressed. When I returned, I grabbed my things and left.

Hell mother fucking yeah! I’m free!

I sat on the bench as I watched the Seeker try-outs.

Godric, most of these people were rubbish and the rest were worse than rubbish. Two of them were okay, but against Slytherin aka Aleksander Krum they’d get demolished.

“Alright, everybody hit the ground!” Wood yelled and everyone flew down. “Thank you guys for coming and we’ll let you know if you made the team. If you’re already on the team, then stay.”

The team crowded around my bench even the managers stood by.

“Alright, who’s going to offer to play Seeker for me?” Wood asked. “Roxanne?”

Fred looked like he didn’t like that idea any more than Roxanne did.

“Wood, you know I’m a Chaser, not a Seeker. I won’t last against Aleksander Krum, he’s a beast. A scary, Bulgarian beast. He’s like…”

“The Terminator of Seeking,” McCartney offered. “The Goliath of Seeking. The Big Brother of Seeking. The Pennywise the clown of Seeking.”

“Thank you, McCartney,” Wood interrupted her, “for those motivational allusions.”

“Sorry.” She looked sheepish.

Troy whispered something in her ear and she elbowed him. He then elbowed her back which caused her to bump into James and almost knock him over.

“Anything the Three Stooges would like to share with the group?” Wood sighed.

“Nothing!” McCartney yelled as she slapped her hand over Troy’s open mouth. “Troy just said that he really needs to pee.”

Wood sighed loudly. “And does Troy’s bathroom issue help me find a Seeker? I’ll answer that for you guys, no, so quit acting like two year olds.”

Troy scowled at Wood, but said nothing and I thought McCartney was gonna cry. She hated getting yelled at.

“Now, does anyone think any of those players will stand a chance against Slytherin?”

As the team debated, I watched McCartney slip away and begin putting the brooms away. She and Troy were being quite dodgy, I wonder why.

“Alright well, it’s almost dinner time, so I’ll think over it tonight and tell you guys the verdict tomorrow morning.” Wood sighed and rubbed his head. “You’re all dismissed.” He waved his hand. Everyone dispersed back to the castle, we hadn’t even dressed out in robes today. The managers went to put up the brooms, but Troy remained and grabbed Wood’s arm.

I pretended to be getting my crutches together as I eavesdropped on their conversation.

“Wood, I know a Seeker,” Troy said quietly.

“Who? Why didn’t you speak up?” Wood asked.

“Because she wouldn’t let me, it’s McCartney. She used to play Seeker ages ago, but then stopped after our first JV game. I caught her practicing a few days ago and she’s bloody brilliant.”

Wood looked deep in thought. “But if she won’t play then she’s no use to me.”

“I’ll set up a try-out, okay? You be in the stands at nine o’clock and stay hidden.” Troy grinned. “You’ll thank me later.”

“We’ll see about that.” Wood shook his head as they parted ways.

Yes, yes we will Wood, because I’ll be there too.

“My feet hurt!”

“I told you to wear your Converse like me!”

“But Converse don’t make my legs look as good, I’m short Lily! I have to work with what I’m given!”

“Ladies, please don’t fight, it upsets me.”

“Can it, Scorpius! I didn’t even invite you!”

“Oh wow that’s rude, I’m on Lily’s side now.”

“Ha! Take that Isadora!”

“He’s your boyfriend! He was going to take your side anyway!”

I grinned as I kissed Scorpius’ cheek. “You should be proud; we are like your masterpiece. You introduced us and everything.”

“If you two are my masterpiece then I’m a shitty artist.” Isadora scowled as she brushed her voluminous ponytail off her shoulder.

“Bitch.” I scowled back.

“Jerk.” Isadora snarled.

“I swear how are you two even friends?” Scorpius groaned.

“Because we love each so much!” Isadora hugged me underneath my crutches. “We have to be each other’s sister, because we don’t have one.”

“Well, I don’t have any siblings and I’m fine.” Scorpius shrugged.

“You have Altaira, she’s basically your sister even though she’s just your cousin.” I reminded him.

“Oh, well yeah.” He nodded. “Now I understand.”

“Come on you guys, a cripple is beating you!” I raced up the hill to our hiding spot. We were spying on McCartney’s try-out underneath the bleachers. Scorpius agreed to come, but we were having to block his sight so he couldn’t see McCartney if she was actually good. I never forget that he was on the opposing team after all. I’m on the Quidditch team first, then I’m Scorpius’ girlfriend.

“I’m in six-inch heels!” Isadora huffed as we sat down on the blankets we’d brought. I waved my wand to enchant the bleachers to be transparent on our side.

“McCartney’s already here,” I whispered and then blindfolded Scorpius and put plugs in his ears. I didn’t trust myself to transfigure his hearing and eyesight. That could be very, very bad. I could see her zipping about the pitch and Troy standing by one of the goals.

She flew about catching the golden golf balls. As I watched, she executed three perfect Wronski Feints in a row. She caught the entire bucket in a matter of minutes even after Troy released the Bludgers.

That was damn good Seeking.

I watched as Wood appeared beside Troy and a startled McCartney flew down to them. I couldn’t hear them because they were so far away and talking quietly, but I could tell that Wood was nothing short of begging to get McCartney on the team. Troy could also be seen literally on his knees begging.

McCartney must have said yes, because Troy and Wood wrapped her up in a group hug and carried her off the Pitch.

“McCartney’s our new Seeker,” I whispered to Isadora and she looked up from her phone.

“Is that good?” She asked.

“Yeah I think so,” I whispered back before getting Scorpius up and hearing and seeing again. “You’re good,” I said as I pulled a plug out of his ear.

“Your voice is really sexy when I can’t see you.” Scorpius grinned mischievously.

“Is that so?” I purred in his ear.

“In the name of Godric’s golden phallus, save that kinky shit for the bedroom!” Isadora cried throwing one of my crutches at us.

“Wow, kinky stuff? That sounds like an interesting night.” I grinned at her and Scorpius laughed. “Define kinky," I purred, trying not to laugh.

“Gag me!” Isadora stuck her finger down her throat. “Your relationship is not a Trey Songz album!”

Scorpius and I busted out laughing and fell on top of each other.

“Oh Salazar, come on you two.” Scorpius helped me up and handed me my crutches. “I need to get you back to the castle before curfew.”

“No, I’m not having a threesome with you wankers!” Isadora protested as she and Scorpius walked up the hill and I hopped on my crutches.

“Isadora!” I chided. “Do you really think that I don’t know the proper threesome etiquette?” I scolded. “The third person is always supposed to be someone unknown like a prostitute!”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not daft, LP, I know that! I’m just telling you not to get any ideas!”

We were walking through the greenhouses, because there was a back door that was close to the kitchens.

“Isadora has lots of sex toys under her bed, Scorp, did you know?” I grinned.

“Loads, I thought you knew that I run a sex dungeon out of the Slytherin common room.” She deadpanned.

“Excuse me?” The incredulous voice of Uncle Neville came from behind the Mandrakes.

We three exchanged wide-eyed looks. I kicked Scorpius in the back of the leg and he toppled over, falling behind some Fanged Geraniums.

“Miss McLaggen, what did you just say?” Uncle Neville looked utterly shocked as he straightened from where he’d been knelt over and I would have laughed except he couldn’t catch Scorpius and I together. He’ll definitely tell Mum and Dad.

“I just said that I ran to check the dungeons and see if that’s the Slytherin common room.” She lied smoothly.

“Oh,” Uncle Neville drifted off. “Well, shouldn’t you two be inside the castle?”

I looked down to “adjust my crutches” and shot Scorpius a look to make him leave. He started crawling as Isadora began talking.

“We were just passing through.” She nodded.

I heard Scorpius yelp and spoke louder, “And we wanted to see what plants we were working with tomorrow!”

“Well, that’s very studious of you, but also dangerous,” he said, “You should go back to your common rooms now, it’s almost curfew.”

“Yes sir!” We said and hurried back into the castle.

Scorpius was waiting for us, clutching his arm. “One of the bloody things bit me!” He howled.

“Oh, quit being a nancy and come on before Longbottom catches us!” Isadora hissed.

“You’re a ruddy nancy!” Scorpius hissed back.

“Nice comeback, you daft twat!”

“Oh put a wand in it you two and come on!” We raced along the corridors until Scorpius had to go the opposite way.

“Goodbye love, see you later.” He kissed my lips lightly.

“Of course darling,” I promised and then we raced in separate directions. Isadora and I had to slow down on stairs, because I could only hop so fast, but we made it to the portrait hole a minute before curfew.

“You almost missed curfew ladies.” The Fat Lady warned us. “It best not happen again!”

We laughed and entered the common room.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.” Isadora sighed as we climbed the long steps to our room.

“Same.” I huffed and was thankful when we arrived at our door. We walked in and found Elisaveta asleep, while Lucy and Bonnie were still awake.

“Where have you two been dressed like that?” Lucy raised an eyebrow from her spot, braiding Bonnie’s dark hair.

Bonnie looked up from her Parley, her green eyes wide in surprise.

“Don’t worry about it.” I collapsed on my bed. “You’ll know soon enough.” I yawned.

“That was terribly vague.” Lucy scowled. She hated being left out of anything.

“Oh you know me, vague is my middle name.” I grinned.

“I thought your middle name was Luna.” Bonnie piped up.

“It is dear, Bonnet.” I used her given name. “It is.”

Bonnie was a bit daft at times.

It was assumed that her parents were of the flower child variety. Bonnie’s full name was Bonnet Cassiopeia Evander for starters. Her parents were Magizoologists who specialized in dragons and were quite young compared to all of our parents by being only thirty-two.

We loved her though and she was good as gold. More brave than most people give her credit and the kindest, most optimistic person that I’ve ever met. Which also meant that sometimes she was more annoying than Isadora and we all know that that is saying a lot.

I sighed again before dragging myself off the bed to get ready to go to sleep.

I woke up to an angry Lucy Weasley shaking my shoulder much earlier in the morning than I would have liked.

“Get up you minger!” She almost tossed me off the bed.

“What the hell do you want?” I grumbled as I rolled over.

“Wood has called your phone twenty-six times! If I hear that stupid ringtone one more time I’m going to claw my hair out!”

“Oi would you shut-up? People are trying to sleep here!” I replied.

Then my ringtone began again, it was some Muggle rap song that Isadora had put on there as a joke, “I LOVE BAD BITCHES THAT'S MY FUCKING PROBLEM!”

I left it there, because Uncle George thought it was funny.

Lucy snarled and answered the phone, “Hello this is not Salazar’s spawn, I mean Lily, but I can kill her for you if you like.” She was quiet as she listened then replied, “Of course I’ll tell her, what else am I here for!”

“Would you go away, Godric! You’re worse than a Mandrake!” I kicked out at her with my good foot.

“Wood wants you on the Pitch now, it’s urgent. He said he’d fly up here and get you if you didn’t hurry up.” She smirked as I groaned loudly.

“I hate you.” I glowered at her.

“Tell it to someone who cares.” Lucy called over her shoulder as she flopped on her bed and pulled the curtains shut.

“Codger!” I threw a pillow at her bed.

“OW!” I heard her indignant yell.

“Oops, it slipped!” I snarled.

“You know what else is going to slip? My foot up your arse!” Lucy’s angry blue eyes appeared between the curtains as she threw the pillow back and I ducked barely missing it.

“Tell it to someone who cares!” I sneered.

Lucy huffed testily, but disappeared again behind her curtains.

I dragged myself from bed and struggled into some leggings. Fortunately, I could wear leggings, because I only had on a light brace on, but it was still hard to put on clothes. I then pulled on a too-large, white, Falmouth Falcons t-shirt and my favorite Nike windbreaker. I tugged on my black tennis shoes and threw my hair into a lazy ponytail.

I grabbed my sunglasses off the dresser and made my way to the Quidditch Pitch. Damn Andrew Wood! I’m injured for Godric’s sake!

I hopped to the kitchens to grab a caramel apple muffin and a thermos of orange juice. The elves always help me out when Wood schedules early morning practices.

When I entered I heard voices. “I can’t believe that you like morning glory muffins. You’re such a girl!”

“Excuse me, I didn’t come here to have my muffin choice ridiculed by you!”


“No, I won’t stand for it!”

I walked in to see AC latched around the legs of Aleksander Krum like a child. She had her legs and arms tightly clasped around his knees and didn’t look like she was about to let go.

“What did I just walk into?” I asked and they both looked up.

They started laughing and Aleksander pulled AC to her feet by grabbing her around the waist.

“Why are you up so early, AC? Shouldn’t you be hung-over in your bed?” I asked her. There hadn’t been a party or anything, but AC liked think she was always a party of one.

“I do what I want, thank you!” She sneered. “What are you doing up so early?”

“I dunno, Wood wants me on the Pitch for some reason. Says its urgent.” I shrugged. “They don’t pay me to ask questions,” I said and one of the house elves saw me and ran to fix my breakfast.

“No one pays you actually,” AC quipped.

“Yeah well, they should.” I scowled.

The house elf handed me my muffin and a thermos. “Here you are Miss Potter!”

“Thank you, Blinky.” I smiled at him and he grinned in return.

“Well, see you around then.” AC grinned and sat back down at the table with Aleksander.

“I hate your brother,” I replied.

“Join the club!”

I laughed as I exited the room, still processing what I’d seen. Since when are AC and Aleksander Krum friends? Or more than friends? She even got up early for him! The only person she does that for is James…well and Quidditch practice, but that’s because she loves it so much. I’ll have to ask Scorpius about this.

I walked out onto the Quidditch Pitch and saw it was Wood, Troy and McCartney. I groaned as I hopped over to them.

“What in Godric’s ginger beard could be so important that I had to come out here at seven in the morning?” I snarled as I pushed my sunglasses up my nose.

“We need your help,” Wood replied. “I’ve got us a Seeker, but there’s a problem.”

“Please elaborate before I get bored and leave.”

“She’s afraid of the stands,” Wood told me.

“Afraid of the stands? Like those big wooden things people sit on?” I raised an eyebrow and looked at McCartney who blushed.

“Yes, the very same.” Wood nodded solemnly.

I sipped my orange juice in thought, before I nodded and motioned to McCartney. “Get on your broom.”

She did as I said.

“Now, I want you to fly as fast as you can at the stands.”

She gave me a terrified look.

“Go on then I haven’t got all day.” I raised an eyebrow and she twitched her lips, but flew off like a bullet. “She’s fast,” I commented to Wood.

“She’s brilliant,” he agreed.

McCartney flew towards the stands like a shot, but pulled up about ten feet away.

“I can’t!” She yelled back.

“Come back!” I waved at her. She flew back over and licked her lips. “I’ve got an idea, but I need some time.”

“How much time?” Wood asked.

“You keep practicing Seeking drills with her and I’ll call you.” I turned on my heel. “Tomorrow morning be ready!” I called over my shoulder and pulled out my phone.

I dialed my Mum’s number as I walked back to the castle.

“Hey Mum, look I need a big favor…”

“This is so fun!” McCartney giggled as she bounced off the wooden stands. “How did you manage this?”

“I know a few people who know a few spells.” I grinned. “The Harpies use this spell to practice their Wronski Feints near the stands without getting hurt.”

“Alright McCartney, LP is going to release the Snitch. Troy is Seeking against you while Fred and I pelt you guys with Bludgers!” Wood yelled from his position in the air.

Troy wasn’t a Seeker by any means, but he was roughly the size of Aleksander Krum and he kind of knew how to play in that position.

I opened the cage that held the Snitch and it zoomed off. McCartney and Troy flew hot on its tail while Bludgers soared around them. Wood and Fred were using way more than two Bludgers today, but they were foam Bludgers so they didn’t hurt too bad.

McCartney ducked and dodged even performing a Sloth-Grip Roll to avoid two Bludgers at once. Troy flew mainly to avoid Bludgers and began jostling McCartney and elbowing her.

She just remained focused and flew faster, her broom shooting forward a few feet. Then they followed the Snitch across the pitch and it was heading straight for the stands. McCartney and Troy flew fast with McCartney in the lead. She pulled up at the last second and flew with her toes dragging on the wood. Troy pulled up before going to the stands and watched as McCartney snatched the Snitch out of the air.

She turned and grinned at us. They all flew down beside me and Troy hugged McCartney tightly, lifting her up off the ground.

“That was brilliant!” He grinned at her.

“Thanks, but do you think you could do those enchantments on game-day without anyone knowing?” McCartney asked.

“Sure, of course,” I lied with a grin.

Wood shot me a look, because that would be highly illegal.

“Just go on and celebrate your victory,” I told her and she laughed.

“Alright, thanks LP!” She waved as Troy and Fred followed her up the hill and to the castle.

“You know those enchantments would be very illegal.” Wood gave me a scolding look.

“I’m not going to actually enchant anything,” I told him. “It’s called the placebo effect and along with a small bit of Felix Felicis it’ll work.”

“If this ends badly, it’s on you.” Wood warned as we started up the hill.

“Dear Andrew, I’ve got this okay? Trust me.” I grinned at him.

Author's Note:
Disclaimer: anything you recognize I don't own!

Here's more of Lily and Scorpius! I just adore LilyxScorpius and Isadora is hilarious and so fun to write! So thank you to everyone who is still reading and reviewing! You guys are so amazing and make me smile so big! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope you guys stick around for the next chapter! We are back in Maxima's POV, but it'll be fun I promise!


Atticus Devonshire is portrayed by Ryan Gosling
Roxanne Weasley is portrayed by Ashley Moore
Isadora McLaggen is portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz
Lucy Weasley is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb
Bonnet Evander is portrayed by Danielle Campbell
Ana-Catherine Wood is portrayed by Caitlin Stasey
Aleksander Krum is portrayed by Kit Harrington

In the next chapter... A Don meeting takes place where Maxima judges everyone. Maxima decides Albus needs acting lessons. A letter causes Maxima to fall to pieces which Albus has to pick up. JT and Maxima exchange words some good and some bad. Troy gives Maxima a mythology lesson.

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