It's funny how one kiss can change everything, and make you realise things you hadn't realised before. But apparently that was the case with me.

I realised I didn't hate Teddy anymore and I realised I actually enjoyed our constant prank war. I realised that him being nice to me was a totally shit excuse for not wanting to like him, and I realised that Teddy isn't such a bad person in general.

For the love of Merlin, none of those has anything to do with our kiss!

I must be messed up.

That night, I lay in bed reading a book, thinking about it all. If I had gone back in time and told myself I would kiss Teddy Lupin, there is no fucking way I would have believed myself-ever. I would have told my future self I was probably delusional and told me to fuck off to St. Mungo's where I belonged.

To be honest, I probably do belong there.

Abandoning the I'm-reading-a-book-like-a-normal-person pretence, I threw the book I was reading down on my bedside table. I couldn't concentrate, what with all these random thoughts buzzing through my brain. I got out of bed and turned off the light, then climbed back in.

I'm sure Teddy wouldn't mind going to bed at 8:30 just because I felt like it. No, totally not.

"Hey, Victoire." Teddy's voice broke my train of thought.

Brilliant, he's going to complain about getting such an early night's sleep.

"What?" I muttered.

"Can I-you know..."

Oh. Slightly unexpected but at the same time quite expected. He probably thought I would let him sleep in my bed because we'd kissed and he expects all that get-together shit to happen now.

I mean, it probably will at some point so...

"Fine," I said, rolling my eyes.

Honestly. I can't believe I'm even agreeing to this.

I heard Teddy coming over and getting into my bed and inched towards my left so he would have space and turned around to face him, only to find an almost perfect version of myself.

Teddy smirked at the horrified expression on my face. I gave his arm a light slap.

"Don't do that! That was creepy," I told him, though I was laughing. "And my nose is nowhere near as big as you made it."

"Really?" Teddy said. I gave him a mock glare.

"Come on, you know I was joking." Teddy grinned.

"You'd better be," I said, feeling slightly self conscious of my nose now.

"Vic, don't be stupid, your nose looks fine," Teddy told me. His arm snaked around mine and I felt my body relax as I let him pull me closer towards him. I wondered how on Earth had my feelings towards Teddy had changed so quickly. It seemed unreal, almost.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you look?" Teddy asked.

"I don't think so." I smiled, blushing slightly. "Oh Merlin, now we're both going all mushy with each other."

"I apologise," Teddy said sarcastically. "I just wanted to say that you look pretty. You need to accept the compliment."

"I accept you compliment," I said in the most robotic voice I could muster. "There, happy?"

"Yeah, more or less." Teddy pulled me in even closer so that our heads were almost touching. It made me feel nervous being so close to him but it also gave me this thrill that made millions of butterflies explode in my stomach. We were simply staring each other in the eye before I decided to say something.

"If this is one of your tricks to get me to sleep with you, it's not going to work," I whispered. "And you know what I mean."

"Yeah," Teddy murmured. "But this isn't a trick to get you to have sex with me."

I felt quite relieved. I wasn't really ready to have some random one night stand and get pregnant, despite the fact that that seemed to be happening a lot these days.

"It's a trick for something else." Teddy grinned mischievously. It took me a second to realise what exactly, before I raised my eyebrows.

"It's not a very good trick, is it?"

"You sound like Aunt Hermione. Besides, you know you want to," Teddy said.

"Yeah," I admitted. "Fine then." I put my lips on his, feeling something like an electric shock going through me. Odd, how I never have the feeling whenever I kissed someone else.

We continued kissing for a while, until eventually I decided I wanted to get some sleep. Despite my doubts I was still having, I relaxed with Teddy's arm around me and fell asleep.

Teddy wasn't there when I woke up the next morning, but I didn't mind. I assumed he went downstairs for breakfast, so I quickly got dressed and went down to join him.

He wasn't in the kitchen, but my whole family was already seated at the table eating cereal. I guess I woke up late.

"Did Teddy go out?" I asked, confused as to why he would. I grabbed a slice of bread from a bag on the kitchen counter and bit into it.

"No, he's still sleeping, isn't he?" Mum said. "And don't eat that bread, it's expired."

I shrugged, finished the slice I was eating and grabbed another. "Teddy's not in my room or my bathroom."

"He's probably in the sitting room," Dom spoke up.

"I'll see. Teddy!" I called. There was no response.

"I'm sure he's just disappeared somewhere and will turn up soon," Mum snapped. "Just sit down and eat your breakfast. You're getting crumbs everywhere."

I rolled my eyes, and was about to Vanish the crumbs when I realised Mum still had my bloody wand.

"Can I have my wand back?" I asked, remembering.

Wordlessly, Mum Summoned my wand from God knows where, and threw it at me. I only just managed to catch it and quickly get rid of my bread crumbs.

"Happy? Now sit down," Mum ordered.

Grudgingly, I sat down, glad I at least had my wand back. I was still wondering Teddy would have gone. He probably would have heard me by now if he was in the house.

Because you have such a loud and beautiful voice.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. He probably just went to...I don't know, visit his grandmother. But then why wouldn't he tell anyone?

My thoughts were interrupted by a crashing in the living room. I rushed out of the kitchen with Mum and Dom to find Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron covered in soot, having just evidently Flooed over.

"'Arry, what are you doing here? Is something wrong?" Mum asked, looking a mix between confused and worried.

"Is Bill here? I need to speak to him," Uncle Harry said urgently.

"Wait, why? What happened?" I asked, leading him and Uncle Ron into the kitchen.

Uncle Harry immediately went over to talk to Dad, while Uncle Ron explained the situation to me.

"Hugo and Lily from the future have both disappeared," he said. "Andromeda told us that James wasn't in the house either. Is the future Teddy here?"

I shook my head. "He wasn't here when I woke up. We thought he had just gone out for a bit."

"It must be something to do with the Time Turner," Dad explained, coming over. "I've seen some where they only allow you to stay in the past for a certain amount of time. This particular Time Turner must have been like that. Where did you say you got it, Harry?"

"Off an ex-Death Eater," Uncle Harry answered. "The Ministry of Magic was investigating it. I mean, they are."

"So they are all gone?" Mum cut in incredulously. "All the future children? They are all back in the future?"

"Yes," Dad answered. "There's nothing we can do about it. At least they're safe."

Of course, I was relieved they were safely back where they came from, but a part of me also wanted them back. Specifically, I wanted Teddy back. Now that he was gone, I missed him and it had just occurred to me that I wouldn't kiss him again. Not for a long time. And I wasn't happy about that. Yes, it sounded stupid and unimportant, but it was true.

Also, I didn't want to face the present Teddy by myself. The present Teddy who hated me and pranked me and was generally horrible to me. I would need to tell him all my fucked up feelings for him...well, did I?

Yes, I do.

Because the future Teddy had convinced me I didn't hate him. So now I would need to convince the present Teddy he didn't hate me.


A/N: Yes, this is short and I haven't updated in ages, I know, sorry! Does it even make sense? I feel like my chapters are getting worse and worse as we go along :P Don't worry, they should (hopefully) be getting interesting as I - sort of - have the next chapters planned, so I would love it if you could keep reading and review ;)

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