Jennifer Wood was rudely awakened by a loud knock on her door. It was her day off and it had been ages since she had gotten a day off on a Friday. And now she was being awakened by some rude people at the door. Grumbling her way out of bed, she narrowed her eyes to the sleeping figure of Peter, immediately grabbing a pillow and throwing it on his head.


"If I'm getting up, then so are you." Jenny yelled to him, as she put on a long shirt and went to the door. "I'm coming, hold your horses." 


The girl definitely had thought her day would start off very differently when she invited Peter over last night. And she absolutely didn't imagine she would find her aunt Susan and uncle Seamus at the door, holding their wands in battle position. 


"Oh, Merlin, Jenny!" Susan gasped, bringing her to a hug. 


"Aunt Susan, what's going on?" The girl asked with a scared expression. 


"Jennifer, is Peter here?" Seamus politely asked. 


"Hm, yeah, he is." Jenny informed him, taking a step back. The two Aurors excused themselves without further explanation and entered the flat. The girl went after them, wondering what in the world they needed to speak with her boyfriend, at that hour. Oh, Merlin, she thought, was everything alright with Mr. Thomas? 


Susan and Seamus found the boy next to bed, with his trousers on and going for his shirt. He was a bit surprised when he saw the room being invaded by two other people, but as soon as he recognised them, his face drained all its colour. 


"Peter Phillip Thomas," Seamus began, going by the boy's side and bringing his hands on his back. "You are under arrest for the murder of Harry James Potter."  


"WHAT?" Jenny gasped, her hands on her mouth in despair. "Aunt Susan, please, this must be a mistake. Peter would never-" 


"I'm sorry, sweetie," the older woman told her, caressing her cheek with an apologetic smile. Jenny wasn't supposed to be involved with this. "But we have to take him in." 


And with no further explanation, Susan joined her husband and the prisoner and they all apparated back to the Ministry, where an interrogation room was already being set up and a very large group of angry Aurors expected them. 









Albus Potter rolled in bed, automatically hugging the person next to him. Gwen immediately responded to his touch and snuggled more next to him, until she felt his lips on her forehead. But that moment couldn't last much longer since the alarm clock began to ring and they both already grumbled in displease. Albus reached the object to silence it before lying back, one arm around his wife's shoulders and the other bringing her closer to him. 


"Morning, love." He said on her ears in his sleepy voice he knew she couldn't resist. 


"Morning you." She responded, kissing his chin. "Do we really need to get up?" She added, placing herself on top of him and starting to draw kisses' trails on his naked chest. "I rather stay here with you."


"Hmm." Albus shivered with her touch. "I wouldn't mind to-"


The young man was about to turn his wife around on the bed and start taking her pyjamas off, but they didn't get too far as their youngest daughter started crying on the room next to them. 


"Damn it." Gwen swore, kissing Al's lips quickly. "When did we think having kids was a good idea?" She asked him while putting on a robe. 


"We never did. They just happened.” Albus joked, sighing heavily and getting off the bed. With a flick of his wand, their bed was made and he could already head off to the shower. 


The day had begun just like any other. Albus took a shower, shaved, brushed his teeth and finally chose a nice working robe for him to wear. Once he was ready, he would fill in for Gwen with the kids so she too could get ready. Normally, when he left their bedroom, Eleanor was all set and Maya was already under the shower. So all Albus had to do was keep the baby clean and get the child ready for school. 


Albus and Gwen had a domestic elf that her father insisted to give them as a wedding present. In the beginning, the couple and Al's family didn't like the idea, of course, since aunt Hermione had been one of the great voices to give house-elves rights. But then, they realised that Turtle (yep, the elf's name is Turtle) was better off with them than with Mr. and Mrs. Flint, who showed no problem in not following what was now law and give their elves their rights. 


Therefore, when the whole family got to the kitchen, cleaned and ready for their day ahead, Turtle had their breakfast ready for them. And Gwen had to admit he had been very helpful, specially ever since Maya was born. Although cooking was not a problem to Gwen, she was a chef after all, once the girls came along, the fact she didn't need to worry about feeding them was a relief. And also, it was nice not to have to cook when she spends all of her days doing exactly that. 


"Good morning, Turtle." Maya greeted with a smile, going to hug the house-elf. 


"Good morning, Mistress Maya." The little elf answered, still embarrassed for the girl's act of care, despite doing it every single morning. 


"It all smells great, Turtle." Gwen complimented, taking a sniff on the bacon in front of her. 


"Me do the recipe Mistress Gwen show Turtle." He explained with a bow. 


Al rolled his eyes. Turtle was just like Flory. It didn't matter how many times they assured them that bowing was unnecessary, they still did it. Maya laughed before digging in her breakfast, while Albus tried to feed Eleanor - the baby's Flint genes certainly were strong in that one. 


"I saw Lily had a reservation for my restaurant tonight." Gwen commented. "I'm thinking about doing her favourite for today's special. What do you think?" 


"Hm," Albus looked up. "Just don't go heavy on onions." He told her.


"Onions?" The girl repeated. 


"Pregnancy stuff." He explained it. "Evan was telling me that a couple of days ago." Albus took a sip on his coffee. "Unless you want Lily to vomit in your whole restaurant."


"Yuck." Maya said. "Why's auntie Lily throwing up?" 


"Because she's pregnant, sweetie." Gwen tried to explain. "And, hm, the baby in her belly sometime likes to play with her stomach. Remember when mummy was pregnant of Eleanor? I was always feeling unwell?” 


"I don't ever want to be pregnant." The girl then decided. "It sucks." 


"And I very much support that decision, pumpkin." Albus agreed, kissing Maya's little head. "Be sure to remember it, ok?"


Gwen was trying not to laugh too hard when the front door bell rang. Turtle assured them he would go get it and it didn't take long for him to come back with Tobias on his heels. 


"Auror Maxwell to see Master Albus." Turtle announced him. 


"Thanks, Turtle." Albus said with a smile, before getting up and going to greet Tobias. "Mate, what are you doing here? Is everything alright?" 


"I have orders to bring the family to the Ministry." Tobias told him, smiling discretely to the little girls and Gwen.


"You know I was almost on my way there, right?" Albus joked.


"Yeah, I know." Tobias rolled his eyes. "But you wouldn't get inside today without firstly being raped by the media. It won't take long before they know." 


"Know what?" Gwen asked him. 


"We've caught Harry's murderer. Teddy is already there with James and Ben went to get Lily. Ron and Hermione went to your mother.” Tobias explained as he watched Albus open and close his mouth several times. "Susan and Seamus must be coming in with the prisoner anytime now."


"Merlin!" Albus only said, sitting back on the chair, his hands on his head. 


"And who was it?" Gwen questioned with Eleanor now in her lap. 


"Peter Thomas."  







James Potter sat on the couch at Ben's office, quietly drinking a cup of tea. His wife had gone to the Burrow to leave Alfie and Leo there while Teddy took him to the Ministry. His godbrother seemed fit for murder and, despite sharing the same anger towards the person that took his father away, he too feared Teddy would do something crazy. The young Auror stood on the other side of the room, leaned on the wall and simply looking down. 


Lily Higgs was just next to her big brother, her head laid on his shoulder and her hand between James's. She held onto him as if her own breath depended on it. She wasn't believing in what was happening. They had finally solved the mystery surrounding her father’s murder. Ben had shortly told her how he and Tobias had investigated for themselves when they first suspected of Dean and how Luna ended up closing the case. Lily just couldn’t believe it, she imagined her two godparents coming to the conclusion of who had done it, how Luna must have felt or Ben. Lily also kept thinking in poor Jenny, being used by that little son of-


"I just called Oliver." Susan said, entering the room where the two Potter kids and Teddy were. 


Kelly and Wallace had been the ones picked to question Peter and Bernard was overseeing it while Teddy preferred to stay with his family (even he knew he was too involved and it wouldn't be professional of him). In the meantime, the four Finnigans were trying to keep the Auror Office in one piece. 


Lily immediately sat up but not letting go of James’s hands. “And?” 


“They were devastated, of course.” Susan informed her, going to sit by her side. “But both Oliver and Katie are on their way to Jenny’s apartment. Seamus just sent an owl to Carter and Alice. Jenny will be alright, darling.” She then assured the redheaded girl. 


“I still can’t believe it. I can’t even imagine what Jenny must be feeling.” Lily sighed. 


“James, are you ok?” Susan asked, after nodding to Lily. 


“Can’t say I am, can I?” James spilled. “Where’s Al?”


As soon as he asked, the door to the office was opened, revealing Albus and Tobias. Gwen too had decided to take the girls to the Burrow before going herself to the Ministry. Tobias only assured Teddy was ok before leaving the room with Susan to give the Potter’s more privacy. 


“So they caught the killer, hah?” Albus said, still standing awkwardly next to the door.


“The little devil has been frequenting our family’s houses for all this time, laughing at our grief’s expenses.” Teddy finally spoke, looking up and being immediately hurt by Lily’s sadness. He proceeded to her side. “He’ll pay for what he’s done, mini Potter.” He added, cleaning up her tears.


“That won’t bring Dad back, will it?” Albus supposed, getting a chair and sitting in front of his siblings. “I wish we could do something about it.” 


“I would do anything if I could.” Lily agreed. 


“Me too.” James too added. 


It didn’t take long for Ginny to arrive, completely worn out from clearly crying her eyes out. It had been Hermione and Ron that had gone to the Potter Cottage to tell her, earlier in the morning. Unlike her children (except Teddy), she was up-to-date to everything that was going on. Hermione had showed her everything Ben had given her, adding to Luna’s revelation. 


Mrs. Potter had no idea how to deal with the pain in her chest. Her lost that was, once again, vivid in her heart, the hurt about her family being used by someone and the thought someone had had that sort of hatred towards her and her family was taking her breath away. Why?, she kept on wondering, Was Dean involved in anyway? She couldn’t help but think his newly founded friendship with her to be extremely convenient. 


Ginny ran to her four children, bringing them to a group hug, trying in someway to reassure them everything was going to be ok. Somehow, she tried to believe, now they would have some closer, some peace. 


“Mum, are you ok?” Teddy asked, pulling her to sit between him and Lily. 


“As ok as one can be.” Ginny honestly answered. “The press is already outside. News travel fast.” 


“But you’ll be safe in the Auror Office.” Hermione assured them. She and Ron were still by the door, watching the little family. “Kristen and Matt are already outside waiting for Gwen, Lizzie, Vic and Evan, to help them come through when they arrive. In a minute I’ll go make a statement so they can settle down a knot.”


“Uncle Ron?” James called out. “Why the face?”


“Oh,” the older man tried to soften his expression. “I saw Malfoy outside. He wanted to speak with Bernard.”


“Draco?” Ginny wondered. “Why would he need to talk with Ben?”


“I would like to know that as well.” Ron sighed, looking out the window that Ben’s office had that could overlook the whole Auror Office.


“When should we know something? I’m sure there will be a trial.” Lily interrupted. 


“Not unless the little son of a bitch confesses it.” Teddy told her, receiving a reproving stare from Ginny. 


“I’ll go talk with the media and check on Ben.” Hermione announced. “Why don’t you stay with them, love?” She then added to Ron. “I’ll be back if I know something.” 


“Gwen was going to cook your favourite at the restaurant today.” Albus suddenly said after Ron had too grabbed a chair to sit next to them and the uncomfortable silence was installed. “She saw your reservation with the gallery owner lady.”


“Dad would be crazy proud of you, Lil.” James smiled, then caressed her almost inexistent bump.


“We’re naming the baby Harry.” Teddy announced with a little proud grin. “Hope you guys don’t mind it.” 


“Of course not.” Albus smiled, patting Teddy’s knee. “You have to keep the pattern with the Lupin kids. Why are you two laughing?” He asked to his mother and sister. 


“We had just figured it out that day at the Burrow.” Ginny told them. “Of course you would name the baby Harry, Teddy. We knew that and we couldn't be more honoured, could we, guys?” 


“I for one love the idea of one more nephew to spoil.” Lily laughed. “Not to count little Scarlett, right, Jim?” 


“What about you?” Ron wondered. “Have you and Evan chosen a name for the baby yet?” 


“Hm,” Lily started, looking down. “If it’s a boy, we’ll go Teddy style and name him Arthur, for grandpa.” Teddy laughed at her.


“Teddy’s style?” He repeated. 


“Naming the kids after someone.” Lily explained, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 


“Yeah, I figured.” Teddy rolled his eyes. "Like I'm the only one around to do that." He added with a meaningful stare to Ginny who only responded with a warm smile.


“And if it’s a girl?” James pushed.


“Rebecca, Becky.” She told them, with pride in her voice. 


“Harry would like that name.” Ron smiled. “I don't know why, but he would.”









Kelly and Wallace were sat next to each other and across from Peter Thomas, at a small interrogation room with one source of light, one door and a large window which only the people outside could overlook the room and not the other way around. Peter had been offered a cup of tea and the right to an attorney to which he accepted them both. 


“I shouldn't be surprised your lawyer was going to be Lysander.” Kelly commented, a cup of coffee in hands and the coldest expression in her face. “He sure likes the worst kind of clients.” 


“Is that an insult, Auror Porter?” Peter devilish smiled (Porter was Kelly’s married name).


“Take it as you please.” Kelly shot back. “Now, you do understand you are under arrest for the murder of Harry Potter?”


“I do. It’s absurd, of course.” Peter nodded.


“Let us be the judge of that.” Wallace coldly said, picking up the file in front of him. “Where were you on 13th September 2035, between 5:15 and 5:45 pm, Mr. Thomas?” 


“That’s specific, hah?” Peter joked. “I can’t recall clearly. I believe I was working.” 


“And for the record,” Kelly then talked. She was with a parchment and a quill in hands, taking notes. “What is it that you do?”


“I’m a bounty hunter.” He answered. 


“Uhm,” Kelly wondered. “And what exactly were you working on that day? Do you have a partner?”


“I was hunting someone down, in exchange of a bounty.” He ironically answered. “And no, I work alone, I don’t like sharing my money.” 


“So no one could testify where you were.” Kelly concluded, writing it down.


“I’m sure I’m not the only person in Britain who doesn’t have an alibi.” Peter hissed. “That won’t be enough for court.” 


“Surely, you’re right.” Wallace then intervened. “Is it true you lived in America with your muggle grandparents until the age of 11, in Texas?” 


“Yes. What’s that got to do with anything?” Peter responded.


“You have quite an knowledge on the muggle world, don’t you?” Wallace carried on, ignoring his rhetorical question. “Including an outstanding NEWT in Muggle Studies. Best of your class, that’s impressive.” He stared at the suspect for a moment before carrying on. “You would know all about having a muggle bank account or using a muggle weapon.”


“And you know what’s interesting?” Kelly carried on once she saw Peter wouldn't say a thing. “We could track where and how the bullet was bought, Mr. Thomas. And you would be surprised to know it was with a credit card to which the account has same address of your grandparents’ new home in Illinois.”


“Funny thing though.” Wallace continued for her. “We’ve got a picture that shows the owner of said account at an ATM in Chicago and I’m sure you’ll agree he has nothing to do with you.” He then took a photo from the file and showed it to him. 


“The guy is white and blonde.” Peter noted. “I’m not.” 


“Excellent perception you have.” Kelly made fun. “But if you look closely, you’ll see a, hm, well, something isn’t right at the person’s collar bone, don’t you agree?” Peter brought the picture closer to his eyes, unwittingly widening them. “You know why is that?” She waited for him to shake his head so she could go on. “It’s because the person is under a disguising spell and he has a tattoo in that exact location. And I could bet you too have one in that exact spot, am I right?”


“Now, are you going to tell us why you killed Harry?” Wallace finally asked. “Or do you need more evidence, including your conspiracy with Xavier Olson that you will certainly be responding for as well, don’t think we don’t know about that, to understand we know you did it?” 


A whole minute passed them by. 


Peter’s eyes traveled between the picture and the huge file on the table, the window where he saw his own reflection and the Aurors in front of him. His mind was working at a thousand miles per hour. He knew he should wait for Lysander, after all, all he said could and would be used against him in court. But, little by little, since Susan and Seamus arrested him, his anger was rising and rising and before he knew it, Peter narrowed his eyes and showed Kelly and Wallace his most devilish smile. 


“The Potter’s deserved a lot worse than that.” 









Winter was definitely on its way. The chilly cutting wind made Dominique Bonnet cuddle closer to her husband as they walked down the main street in Hogsmeade. The cloudy sky matched Dom's mood and sorrow. The previous day had been quite the roller coster ride, starting off with the news about Peter Thomas being the killer and ending it with a horror story she was very eager to hear. 


She and Tristian were on their way down to the Three Broomsticks, where James and Freddie were supposed to meet them so James could tell them all about his day at the Ministry. Dom had been excused from work due to the craziness that it had become so she spent her day at her grandmother's, looking out for the kids and wishing she could have some news. By the end of the day, all she got was a visit from Alice, saying how devastated Jenny was, and a headache from all the kids' yelling. 


"You know," Dom suddenly said, holding on tighter to Tristian's arm. "I'm a tad worried about having this baby."


"Why is that, Dommie?" Tristian laughed, looking down with an amiable smile. 


"They are the devil, Tris." Dom panicked. "You should have seen the kids yesterday at Nana's. How in the world did my grandmother manage to take care of everyone of us, I wonder."


"Well, we are having just one, honey." Tristian counter-pointed. "And at the Burrow they are normally in dozens." Dom made him a face. "Ok! Not dozens, but that's what it looks like." 


A moment of silence passed by before Dom's thoughts went elsewhere. They were just a few feet away from the pub where her best friend was about to share some of his darkest moments and she simply didn't know what to expect. Certainly she couldn't believe in that day's Prophet headline that said 'Hate on the Potter's perfection caused the Chosen One's death'. Which perfection?, Dom had firstly thought.   


"Do you think-" Started Dom before being practically thrown to the ground by someone passing them by.


"DOM!" Tristian called out, immediately catching her mid-fall and bringing her to his chest. "Hey, miss, you almost knocked my wife down!" He yelled after the person who seemed quite unbothered to almost cause an accident. 


The woman stopped on her tracks and turned around, a mockery smile on her lips and expression lines by her eyes - time hadn't been easy on her. And Tristian's words were lost once he saw who it was. Dom soon turned around to face the person that had bumped into her and too was shocked. 


"Erika." Tristian was the first to find his voice back. 


"I'm sorry I almost knocked your precious wife down." Erika said with irony in every word. "Marriage suits you, Dom. I don't know if motherhood will, though."


"I'm certainly going to be a better mother than you." Dom shot back. "Coming back from another scolding about your son?" She added once she saw from where the girl had come from. Hogwarts' trail. 


"I should probably thank you for announcing that to the Prophet." Erika coldly accused. 


"No, Erika, that wasn't her." Tristian intervened. "And how could you? Lie about a miscarriage? That's low even for you." As soon as his words were said, he felt Dom's shiver and immediately offered her a supportive stare and a kiss on her head. "How could you lie about something like that! You have no idea what's that like." 


"Oh, and you do?" Erika laughed, but soon lost her grin once she saw the saddest expression she has ever seen on Dom's and her brother's face and followed her hands that instinctually went to her belly. "Oh." 


"I really wished you hadn't done what you did, Erika." Tristian carried on. "You ruined everything, but in the end, if you had at least apologised, maybe we could come to terms. But you decided to leave us, be that insanely mean person and-"


"Leave you?" She interrupted her twin brother. "I'm sorry, but if I remember correctly, it was you who stood on her side instead of mine. I'm your own sister." 


"Not anymore, obviously." Tristian responded. "Not when you did what you did, betrayed your own best friend, nurtured hate and hid your own son from all of us. Do you have any idea how much you hurt Mama and Papa?"


"At least they now have a new daughter they surely love." Erika still maintained. 


"Does Sean even know about his kid?" Dominique suddenly asked. 


"Yes, he does." Erika answered her. "Jean spends some weeks in the summer with him and we alternate Easter and Christmas, if you must know." She stared at the couple in front of her, before she sighed. "I-"


"Love, Jim and Fred are waiting for us." Dom interrupted, talking to her husband. Tristian was still looking at his sister. "I- I'm going inside, he-he needs me."


The man broke his eye contact with his twin sister to look at Dom. "Sure, go ahead. You're right, he must be dying to see you, after everything. I'll be right there, ok?" 


Dom nodded, receiving the brief kiss on the lips from her husband, before going her way without even staring back to Erika. She just needed to get out of there. Tristian watched Dom enter the pub before turning back to his sister.


"You seem happy with her." Erika commented, her voice a lot quieter than just few seconds before.


"I am, Erika. We surely took time to get there, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love Dom very much and the Weasley's are the best family in the world." Tristian told her. He looked again to where his wife's had gone before looking to his sister again. "What happened to you?" 


"Well, I was a pregnant eighteen-year-old when I left Hogwarts. It's not like I had many options, but I didn't want anyone's pity." Erika shared. She had forgotten how easy it was to talk with her brother. "So I lied to Mama and Papa, saying I had a miscarriage and fled to Ireland with Sean. He had gotten a good job and helped me through the pregnancy. We hated each other for what we had become, but he was a true gentleman."


"That's unexpected, considering." Tristian commented.


"I was the one to seduce Sean when he was dating Dom." She admitted. "I made him fall in love with me. I- I don't know why, really. I guess I always envied Dom."


"You were always the one to feed her need for war with James. Why?" 


"I don't know." Erika only said. 


"Look, Erika, I hope that after all this time, you have learned your lesson." Tristian told her. "I should go. I should be there for Dom and Jim."




"He's a great person, if you had given him the time of day." Tristian argued. "Take care, Erika." 


Tristian turned around before Erika could say her goodbyes. His respiration was still irregular. He hadn't seen his sister in 14 years. He wondered how in the world they had never crossed each other's way before. He missed her indeed, but he didn't miss her negative way, how she sucked life out of everything. He hadn't known anything else, of course. But when Sean cheated on Dom with Erika and Tristian chose Dom's side, he finally got to know other people, good people, like James and Freddie and Rose and well, the rest of Dom's family and friends. Tristian finally tasted real love and friendship and happiness. Once he had some, he never wanted to go back to the dark place his sister took everyone around her. 


"Hey, Tris!" Freddie greeted him once he arrived at the table they were at. "What's with the face, mate?" 


"Erika." The young man told his friends, before sitting next to his wife. 


"Wow." James sighed. "It's been so long."


"Yeah, 14 years since I last saw her." Tristian corrected. Dom instinctually grabbed his hand. "It's weird, she's my twin sister. I should feel bad for being so long apart, but just ten minutes with her and I was reminded how negative she is. Tell me, love, how in the world did you become her friend?" 


"I like to think she was the evil necessary for me to meet you." Dom answered truthfully, leaving a kiss on his cheek. "Now, Jim, what happened yesterday?" 


"It was crazy." James started. "I was ripped out of bed by Teddy telling me they caught Dad's murderer. After that, I took some time to adjust to the news and next thing I know we were all at Dad's, hm, I mean, Ben's office." Dom caught his hand across the table and squeezed it for reassurance. "Lily, Al and Mum arrived afterwards and it wasn't until lunch time when Ben and aunt Hermione got back with news."


"Mate, you're killing us." Freddie commented. "Is Peter the one?" 


"He confessed." James finally told them. "And his story and motive are completely crazy, I'm telling you. That guy is mental." 


"Did you see today's Prophet?" Dom wondered. As his cousin shook his head, she continued. "The headline said: Hate on the Potter's perfection caused the Chosen One's death." 


"Perfection?" Freddie repeated, shocking a laugh. "What perfection?" 


"That's what I thought too." Dom smiled. "Merlin knows the Potters aren't perfect, nor is anyone in our family, for all that matters. We just manage it." 


"Apparently, for Peter, we were perfect." James carried on. "He only saw our achievements and didn't bother to see our daily routine. Ben explained us that Peter said he felt overwhelmed when he first went to Hogwarts and saw just how close everyone of us were. And he knew that his father had been friends with all our parents from back in the day. So in his delusional mind, he believe he should also be apart of our family. 


“He later on discovered that my Mum and his Dad dated in Hogwarts and that, after the war, Dean left England because he wasn't over Mum, who, by the time he left, was married and pregnant of me. So, internally, he already blamed Dad for that. Clearly, if he had really known us, he would see how Mum and Dad were meant to be.


“But once he was sorted into Gryffindor, he thought he would become everyone's best friend and apparently, he tried his best to get closer to us. Of course it didn’t help that the only friend he actually made was Dylan who didn’t shut up about all of us. That’s how he knew all about each one of us. 


“On one specific day, he was 'rejected', or whatever, by almost everyone of us, including me, Al, Teddy and Lily. And that was the day he lost it completely. His words were: 'Even Lily, the nicest one, or so everyone thinks, rejected me'." James took a moment to drink from his butterbeer.


"Ok, this is messed up." Tristian commented. 


"I agree." Freddie too said. "So he killed uncle Harry just because poor Peter couldn't be friends for life with you? And I'm sure Lily didn't mean to be rude with him. She's not even rude to Molly II." 


"I'm pretty sure that it's all in his head." James supposed. "Teddy managed to convince Ben to let him see his memories that they have extracted. Maybe, when he sees it, it'll be a little more clear. And less crazy." 


"I don't remember much of Peter in school." Freddie admitted. "He lost his school life trying to force friendship and then hating your family when he could have been making real friends."


"That's almost sad if he hadn't murdered uncle Harry." Dominique completed.


"I can't believe my children won't have their grandfather because that maniac thought he belonged." James hissed. 


"How's auntie Ginny?" Dom abruptly changed the subject. 


"Very beaten." James told her. "We all stayed with her last night. Dean showed up there but Teddy took care of him. What a nerve, no?"


"Do you think he was involved somehow with the murder?" Freddie questioned.


"He's due to questioning on Monday. If he is, he'll confess. Kelly and Wallace are brilliant interrogators." James sighed. "And to think I have a game tomorrow!" 


"Do you really need to go, mate?" Tristian asked, his face showing worry. His friend had been through so much in such a short period of time.


"I can't let the Cannons down." Affirmed James. "I'll prefer to spent the day at Chudley than at the Potter Cottage. We decided to spend the weekend with Mum. We divided the kids between everyone."


Luckily, they were so many. That way, Remus would stay with Ellie and Tobias, Alfie and Maya would stay with Carter and Alice, Leo with Rose and Scorpius, Eleanor would stay Freddie and Marie and Alena with Hugo (and, well, Dylan).


"By the way, thanks for staying with Eleanor." James added to Freddie. "You know, it is weird to sleep with Lizzie in my old bedroom. Specially when I share a wall with Teddy and Vic." 


Dom laughed. "Please, no mental image. That's my sister." 


"Are you saying you're not doing any funny business with your wife, as well?" Freddie joked. "I doubt Vic and Teddy are the only ones." 


"I rather not think about my little sister and Evan nor Al and Gwen, but I can guarantee you I'm not getting any." James sighed. "Lizzie is almost seven months pregnant. She's almost at the 'you made this, James Sirius' phase."


Tristian made a worried face, entertaining the other two man. 


"Oh, she'll get there, mate, don't you worry!" Freddie guaranteed. "Pregnancy is such a happy time!" 


They finally relaxed and laughed a bit. James knew it had been the right thing to come have a drink with his best friends. Sure he wanted to come closer to the reason why his father was taken away, but that wasn't the time anymore. He should enjoy his friends. His Dad would have wanted that. But it didn't take long before James wanted to come home to his wife and family, with a full smile in his face, thanking the skies of his luck. 

In a way, Peter was right. They were perfectly imperfect and he wouldn't have it any other way. He was happy. 

A/N: Soooo, it wasn't Dean after all, but it was a Thomas. What did you think about it? Do you think Dean had anything to do with it? What do you think about the Potter/Weasley clan? 

Little treat for you: next chapter will be about the episodes that made Peter hate them!

I look very much forward for your reviews. And also, I've been immersed on the harry potter world: I've just been in Universal Studios in Florida and also to the studios tour in London. 

Thanks for the support all the way ever since BP! 

Caa xx

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