Chapter Twenty Two
“Becoming Mrs. Malfoy”

"Alright Ms. Weasley,” a gray haired woman with her glasses perched on the end of her nose began. She was conservative in her powder blue suit and pearls. She stood up straight and dignified. “When presenting one’s self you should always stand perfectly straight with shoulders back, it’s a lovely presentation and exudes confidence. A man is never to reach for a woman, she must invite him to touch her, and so if you wish to shake someone’s hand you extend yours. If you need assistance you extend your hand. ”

The door to Ginny’s carriage open. The royal blue space filled with sunlight from the world outside, Ginny turned herself in her seat and put her legs out first, she extended her hand. The gentlemen from the hotel accepted it and helped her down.

“Bonjour mademoiselle”

“Bonjour,” Ginny smiled from behind her dark sunglasses and sunhat. She looked up at the beautiful hotel, it was an old mansion that had been converted into an inn. It was definitely something to marveling at. She turned around as her carriage pulled away, her jaw almost dropped at the rolling country side full of wild flowers. But unfortunately her view was interrupted by a ban for photographers.

A couple of security guards came by and began shooing them away. They were shouting things in French that she didn’t understand. She turned and went into the lobby. The Victorian space was bustling with activity. The staff seemed to be hurrying about in great anticipation, security seemed to be scattered about the room. Everyone was in a frenzy for the wedding that had taken over the inn for the weekend.
            She crossed the room towards the front desk and got in line.

The lift chimed on the fourth floor, the doors opened and Ginny stepped out. There was a man in a suit waiting for her, “Bonjour Mademoiselle,” he smiled with a nodded. “Room 402 is right this way.” He extended his arm in the direction of the room.

“Thank you,” she followed him.

“I’m Herbert, I’m the butler for the floor,” he unlocked the door for her. He allowed her into the room first. He followed her in, “this is the call bell he indicated the velvet rope near the door. If you need anything feel free to pull it and I’ll be here.”

“Thank you, my luggage…”

“Has already been brought up,” a bell rang somewhere in the distance, “if you’ll excuse me.” He disappeared.

Ginny dropped her handbag on the table behind the sofa, she went through the double doors on the far wall that revealed the bedroom. “Oh,” she was surprised to find she wasn’t alone. There was a woman unpacking her suitcases, “you don’t have to do that. I can do that myself.”

The woman just smiled at her as she continued to hang her clothes, she watched as she pulled out the decant pieces that Jeff had picked for her.

“Alright Gin, you have my full attention,” Jeff said joining her on the couch in the center of his studio.

“Well I’m going to Provence with Draco over the weekend.” 

“That visually stunning man is whisking you away for the weekend,” he sighed dreamily, “you’re so lucky.”

“No actually we’re going to his friend Sophie’s wedding,” she explained.

“Sophie Mathieu?”

“I believe so, the first time I saw her last name was on the invitation. I think I have it here somewhere,” she began digging through her bag. “Do you know her?”

“I know of her and her wedding to Yves Dubois the President of France’s son. It’s going to be the social event of the season.” He said as if it was obvious.

“Really,” Ginny was sorting through the large stack of post she had pulled out of her handbag. “Here it is,” she handed it to him.

“Yup, the heiress to the largest beauty brand in the wizarding world is marrying the president’s son and you’re invited.”

“I know nothing about her except she and Draco are close,” she was beginning to worry. She rarely stopped and thought about who Draco Malfoy was. Not to mention it was Wednesday and she was leaving Friday morning. She probably should have come to Jeff sooner, she probably should have begun worrying sooner.

“This wedding is white tie,” Jeff said looking over the invitation. “We can get you something for this.”

“There’s a rehearsal dinner as well, which I also have an invitation for,” she began digging through her bag again. “I need help, what the hell am I supposed to do around rich people? The last time I was around them they took to whispering about me just loud enough for me to hear…”

“Calm down Ginny,” Jeff wrapped his arm around her shoulders comfortingly. “We’ll work it out, we’ll get you everything you need and it will be great.”

“Thanks,” his kind words did help ease her nerves. She found the other invitation, “here’s the other one.”

Jeff read the invite, “black tie for this one and black and white only for both. I know the perfect piece for the dinner. Trevor,” he turned around to address the young man sitting at the desk behind them. “Will you please contact Gary at Foster’s and Banks’ and tell him to send the chevron dress in a size eight and call Mrs. Hilkin’s and find out her next available appointment.”

“We’re losing one of our numbers,” Etienne sighed.

“You’re not losing me,” Sophie rolled her eyes, “I’ll just happen to be married.”

“To a prick,” Etienne mumbled into his drink.

“Alright you two, don’t start,” Draco warned. They were on the back patio at the inn where Sophie and Yves were going to be married tomorrow. They were enjoying the sun from under the umbrella that covered their table. 

“We weren’t going to start a thing,” Etienne said innocently.

“Let’s discuss the bachelorette party,” Perry changed the subject. “I’ve hired a dancer and everything.” 

“No, I’m not going to sit around while you four drool over some woman.” Sophie rolled her eyes.

A dark black woman with high cheek bones and short salt and pepper hair, entered the dining room doorway. She looked around and spotted who she was looking for through the open doors that led out to the patio. She strutted across the room her light summer jacket billowing behind her in rhythm with the clack of her heels as her slides slapped the back of her feet.

“Sophie, la tu es!” She exclaimed approaching the table.

“Ma, what do you want,” Sophie was sick of her mother. She let the woman have control over everything for this event other than her bridesmaids and her dress yet she still wasn’t satisfied. She wouldn’t leave her alone for a moment, she hadn’t even been sitting out here for half an hour.

“What are you doing? It is three hours until the rehearsal followed by the dinner. You need to be rested before the hair and makeup people get here. You don’t want to look warn out in your photos do you?”

“A good makeup artist can hide anything,” she shrugged as she picked up her glass of champagne.

Her mother took the glass before it came in contact with her lips, “I don’t want you drunk.”
“Oh come on Madame Mathieu lighten up,” Etienne raised his glass to her. “It’s a celebration.”

“Don’t start with me Etienne,” she hissed, “Yves has just informed me of the family of toads that have taken up residence in his bathtub, and I know you’re to blame.”

He smirked, “I can’t deny it but let’s get it straight, and they’re frogs. I thought they were a lovely gift, frogs for a frog.”

“Stop with the nonsense, now come along… you boys should rest up as well.” She took Sophie by the arm and pulled her to her feet. She reluctantly went with her.

Draco wandered up to his suite. He had no intention of napping but Ginny would be arriving soon if she hadn’t already. He unlocked the door and went into the sitting room, the double doors on the opposite wall were open revealing the bedroom. As he dropped the key on the end table. Ginny appeared in the bedroom doorway and came out to him.

“Hi,” she cheered merrily as she crossed the room towards him. Draco was so captivated at how stunning she looked in her day dress, the full skirt swinging as she walked. He missed her. As she reached him she opened her arms to hug him.

“Hi love,” he wrapped his arms around her tightly. “I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“It has been awhile,” she pulled away from him. “Perhaps you can help me, there’s this pushy housekeeper unpacking for me in the other room. I tried to tell her it wasn’t necessary but I don’t speak French.”

“Relax Gin and enjoy the pampering. That’s Bérénice, she’s our personal housekeeper and Herbert is the butler for the wing.”

“Yes I’ve met him, he speaks English. It’s too much, it’s just a weekend. I can live out of my luggage.”

“Sit down and relax Gin,” Draco said while pulling her over to the couch. “It’s her job and I tip very well.”

“I feel terrible,” she said as she sat next to him.

“You can dress a girl up like a million Galleons but you can’t take the Weasley out of her,” he shook his head.

“Damn straight”

“So how have you been?” Draco got serious, “I read that you were suspended. You haven’t really been around.”

Ginny took a deep breath and smiled awkwardly, “yes I have but before that I was…” busy messing with Blaise, keep that to yourself Gin. “Busy keeping Dean off the ledge and I’ve been working with a trainer…” She trailed off. 

“What’s wrong with Dean? Padma still hasn’t slept with him.”

Ginny hit him on the arm, “I should have never told you that but he’s walking on egg shells, he’s convinced he may be fired because of the mess between Comet and I. He’s just worried Wilford is now looking for any reason to sack him.  Oh and the team Manager has Comet and I running around smiling trying to get Dean to lift the suspension.”

Draco arched an eyebrow, “Dean suspended you?”


“What the hell is his problem?”

“He’s just doing his job.”

“You are too good of a friend.”

She hit him on the arm, “anyway, what’s new with you?”

“Finalized my class schedule,” he shrugged. “I got an internship.”

“Pardon, Monsieur Malfoy,” Bérénice began entering the sitting room, “L'emballage est fait, aurez-vous besoin autre chose?”

“Aucun, merci beaucoup,” Draco told her, she nodded thankfully before leaving them alone in the room.
“What was all that. Was she complaining about handling my knickers?”

Draco laughed, “No, she just said she was done and asked if we needed anything else. She can help you get dressed this evening.”

“I think I can manage,” she looked around the room. The Victorian printed wall paper and the ornate molding, the gold accents which were probably real. Draco Malfoy was rich, “how come you didn’t tell me Sophie is the heiress to the biggest beauty brand in our world?”

Draco just shrugged, “never came up… do you want to have tea?”

“Sure, why not,” she stood, “but what I really want is a nap.” She began towards the bedroom, “bring me a cup.”

“Sophie is such a beautiful young woman and Yves such a handsome young man they make such a lovely pair,” One of the guess at the rehearsal dinner gushed.

“Well she’s 28 and he’s 35, when do we stop calling people young,” Perry had a sip of his brandy.

Ginny hurried across the lobby, she was late for the rehearsal dinner. Just what she needed to make an unintended entrance, she entered the private dining room and to her delight the room was a buzz no one to notice her. Everyone was engrossed in cocktails and conversations and the bride and groom were nowhere to be seen.

“Mademoiselle Weasley,” a young man with a camera approached her. “May I take a photo I’m from Le Mode.”

“Sure,” Ginny stood up straight and smiled pretty and allowed the man to take her photo.

“Merci Beaucoup”

“You’re welcome,” as the man walked away she looked around the room for Draco. She began to weave through the people.

“Ginny,” a man stepped in her path. “It’s nice to see you again?”

She didn’t recognized him at first, “Gunter, right?”

“Yes,” he smiled. “We’ve only met once but nice of you to remember.”

“I almost didn’t recognize you,” she gestured towards her hair, “there’s no blue in your hair.”

He laughed, “Madame Mathieu made me take it out.” He ran his hand through his chestnut hair. “It was easier to do rather than argue with her.”

“They should be up any minute,” Étienne spoke loudly as he moved through the crowd. “Madame Mathieu just… well she’s just being Madame Mathieu.” Everyone laughed as if they knew exactly what he was talking about. “Hello Ginny,” he joined her Gunter. “You look stunning as usual.” 

“As usual”

“I read the paper. Celebrity gossip is my secret shame,” he chuckled.

“Well I’ll keep your secret.” She was wearing a black and white sequin floor length chevron dress. It had a plunging neckline and with the help of a bit of bronzer her freckled chest and face looked lightly sun kissed. Her hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail. “Have you guys seen Draco?”

“Um,” Etienne looked around, “he should be around here somewhere. They let everyone come up from the rehearsal. Except the bride and groom, I being the Maid of Honor didn’t want to leave Sophie alone with her crazy mother.”

“Oh am I crazy Etienne.” The three of them turned around. Madame Mathieu was standing there with her arms crossed.

Etienne smiled innocently, “you know I love you in spite of your flaws.”

“Uh huh,” she walked away.

“Mesdames et Messieurs les mariés!” The wedding coordinator announced the entrance of Yves and Sophie in a loud booming voice, the room erupted in applause.

Ginny turned her attention towards the door and applauded along with everyone else. An arm reached around her and held a drink out for her. “Hello love,” Draco whispered in her ear, he kissed her on the check.

“There you are,” she took the glass.

“Here I am and our seats are this way.”

“When eating you keep your back against the chair and only reach for things that are within reach.” Mrs. Hilkin’s said as she tied Ginny’s upper body to the chair with a scarf. “You start from the outside of your cutlery and work your way in. Small bites and small sips. Cross your cutlery across your plate to signal you have finished.”

“Do you want to go for a ride,” Draco asked Ginny as they exited the dining room.

“To where?”

“To the best view in Provence.”

“It’s not in this hotel?” He shook his head. “You don’t have a bachelorette party to attend?”

Draco laughed, “I think the guys are getting drunk but Sophie’s mother is making her go right to bed. I’m sure she’ll even have someone guarding her bedroom door so she can’t sneak out.”


“Let’s get a carriage.” Draco started for the door, Ginny followed him out into the night air. She waited patiently as he asked the valet to get them a carriage. She rocked back and forth in her shoes to give her feet some relief.
            It was nice to get away from home again. Ginny found that she liked traveling, right now she was away from her job. Her pending job since she was still suspended and left Comet to go to Ireland alone and deal with whatever shenanigans Darren cooked up. She was sure there was a howler en route to her, it would probably arrive by tomorrow night. It’s not as if he could floo, she didn’t tell him where she was going.
“This is us,” Draco said holding the door to a carriage open. Ginny snapped out her thoughts and climbed into the back of the carriage. When Draco was in, the valet closed the door.

They road in silence, it was kind of comfortable. There didn’t seem to be a need to fill the silence with conversation.

When the carriage came to a halt, Draco climbed out. “Wait here.”

Ginny looked out the door, she watched Draco go over to a gate and mutter something. The gate opened. Draco came and got back in the carriage and they were off through the gates.

“What is this place?” Ginny said climbing out of the carriage and looking up at the large dark house. The stone building covered in ivy.

“It’s my parents’ house.”

“Malfoy Manor trois?”



“I think what you were trying to say Malfoy Manor two,” Draco said as he unlocked the door.

“I was”

“Well trois means three and deux means two,” she followed him into the dark entrance hall. With a flick of his wand the place lit up. It revealed a lovely dusty space, the furniture and paintings covered with white cloths. “The view is upstairs and at the back of the house.”

At the end of the hall there was a staircase, an ornate marble banister running up the marble stairs lined with a royal blue runner. As they arrived at the top of the stairs, the moon cast light through the bay window. At the other end of the hall were a set of double doors. Draco headed for the doors and she followed. He pushed them open.

Ginny went out into the night air, she walked across the large balcony. Her mouth falling open as she took in the view. Small lights from houses, danced beautifully across the hills of lavender. The town lighting up the sky in the far distance.

“This is the best view in all of Provence,” Ginny agreed. “Not that I’ve seen all of Provence.”

Draco leaned next to her against the railing. “So how many places have you seen?”

“Not many, I went to Egypt specifically Cairo and Giza. Tokyo for the world cup and Mexico City. How many places have you been?”

“I don’t know, I travel a lot. I haven’t really kept track.”

“Lucky you.”

“I have been lucky… you should see this view in the morning.”

“But we should probably head back to the hotel. It’s late.”

“Or we could just stay here,” he shrugged. “There are plenty of vacant rooms.”

Ginny awoke to the sound of a loud bell ringing through the house. She opened her eyes, it was morning there was a small stream of light coming from the crack in the heavy drapes. She sat up and looked at her dress lying across the bottom of the bed. She climbed out of bed and adjusted her slip as she crossed the room to the bathroom.

Ginny slipped back into her dress and picked up her shoes. She left the room and shielded her eyes to the bright light. She went to the end of the hall and opened the doors to the terrace. The sun was up and “wow,” Ginny sighed over the rolling fields of lavender. It was even better in the morning. 

“How did you sleep,” Draco said to Ginny when she entered the kitchen.

Ginny held up her dress so she wouldn’t trip, her shoes in her hand. “Fine.”

“I ordered breakfast,” he was setting it up at the table.

“Is that what that loud noise was,” she asked taking a seat at the table.

“Yeah, the doorbell is kind of obnoxious,” he poured her a glass of juice. He handed it to her, “would you like some coffee as well.”

“No this is great,” she watched him fix her plate. “Thank you.”

He took a seat next to her and poured himself some coffee. “I love this house,” Draco said looking around the stone kitchen. There was a hand painted floral motif on the walls, it was peeling and cracking. The deterioration gave it great character.

“Why didn’t we just stay here,” wondered Ginny.

“It was easier to stay at the hotel. So Madame Mathieu wouldn’t yell at me and because I’d have to have the staff come and open the house…”

“Or we could have just crashed like last night. Is it really necessary to have a team of people come in and dust and uncover everything? When all we need is a couple beds for two nights?”

“Yes,” Draco answered sharply.

Ginny laughed she covered her mouth so food wouldn’t slip out.

“You know Ginny I am part of the bridal party, I need to get downstairs and you need to hurry up!” Draco shouted at the closed doors of the dressing room in their suite.

“I’ll be out in a moment. But if I’m taking too long than go on without me!”

Draco rolled his eyes, girls were not worth the trouble. He crossed the room and picked up his white gloves from the end table. “I’m going!” He turned around and the doors opened.

Ginny came out into the bedroom, Draco swallowed hard. This was the thing, usually when someone ask you why a woman is beautiful you can’t describe it. You could talk about physical things but that’s not the beauty, that’s sexy and every woman has that.
            She stood there perfectly polished, he would be the envy of every man. Her sleeveless black sequin gown had a white origami thing on the right shoulder, there was a large silver brooch glittering among the fabric.

She smiled slightly and picked up the train, she picked up her gloves and her bag from the bed. “Sorry for the wait, I’m all set.”

Draco shook his head, “no problem.”

Ginny pulled on her gloves that extended up past her elbows as she walked slowly to the door. She was trying hard not to trip on her train. When she successfully got them on she picked up the back of her dress.

“Ah, don’t you two look lovely this evening,” Herbert beamed when they were in the hall.

“Thank you sir,” Ginny said politely.

“Have a wonderful night,” he said before walking on.

Ginny had to admit, she did look pretty good. More importantly she felt really good. She was in love with the heavy gown she was wearing. It seemed so simple on the outside but the inside was so structured she was sure it would stand on its own.
            And then there was Draco, she thought as they got on the lift. She never thought much about Draco Malfoy other than they sort of get along. She’s never thought a thing about how he looked, ever, she wouldn’t even consider him handsome. He had a pointy nose and a hairline that screamed to one day be receding.
            But when she saw him standing in their bedroom, her lips curled up slightly. Tonight she would describe him as handsome. His platinum hair was slicked back, she was never a fan of tails but his tux lengthened him. He already seemed like a giant to her but now he seemed so much taller. So much more alluring.

The lift opened on the lobby.

The reception was underway. The wedding party and their guest were seated at a long rectangular table in the center of the garden. The guest surrounding them at round tables. Draco was feeling quite proud to have Ginny seated next to him. He was captivated and he noticed other people noticing her as well.
            He was surprised and impressed at how she’d been carrying herself this weekend. He thought he was imagining things during the rehearsal dinner, he was prepared to tell her how to use all the cutlery but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. It wasn’t a dream because she was currently doing it.

“So Ms. Weasley,” Mr. Mathieu a dark bald black man with bits of gray in his beard and mustache begin, “you play for the Holyhead Harpies, I’m a huge fan.”

“Huge doesn’t quite describe it,” Mrs. Mathieu chimed in from his side. Everyone at the table laughed.

“I love Quidditch and I’m not ashamed!”

Ginny smiled, “me too. It’s always nice to meet a fan.”

“Do you know what’s happening next season? I read in the paper that you and Comet have both been suspended.” Mr. Mathieu asked his question like a concerned parent, it wasn’t really a concern for Ginny but the odd relationship men seem to have with their favorite athletic teams.

“That is very true and I have no idea what is going to happen.”

“If you don’t mind us asking what’s going on,” asked Perry.

“The head of Games and Sports in Britain is very strict about how players present themselves and apparently fighting with your team mate is not good,” shrugged Ginny.

“Isn’t that part of the game though? Plus girl fight, amazing,” Perry laughed as his date elbowed him. “What, it is.”

“It happened at training camp, it wasn’t as if it was in the street.” Added Mr. Mathieu

“It began at training camp,” corrected Perry, “and it basically moved to the street because it continued in public.”

“You two have certainly been keeping up with the Harpies,” Ginny’s cheeks reddened. This was the first time her misbehavior has felt even the slightest bit embarrassing.

“That’s alright we’ll just have to steal you away for France,” President Dubois, Yves’ father said from the head of the table.

“Viva la France,” Etienne raised his glass and the others at the table cheered.

Ginny chuckled, if she didn’t get unsuspended it may just come to that.

“Well I’ve been into the Harpies since you did that flippy thing on your broom,” Perry gushed as he demonstrated the action with his finger.

The wedding coordinator came up behind Sophie and Yves and whispered something.

“What is it,” Mrs. Mathieu asked when the wedding coordinator went away.

Sophie rolled her eyes, “you need to relax mother. No one is trying to take control of your party. I think we should go back to discussing Ginny. Yves and I saw her play a few months ago she was amazing.”

“Thank you Sophie. But I think we should discuss you. You just got married,” smiled Ginny. Everyone at the table began to cheer and tap their silverware against their glasses. It caught on because people at other tables began to join in. The gesture signaled for a kiss from the newlyweds and they happily obliged.

The wedding coordinator came back to the table and this time he went over to Yves best man. The black haired man stood up, “Wasn’t that lovely,” he said holding the coordinators wand under his mouth. His voice radiating through the garden. “This is the part where I am supposed to tell stories of all the embarrassing things the groom has done. But I don’t have to seeing as the paper has reported them.” There were chuckles throughout the garden, “So I’m going to say a few things about the Yves Dubois that has been my best friend since we were seven years old. He’s amazingly courageous, more benevolent than anyone could possibly know, and humble regardless of circumstance. I am so honored that he and Sophie have included me in this major and loving event in their lives. I suppose this is where I’m supposed to say that Sophie completed Yves and made him a better man. But what I think is more accurate to say that they complement each other. Where Yves is flawed Sophie is perfect and Sophie’s imperfections are made flawless by Yves. I have enjoyed getting to know you two as a couple and I wish you all the best.”

 “God, who knew schmoozing could be so tiring.” Draco turned on the light in the bedroom and rid himself of his jacket. He tossed it onto the bed, which had already been turned down for them. He began to pull at his bow tie.

“Don’t you attend stuff like this all the time,” Ginny asked as she pulled off her gloves and then her earrings. She awkwardly reached behind herself to unzip her dress.

“Not really,” he moved towards her, “I’ll do that for you.”

“Thank you,” she turned her back to him and he pulled down the zipper, “it was beautiful, I love that all Sophie’s bridesmaids were men.”

Draco shrugged, “she stayed true to herself we’re her best friends.”

“That makes me view the wealthy totally different.”

“We’re people too.”

She smiled at him and went into the other room to change. Draco continued to unbind himself from his waist coat and cufflinks. He kicked off his shoes and didn’t bother to care where they landed. He pulled his shirt out of his trousers and plopped down onto the bed. He closed his eyes.

“Are you sleeping?”

Draco opened his eyes, Ginny was leaning over him. Her face scrubbed clean of her makeup, her hair tied sloppily at the top of her head. He smiled, “not yet.” He sat up and crossed the room into the dressing area. He looked back a Ginny and watched her climb into bed in her smiley face pajamas. He smiled to himself and went on and changed.

Draco crawled across Ginny to get to the other side of the bed, “you could have just walked to the other side,” Ginny complained and pushed him to hurry up.

“I know but this side was closer,” he chuckled as he settled in under the covers.

“So where did you meet everyone. They don’t seem to have a connection to your family,” Ginny turned on her side and looked at Draco.

He moved his hands behind his head and gazed up at the ceiling. “I’ve known Perry since birth. Our mothers were roommates in university. So there’s a connection to my family there.”

“Your mother went to university?” Ginny was surprised.
“Yes, I know you think she just married right and life was set. Which is completely true but before that she studied writing in Paris… she’s a wonderful writer I don’t know why she doesn’t do it more often… I was on holiday with my family when I met Sophie on the beach, as you know. She was vacationing with Etienne’s family and well we kept in contact. It took me awhile to warm up to Etienne…”

Ginny laughed, “Because he got the girl.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore because Yves’ got her now. I’m sure Etienne will come around eventually. Gunter’s father is Etienne’s father’s primary council so they’ve been running into each other for years and now we’re one big happy family.”

“That you are… so I’ve been thinking about our mounting unhappy family union.”

“What about it?”

“I know before I just expressed interest for publicity and that’s still the main goal but I’ve been thinking… we should move in together,” she finished. Draco didn’t say anything, he just kept staring at the ceiling. “It was only an idea.”

“I don’t know how I feel about that…”

“Why don’t we just look at a few places and ease into the idea because when we’re married we’re going to have to cohabitate and I’m not down for just getting a bigger suite.”

“We’ll see.”

“Can I ask you something?” Draco rolled on to his side to face her.


“The etiquette… where did it come from?”

Ginny rolled her eyes, “you think I don’t know how to behave in public? What did you think I was going to pick up my plate and lick it? Remove my bra in the middle of dance floor?”

Draco chuckled, “exactly… I know you can carry yourself, it’s just you know the rules and I was just wondering why and how?”

“Why because I needed to, given this weekend. How well… I may have enlisted some help… Ok so Jeff may have enlisted some help.”

Draco smiled slightly, “cool.”

“Becoming Mrs. Malfoy”

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