Chapter Twenty One
“London Still” 

It was raining hard on the gray Monday morning, Ginny and her tea sat on the window sill watching the world outside. Or what she could make out the rain was so thick everything was blurred, just splotches of color moving about.
            She raised her mug to her lips and filled her mouth with the warm liquid, it was comforting. It was going to be a lazy day for her, her first in a really long time. She woke up, went for her work out and now she was in a t-shirt and her underwear and planned to stay that way for the rest of day.
            She had a lot of things to think about… the whirlwind of the last week brought everything forward. Her career was taking a turn, Draco was being a real friend, she was getting closer to Blaise, and she skipped Harry’s birthday party and her family dinner last night. She was surprised she hasn’t heard from her mother.

It was time to get real, the feud she was having with Comet was real. She was going to have to fight for her spot, she wasn’t sure how worth it, it was. After all, the energy was for the privilege to chase a small ball around in the air. When put simply it was completely ridiculous.
            The other side was one of them would be out of job. Was it better to stop a career that’s been flourishing for years or take a risk on a newbie who may or may not end up with a glowing record?

She sighed and relaxed her head against the wall. Ginny had no idea and the pressure was agony. She was becoming a star, the world waits in excitement for her next move. Whether good or bad. And her friends or what’s left of them because she has been rather neglectful, wait to pass judgment.

Draco, the worse thing she did for her friendships. They were right about him, even if he had changed or if he’s trying. They’ve all been through too much to forget. But his presence helped her, it really had.

He had gone above and beyond the call of their agreement when he stayed with her in Mexico. He stood by her through the all of the mayhem, she supposed he was rehearsing for his role as husband… husband. The thought was getting scarier.
            Ginny always wanted to get married, she wanted a family, and a career. Granted she didn’t always know in what but she just knew she would have it all. But for some reason now she didn’t seem ready for any of it.
            It wasn’t because she was engaged to someone she wasn’t in love with and their whole relationship was a business deal but it just seemed like a really bad time. It was comforting to know that there isn’t an actual date set.

Things were now even more complicated because she was involved with Blaise. He was a scoundrel seeing as he didn’t seem to mind she was with Draco. The whole situation screamed major blow up.

But he was just so cool, he had this personality and charm that Ginny would have never allowed herself to believe of him. But if she was willing to get close to Malfoy anything was possible. He made her feel so good, it may seem silly but he made her feel alive. In the way he looks at her and the way he touches her. She felt like she was finally a grown woman when she was with him.

She could feel him around, when he wasn’t even there. She closed her eyes, she could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He was definitely a drug and it was a high she loved so much. It was a high that she’s never felt before even with the person who met the most to her and has yet to meet someone who’s even come close.

Harry was more than everything to her, sometimes still if she stopped and thought about it; it seemed so unfathomable that they weren’t together. He was just going to have to be the person she didn’t get over. Although it seemed like she couldn’t apologize enough, she had said sorry enough. She was tired of it. She was tired of the guilt her friends put on her and that he puts on her. So she didn’t attend his birthday party.

She hurt him and he didn’t accept her apology and that was his problem.  She wasn’t going to feel bad about moving on. Dwelling on the loss is just a supreme waste of time.

Ginny opened her eyes, she watched as a muggle got out of a taxi across the street. He used a newspaper to cover his head as he made a dash into the pub on the corner. She turned her head as she heard the door. She watched as Blaise dropped his umbrella in the canister by the door and then hang up his jacket.
Blaise looked up and noticed her sitting on the window sill, he smiled at her as he crossed the room. He lifted her legs up and sat down and placed them in his lap. He rested his head against the wall and directed his attention out the window.

“How was your meeting?”


Ginny smiled softly, she removed her legs from Blaise’s lap and climbed off the window sill. “I’m going to get some more tea, would you like some?”

“Yeah thanks”

Ginny wandered across the hall to the kitchen. She put the kettle back on the stove and turned the heat up high.

“Gin this came for you,” Blaise entered the kitchen and handed Ginny an envelope.

She flipped it over and saw the ministry seal, she didn’t have any unpaid fines so it was most likely from the league. The whistle on the kettle began to blow, she placed the letter on the counter. She got another cup out for Blaise and began to prepare their drinks.

“You don’t want to open that?”

“I will in a bit, I’m sure it’s nothing,” the truth was she didn’t want to find out what was in the envelope because it probably wasn’t nothing. She didn’t want to bring Blaise into the mess and she wanted to keep relaxing. “Here you go,” she handed him his cup.

“Do you want to spend some time in bed,” he winked at her taking a sip.

She laughed as she poured herself a cup of tea, “sure, I’ll be right in.”

Blaise left her alone in the kitchen, she added her desired sugar quantity and milk. As she swirled it all together, she watched the letter out of the corner of her eye. She dropped her spoon, picked up the letter and tore it open.

_________Ministry of Magic________
Level Seven Department of Magical Games and Sports

Ginny stormed off the lift on Level Seven at the ministry. 

“Good morning,” Nancy the Games and Sports receptionist began, “how may I help you?”
Ginny ignored her and proceeded back towards the offices, she was pissed and she needed to take her aggression out on someone. She opened the door to Dean’s office ready to yell but it was empty.

“EXCUSE ME!” Nancy shouted cornering Ginny in the corridor. “How dare you just barge in here! Tell me what the hell you’re doing here before I call security?”
“Where’s Dean Thomas?” Ginny crossed her arms, she was not in a mood to be tested. If need be she could take the skinny bitch.

“He’s in a meeting you can leave a message for him at reception,” she pointed Ginny back towards the front of the office.

Ginny rolled her eyes and started back to the front, Nancy right behind her. Dean had ruined her day in and he had some serious explaining to do. She was supposed to be curled up with a beautiful black man. Not on a rampage to destroy her ex black man turned bestie.

Level Seven Department of Magical Games and Sports, the lift chimed. The blonde curly puff that was Comet Rae stepped off the lift. “Of course,” she sighed, at the presence of Ginny. She pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head as she joined Ginny by the reception desk. “Haven’t you caused enough damage already?”
Ginny rolled her eyes and bit her tongue. Literally, that was the only way she could keep herself from talking.

“How may I help you,” Nancy asked Comet as she resumed her seat behind the desk.

“I need to speak to Dean Thomas right away.” She turned to Ginny, “Have you already sucked his dick to get your way?”

Ginny bit down harder on her tongue. She should say something, she should throw something, she should throw Comet.

“That’s enough of that,” warned Nancy, “Mr. Thomas is in a meeting, you can leave a message for him,” Nancy put a pad of paper in front of each of them.

There was a jar of ink with only one quill in it on the desk. Both Comet and Ginny looked at it and then looked at each other.

Dean came out of the conference room, he was heading back to his office to get some paperwork he needed for his next meeting. There was shouting echoing throughout the corridor and a mob of employees gathered at the end of the hall.

“Break it up!”

A man was shouting, Dean hurried towards the commotion. He craned around everyone trying to see what was going on. His eyes widened in horror.

“Come on ladies, that’s enough!” Eric Munch the security guard, dodged the swinging limbs of Ginny and Comet. When Ginny managed to get on top of Comet, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled the petit woman up with ease.
“Let go of me,” Ginny kept swinging her legs trying to hit Comet. The other security guard had grabbed Comet.

Dean pushed his way to the front of the crowd. “Ginevra Weasley, Constance Rae Whiner!” He shouted making his presence known. The two women stopped struggling to get free. “Apparently being fined and benched for your season opener wasn’t enough for you two! You thought it was a good idea to come fight in the games and sports office! So guess what, you are both suspended!”

“WHAT!” Ginny was beyond outraged. She wanted the security guard to let her go so she could hit Dean.

“This is ridiculous, for how long?” Comet sneered.

“You’re right, it is ridiculous! You will be suspended until the two of you stop acting ridiculous! You are grown women, act like it!” Dean was tired of this, he was in hot water it was time to share the heat.

“Wilford won’t stand for this,” Comet sneered pulling against the security guard.

Dean shrugged, “Would you like to go continue this fight in Wilford’s office? Let’s see what he’ll stand for.”

Comet didn’t say anything, if she thought Dean was being unreasonable; Wilford was going to be pure hell.

“Gentlemen, get them out of here.” He turned on his heel and walked away. He could hear them swearing heavily as security escorted them out.
“What the fuck is this!” Darren barged into Dean’s office and slammed the memo he just received on his desk. “You can’t suspend my starting seekers! You basically destroyed my line up!”

Dean leaned back in his chair, “are you too good to knock?”

Darren snorted, “Look kid, don’t get smart with me! You can’t do this, you don’t have the authority.”

“I not only have the authority but a small twinge of joy since you’re in such distress over this,” Dean smirked.

“I’m sure Wilford won’t be happy with what this will do to opening day numbers.”
“That’s not my problem, it’s yours. You should take better care to control your team. Now would be a great time to start, seeing as I decide when the suspension will be lifted. It’s not going anywhere until they grow up.” He chuckled, “it would be a shame if it took the entire season.”

“You can’t suspend me,” Ginny stood from the couch when Dean entered his flat.

“Yes I can and what are you doing here,” he complained. He had a long day and just wanted to rest. He was in the midst of his first world cup prep in his new role. Next summer the entire wizarding world be in a frenzy yet again to see which country would be victorious. He had to go to Germany at the end of the week for the International Quidditch Associate conference and to top it off by morning the entire world would know of the Harpies suspension.
            Ginny and Comet were a hot topic at the moment. He was sure one of the on lookers in the department sold the story by now and given he suspended them, he would be bombarded.

“I’m here to beg you to change your mind. Do you know how hard I’ve worked to get first string?”

“Yes Gin,” he dropped his briefcase in the chair nearest the door in aggravation, “which is why I don’t understand why you’re acting like this.”

“I thought you were my friend?”

“I am and this has nothing to do with our friendship. This is business and about following the policies that are set in place.” He took off his suit jacket.

“Quidditch is who I am.”

“No, it’s what you do. If you can’t see the difference, then you have more to work out than how to get unsuspended.”

Ginny pushed her hair out of her face. She did have something else to worry about other than getting unsuspended, “What I came to see you about this morning before that bitch tested me was the fine…”

“You have a first string contract now, you have to pay the fine,” Dean went into his kitchen and began to fix himself a drink.

“I realize that but I don’t have ten thousand galleons,” she went over to the counter and leaned into the kitchen.

“Want a drink, you’re not on active season yet,” he raised the rum bottle to her.

“No thank you, where the hell am I going to get ten thousand galleons?”

“You seriously don’t have it, what happened to all your money? Have you been charging for appearances,” he took a sip of his drink. 

“It’s been reinvested, I almost have it but after I pay my bills, I’m going to be even shorter,” she sighed. When Draco’s lawyer redid her contract he made sure she got paid for going to training camp. It was to compensate for the embarrassment that may possibly come from having to basically try out again. The thing was she hadn’t been paid yet.  She had been paid for her appearance while in Mexico but they hadn’t cleared in her account. With her current account balance after she paid her manager, agent, publicist, stylist, bills, and her rent; she was going to be short. “I probably should have waited to give Palmer his raise.”

“No you shouldn’t have, that man goes above and beyond the call of duty,” Dean refilled his glass.

“Maybe you should slow down,” Ginny watched him nervously.

“I’m cool,” he left the kitchen, he plopped down on the couch. “How much do you need?”

“3740,” she just wouldn’t eat or have any expenses until she had money again. Or at least any expenses that couldn’t be covered by a man she was sleeping with or one she was pretending to date.

“You know the exact number,” he chuckled. “This must be worrying you.”

“It was until you suspended me,” she spat.

“It wasn’t fun for me either, accio checkbook,” he watched as his briefcase popped open and his checkbook floated across the room and landed on his lap.

“What are you doing? I can’t take money from you,” her eyes widened.

“You’re not taking it, you’re borrowing it. I don’t want you in trouble with Wilford and I most certainly don’t want you taking money from Malfoy,” Dean said as he wrote her out a check.

“I should be able to pay you back by next week when my appearance money clears from Mexico. Which coincidentally is ten thousand galleons… you know before taxes.”

“Yet another thing magical folk have in common with muggles. Along with bodily functions and democracy,” he ripped the check out and held it out to her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome… now please behave so I can take you off suspension. Because I really want to see you play as a first string seeker. I know how much you want this and I know how hard you worked. I care about you so much that the sight of you getting your dream, would feel like me getting my own.”

“Good morning ladies,” Darren said through clinched teeth as he approached the two women waiting outside his office. He was not in a good mood, Conrad Humphrey threatened him last night. He left him with a headache and bruises, to remember the deep shit he was in. “How nice of you both to arrive 15 minutes early.”

Ginny and Comet were standing far apart outside of Darren’s office not speaking. Darren unlocked the door to his office, he stood aside to let them in. Both of them moved to the door, they got there at the same time and began to push and shove to get through the door first.

“Stop! Ginny you go in first take the chair nearest the door and Comet second in the chair farthest the door,” this was getting out of hand and he wasn’t paid enough.

He followed them into his office and watched as they glared at each other. He settled in behind his desk.

“Daft cow,” muttered Ginny.

“Fucking bitch,” hissed Comet.

“Shut it!” Darren slammed his fist on his desk as he stood up. “This ends now! You are going to do everything that I tell you, it’s not optional! It’s for the good of the team and our profession because it you don’t all three of us will be sacked!”

“You mean you’ll be sacked,” corrected Comet, “because I can just play in another countries league. I’d say the same for Ginny here but she’s proven to be a loose cannon.”

Darren chuckled in an evil sort of way, “you know, I just love your attitude. Seeing as this is all your fault if you hadn’t been busy being a spoiled brat then you wouldn’t have let your spot be threaten. Then you wouldn’t have had the nerve to take your incompetence out on everyone else…” Ginny snickered, “Shut up Ms. Weasley, you took the bait! You’re just as much a fool. The man controlling your suspension is the league liaison for the International Quidditch Association. Which means he can potentially keep you out of any league. So Comet I would check your attitude before you end up coaching peewee Quidditch in the suburbs!”

Darren sat down once again and pulled a couple of sheets of paper out of his briefcase. He held one out for each of them to take. “I’ve prepared an itinerary of things we will be doing…”

Ginny looked over the list, she had a couple of conflicts. “I can’t do next weekend I’ll be in France and the following Sunday I’m hosting an event for 150 guest that I will not be canceling,” she looked up at Darren.

“Oh yes you will because if you don’t get off suspension your value to this team will be reevaluated.”

Ginny pulled her door open a crack, she didn’t want to see anyone. Palmer tilted his head to the side and gazed in at her through the crack. His concerned bright blue eyes meeting her sad brown ones. “Hey girl, I got your owl.”

She opened the door, she walked away and climbed back into her bed. She curled into a ball.

Palmer came in and closed the door behind himself, he went and sat on the edge of her bed. “So you were suspended.” Ginny only whimpered, “It’s going to be alright.”

“I don’t know how, I don’t get along with Comet. Darren wants us to run about town looking happy and his activities conflict with my trip to France and my birthday plans.”

“Well I don’t know what to tell you about your birthday but you should definitely skip whatever he has planned to go to France. Hobnobbing with rich people will look good and Darren will get over you ditching him.”

Ginny sat up, “this whole looking good thing is tiring.”

“You better rest up,” Palmer smirked, “because you need to look real good, you my star are going to be on the cover of The Daily Prophet’s Sunday magazine.”

Ginny smiled slightly, “are you serious?”

“Yup, just came from Seamus’ office, you’ve got your first cover!” He laughed as Ginny sat up and flung her arms around his neck. “This news will make your agent stop sweating. He sent me an owl, wants to know what this new development is going to do to his ten percent.”

“The new development should be me firing him. He didn’t even get me the good deal.” Ginny pulled away from Palmer. “Draco’s lawyer did.”

“Season Opener Mayhem”
Next week the Quidditch season kicks off as teams return to practice before matches begin. The Quidditch world is always a buzz with something but what’s hot at the moment is the Holyhead Harpies. The team made headlines when their starting seekers engaged in a brawl at training camp that was capture by rouge photographers. Insiders say that Comet Rae and Ginevra Weasley have never gotten along. Tempers must be high since Ginevra has been signed to a first string contract for the upcoming seasoning. Leaving Comet, well we don’t know where this will leave Comet.
            The two women were suspended after another fight broke in the Games and Sports Office at the Ministry of Magic. While the other Harpies have been gearing up to head back to drills Weasley and Rae have been touring about the country.
            In the last three days the two have been seen assisting the elderly, volunteering for park clean up, and hosting a reading hour at the Diagon Alley Public Library.
“The Daily Prophet

“London Still”
The Waifs

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