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The next few weeks at Hogwarts were very strange, very normal, and surprisingly delightful.


Scorpius narrowly escaped a year’s worth of detention when he tried to tame an Acromantula and get it to live in the Slytherin common room as our new mascot. Luckily I saw him coming with the giant thing and stopped him. I, in the mean time, managed to dodge Daphne and Fatima putting balding potion in my shampoo and in return I managed to blow up their potion without Professor Addler noticing.


All of this was pretty normal, but what wasn’t was the fact that Rose and Albus were present for most of this stuff. 


Albus actually managed to create a diversion in potions long enough to let me slip some firecracker into Rosier’s potion (he fainted, bless him), and Rose for some UNGODLY reason decided to help tame the Acromantula (named Muriel after some hairy scary Weasley relative that apparently refused to die). For their own part, Rose and Al had been practicing for an upcoming match against Ravenclaw, and we all generally spent our time together, in private and in public. People had grown so used to seeing us all together, that they’d stopped gasping every time we entered a room, which was a relief. You’d think being a psychotic evil mudblood would make me used to the attention, but I was uncomfortable being in the spotlight so much.


All of these events, and a myriad of non-noteworthy ones, had led up to Hallowe’en, and the most disgusting sight in the history of wizard-kind.


“This is an institution of learning. How can they desecrate it so?” Rose asked, staring in unmasked disgust at the sight before us.


“I canna say I disagree. It looks they’re trying to wrestle, but with the wrong parts.” I said, and Rose groaned, thumping her head on the desk.


We had been studying in the library, when Daphne and Edvard had decided to burst in, claim a table across from us, and start snogging the bloody life out of each other. What a truly wonderful way to announce that they were an item… at least I hope. If not, Daphne has got to learn some boundaries


“Not only is this public display, disgusting, but if they actually are a couple… dear god its like satan and Lilith all over again.” Rose said. I shuddered.


“Saints preserve us, they’ll take over the world and use muggles for toilet wands.” I said, grimacing.


“We’re prefects. Shouldn’t we stop this?” Rose asked. “I mean, think of the children.” she pointed towards a group of first year Hufflepuffs, one of whom was so scared of the public display she started crying. I tried not to laugh.


“I’m not going anywhere near that, I might get sucked in.” I said simply, and turned back to my essay.


“Wotcher Greer, Rose.” Al said, taking a seat next to me. His hair was flopping every which way, in its usual custom, and his top two buttons were popped, his tie loose and casual. I didn't have to look down to know his customary black chucks, which looked like they'd been to hell and back, were on his feet, and his pants rolled up to show just a hint of some wacky pair of socks. Say what you will about Albus Potter, the lad had his very own style. I grinned just imagining what today’s looked like. 


He took one look at Rose banging her head on the table and my badly concealed laughter and frowned.


“Whats going on then? Something torturous no doubt.” He said, placing a hand between Rose’s forehead and the table. She shot him a look.


“Aye, you best not look straight ahead for a bit, unless you want to lose your lunch.” I said. He looked.


“Oh dear Merlin, that is disgusting.” He said, quickly looking away and blushing.


“Never seen a proper snog then?” I asked, and his blush deepened heartily.


Yes, and I’ve even taken part in a few, thank you very much.” He said defensively. I raised an eyebrow, wondering who on earth he had been snogging. He never seemed to have a girlfriend over the years. He continued.


“That is not snogging, that is called inhaling.” He said, shaking himself a little.


“All right then, if both of you are so bothered, I’ll go clean that mess up. Thats probably why they’re doing it over here any ways.” I said, getting up. Al put a hand on my arm to stop me.


“Do you need any back up?” He asked, concerned. I snorted.


“Back up from a Gryffindor would defeat the purpose. They’re my housemates. I know how to deal with them, and it will go better without you trying to be a knight in shinning armor.” I said, rolling my eyes. He looked hurt, and I felt a little guilty, but he needed to stop this kind of thing. I know I’m not popular, but I hated when he tried to get between me and my house like that. Any time something like this happened, he always tried to play the hero and it only made things worse, because he was an outsider. Even I, the mudblood, was preferable to some interfering Gryff trying to be noble to my housemates.


“Oi, Nott, Rosier. Ten points for shaming the house, and another five for making that wee little firsty cry. Now clear out, and find somewhere more private to conduct yourselves.” I said, crossing my arms. I know they heard me, because Nott had maintained eye contact with me while I was speaking, never breaking away from Rosier, which was all kinds of disgusting. They detached with a faint popping noise and I resisted the urge to hurl.


“You dare talk to us about shaming the house? You filthy little mudblood, what would you know?” Daphne said, still clinging to Nott. 


“Don’t worry, Daph, she’s just jealous of you. Its understandable, after all.” Nott said, smirking at me. She laughed and pet his bicep.


“Now, be a good little pet, and run off back to… Is that the Potters? Greer, come now, and you think we’re the ones making a public spectacle?” Nott said, tsking. I snapped


“Listen here, the both of you. I am your prefect, and I am as much a Slytherin as either of you. I work hard, I get better marks than either of you, and everything I do is to dignify my house. Despite this, you all carry on like I’m some great shame. But, I am your prefect, and therefore I am your superior and I am telling you to move your business else where before you further embarrass our house by making me go get a Professor to give you detentions, and everyone finds out you've completely disgraced yourselves with such a vulgar display. Do I make meself clear?” I said, wearing a pleasant expression, but we all knew I was standing firm as ships mast. Daphne looked slightly stunned at my speech, and blushed, but Nott’s eyes flashed. He pushed Daphne off of his lap and stood to face me.


“You actually think you’re my superior?” He said, laughing and stepping closer. I stood firm, but silent, knowing that arguing would be pointless.


“You are nothing. You’re only in this house because some barmy old hat had an aneurysm, and you only remain here because I don’t care enough to drive you out. You’re lucky that you hold my attention, Greer, otherwise you’d have been gone a long time ago.” He said, getting closer and closer. My stomach wrenched and I felt very real fear creep up on me as his face got closer. I hated how he talked to me like I was his personal play thing and it took all of my power not to hex him.


“You’re going to need to step away from Greer now, Nott, or suffer severe consequences.” Al came to stand beside me, looking controlled and even pleasant, but I could tell from the set of his jaw he was outraged. Outside, I remained calm, but I was tense as a wire, and a little angry. Al could not be here, it was just going to make Everard worse. I could already practically see the gears turning in Nott’s head as he thought up more lewd comments.


“Potter? Well, it has been too long. Still trailing after dear Greer like a little bitch, I see. Now now, Greer, you mustn’t get mixed up in such  company. The optics of it… they’re not good. ” Not said grinning. I glared at him, and surprisingly Al stayed very calm.


“Your perception of our relationship is irrelevant. I think you need to leave now.” Al said, still very calm.


Nott merely scoffed.


“Go on back to your stupid cousin, Potter, you have no business here. This is a house matter.” Nott said, and he slung his arm around me. Luckily my wand was out and I managed to zap him in the side. He yelped, and gripped his side, glaring at me. I just shrugged, though I felt huge relief at finally having control of the situation again.


“Thats another ten points from Slytherin. And I suppose five from me, for attacking a beloved house mate.” I said, smirking. Daphne got up from the floor finally and grabbed Nott’s arm.


“Lets just go Everard. These people aren't worth our time.” She said, pouting. Nott straightened himself and resumed his smile.


“But of course darling. If our Gryffindor loving, mudblood prefect commands it.” He said, allowing himself to be pulled away. Al started to say something but I put a hand up.


“He’s not done.” I whispered, gritting my teeth.


“Oh and Greer?” He said, turning to face me.


“What?” I said drily. He came up close, almost directly in my face, but I didn't flinch.


“Just remember, you can fuck whoever you want. In the end, everyone is still going to hate you.” He said grinning. I sneered, mostly to cover my revulsion, and he laughed as he walked away. As soon as he turned the corner out of the library, I bolted, weaving in and out of bookshelves, Al calling out behind me. I didn't stop, and I didn't turn around until I found a corner away from the eyes, the whispering, and I collapsed in a heap on the ground hugging my knees, trying to collect myself. I didn't manage even a semblance of that before Albus came round the bend, pulling some kind of fancy slide to land on his knees in front of me.


“Greer are you all right?” He asked concerned. He reached out to touch my knee, but at the look on my face he drew his hand back.


“No, I am not all right Al.” I said, taking a few deep breaths.


“I’m sorry, I came over as soon as I saw trouble.” He said, his face full of concern. I laughed, but it wasn’t because I was amused, and Al knew it.


“What? What’s wrong?” He asked, pulling back slightly. I sprang up, making him fall over completely and started pacing. 


“Al, you made that entire situation worse.” I said, throwing my hands up, finally letting myself get worked up.


I made the situation-“


YES, you bampot, you and your nobility and your stupid need to swoop in and save me neck!” I said, jabbing him in the chest. He looked out raged, but I wouldn't let him get a word in.


“I told ye I did that you interferin’ with Slytherin business wasna a good idea, that it would just make the situation worse. But you, you bloody nyaff, you had to come over and play the hero, and Everard rose to the bait and got even more disgusting!” I said. Albus had finally closed his mouth and was just watching me pace.


“Do ye not think I know how to handle me own house? You don’t know anything about how Slytherin works, our way off life, and yet you walk in and interfere like its your bloody job to be my hero. Well I don’t mind telling ye that yer off your heid if you think this friendship will work if you try and save me from me own house!” I finally stopped to breathe right in front of Albus, who looked calmer than he had a minute ago.


“Greer?” He said.


What, you scabby little walloper?” I said, exhausted.


“Does your, ahem, accent get thicker when you’re angry?” He asked, smirking slightly. I choked on thin air and anger. THAT is all he took away from that?!


“You- you can’t- You IMPOSSIBLE- YER MAW.” I said, shoving him a little. He started laughing hysterically, and before long I couldn’t help but join him. We both ended up rolling around on the floor until we couldn’t even breathe.


“Oh Merlin.” Al said, winding down. I giggled a little and took a few deep breaths.


“Greer. I am sorry you know.” Al said. I smiled, and sat up on my elbow. He was already looking at me, waiting to see if I’d accept his apology.


“I know you didnae- did not mean any harm.” I said, chuckling a little.


“But what I said still stands. You canna be getting in the way of me and my house every time theres a little bit of conflict. There are things you just don’t understand.” I said seriously.


“You could explain it to me.” Al said. I laughed.


“You really want to know how Slytherins work?” I asked drolly.


“If it means I could help have your back properly in these situations without you going full blown highlander, then yes. Educate me please.” He said grinning. He stood up and offered me a hand. I took it without even thinking.


“You wouldna understand.” I said, waving him off, and trying to disgusie my own discomfort. He was staring right into me, and it felt like he was staring through me, his eyes searching out the answers to his infinite questions as though they were engraved on my bones. I looked down at the floor to avoid his gaze, focusing on his green socks. They had little golden snitches on them, and they zoomed around lazily. I turned my back on him hastily and began walking away, but he caught up with ease.


“Oh please. From what I can tell you’re just like Gryffindors, but you wear taller heels and infinitely more leather.” Al said rolling his eyes. I scoffed.


“You’re talkin mince, Al. Our houses don’t have anything in common.” I said. 


“Greer, they have EVERYTHING in common, and if you don’t see that, then its my job to educate you.” He said, and I laughed.


“What the bloody hell happened to you two?” Rose demanded. We had reached our table, and Rose looked completely flummoxed.


“Oh well after Al got himself involved, things got ugly and I needed a wee bit of privacy to calm down.” I said, sitting back down at my desk.


“I caught the end of that little encounter. What a nasty piece of filth that one is.” Rose said, and I nodded.


“Now Al is trying to convince me that our houses are alike and it doesn't matter if you’re in one or the other.” I said shrugging. Rose snorted.


“He’s been on that one for years. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead in green.” She said, poking her cousin with the end of her quill. He batted her away, and pointed a finger at me.


“All right, then tell me why you think you belong in Gryffindor and not Slytherin.” He said.


“Because I look better in green than Rose does.” I said dismissively. 


“Don’t be trouble, now tell us what you really think.” Al said, and as usual, I couldn’t refuse him, despite my rising temper.



“All right fine. I suppose first year I thought a lot like you: I even told the sorting hat I didn't care which house I was in, as they were both pretty similar. But then after the whole- business- with Yaxley," both Al and Rose flinched, and I felt my temper surge  even further.


"I finally saw what my house was supposed to be like. Whereas Gryffindors do all of their brave sword swinging fancy prattling out in the public for everyone to see, Slytherins are quiet about it. Like when I took my revenge on Potter- the headless nifflier stuffed animal. It was subtle, terrifying, and no one could prove it was me. Everyone in my house, except perhaps those two scunners, gives me their support, they just don't make a scene of themselves to do it. Sometimes it’s just fixing me a cup of tea or threatening people in other houses who get a little too intense, but Slytherins take care of their own. Even ‘mistakes’ like me.” I said. Both Al and Rose were staring at me with unreserved astonishment at my answer, and maybe even a little respect for how my house operates, which is a rare thing. Al mostly looked uncomfortable, like maybe he'd struck a nerve he hadn't meant to.


"The only public sort of display that might be considered a little Gryffindor was Cassandra standing up for me that day, and she only did it to practically save my life. If she hadn't claimed me, no one in my house would treat me like one of their own, not after a Potter had gotten the best of me in that way, and not after I had blown them off for you. If it weren't for Slytherins like her, and the code by which we live, I would have been alone and ripped apart by more people than just Nott." I said, feeling tears in my eyes. Al looked like I had slapped him, and Rose's face was just completley blank. I coughed a little to regain myself and continued.


“So Potter, no, I don’t think we’re the same. And I’m proud of me house, even if they’re not always proud of me.” I said. Before either of them could answer, I stood and took my leave, unwilling to reveal any more personal details than had already been pried out of me by that insufferably caring Gryffindor.




“Greer Faulkner, so help me Merlin, you are going to the Hallowe’en feast!” Scorpius said, crossing his arms. We were still in our common room, though almost everyone else had left, and I was spread out on the couch with a good book.


“Scor, I’ve had a very long day, with alarming amounts of social interaction. I don’t want to see another living soul that isn't wearing a green robe, and therefore won’t leave me alone or stop staring at me, until I have to go to class tomorrow. Can’t you just be a good mate and bring me a sandwich?” I asked, looking up at the ceiling. The water from the lake was lapping gently at the sides, and I could see fish swimming by. It was peaceful, quiet, and there was absolutely no chance of running into a certain Potter boy. I wasn't sure I'd be ready to face him by next month, let alone have him track me down at the feast.


“Greer, you know bloody well that if you don’t go I won’t have anyone to sit with or talk to.” He said, sitting down on my legs. I sat up, shocked.


“Dear God, now you’re guilting me with your self inflicted social isolation?” I asked. He just grinned. I launched my book at him.


“When you start throwing literature at me it means you’ve caved!” Scor said victoriously. I rolled my eyes, but got up off of the couch. I was wearing loose jeans, dragon hide boots, and a rather large green jumper Annie had knitted for me, but I didn’t have the energy to change, and I doubt Scor would have let me. I pulled on my robes and stuffed my wand into the pocket.


“Lets go on then. We eat, we drink, and we leave. No Gryffindors.” I said, jabbing a finger at him.


“Hey if you’re in a snit with Potter it’s your business. I promise I won’t let him near you.” Scor said, grabbing my hand and dragging me out the door. I laughed.


Thats what was so easy about or friendship. Neither of us ever pried, or forced information from the other; things just came out in their own time. We could be eating sandwiches, taking an evening flight, or even climbing trees and one of us would just give up information. I suppose that was another thing to add to the list of differences between us and Gryffindors. Slytherins expect you to have secrets, and they leave them be. Gryffindors beat you to death with their impassioned arguments  until suddenly you’re standing there practically stark naked (metaphorically speaking).


“I was expecting that argument to take longer for me to win. Thank Merlin, it didn’t, I’m bloody starving.” Scor said.


“Honestly, I am too. And I do love the Hallowe’en decorations.” I said, actually cheering up a bit. Scor scoffed.


“You would. You like creepy stuff.” Scor said, and I shoved him playfully.


“Jack-O-Lanterns are not creepy. You’re just a ninny.” We both started laughing as we turned the corner into the main hall.


And then it died immediately as we both saw the body.


"Dear God in heaven, Scor, that's Alexa Fawley!" I said, dropping his hand and running over to where she lay. Alexa was a fourth year in our house. I put my hand on her throat checking for a pulse. It fluttered weakly under my fingers and I let out a breath. Her straight black hair was matted with blood, and her face had cuts, one above her eye brow and one along her cheek bone. She was obviously cursed as well, given her ice cold body temperature. I opened one of her eyes just to make sure, and her pupils were the size of Galleons, just as expected.




I looked back and Scor was still just standing there, white with shock.


"Scorpius, don't just stand there! Go get a professor!" I said frantically. I took off my robes and covered her, trying to get her warm. Thats when Scor finally snapped out of it.


"Greer, don't touch her!" He said, running over to me and pulling me up.


"Scor, she needs help!" I said, gesturing at her prostrate and battered form. He grabbed me gently but firmly by the face. I had never seen him look so panicked.


"Greer, think. What are people going to say when they find out that you, the evil mudblood, and me, the son of an acquitted death eater were the ones to mysteriously find the body of a girl from one of the most ancient and powerful pure blood lines in history? One even more prestigious, and far less dirty, than my own?" Scorpius said, and then I understood.




"They're going to say we did it, that we attacked this girl who is one of our own, This fourth year who couldn't possibly defend herself." I said, my throat catching. The thought that someone could even do this- the thought that WE could do this. The first was sickening, but the second went against everything either of us believe in.


"Greer. We can't be here." Scor said.


"We can't just leave her! She needs HELP." I said. I bent down to look at her again, and noticed a strange mark on her arm. It looked like a serpent.


"Greer, I will not leave you here, and I will not jeopardize the little bit of respect we have in this school. People coming out of the feast will find her I promise, but no one will believe us if they see us anywhere near her body. No one ever believes people like us, especially not when a Fawley has been attacked. We can't risk this. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time won't work for us Greer, and you know I wouldn't suggest leaving if I didn't know she would be found and taken care of." Scor pleaded, pulling me away from the Alexa's body again. 


"Scor, what do you think they'll say when they realize we were the only two students not at the feast?!" I yelled. He looked even more panicked, and I took a deep breath to calm both of us down.


"Look at me Socr. Everything we be all right. We did not do this, our wands no doubt could prove that we did not do this. But right now, we need to stay where we are and go get help. Its in Alexa's best interest, and ours." I said, trying to calm him down. Suddenly his gaze flicked over my shoulder and he went pale.


"Dear God Greer, I hope youre right." Scor said. He peeled my hands off his shoulders and turned my shoulders around.


My eyes met the eyes of every student in Hogwarts as they took in the scene before them. In there eyes, I saw fear, I saw shock, I saw anger.


But mostly I saw acccusation.


God help us.




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