Dinner at Headquarters that night was a loud and lively affair. The Weasley family alone brought seven people to the dinner table, and the twins were enough noise and entertainment for a stadium, much less the gloomy kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place. Tonks let them tell her conspiratorially about their joke shop ideas and newest products. The Extendable Ears and Puking Pastilles were her favorites of the inventions they’d described to her. She chatted easily with the group, listening equally between the kids’ excited chatter, and the adults’ more serious conversations about the latest rubbish published in the Prophet. She made fast friends with Ron and Ginny by turning her hair every shade of the rainbow and changing her nose to replicas of everyone at the table. Thankfully, at least for the time being, Sirius didn’t say anything else embarrassing about Remus.

Once dinner was finished and the kitchen was cleaned, the kids went upstairs to occupy themselves during the meeting. Bill and Arthur busied themselves upstairs in the parlor, and Molly began preparing tea for those left in the kitchen. Tonks was starting to relax, ready to enjoy a short chat before the meeting, when Molly asked, “Tell me, dear, anyone new in your life?”

From his seat next to Remus, Sirius gave a snort, which Tonks chose to ignore.

“Molly, honestly, you sound just like my mum,” Tonks said with a sigh. “I’ve nothing to report. It’s not like my job is great for relationships, anyway.”

The door to the kitchen opened, Snape sweeping through the door, trademark heavy black robes billowing behind him, regardless of the mid-summer heat. He paused in the doorway, his eyes sweeping the room.

Molly said cheerfully. “You’re not too late for dinner, if you’d like me to fix you a plate.”

"Thank you, that won’t be necessary,” Severus said in his deep, silky voice.

“Nonsense,” Molly replied, rising to her feet.

“Molly, I realize that caring for others is ingrained into your very being. But please, do try to refrain from mothering me.” His voice was firm, but still polite. Tonks had the feeling that not even Severus Snape dared to argue too fiercely with Molly Weasley.

“Don’t be silly. I insist on at least tea.” Molly prepared a cup of tea, handing it to Snape, who accepted it with a curt nod before moving to a seat in the corner of the kitchen.

“Anyhow, Tonks,” Molly said, sitting back at the table. “I realize it’s probably hard to meet men in the Auror office, but what about elsewhere?”

“My job doesn’t afford me a lot of free time,” Tonks said, realizing that Molly was not going to let the discussion go. She looked around at the men in the room, who all seemed to be pretending to ignore the conversation. She wondered unhappily to herself why Molly had decided to chat up this particular topic in front of Sirius, Remus, and Snape. “And, most of the men I’ve met have been knob-heads anyway. I mean,” Tonks continued quickly, not wanting to offend Molly with her colorful language. “Most of them have been prats anyway.”

“I’ve raised six boys, Tonks,” Molly said with an airy wave of her hand. “There’s not much in the way of language that offends me, dear. And, you’re quite right. Men can indeed be prats. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until the right one comes along,” she said brightly.

“Right,” Tonks said, snorting a laugh. “More likely just a matter of time until the next bloke asks me to morph my body to something more his taste.” Tonks froze. Bugger. Realizing what she had just said, she raised her eyes to the occupants of the kitchen and shifted her eyes around slowly. They were all silently looking at her, each holding a look of dismay on their faces. Even Snape, she realized, was looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face. Thankfully, any verbal assault he might want to give, he held back.  “Erm…or something less humiliating.”

“Tonks—” Molly started, but was interrupted by the kitchen door opening, Dumbledore and Mad-Eye walking into the kitchen.

“Brilliant timing, again, sir,” Tonks said, rising from her seat, wanting to melt into the floor.

“It seems I’ve interrupted another conversation. Please, do not end it on my account,” Dumbledore said pleasantly. “What are we discussing this evening?”

 Tonks caught Sirius’ eyes and gave him the slightest shake of her head, hopefully letting him know not to utter another word about what she had just blurted to the room. Her ability to morph could be a delicate subject for her. She certainly wasn’t ashamed of her rare gift, but she also didn’t want to be used for it or have it demanded of her. Morphing to change her body in order to fulfill some fantasy, or being made to feel like a freak were two things Tonks wouldn’t stand for. Unfortunately, she had had both experiences from men in the past. As her gaze locked with Sirius, she hoped he would remember a tearful conversation she’d had with him when she was young, and a friend had tried to bully her over her abilities. Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly at Tonks, and she held her breath, hoping that he understood.

“Tonks’ dismally non-existent love life,” Sirius said, ostensibly attempting to lighten the mood.

“Thanks for that, mate,” Tonks said with a fake glare. She took a deep breath, relieved that he had understood her. “Let’s move on, shall we?”

“A distraction she doesn’t need, anyway,” Mad-Eye said with a slight growl to his voice.

“I have a feeling that anybody Tonks fancied would have to meet the approval of Mad-Eye,” Sirius said with a smirk. “Which, cuts the list pretty short.” Mad-Eye gave a grunt of agreement before stumping over to take a seat.

“Well, we can commiserate together on our lack of romantic possibilities, then,” Tonks said, in a manner much lighter than her actual mood.  “Unless there’s an ex-convict singles group you could join.”

Sirius let out a loud bark of laughter. “That sounds even more dismal than your love life. Although, with my new venture into personal growth, as you call it, maybe I can pick up some tips.”

 Tonks gave a small huff of laughter, thankful that the conversation had been diverted away from her. Molly had moved on to chat with the others in the kitchen. She ventured a glance over to Remus, who was still seated at the table. His eyes were fixed on her, his face full of an expression she couldn’t quite discern. She had certainly not meant to announce something she kept so guarded in front of him, much less the other Order members in the kitchen. She turned to avoid his gaze, picked up her mug, and turned from the table to deposit the dirty dish in the sink.

Tonks turned from the sink after washing her mug and saw that the kitchen was filling with people. She returned to the table and sat next to Kingsley, relieved that Dumbledore decided to call the meeting to order. She tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, not to let her mind wander as she listened to various reports. She had been single long enough, definitely by choice, that her insecurities over past relationships hadn’t played on her mind in a long time. She had no idea why she’d revealed what she had before. Maybe her attraction to Remus brought it out. She hadn’t really flirted—her jokes with Mad-Eye and Kingsley certainly didn’t count—with a man in quite some time. Instead of focusing on her love life, she had used her time to focus on her training and her career. She’d wanted to prove herself worthy of the Auror department, worthy of being Mad-Eye’s protégé. Now, Tonks felt confident that her focus had paid off. Sure, she was clumsy and loved to use her sense of humor, but she truly felt confident in her abilities as an Auror. She hoped that being invited to join the Order showed that others felt confident in her abilities as well.

She brought her full attention back to the meeting as she heard Kingsley’s voice next to her begin to relay news from the Auror department.  Along with his report, Tonks added what she had found out over the past week. Dumbledore had asked her to search old arrest reports to look for potential names of new Death Eater recruits. She relayed what she’d learned, passing on some names of interest.

“Good to know, indeed,” Dumbledore said, looking thoughtfully at Tonks. “Hopefully you’ll learn more to go with those reports later this week” He shifted his focus to the corner of the room. “Severus, what news do you bring?”

“Miss Granger needs to be moved from her parents’ house sooner rather than later,” Snape said, glancing cautiously at Molly, as if expecting her motherly concern to reach an explosive peak at any moment.

“Why? What’s happened? Is she in danger?” Molly asked quickly, turning in her chair to address Snape directly.

“Nothing specific, yet,” Snape said, holding up his hands as if to ward off her attack. “But, her name has been brought up a number of times. Her parents can’t protect her properly. It’s best to move her.”

“What’s You-Know-Who want with a girl her age?” Tonks asked. “Hasn’t he got bigger problems?”

“Miss Granger is brilliant, Muggle-born, and one of Potter’s best friends,” Snape said. “She’s an easy target. I would have thought, Nymphadora, as an Auror that you would be able to deduce why the Death Eaters might be interested in Miss Granger.”

“Yes, thank you, professor. I’m aware that the bad guys hate the good guys,” Tonks said, rolling her eyes at him. “I was under the impression that they had bigger concerns than bullying a teenage girl.” She felt irritated from what he’d said. She knew he was probably trying to wind her up, but she had a hard time not feeling like a student when he spoke to her in his smooth way, sounding like he was handing out a detention. She wondered idly if he knew the effect his voice had on people.

Dumbledore held up a hand signaling them to stop. “Minerva, if you will please go to the Grangers tomorrow.” His request was met with a brisk nod.

The rest of the meeting passed with numerous reports, Tonks trying her best to focus. She’d been more or less avoiding looking directly at Remus for most of the meeting, but now that it was his turn to speak, she unapologetically kept her gaze on him. She was excited for the chance to work with him again in a couple of days. Being undercover would be great because of the chance to work closely with him. But, equally great was the fact that it was unlikely he’d be able ask about what she had said this evening. Finally, the meeting ended. Tonks took her leave quickly, saying she needed to get to bed early to prepare for her upcoming guard duty.

Much like most of her time lately, the next two days were a flurry of activity consisting of work, guard duty, and attempting a few hours’ sleep. The morning after her guard shift, Tonks decided to make the most of her time before her work day started and slept on a cot in one of the spare rooms in the Auror department rather than returning to her flat for a shower. She groaned a bit as she was woken from her nap by her wand chirping with the alarm she’d set. She sat up and stretched, thankful that she could morph her hair to something that didn’t look like bedhead before making an appearance in the office. She pulled on her navy blue Auror robes, thinking absently that she hoped nobody would notice she was wearing the same clothes as the day before.

Even after taking a trip down to the Ministry cafeteria for coffee, it was still early enough that it was fairly deserted in the halls. Tonks pushed through the heavy doors leading to the Auror department and moved in the direction of her cubicle, stopping in her tracks when Scrimgeour came out of his office. He looked up in surprise.

“Auror Tonks, you’re certainly here early,” he said, tilting his head in thought. “Weren’t you still here when I left last night?”

“It’s possible, sir,” Tonks replied, pulling her robes closed over her The Clash t-shirt she’d worn the day before. “Trying to get caught up on mission reports.”

“You’ve been working hard on your paperwork lately.” Tonks realized she’d have to come up with a different excuse in the future. There was only so much paperwork to be done, and hers was usually kept pretty up to date.

“Yes, well, Kingsley has taught me to keep on top of it, sir,” Tonks said, trying to keep her tone light. She really didn’t want her boss to wonder what she was really up to lately.

“Certainly,” Scrimgeour said nodding. “Well, enjoy the early start to your day.”

“Thank you, sir.” Tonks breathed a sigh of relief as she made her way to her desk. Thinking of ways to keep alert that day, she decided to volunteer for a patrol or something else outside of the office. The choice was made for her half an hour later when Kingsley appeared at her desk and informed her that they were going to patrol Knockturn Alley.

“Brilliant, love,” she said with a smile. “Let’s go, then. I’ll even let you buy me another coffee.”

While they patrolled, Tonks told Kingsley about running into Scrimgeour that morning.

“Yeah, I have the feeling that he paired us together today so I could check up on you,” he said with a frown. “It’s not just us, I think he’s been ordered by Fudge to gauge everybody’s loyalty.”

“Great, that will make my double life easier,” Tonks said sarcastically.

 At the end of the day she went home for a shower and a change of clothes before meeting Remus for their mission. Being one of the only females in the Auror department, and her morphing abilities making her ideal for undercover work, she’d had to play the part of “date” in Knockturn Alley before. Which meant that she had an outfit for job. Tonks put on a black sleeveless dress—short enough that she’d have to wear robes over it while at Headquarters, or suffer the disapproval of Molly Weasley—and black nylons. She Transfigured her usual black combat boots into knee high boots, keeping the heel chunky and low. She certainly wasn’t daft enough to attempt to wear high heels in any situation, much less on a mission. She topped her outfit with plain black robes and left for Headquarters, hopeful that Molly had made dinner.

Tonks opened the front door, praying that Sirius had thought to move her arch nemesis, the troll leg, out of the entry hall. She closed the door quietly, praising herself for clearing the umbrella stand, and began to walk slowly down the hall. She was surprised when she felt her toe catch on something, twisted around to see what had tripped her, and landed flat on her back with a loud thud. Tonks heard the wails of Mrs. Black begin.


 “Bloody buggering hell! Sirius Black!” Tonks yelled as she heard footsteps thundering up the steps. She pushed herself to a sitting position as Sirius came into the hall, flicking his wand to silence the portrait and move the drapes back in place. With the portrait silenced, she could hear sniggering coming from the corner by the door. She drew her wand, pointing it toward the corner, and saw a House Elf standing in the corner.

“Kreacher, away with you,” Sirius said with a snarl in his voice.

“Of course, master.” The Elf bowed low. “Whatever you wish,” he said, walking away muttering under his breath.

“Well, he’s creepy,” Tonks said, watching him skulk up the stairs. She turned back to Sirius. “You were supposed to move that ghastly thing,” she said, gesturing to the troll leg.

“I tried. Permanent sticking charm,” Sirius replied with a shrug.

“I actually thought I’d made it past the stupid thing this time. That is, until I found myself on the floor.” Tonks put her wand back in her robes. “I didn’t know a House Elf still lived here. What’s he playing at?”

 “Knowing him, he knows how to move that bloody thing and put it in your path,” Sirius said.

“Mudbloods, huh?” Tonks asked, gesturing her head toward the portrait. “That’s a new one.” She reached and grabbed Sirius’ outstretched hands, letting him help her to her feet.

“Hermione arrived yesterday,” Sirius said, looking a look at Tonks as she straightened her robes. “What the devil are you wearing?”

“I’m escorting Remus to one of the foulest watering holes in Knockturn Alley, and that’s saying something considering the number of dodgy places to choose from,” Tonks said, rolling her eyes a bit. “What would you have me wear?”

“Not that, that’s for sure. It looks to barely cover your arse,” Sirius replied with a grimace. “Don’t let Molly see that get-up.”

They walked down the stairs and into the basement kitchen, Tonks happily noting that she could detect the smell of food wafting through the stairway. Once they pushed through the door, she saw there was quite a crowd in the kitchen: five of the Weasley children, Molly and Arthur, Remus, and another young girl she realized must be Hermione Granger. Everyone was bustling about, preparing for dinner by bringing food and dishes from the counter.

“Wotcher, everyone,” Tonks said brightly.

“Tonks, dear, sit and eat before your mission,” Molly insisted, waving a hand at the table.

“Thank you, Molly,” Tonks said. “I was hoping there would be dinner.” She took a place at the table next to Remus, who was quietly watching the chaos of the kitchen full of people. “You look ready for our little adventure tonight, I see,” she said with a smile as she took in his appearance. His hair was in desperate need of a trim and he’d let his facial hair go for what looked like days; she thought he looked absolutely scrummy. “Don’t you look quite the vagrant?” Before she could stop herself, she reached out and ran her hand over the stubble on his cheek, stroking his jawline before reaching up to brush his shaggy hair off his forehead. She pulled her hand back, surprised that she had just caressed his face in the middle of a kitchen full of people.

Thankfully he didn’t seem shocked, but merely smiled at her before answering. “I thought I should look the part of a person who would lurk somewhere as unsavory as the Poison Quill.”

She smiled back before she began filling her plate. Dinner was, again, a pleasant and noisy affair. She was introduced to Hermione, who was full of questions once she realized Tonks was a Metamorphagus. She watched with interests as Tonks morphed her hair from the pink pixie style she’d worn for the day, to Hermione’s own unruly brown curls.

“I’ll have to search the library to see if I can find more on the subject of Metamorphagi,” Hermione said. “I’ve not come across the subject at all.”

Ron snorted from his place next to Hermione. “Because that’s what you do when faced with anything—search the library. You could just ask Tonks about it rather than burying yourself in a book.”

“I don’t want to be rude, Ron,” Hermione huffed.

“It’s all right. Feel free to ask away, I’ll be sure to let you know if you’ve asked a question I’d rather not answer.” Tonks remembered what Snape had said at the Order meeting earlier in the week. “I’m not surprised you want to learn more. Professor Snape did say you were brilliant.”

“That doesn’t sound much like something Professor Snape would say,” Hermione said warily.

“Don’t look so shocked,” Tonks said, smiling at Hermione’s look of surprise at the thought that her professor would actually grant a compliment. “He was actually insulting me by way of your compliment, so it wasn’t too out of character.”

Once dinner was finished and the dishes cleared, it was time for Tonks and Remus to leave. The kids were off entertaining themselves, and the rest of the adults, except for Remus and Sirius, had left. Remus left the kitchen to retrieve his cloak, leaving Tonks and Sirius in the now quiet kitchen. Tonks began to morph her appearance while she waited for Remus to return. They would be arriving separately, and she wanted Remus to see her morphed face before they left. She closed her eyes in concentration and morphed her hair first, keeping Hermione’s brown color, but taming the curly mass to shoulder-length waves.

“Tonks, can I ask you something?” Sirius asked cautiously.

“It’s going to be about what I said the other day, isn’t it?” Tonks asked, opening her eyes to look over at him.

“You picked some real wankers to date in the past, didn’t you?” he asked, giving her a small, wary smile.

“You’ve no idea,” she replied, happy that she needed to close her eyes in order to continue morphing her face.

“Remus wouldn’t be that way,” he said quietly.

“What does that matter?” Tonks asked, knowing it was really no use to pretend, but doing it anyway.

“Please,” he said, laughing. “I saw you mooning over his scruffy face before dinner.”

“Be serious, would you?” Tonks requested, opening her eyes now that her face was morphed into the features of a non-descript witch about five years older than herself.

“I’m always Sirius,” he said with a cheeky grin. “Besides, I am being serious. He likes you. Not for what you could morph to, but just for you.”

“We barely know each other,” Tonks said, trying not to focus on the fact that Sirius had said Remus liked her.

“So?” Sirius put his hands out and gave a shrug. “You don’t have to know each other’s life stories to like each other.”

“Can we please stop this conversation before he comes back?” she hissed at him. She knew that fetching his cloak wouldn’t take Remus that long, and she really didn’t want him to walk in on this conversation.

Sirius heaved an exaggerated sigh. “Fine, I’ll stop…for now.”

Tonks rolled her eyes at him as the kitchen door swung open, Remus stepping through, taking in her appearance.

“All right,” Remus said. “Now that I know what you look like, I’ll be off.”

“Try to grab that booth in the corner,” Tonks said. “It’s dark back there, and you can see the door. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Remus left the kitchen, leaving Tonks and Sirius alone. “Don’t start again,” Tonks warned.

“I didn’t even say anything this time,” Sirius said, trying his best to put an innocent look on his face.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said with a slight grin. “Read your book if you’re in need of romance.”

“Oh, I intend to catch up on my reading while you’re gone,” he said, pulling his book out of a pocket of his robes. “Maybe if I’m really inspired, I’ll read a bit aloud to Buckbeak.”

Tonks laughed. “Good night, dear cousin.”

She left Headquarters and Apparated to a spot close to the Leaky Cauldron. Tonks transfigured her black robes into a black scarf. She draped the scarf around her neck, letting the ends hang loose and tucked her wand inside a hidden pocket of her dress that run up the outer thigh of her right leg. She made her way through the restaurant, into the streets of Diagon Alley, and through the street that lead to Knockturn Alley. The storefronts and buildings, already dark and depressing, got even less inviting the closer she got to the Poison Quill.

Tonks pushed open the door and took a quick scan around the bar, noting Remus sitting in the booth in the back. She felt instantly disappointed that the bar wasn’t busier for a Friday night; it would be much easier to watch people under the cover of a noisy Friday night bar crowd. She walked through the bar, taking note of a few faces, and slipped into the booth next to Remus.

“There are a couple of familiar faces I spot already,” Remus murmured in her ear as he leaned down to kiss her cheek in greeting. Tonks felt a little shiver run through her body as she heard his hoarse voice in her ear and felt his stubble brush her cheek. Focus, Tonks!

“Yes, well, I’m not surprised to see Lucius Malfoy in the thick of it,” Tonks said quietly, watching a group of men huddled around the end of the bar closest to the door. “He’s far too smug to stay hidden. The one next to him works at the Ministry.”

“He doesn’t look familiar,” Remus said thoughtfully. “What department?”

“He works in the Magical Law Enforcement Office. Under Pius Thicknesse,” Tonks said. “I’ll have to find out his name. Someone will want to know the MLE office is vulnerable.” She looked up at Remus with a smile. “Come on, then, Professor,” Tonks said, grabbing Remus’ arm and placing it around her shoulders as she settled into his side. “Time to look cozy. We’re on a date, after all.”

“Should I compliment your dress, then?” Remus asked. “What I’d like to know is where in the world do you keep your wand.”

“You’ll have to use your imagination for that,” Tonks said grinning up at him. “A spy never reveals their secrets.” Tonks looked around the bar with a quizzical expression. “This place really is a dung-hole. They haven’t even got a waitress to serve drinks. You’ll have to go to the bar to buy us drinks. Unless you want to chance me spilling a drink down your trousers again.”

“As pleasant as that was, I’d rather not sit here all evening with wet trousers,” Remus said. “I suppose we should buy a drink so we don’t make the barman angry.” Tonks shifted out of the booth to let Remus pass. “What can I bring you?”

“Beer, please.”

Remus retrieved their drinks and returned to the booth, placing his arm once more around Tonks’ shoulder. They watched the group for a while, drinking their beers, and murmuring observations to each other under the guise of whispering in each other’s ears. With the number of people coming through the door, it was obvious to both of them that the Death Eaters were recruiting heavily. Tonks was irritated by how many Ministry employees she recognized.

“I can’t believe Fudge is letting this all happen right under his nose,” Tonks grumbled in Remus’ ear. “I bet I’ve seen ten people here tonight from the cafeteria staff and Magical Maintenance.”

“He’s going for sheer numbers, rather than brains, it seems,” Remus observed.

“He doesn’t need more thinkers. He needs more eyes,” Tonks said. “That lot may not be the brightest at the Ministry, but they’ve the potential to see and overhear a lot. Think of the number of people who walk through the cafeteria every day. And, the Magical Maintenance employees work throughout the entire building. There’s literally no place in the Ministry where a maintenance worker would seem out of place.”

“He’s going to have recruited more new spies than we’ve got total in no time,” Remus said with a sigh.

“Look,” Tonks said, nodding her head in the direction of a dark hallway past the bar. “Some of them are going down that hall.”

Remus glanced a look over her head. Tonks couldn’t get a good view down the hall without looking quite obvious. She huffed a little in frustration.

“Lean back,” Tonks said, putting a hand on his chest to push him back against the wall of the booth. She shifted herself onto Remus’ lap, facing the hallway, her legs stretched out to rest on the bench.

“Not that this isn’t enjoyable,” Remus whispered in her ear, sliding an arm around her waist, his other hand resting on her thigh. “But, may I ask what you are doing?”

“I want to see where they are going.” Tonks slid an arm around Remus’ neck, trying her best to keep her thoughts from wandering to what else she’d like to do on his lap.  “I can’t just turn my head and stare at them, it’d be too noticeable.” 

“I reckon they’re going to the loo,” he said dryly.

“Do men usually travel to the loo in groups?”

“Fair point,” Remus said, moving his hand up her thigh, squeezing a bit as his hand moved. “We don’t have such peculiar habits as women. Ah—mystery solved,” he said triumphantly. “I seem to have found where you hide your wand.”

“Well done, Professor,” Tonks said with a laugh, trying in vain to not notice his hand on her thigh. “It’s not as though there were too many places to look.” She tried to look down the hall, now that she had a clear view. “It’s too dark to see down the hall far enough,” she said impatiently. “Go see what they’re up to.”


“Go see if they’re really in the loo, or if there’s another door down that hall,” Tonks said. “I can’t rightly go. Even if I morphed my face to look like a man, I reckon my dress would give me away.”

“You’ll have to give up your current position,” Remus said, placing his hands on her waist and moving her next to him once more on the bench.

“I was just getting comfortable.”

“As much as this might be that kind of establishment, I don’t think I should take you to the loo with me,” he said with a grin, his hair falling far too enticingly across his forehead.

Tonks watched, finishing the last swallow of her beer, as he walked down the dark hall. She couldn’t help but think this assignment would have been much easier, albeit probably less enjoyable, had she been paired with Kingsley. There was no way she’d be fidgeting in her seat over having sat in his lap. She watched as a figure left the bar and headed in the direction of the corner booth. She realized with disgust that it was Lucius Malfoy who was approaching her table.

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