5th Year – September


Ouch! I’m so embarrassed! I don’t know how this happened!” I said to Louis as we walked through the dungeons. He chuckled at me as he flicked a strand of blonde hair out of his face and looked at me with his dreamy blue eyes.


It was the first potions lesson of our OWL year and Louis was my new potion partner, we were currently on the way to the hospital wing after I had exploded my new brand cauldron. I managed to give myself an impressive burn to go with my sooty face.


Maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time staring at me then you wouldn’t have over stirred it!” Louis said with a grin.


So this was even more embarrassing, I had totally been staring at him. I have no idea why, I mean he was attractive (obviously) but I had been so distracted by him like I was in a trance. It was like he smiled at me and lost all my senses. I was rather hoping he hadn’t noticed this but of course he had.


I was not staring!” I insisted dramatically. Total lie but I must deny this. What is wrong with me? This was becoming an unfortunate pattern that I seem have a lot of Louis related incidents within the last year.


I totally believe you apart from you totally were staring!” he teased, laughing. Louis had this infectious laugh, like you’re always in on the joke too. It makes me want to laugh too.


I wasn’t!”


you were!”






fine! Fine! maybe, I was temporary distracted then, it was the weirdest thing. I don’t know what happens to me... that cauldron was brand new for this year too! I’m going to have to explain what happened to my parents!” I moaned, to my surprise Louis had thrown his arm around my shoulders carefully missing my burn arm.


Don’t worry about that, Drax. Tell your parents it was my fault or something!” he said before adding a bit hint of concern “Hows that arm of yours?”


it hurts like a bitch but I’ll live.” I said referring to my forearm “where did you get Drax from?”


it’s a nickname based your surname, I rather liked it” He said, just smiling down at me. I didn’t think we had that kinda friendship to have a special nickname for me however I couldn’t help but quite like it.


yes, Louis, I understand your inspiration behind it but no-one called me that before, I mean you never had a nickname for me” I said, I knew little blush had crept into my cheeks. I felt my face grew warmer.


Oh! we’ve never done a lot of things but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t does it? don’t you like it?” he asked.


No! it’s OK guess, you call me that if you like” I said quickly despite of my horrid embarrassment, I felt myself smiling, just a little to myself. We walked the rest of the way to the hospital wing in silence, where Madame Longbottom fixed my arm in about two seconds.





It was a week into the school and I was doing a great job at avoiding Louis and friends. I had been helped by Cash and Mia refusal to leave my side. They had been doing great job as body guards, every time one of them got close Cash practically growled at them. It was a boring grey Tuesday and for the first time in a while I was alone. I had slipped into the Great Hall for an early lunch to avoid the Gryffindor boys. I scooped some potatoes onto my plate to go with my chicken when suddenly two figures appeared out of nowhere.


“aha! we’ve found you! Consider yourself officially kidnapped!”


Two boys were now either side of me. The messy raven hair of Albus Potter and the blonde figure of Scorpius Malfoy had sat themselves either side of me. I was trapped, I had been doing so well. My mistake was coming out without my girls.


“you can’t kidnap me! I have potatoes to eat! Look!” I said gesturing at my newly scooped new potatoes on my plate.


“Lettie! This is more serious than potatoes! you’ve been ignoring us for a week! I know you’re angry but we miss you!” Albus said, it was almost pleading.


Why didn’t I have a signal like Batman so I could let the girls I was in trouble?! maybe I could send them a message with my mind. Surely we’re good enough friends for that to work right? Come on! Rescue me girls!


“Lettie, are you really just going to ignore us when we’re sitting right here?” Scorpius asked me, I realised that I hadn’t said anything and sadly, the girls were obviously not coming to rescue me. My potatoes looked sad, getting all cold as I was unable to eat them.


“I haven’t been ignore you, i-i’ve just been super busy!” I lied, I don’t know why I’m lying they already know that I’m mad and why. I’m also a terrible liar. I also really miss them, I’m not good at staying mad but this is just too big to forgive. At least not yet.

“Really Lettie?” said Albus raising his eyebrows. “I saw you run away from me and Tommy on Saturday and I can’t remember the last time I saw you run anywhere”

“Fine, I am mad and perhaps I have been avoiding you but I have every right to be! Answer me this then, did you know? About Louis? Did you all know?” I asked finally, this thought had been chasing itself around for my mind for a while now. They looked at each other but they didn’t answer, that silent said more than words could.

“So, you both knew and no-one thought to tell me?” I accused them, narrowing my eyes and looking at them in turn.

“fine! I knew! I’m really sorry Lettie, I am. Look, Scor and Tommy didn’t know but Ryan and I did” Albus said nodding at Scorpius. Ouch, Ryan and Albus both knew perhaps more importantly Scorpius and Tommy didn’t, it wasn’t their fault.

“Scor, you really didn’t know?” I asked, now turning to look at Scorpius. I was so happy that I didn’t have to be mad at him any more. It eased the pressure on me, I wasn’t sure how mad I was at the rest of them. I was mad that Albus knew, this conversation had only served to make me feel shitty about the whole situation.

“I promise” he said, he looked genuine too. I was so glad, I adore my two gal pals but I missed hanging out with the guys too, it was somehow more relaxing. I could see Mia having an internal battle with herself as she wanted to put the situation right, she didn’t want to be caught between Ryan and I, I guess. She was pretty stressed out I think but Cash seemed to be in her element though, enjoying playing bodyguard. “I honestly didn’t know he had a power”

“Thanks! Your kidnapping helped me sort out a few things and now I’m kidnapping Scor! Come on, we’ve got some catching up to do” I said brightly, Scorpius looked at Al like he was almost asking permission to go with me, I tugged on his arm as we left the table. “Can you let Tommy know that I’ve forgiven him too? Thanks!”

“Wait! Are you going to talk to Louis? He really wants to talk to yo-”


Perhaps, it was unfair to suddenly forgive Tommy and Scorpius and not Albus and Ryan. Emotions are tricky things though, most of the time they never make sense. I was happy to have Scorpius back as he was my transfiguration’s partners, it had made for an awkward week when we had been paired together. Scorpius told me that he had no idea about it and Louis had been cagey but miserable since the train incident. I wasn’t ready to talk to him yet, I wasn’t sure when I would be.

It was the evening, Cash and I were in the dormitory. Cash was painting her nails black, I had gone for a cheery bubblegum pink. Cash had rolled her eyes when I chose it but she was not surprised. It was a similar colour to pink coconut ice. We had two other room mates, Rose Weasley and Madeline Grey, who were best friends. We didn’t spend a lot of time with them, often saw Rose around as she was Al’s cousin. They weren’t around, often spent time in Hufflepuff common room with the third member of their trio, January Walsh.

Mia was nowhere to be seen, I assumed that she was meeting Ryan. She had stopped mentioning him which was odd but I assumed she was trying to be sensitive to me. I spoke too soon as she came flying into the dormitory and collapsed into her bed, sticking her head into her pillow.

“What’s wrong Mia?” I asked, I was rather concerned, Mia was not a drama queen. She let out a small sob when brought Cash over like a shot to be sitting on Mia’s bed too.

“Mimi...” I said softly.

“I broke up with Ryan!” she said wailing, removing her head from her pillow and showing off red rimmed eyes. Mia barely ever cried, mainly because she was very positive therefore she could normally see a silver lining in everything.

“Oh no! What happened?” I asked. I could not imagine what had happened to break them up. They had been together for ages and I thought they were rock solid. I took the lead on the conversation, Cash loved Mia as much as I did but highly emotional situations were not her strength.

“We argue about you and Louis, Ryan knew about it! He didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean how could he not see how awful it was! He was disrespecting Lettie and therefore me!” She said. “He was so horrible! So I broke up with him!”

Oh Merlin, they broke up because of me! How awful! I’ve made my best friend cry. Oh no, I didn’t know what to say. I love her so much, how was I going to make this right? Ryan and her were my inspiration. If they broke up was love dead? I had killed love! I had also said nothing to Mia since she had told. I felt like a fish out of water, what was I going to say to that?

“Fuck him then!” Cash said, I hadn’t talked so Cash had filled the silent “you don’t need him Mia”

“I’ve got an idea then!” I said thinking for a moment “Let’s get drunk! I mean there is that back to school party. Let’s go to that!”

“Lettie, you don’t drink! Are you sure?” Mia asked, she wasn’t right when she said I never drink. I don’t drink much though. I’ve never been that good at it. I don’t see the point too much but this situation, Ryan and Louis. Let’s go for it! “It’s hosted by James Potter and Freddie Weasley too”

“Stop finding reasons not to go!” Cash said seriously, I nodded along, agreeing with Cash. Perhaps it was too soon but we had to do something. “you can wear that red dress you’ve been chatting about. Show him what he’s missing also I can’t stand Lettie spending night after night staring into that old photo of Kirley Duke!”

“But-but he’s my true love! He would never do anything to hurt me!” I said defensively. It was my favourite photo of him, it was moving too. Mia had shown me how to make photos move in 3rd year and I had totally kept the photo ever since.

“There are like three problems with that. 1. he is like older than your dad. 2. he doesn’t know you exist and 3. he’s in a terrible band” Cash said matter of factly, ticking the ‘reasons’ off with her fingers.

“The weird sisters are not terrible!” I said, throwing a pillow playfully at Cash “Take it back!”

“At least she doesn’t still write ‘Mrs Violet Duke’ over her notebooks any more!” Mia teased, laughing for the first time. That’s not fair, I was in first year and that’s normally normal behaviour. I still had it all over my copy of ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1’ which I still had at home somewhere.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” Cash yelled as suddenly I was hit quite violently in head by a pillow. I scrambled to find a pillow before another blow landed.

I laughed loudly as I took a swing towards Mia. Before we knew it, it was one of those moments that friendships were based on, when you laughed so much that you thought your lungs might give out. I love these girls, madly and deeply. Perhaps, I was a romantic but I swear in that moment, I knew these two would always be my real soulmates.


It was the night of the party, I still had not talked with Louis though. I kept seeing him around, he looked like he wanted to say something to me but he never approached me. I didn’t know if someone had advised him against it or more likely Cash had threatened him not too. Mia was holding up alright, I could see both her and Ryan had been shooting longing looks at each other when the other wasn’t looking. I was going to have to get them back together somehow. I wasn’t sure how though.

“You look so hot!”I said, looking at Mia who was debuting her ‘party’ look to us. She was wearing gorgeous tight fitting dress, scarlet red. Her normally dead straight blonde hair, had been curled so it was now big and bouncy. She teamed it with gold accessories and strappy high heels. “seriously Mia, you’re going to knock them dead!”

“Why thank you Miss Draxler!” she giggled at me, as she posed in front of the mirror, applying a slick of red lippy to finish it off. “Check out Cash!”

Cash was also dressed to impress as such. She would claim that she never dressed up to impress anyone. She wanted to look hot for herself. Cash’s style was different to Mia’s look. She wore her hair natural, dark blue jeans with long high heeled over the knee black leather boots. Her top was strappy, sparkly and obviously, being Cash, black. She finished the look with a long necklace and a stack of silver bangles.

“I’m loving these kinky boots Cash!” I grinned, putting the finishing touches to my outfit. I was wearing a yellow silk slip dress, it had ruffles around the bust area. It gives the illusion of being more busty than I am, I need to work with what I got!

“You’re the only person, I know who can tie the perfect bow without magic” Cash commented, as I got a yellow ribbon out of my huge collection and began to tie around my head like an Alice band to keep my long chestnut hair back. I had ribbons in all different colours, I wore one in my hair nearly everyday.

“I’ve been practising since birth my darling!” I said, as I carefully straightening the bow so it was just perfect. I had a thing about it being in the perfect position. I applied a bit of lipstick then put a pair of ballet flats on. We were ready to take on the party!

“The girl knows how to co-ordinate!” praised Mia “seriously you look great!”

The party was already in full swing when we arrived. It looked great with the bar and kitsh mirror ball. It looked like the all of 5th-7th years were here. I don’t blame them, I was so ready to enjoy myself, dancing my arse off with my girls. Cash came back with shocking colour shots, I didn’t even ask what the bright pink liquid was.

“To sisterhood!” I roared, as we down them in one. The liquid burnt my throat and I fought not to cough but we laughed as we went for another, this night was going to be so fun, if I survived it.

Two hours later, I was very drunk and my ‘sisters’ had disappeared. I don’t know where they had gone or how long for. I wanted another drink before I hit the dance floor again, I went over to the bar. I had done a great job at not bumping into Louis at all, it was weird. I saw a familiar blonde head next to be at the bar, I relaxed as it was only Scorpius.

“Hello! Fancy seeing you here!” I said happily as I received my cup of alcohol, I didn’t have much of an idea what was drinking but it tasted good as I didn’t really care.

“Your bow isn’t straight any more!” he laughed, Oh dear! My bow probably hasn’t been straight for hours.

“Dance with me!” I said, tugging on his arm as my other hand still wrapped firmly around my cup. He laughed as he followed me through the crowd of people. “You’ve a surprisingly strong grip Lettie”

I had to push myself closer to Scorpius, he put an arm around my waist. We danced and laughed together. I forgot how much I just enjoyed dancing, I should dance more often or maybe I should drink more often. I had been drunk after one drink but it seemed remained the same level of drunk through out the evening.

“despite your bow not being straight, you look amazing” he breathed into my ear. I giggled happily, I was so pleased that I could be close to someone without them being totally turned off by my ‘obsession’ with Louis.

“Not too bad yourself” I whispered back, edging even closer to him as we danced, I could smell his aftershave mingled with the sweat from dancing. I wondered what the girls were doing now. I hoped Mia and Ryan would get back together, all thoughts of Scorpius and the girls were stopped as I felt Scor tense up next to me.

Louis was cutting his way through the crowd. In my drunk state, I couldn’t help think how attractive he was, he was simply divine. It looked like he was heading towards us, I was so caught up in the moment but suddenly all my negative feelings came rushing back, yes, he was attractive which was probably the cause of his huge ego which had ruined our friendship.

“Let’s go Scor, i-i think I would like to leave please” I said as I grabbed his hand. He purposely pulled me through the crowd. I guess he had no desire to talk with Louis either. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m good” he said, looking pretty red in the face. “Come on, let’s go!”

I didn’t ask where we were going, I just followed him like I was floating on a cloud. I should drink more often, it was fun. I had fun, we were heading back to the common room. It was way pass curfew and the fire had practically gone out. Scorpius had stopped in the common room, running his fingers through his blonde hair.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, I mean, you’re Louis’ girl. Everyone knows that, you are but-”

He turned to me, he seemed worried. It seemed like he was thinking out loud to himself. He was just looking at me like seeing me for the first time. I looked up into those grey eyes like searching for an answer to a question I wasn’t quite sure of yet. He closed the space between us first, his lips found mine and I began to kiss back without a second thought. As quickly as it had started, he pulled away.

“Lettie, stop, I know you’re drunk. I think you should talk to hi-”

“So are you Scorpius, I don’t see your point. I didn’t ask to Louis’ girl and he certainly never asked me...why don’t I get to choose?” I asked, my voice low, our faces still so close together.

“I can’t help but thinking that if you talked to him that maybe you two woul-”

“We might what?” I snapped, getting annoyed though this wasn’t Scorpius’ fault. He was my friend and I probably shouldn’t have kissed him but I wanted to choose something for once. The situation with Louis had left me so worried that decisions weren’t in my control. It scared me.

“Do you ever let me finish my sentence? I don’t know what you guys might be but I can’t be the reason that means it doesn’t happen OK?”he said, he looked stressed. Really worried. He obviously cared a lot about Louis.

“Don’t you want me?” I asked, I knew the moment the words came out of my mouth. I knew how pathetic and desperate they sounded but again, I was drunk and needy. I wish I hadn’t said it, I didn’t need Scorpius to want me. The words hung in the air and the moment we had was gone.

“Not like he does” he said, what was that even suppose to mean? Perhaps I did need to talk to Louis. I don’t know, I don’t know anything right now. Scorpius was talking to me as if Louis liked me. Like really did. I couldn’t believe that

“I’m sorry Scor, I shouldn’t have put you in this position. I value your friendship too much.” I said, choosing not to address the ‘Louis’ issue. “I won’t tell him, I can tell you’re worried, I won’t say a word”

“Thank you and Lettie, I mean it, you should speak to him” he said as he wrapped me up in a warm hug.

“I’ll think about it” I said softly as I embraced him back.

“Goodnight Lettie”

“Goodnight Scor"

Authors Note:

So that's chapter 2 folks! thanks to everyone who has read/review/supported the story so far! love hearing from you wonderful lot ! Next chapter we'll see more Louis. :)

Obviously, everything you recongise is from Jo's brilliant mind, not mine. I'm just writing a little story. 

much love

Crimson x

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